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Harry and Vernon have now been at the cabin for a week. Harry simply loves it and didn't want to leave. He said as much to Vernon on their second day there. Vernon had made a comment about how too much isolation could drive someone insane. The comment made Harry remember Sirius and how his godfather had mentioned when he was going crazy during his time in hiding. The memory had somehow kick started Harry's nightmares of both Sirius and Cedric dying.

Vernon was always there to comfort Harry, always holding him tightly, always whispering sweetheart and sometimes calling Harry his precious girl. Harry ignored the endearments in favor of savoring the feel of being in Vernon's strong arms and pressed against the hard body. Especially when the man was in nothing but sleep pants and Harry could feel the large cock press against him. It was during that time Harry would settle himself on top of Vernon and go back to sleep. The man's large hands would hold him in place and Harry swears one is always on his bum.

The days are different from the nights. During their waking hours Harry experiences a different kind of Vernon. This Vernon is always giving him small tender touches, leaving to go into the nearest village and coming back with gifts. Vernon uses endearments like love and baby. Harry found that he didn't mind any of that, not even when the gifts are flowers or jewelry. The first piece of jewelry Harry received was diamonds earrings. Vernon took him to get his ears pierced. The second was a silver necklace with a four carat heart shape emerald pendent. The recent piece is a three carat round cut silver diamond ring. Vernon had immediately slid it on Harry's left ring finger.

Harry didn't question it because he likes seeing it there. And because Vernon is always holding and kissing that hand.

Also during the days when they are sitting and relaxing, Harry always finds himself in Vernon's lap. He never moves when the older man nuzzles his neck, or when the hard cock is poking into his bottom, or when Vernon slowly caresses him body. Harry absolutely loves the attention and quite happily wears the purple bruises on his neck and shoulder. By the second week Vernon advanced to whispering dirty things into Harry's ear while the teen is in his lap. It always leaves Harry panting, flushed, and wanting more.

Harry found that he didn't mind hearing Vernon say things like "soon my fat cock will be in your pussy," or "your nipples are so fucking gorgeous I want to suck on them all night long," and of course there was the "beautiful girls like you need large titties for these nipples and for my fat cock to rub between them". The one Harry likes the most for some odd reason is when Vernon strokes his belly and says "one day I'm going to fucking breed your pussy and fill this belly with babies. If I had my way it would be one after the other. You would look so fucking gorgeous rounded with our children". Right there in Vernon's arms Harry always comes simply because the cock against him pulses and Vernon's come soaks through Harry's jeans.

One time during that particular session both had been naked, Vernon rocked Harry against his large cock as he talked about impregnating Harry, fucking his pussy while drinking sweet milk from his gorgeous nipples. Harry had orgasmed with a wail when Vernon pinched and pulled both nipples. The teen had been very much aware of Vernon's come coating his back and arse.

Then were days after the extremely horrible nightmares, on those days Harry was moody and withdrawn. Vernon left him alone with a tender kiss and a promise to bring back chocolate. On those days Harry's magic went wild with his emotions. After his release Harry was always drained and Vernon would find him crying. It was those following nights when Harry took dreamless sleep potions to avoid nightmares for awhile.

What he didn't know was that Vernon took advantage of those nights.

Whenever Harry took that potion Vernon initiates his version of hypnosis. He removes Harry's clothes and touches his body all the while whispering how his beautiful wife needs a dripping hot tight pussy, and how he would love if she had large titties, how she would look sinful with long dark hair curtaining her lingerie clad body. Vernon also plays with his sweet girl's nipples and clit while talking about piercing them and having them adorned with diamonds or emeralds that matched her eyes. Some nights he teases her navel and tells her he wants that pierced as well.

Vernon even mentions how he wants his beautiful precious wife in lingerie and jewels, how he would love it if she came down to the basement while he was working out and seduce him to go upstairs. On those nights Vernon finishes by painting his wife's body with his seed, promising her that one day all of it will be in her pussy to fill her belly with babies. And he knows it is possible because Harry had informed him that wizards could get pregnant. Those morning that follow Vernon goes out to buy a new piece of jewelry or lingerie, sometimes a sex toy that will put a pretty blush on his wife's face. So far Vernon bought her a butt plug with an emerald at the base, nipple clamps, a leather collar with cuffs attached to it, and the most recent silver balls. Vernon knew right away when Harry had them inside her pussy. Even though he had yet to claim his wife it didn't stop him from jacking off in front of her.

