Johanna's waiting for me in the baths. She's floating in the water, completely naked. She gives a look of mock surprise, like she didn't expect me here. "Oh hi."

"Hi," I say.

"Come on in," She says. "The water's nice and cool."

"I'm sure it is." She shoots me a smile and closes her eyes. She goes back to relaxing in the water. I can't let her get under my skin. That's what people like Johanna want. I have to call her bluff and show her she's not bothering me. I strip down so that I'm naked just like her. I notice Johanna's eyes are opened and she's looking at me. When she realizes I'm looking back, she closes her eyes and makes a face like she's disgusted. Oh, so you don't like it when other people get naked? I dip my toe in the water. She's right. It's nice and cool. It's exactly the thing I need after a tough day of training. I slide into the water. I lean back and start floating, just like her. I glance at her. She's at the opposite end of the baths, her eyes still closed like she's napping. Closed a little too hard in my opinion. Like she's worried if she opens them up she'll see me naked again. I have a thought about how to get back at her.

I paddle over towards her end of the pool. I do it silently so as not to alert Johanna. She's still floating in the water, completely wrapped up in her own little world. She shows no sign that she realizes I'm getting closer and closer to her. As I get closer to her, I move more slowly. At this point, I'm just floating across the water. I make no noise. I'm almost touching her and she seems oblivious. I can't help but smile. I brush my thigh against her's. "Whoops!"

Johanna opens her eyes, a look of surprise on her face. Well, it's not quite a look of surprise. She's surprised alright, but there's something else. She's not disgusted like I thought she would be. It looks like she's pleased. Like she wanted me to do this. That doesn't make any sense. Then she does something I didn't expect. Johanna ran her hand down my thigh and grinned. My heart skips a beat. I'm out of there. I swim to the other side of the pool and hop out. I run back to my room so fast I didn't even have time to get my clothes back on. I stay in my room until dinner, thinking about what happened at the baths. When dinner comes, I'm seated across from Johanna. I try to avoid making eye contact with her, focusing more on my soup. The one time I do look at her, our eyes meet and she raises an eyebrow mischievously. I groan. I shouldn't have tried to get back at her.