Sara lance Captain of the waverider just back from a long straining mission, lately she has been having a hard time with things, of course, the team knew but they didn't say anything, they knew it was a tough time for her, the anniversary of her Boyfriends death was just two days ago, everyone who knew him was still dealing with it, he was a friend to all, but more importantly he was everything to Sara, he was right next to laurel when they brought her back to life. He was there every step of the way to help her get her bloodlust under control. Sara had a tough time with his death. He put himself in front of Laurel and saved her, he saved her sister. She felt bad for laurel, she blamed herself for so long and still did, Sara and laurel held each other as they cried when laurel told Sara about his death, laurel broke down thinking Sara was never going to forgiver her. So Sara resuer her that it wasn't her fault, but that didn't stop her from blaming herself. Sara had blamed herself too, hell she still does.

It's been so crazy on the waverider she still hasn't gone to his grave like she does every year on his anniversary, Ray has told her he could Captain for a bit so she could. But she doesn't even know if she still wants to go. Her dad just died and there's the evil Earth-2 doblerganger of her dead boyfriend who is trying to be good because he's the one who called her to her about her dad. She doesn't know if she could handle that. She thought she could have a relationship with Ava but she having a second thought on that now. Somedays she wishes she never got on the waverider and died with Jay at the hands of Damien dark.

As Sara crashed into her room she finally let the tears go, she fell to the floor and finally let everything she's been feeling for the past week go, she sat there cursing Damien dark for making her lose some she loves no matter who it was, she curses Jay for leaving her, she curses her dad for also leaving her, and finally, barry, and the stupid multiverse theory, because if not for them she wouldn't have to see an evil version of the man she loved trying to ruin her kind-hearted dead boyfriend's reputation. She also curses herself for leaving on this trip, because she knows that Rip has lied before and that he probably lied about what would have happened if she had gone back to try and save him.

Finally gathering the strength she needed to get off the floor she started to get ready for bed, already deciding she was going to sleep in, if not just take the whole day off

"Captain, may I suggest you just take the whole day off?" Gideon asked.

"Yeah gid."

"Should I lock the doors and tell the team you are taking a personal day tomorrow morning?" Gideon asked. That damn robot knowing what she was thinking before even her sometimes.

"Yeah, Gideon."

"Alright captain, doors are locked, and I will inform Ray that he is in charge, and I will also inform Amaya that she is in charge of him."

"Thanks, Gideon."

After that Sara closed her eyes awaiting the oncoming nightmare. And as expected she woke just after 2 with a nightmare, but this one was different, instead of everyone she who she lost being there blaming her for their deaths it was just jay, and he wasn't saying anything, just watching her sleep, deciding she should get up and go to the bathroom, she turned on her bedside lamp and was about to get up when she saw someone in the corner of her room. Someone who she never thought she would see again.

"Jay?! Your not real im still dreaming."

"Sara calm down and let me explain."

"Explain that your still a dream or that it's not a dream but that you're still alive?"

"It's not a dream, but im not alive either."

"So your saying im talking to a ghost? That just great, while you're here you should bring my dad too. Im, sure he has a few things to say to me."

"He does but he can't come to see you right now. And I only have an hour left, so let me explain everything so then I can tell you stuff from both me and your dad."

"What's there to explain?! Im talking to a ghost, im going to close my eyes, and you're going to be gone again!"

"Sara Lance shut up for 2 seconds and let me explain! Please." jay yelled frustrated at her. Sara just looked shocked at him. "Ok thank you, you know I hate yelling at you. Anyway, im dead, but when you're in heaven you can gain earth visits if you are a good angle. If you gain points you can use them to get hour-long visits with thoses you love, these visits are different because, you can see me, anyone can. If I were to go out to the kitchen where Nate is now he would see me too." jay explained.

"What do you mean different?" Sara asked.

"Well im always next to you, you just can't hear or see me, but im always there, because when I entered heaven I chose to be your guardian angel type thing, the difference today if everyone can see hear, and feel me for 1 hour."

"I can touch you too and you won't disappear?" Sara asked, and all jay did was give her a look, so she took that as a chance to try, she got up off her bed and walked over to him, with a shaky hand she went to touch his cheek, as her hand touched his cheek she let out a gasp, he was still here, he didn't leave. Carefully Jay brought up his hand to hold her hand to his cheek, at this movement she broke apart, her legs gave out from under and she fell into him, Jay was quick to grab her and bring her back to the bed.

"It's ok. Im here." they stayed there for about 15 minutes when Sara calmed down enough for her to speak.

"Why couldn't you be here sooner?"

"Well, when you first enter heaven you have to shadow a guardian angle for a bit before you become one yourself your dad is shadowing us right now. He's right in front of us, you can't see or hear him, but he's there."

"Prove it. Dad tells him something only I would know." jay looked at where her dad was sitting and gave a confused look.

"Your 15th birthday party?"

"Well, he's for sure there."

"What does it mean?"


"Ok then, anyway we only got 45 minutes left, and there are a few things I have to say yet.

One, it's okay for you to move on with Ava, she seems like a nice girl. The one thing I loved most in this world was you, and I would have done anything to make you smile, and happy, and I wish I could still be that person but I can't, she can so take it."

"If you wanted me happy why to die?"

"Because you would get over my death with time, if that would have been laurel, you would have lost all faith, you would have never got over her."

"So it's ok with you if I move on with ava?"

"Hell yeah I want you happy, and she makes you happy. Just promise me that when you have a kid you name them after me," he said with a smile.

"How much time do we have left?" she asked looking up from where her head rested on his chest.

"30 minutes. Go to sleep. It's easier to be asleep, instead of watching me disappear."

"Why? You won't be there when I wake up."

"No but this way it will feel like a good dream, but there will always be a part of you that knows it happened. But if you see me disappear it will make it so tough for you to let go."

"Ok. will I see you again?"

"Yeah as I gain good boy angle points I can back."

"I love you."

"I love you too," Jay said as he watched her fall asleep. He placed a kiss on top of her head.

When Sara woke up this morning she looked and didn't see Jay anymore, last night felt like a dream, but she knew it wasn't, she got up and out of and dressed for the day. As she walked into the kitchen she saw the team there.

"Good morning legends."

"Sara Gideon said you were going to take a personal day off," Ray said

"I changed my mind."

"Well, you look happy Cap. good dream?" Zari asked.

"You can say something like that," Sara said with a smile.