Vernon was going to take her soon and when he does Harry will know without a doubt that he loves her.


By their fourth week Harry started to notice a lot of changes. The first was his body. His chest had two small mounds, which Vernon says is a b-cup as he caresses them, and his nipples had somehow became a little more puffy and more sensitive. When Harry first caught the change he rubbed his thumb around the wide dusky skin that formed around the nipple. Vernon had huskily told him that it was called an areola before the older man spent hours licking and sucking on them. His bum was the next thing he noticed. Harry had always been a little self-conscious about it. The boys, mostly Seamus and Dean, at school were always looking at it or commenting on it. More than once he heard them call it the perfect fat arse. Now as he looked in the mirror it was more rounded and shaped like a peach. Harry has a hard time accepting that Vernon finds it desirable, the man never fails to show Harry just how much he loves it.

The final body change he caught was between his legs. His cock was the same, thank Merlin, but his sac, much to his horror, had disappeared. In its place was a pussy, thank you Vernon for lustfully pointing it out, Harry had stared and maybe touched it for over an hour. He wasn't ready to admit that he likes the pleasure it gives him nor will he admit that a part of him simply likes having it. Not to mention how randy it makes Vernon despite the fact that the man had yet to fuck him properly. Harry knew Vernon was cautious about it because one he was still grieving and two Harry had mentioned that wizards could get pregnant. No matter many times he tells Vernon that there are spells and potions to prevent pregnancy the man still refuses to take him.

Harry also noticed other things, like his hair was now to his waist and seem to still be growing. In four weeks it looks like it has been growing a foot in length everyday. It was a good thing that he knew the braiding charm (Lavender and Parvati needs to be thanked). There was also the changes to his eyes, apart from the eye correcting charm he found. The shape was now a fox tilt instead of the almond shape like his mother, his lashes were fuller, longer, and darker. His lips were plumper and redder, like he was wearing permanent lipstick. His face looked heart-shaped and definitely much more feminine and softer than four weeks ago. When he looked into the mirror, Harry swears he is looking like Druella Black. Harry had seen her picture at Grimmauld Place. His hair was definitely a Black, dark and curly but not wild like Bellatrix or untamable like Hermione.

The next change he noticed was Vernon's feminization towards him, or rather Harry's lack of care about it. At first he had thought it was a kink Vernon was trying out, but soon Harry caught on that Vernon simply loves using the terms when he talks to him. In fact if he's honest he looks forward to it and how his body responds to Vernon's words. Mentally Harry still identifies as male but he doesn't mind being Vernon's beautiful girl. It makes him feel loved and cherished. Harry also loves the jewelry, the lingerie, the female clothes, and the sex toys. Harry just wishes everyday that Vernon would fuck him but the older man wants them to wait. The teen in turn puts the toys to use along with his magic.

Harry remembers that night fondly.


He had put a sticking charm on Vernon when the man sat on the couch. Next he put the collar on and used his magic to cuff his hands behind his back since the two were connected by a strap of leather, he head was forced back every time he jerks his hands. Harry magicked the clamps on his nipples, moaning at how good it felt and smirking when Vernon growled and tried to get up. Harry turned his body so Vernon could see him from head to toe as he summoned his magical dildo. He gasps and arched when it entered his anus, he was under strict orders to keep his toys out of his pussy. Harry kept his eyes on Vernon the whole time the dildo thrust in and out him, chanting the man's name and telling him how much he wants the real thing.

The young wizard let the enchanted toy fuck him for an hour before he finally gave into his release. When he came down from his high he removed everything, including the sticking charm. Vernon attacked right away. Harry found his arse in the air and Vernon's large hand spanking him. Harry was spanked twenty times before Vernon rubbed his cock between his cleft. He moaned in pleasure when his lover's large hands covered his new breasts, forcing Harry's body to curve upwards. Harry in turned dug his nails into Vernon's thighs as he begged to be taken properly. It drove him crazy to feel the head of Vernon's cock catch on his stretched rim.

It didn't last as long as they wanted. Harry came a second time when Vernon twisted one of his nipples. He heard a roar and felt Vernon's seed land on his sore bottom. Despite their orgasm Vernon laid on the floor, between Harry's legs. Large hands bruisingly gripped his hips, pushing them down so Harry was sitting on Vernon's face. A violent shiver coursed through his body as his older lover's tongue attacked his pussy. Harry was soon rocking against the man's face, riding the wicked tongue like it was a cock. He had one hand fisting a clump of Vernon's hair and the other was stroking the man's hard cock. It still amazes Harry that a man Vernon's age has such a short recovery time. Not that he was complaining, in fact he loved that they could go on for hours, all day and night if they wanted to.

They simply lost themselves to the pleasure they gave each other. So much so they had a small blackout with their next orgasm. When they woke Vernon was caressing Harry's body. Harry remembers Vernon's words clearly.

"You, my darling wife, will learn not to tease if you don't want the consequences."

The teen at first gaped in shock and arousal. But soon he was feeling exceedingly pleased and hopeful. He wished with everything in him that Vernon was going to marry him. Harry didn't care if it too soon to be thinking about such a thing. Hell, he hadn't really care that he was in a relationship with a man that has been his uncle all his life. Harry found that he was deeply in love with the man and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of their lives together.

He had been brought out of his thoughts when Vernon had slapped his bum again before walking away with a chuckle. Harry made plans to tease to his heart's content knowing the end results would be exhilarating and oh so satisfying.

*Flashback Ends*

The last change Harry noticed was his inability to sleep without Vernon in bed next to him. While his nightmares had tapered off thanks to Kreacher for giving him the Occlumency book. Be as it may when Harry goes to bed he simply lays there awake, waiting for Vernon to come in after finishing his evening exercising. In the beginning it had taken a lot of courage to ask Vernon to share a bed with him. Once they did Harry felt safe and relaxed, falling asleep with ease for the first time in a long time.

The teen was still completely unaware of Vernon's nightly hypnosis and conditioning. Vernon had began to get Harry's body to want no other cock but his. He would use Harry's hands or rub off against her. He rubs his cock head against her nipples and titties, her perfect pouty lips, and that fucking gorgeous pussy her body now has. Oh don't get him wrong, he knows that Harry loves him, but he is a possessive bastard and wants to ensure that his hold on her is strong enough to make sure that no other man turns her head. He wanted to make sure that his darling wife would want no one man's touch.

Vernon was still over the moon that Harry's magic and body made the sex change. When he first noticed the budding tits he spent half the night lazily sucking on them as he stroked his cock. He ended up covering them with his come and then proceeded to rub the sticky essence into her skin. As he did so he told Harry that she belongs to him. She just smiled at him as she pulled him down for a kiss. The same thing happened when her pussy formed, except Vernon was careful not to get any of his come inside her. It was simply too early for them to have babies, but make no mistake they were going to have babies, a lot of babies.


On Harry's birthday he was awaken by Vernon's thick fingers thrusting in and out of his anus while that wicked tongue did delicious things to his pussy. No words were spoken as Vernon pleasured Harry, except of course Harry's breathless begging and pleading. Harry cried out in joy when Vernon's large cock slid into his pussy. The man's heavy body covered his own, letting Harry feel the powerful thrusts from shoulder to hip. Vernon drew Harry into a passionate kiss as he fucked him firmly and slowly. Harry wrapped his legs tightly around the man's waist, his long nails raked the strong back. The teen quite happily kissed his lover back, sucking on his tongue and nipping his bottom lip playfully.

Soon Harry was entirely focused on the pleasure of Vernon's cock claiming his body. The man's heavy sac was smacking against his bottom loudly as was his hips. A hot, hungry mouth sucked on his nipples deeply like they were trying to nurse from him. It was all so much more pleasurable than his time with Severus during their 'Occlumency lessons'. Vernon treated Harry like he was something precious and focused solely on Harry's pleasure. Where his time with Severus was just for stress relief and more often than not the Potion Master got off before Harry and told him to leave.

Now though with Vernon, Harry went through four orgasms before Vernon roared his release. Harry's brows furrowed in confusion when he felt the lack of come. Fury filled him when Vernon pulled out and removed the condom. Before he could say anything Vernon was kissing him. Harry was breathless when the older man pulled away.

"Happy Birthday, sweetheart." Vernon smiled as he caressed Harry's swollen lips.

"Thank you, Vernon. Though I'm feeling displeased with you at the moment."

Vernon chuckled. "The condoms are staying, baby. I'm not getting you pregnant yet and I don't really trust your spells and potions. We have more than enough time for children later." He swatted his wife's fat bottom before standing up. "Now shower and get dressed. We have a full day ahead of us."

Harry did as he was told, still annoyed about the condoms. He loves the feeling of come inside him and he wanted Vernon's. Needless to say Harry got a little payback when he dressed. He wore emerald green silk chemise, it was called a cut-out simply for the fact that sheer floral black lace covered his breasts, sides, and hips. The garment hem ended just at the bottom curve on his bum, but with his arse being so fat it steadily rode up to bare the rounded flesh, showing off the matching cheeky panties. To complete the look Harry slowly slid up a matching garter, eyes on Vernon the whole time as he settled it around his thigh. He covered it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, denying Vernon easy access like he knew the man wanted. Judging by the animalistic growl he was proven correct.

As a last minute decision, Harry grabbed his butt plug. He pushed his jeans and panties down off his hips then slowly slid the hard object into his anus. Once his body adjusted Harry put his clothes to rights and smiled at the older man. He felt nothing but pleasure at the lustful fury in Vernon's eyes.

"Ready?" He asked the man sweetly.

"Just you wait, sweetheart." Vernon warned. He wanted to spank her then fuck her again. Much to his displeasure they had things to do today and he didn't want to postpone. So instead he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the house.

The first place Vernon took Harry to was a beauty salon and spa. Vernon happily paid for his beautiful girl to get pampered for a few hours. The women did her hair, nails, massaged her body and face. He knew Harry had spelled them during the body massage as a precaution. In the end Vernon knew it was going to be a frequent thing for his girl. She looked down right gorgeous and whatever they used made her glow. Harry's pretty hair had small stripes of dark purple in it, under the top half of it was dyed three different shades of blue and green. The wide braid the girl did showed off the colors. Vernon found that he liked it a lot and hoped that Harry would keep it. He also liked her nails, both fingers and toes, a different girl had shaped Harry's fingernails in what she called a stiletto style when he asked. He body burned in arousal as he watched the girl paint those long sharp nails a dark green, then decorated each one with small silver colored flowers, on each middle finger there was a diamond like rhinestone glued on at the base of the nail. Harry's toes were painted the same green color. Just another thing her magic made feminine, Vernon thought as he licked his lips.

Vernon was looking forward to feeling Harry rake his back with those nails. Not to mention keeping her feet bare at home to eye those pretty toes. He didn't have a foot fetish nor was he the type of man who got off on sucking toes, but he could appreciate how they added to the very enticing package of his wife's body.

After her pampering Vernon took Harry to a women's only clothing store. He gave her leave to buy anything and everything she wanted. Quite a few things were happily modeled for him, including a seductive white dress which Harry paired with a pair of strappy sandals, as the sales woman told him. The under dress stopped just an inch above Harry's knees, the neckline was a halter style. What Vernon loves about it the most is that over the dress was lace. The lace was long, going pass the back of Harry's knees in the back, but the front part of the lace was short just a little longer than the under fabric. In Vernon's opinion his girl look breathtaking in lace. Its why the majority of her lingerie is made of lace. Looking at her now, he thought she looked like a goddess, more beautiful than Aphrodite herself.

She practically made him beg her to keep the dress and shoes on. He smiled when she just made her chemise straps invisible before taking the rest of her clothing to the register. He kissed her passionately when they left the store not caring who was watching nor caring that he had just spent over two hundred pounds on clothes for her. He pressed her lower half against his own, letting his erection press into her belly. When she cupped him Vernon broke the kiss and glared at everyone watching.

"Not now." He growled in her ear. "Let's go."

Vernon took her to a tattoo and piercing shop next. Before going in Vernon told her to use her magic on the piercer. He wanted her to get more than one done at a time. It was all he had the patience for because he was too damn possessive to bring her back for multiple sessions. Vernon glowered the whole time simply for the fact that Harry had to strip completely out of her clothes. His fists and teeth were clenched tightly as he watched the bastard touch his wife's naked body. He had wanted a female but there was none working at that moment. So he had to endure watching the other man touch his wife's nipples, pinching them with the tool, causing his precious girl to keen and moan. Vernon growled fiercely as he watched her spread her legs, showing him how slick her pussy was and the emerald jewel of her butt plug. Fury built in his gut as he eyed the other man's hand brushing over her soft swell, that will one day hold their children, as he pierced her navel. Next came her large clit. Vernon nearly killed the man if a small voice hadn't reminded him that the man was under a spell.

When the man finished the clit piercing Vernon stood up. This was all he wanted Harry to have. She surprised him by telling the piercer she wanted two more. He watched the man pierce her tongue before telling her to roll over for him. Vernon growled dangerously as he watched the man pull out Harry's butt plug. His wife had done nothing but look at him lustfully and moaned wantonly. He endured seeing the man pierce her anus, pushing a ring into the edge of her rim through her taint before connecting the two ends with small silver ball. Then and there Vernon decided to punish his wife as the man pushed her butt plug back into her body.

Harry who had been watching Vernon carefully sent the man out of the room. He then magically locked the door, healed all the piercings, and finally put up a silencing ward.

"Go ahead." Harry smiled at Vernon.

Vernon removed his belt and looped it once as he made his way to his naughty girl. He watched her raise her hips higher and flatten her chest against the table, resting her head on her forearms. He didn't say a word as he raised the belt back then swung it across her golden flesh. His cock throbbed and pulsed when she moaned his name. He kept a steady pace and kept his eyes on the jewel covering her furled hole along with the piercing. Vernon whipped his wife ten times before dropping the belt and releasing his cock. Just as he was about to slide into her slick and flushed pussy a voice reminded him that he didn't have a condom.

"No. No. No!" Harry cried out needily when he saw Vernon step back. "Please...please fuck me." He begged.

Vernon shook his head, moving around to stand in front of Harry. He fisted her long braid, gripped the base of his cock and pressed the purple head to her ruby red lips.

"Suck." He ordered firmly.

"No." Harry countered just as firmly. "Fuck me."

Vernon stepped back again. "Get dressed. I'm going to pay."

He tucked himself in and looped his belt back around his waist. When he went to open the door it was still locked. "Unlock the door, Harry Dursley." He sounded very much like a dominant. "Now."

Harry gasped at the name change. He summoned the soothing balm from the moleskin pouch he always kept on his person. The balm is what Severus made when he found out about Harry's detentions with Umbridge. Harry proceed to hold out the canister to Vernon.

"Please." He spoke softy.

"What is it?" Vernon asked as he took the canister.

"A soothing balm. Severus made it for me." Harry explained. He ignored the furious growl.

"Very well." Vernon opened the canister and scooped out the cream. He silently and tenderly rubbed the cream on his wife's red flesh. When he was done he hand the closed canister back to Harry. "Now get dressed. Please. And unlock the door."

Harry magicked his clothes on after standing up. Then he dropped to his knees in front of Vernon. He had the man's trousers down to his knees before Vernon could protest. Harry didn't speak a word as he gripped the thick shaft and began sucking on the purple head. He put his new tongue piercing to use dipping it into the slit, pressing it against the large vein as he licked up and down the hard shaft. Vernon had his braid wrapped around his fist. Harry relaxed his throat and sealed his lips firmly around the large cock. He moaned when his lover began fucking his mouth. Harry slid a hand into his panties to play with his small cock, or clit as Vernon calls it, all the while getting his mouth fucked by a nine inch monster and face getting hit with Vernon's pelvis. Harry loved the new sensitivity his piercing gave him, he moaned and groaned around his mouthful. Vernon was so much bigger than Severus and so much more dominant. Harry found that he loves it, especially the punishment he had just received.

The wizard orgasmed the same moment Vernon's pelvis smacked his face for the last time. The large cock shot a copious amount of come down his throat. Harry swallowed immediately as he brought up the hand that had been in his panties to squeeze and knead the large sac, milking it for every drop of his lover's seed. Harry felt full and sated by the time Vernon pulled away.

"Good girl." Vernon praised as his wife licked his cock clean. He smiled when she purred before pulling his trousers up. She kissed the spongy head lovingly before buttoning and zipping his trousers. He pulled her up and kissed her passionately, not caring about tasting himself on her tongue. As he sucked on her tongue he was making plans to play with her other piercings to drive her crazy with desire.

Vernon pulled away with one last squeeze to her fat bottom. God, he will never be able to stop himself from touching it any chance he got. He had to remind himself that they still had places to be. After paying Vernon took his girl to the courthouse. He took her straight to the judge he had made an appointment with the day before. He was going to make her his wife officially. The ceremony was simple except for Vernon's vows. They were his own words. He had vowed to love, protect, cherish, and always be faithful. When Harry had spoken her vows Vernon had been surprised when she added the obey part. He knew most nowadays kept that part out, but his little wife spoke with conviction in her voice and lust in her eyes.

She was so fucking perfect in his opinion.

He shushed her lowly when he slid the engagement ring off to put her wedding band on. Half the ring was covered in very expensive diamonds, but only the best for his gorgeous wife. After putting the engagement ring back on he handed over his band. He watched her spell the judge and their witness to give them a bit of privacy. Vernon grunted when she sucked on his finger a few times before sliding the ring on it. She cancelled the spell before he could do anything except kiss her when the judge told him to. It was very difficult to hold himself back from ravishing her.

After signing the license. Harry sent a copy to Gringotts. Even though in the muggle world his last name will be Dursley, he had to keep Potter for his lordship in the magical world. He couldn't possibly let the Ministry, Dumbledore, or the Weasleys get their hands on his vaults and family heirlooms. Oh how he hated the Magical Britain.

Harry stared at his rings as Vernon drove them to their next location. They were simply beautiful and he didn't mind one bit that they were very feminine. He smiled when his husband's large hand laid on his bare thigh. It once again reminded him that he didn't care about the feminization or that Vernon's see him as a female. Harry was never one that cared about what gender someone had to be as long as everyone involved was happy. If Vernon wanted him to be a woman Harry was more than happy to play the role because his husband made him feel loved and safe. And that's all that matters to Harry.

Vernon drove his wife to the restaurant. He reserved a private booth. As they ate Vernon kept Harry close to his side, eating with one hand on his wife's thick thigh. He simply reveled in the fact that Harry is thicker than Petunia. Vernon had always hated that Petunia kept herself rail thin. He likes the thick thighs and hips, the small chubby bellies, large titties, and fat arses. Harry had it all except the titties but they were getting bigger everyday. They were now a large c-cup; Vernon had to buy new bras because his wife was growing out of the previous ones. With that line of thought Vernon openly stared at them. They were gorgeous, perfectly round and perky, he half wishes Harry was sitting there naked but he didn't want anymore arseholes looking at his wife's bare body.

During dessert Vernon asked Harry to keep people out and to make sure nothing could be heard. Once done Vernon set Harry onto the table in front of him. He pushed the hem of her dress up then slowly pulled her panties down and off. He gripped her hips to shift her bottom to the edge of the table.

"Good girl." He huskily declared when she spread her legs wide for him as she laid down. He wasted no time spreading her pussy lips and licking into her cunt. He used his free hand to thrust the plug in and out of her anus.

Vernon chuckled when she arched and cried out as he licked, sucked, and nipped the sensitive flesh. He teased her piercing and fucked into her with his tongue. The ring was custom made and expensive, it was platinum with real diamonds and emeralds, the ring had a platinum barbell that went through the top then through her clit, coming out of the bottom, both ends of the barbell had a small ball with a real diamond embedded into it. It looked like the ring was wrapped around the head of her clit. The piercer called it an apadravya piercing. Nevertheless Vernon found it arousing and judging by the loud cries of pleasure his Harry loves it as well. Vernon reluctantly stop playing with the butt plug to unzip the dress so he could slide his hand up further to get to her nipples. He cock throbbed when his little screamer cried out his name when he twisted the piercing. It seems her nipples were extra sensitive. The evidence of that sensitivity was squirting his face.

"Vernon!" Harry cried out again, hips thrusting up into his husband's face. He was experiencing an overload of pleasure, too much pleasure. Harry was vaguely aware of pleading to be fucked.

Vernon was tempted, oh so tempted, but he continued on giving his wife more pleasure than she probably never experienced before. He moved his mouth to suck on her clit as he fucked her cunt with three fingers. His other hand upped his assault by tugging and twisting the nipple piercings alternatively. His gorgeous wife was a beautiful screamer as he stared up at her face. He growled around her clit when those sharp painted nails dug into his scalp. It had set her off with another orgasm.

When she went still he pulled away and looked at her. She was so breathtakingly beautiful and all his.

"Please, fuck me." She begged him softly.

"I don't have a condom, my love."

"Severus and I used the contraceptive spell every time. Its hundred percent effective and it only needs to be casted once every two weeks." Harry reminded his husband. He knew it was underhanded to bring up Severus, especially in this moment.

Vernon couldn't stop the possessive fury that formed low in his gut. He hated being reminded of the bastard that took his wife's virginity. If he ever meets this man Vernon is going to put him in the hospital. Not only did this Severus take something special and willingly given, but he treat it and Harry as insignificant. He treated Harry like a two-bit whore for a whole year. He'll be lucky if Vernon doesn't kill him.

"Go ahead, sweet girl." Vernon encouraged as he opened his trousers and pulled his cock out. He watched a glow form around her belly for a few seconds. When it faded he grasped her hips to pull her down onto his cock. They both moaned when he slid into her tight heat. "Ride me, my love." He ordered as he exposed her titties and latched on, sucking like a starving man.

Harry moved his hips in unpredictable movements. He loves the feeling of the large thick cock stretching his inner walls. He also loves having Vernon's mouth on his nipples and the man's large hands gripping bruises into his flesh. Harry's own hands were hugging his husband's head to his chest. The teen let out a loud squeal when Vernon bit down on his nipple, his hips stuttered pushing Vernon's cock deeper into his body. All the while every downward thrust pushed against the butt plug.

The teen upped his upped his pace riding the swelling cock quick and hard, chasing his own orgasm. His cry of his husband's name was drowned out by Vernon's animalistic roar. Harry keened happily when hot come spilled inside him.

The young wizard happily accepted his husband's kiss as the man's cock continued to fill him. He greedily sucked on the invading tongue, rocking his hips to prolong their orgasm and milk the cock of every drop. Part of him hadn't wanted the contraceptive charm but he understood Vernon's reasons for wanting to wait to have children. After all they were newly married and he was just sixteen. A small voice reminded him that Vernon had just turned thirty-nine in April. His husband was nearly middle age by muggle standards. It scared him to realize that Vernon was a muggle and therefore didn't have the extended life expectancy wizards have. Harry quickly pushed the depressing thoughts away and focused on his husband who was smearing chocolate cake all over the breasts his magic had grown.

"What are you doing. husband of mine?" Harry asked with a teasing smile.

"I'm going to enjoy my cake. Do you have a problem with that?" Vernon answered before he nibbled the chocolate off his wife's golden flesh.

"No problem, Vernon." Harry sighed out. His hips slowly rocked, simulating the hardening cock inside him. He will always be amazed by Vernon's recovery, or lack thereof.

Vernon was indeed enjoying himself. The cake tasted so much better off his wife's beautiful tits. It almost was more enjoyable with his girl simulating his dick. Hell, even her arse was kneading his ball. He chuckled each time she squealed when he bit down on her flesh or her puffy nipples. By the time he licked the last remaining bit away his come was filling her again. He loves the way she sighed happily with being filled. If that is what she craves then he is more than happy to obliged and satisfy her.

Anything to keep her happy.

"Happy Birthday, my love." Vernon muttered against her lips. He felt ecstatic when she kissed him in return.

When they finally left the restaurant Harry was feeling like the cat who ate the canary. The reason being a conjured dildo was holding three loads of come inside his body. Vernon himself was walking around with a smug look and a possessive arm around his wife. The older man took his wife to their final location a lingerie/sex shop. He handed over his card and told her to buy anything she desired. He went two doors down to the pub to wait for her.

Harry was unsure at first but once he started looking around he found some things he liked. For instance he grabbed the most seductive teddy. It was black and in a cut out design. The bra of the teddy consisted of thin ribbon's that met in the middle where a black bow covered his nipples. Each bow had a diamond like rhinestone in the middle. From under each breast and the middle of the 'bra' were thin ribbons that went down to another bow that rest under his navel. The third bow was attached to the diamond cut fabric of the teddy's thong, around his hips and between the his cleft were thin ribbons. Harry absolutely loved it. The genderfluid teen also purchased an assortment of other lingerie and panties, a sheer red robe, edible paint of assorted flavors, an assortment of flavored lube, a nipple chain with weights, and thick leather strap. When he asked the sales lady told him it felt so much more pleasurable than a belt if he liked the pain and bite of leather striking his skin. She said it was because the strap was thicker and smaller, therefore easy to control how firm his partner struck him.

Harry left the store feeling more than ready to return to their cabin.

The newly married couple returned to their temporary home an hour later. Harry went straight to the bedroom to set everything up. Vernon sat on the couch lazily stroking his dick as he waited. Needless to say their wedding night was hot, messy, and oh so satisfying. Vernon was thankful he had the forethought to set up a camera before attacking his gorgeous arousing wife. They will forever have this memory to watch anytime they wanted. The two of them would make sure no one finds out about it.

If anyone did, Vernon would kill them.