Clint PoV

"Now Clint-" The Swordsman was cut off by the tip of my arrow piercing his skull. His body hung from the arrow, toes just off the ground.

"That was rude," A teenager wearing a blue and white suit said with raised eyebrows.

"'Bout time I was rid of him," I shrugged. Swordsman had never cared about me; I'd always known it. He tried to manipulate me; I had figured it was about time I confronted him; he hadn't been to happy about it.

The teenager, Pietro, leaned against the wall; you could tell he was slightly amused. His white hair fell just above his twinkling eyes. His tattoo was just visible on his neck. His smile fell, and he turned away from the body to look at me.

"Though I do not see how this will benefit Wanda and I's mission."

The speakers in the corner of the room blared, keeping me from replying.

"Hawkeye, the package has arrived."

I grinned, "The Swordsman's death might not help you, but this will."

We walked took the elevator up to floor 1 and walked outside. Harper was carrying a young child; he looked about 7. She set him down, and he woke up. His eyes widened, and he stuttered in fear.

"Y-you can't make me go back, I-I can't, I won't!"

"Hey, hey," I murmured soothingly, "It's okay, we're not going to hurt you."

"Y-you're not with the foster people?"

I shook my head. The kid seemed to relax so I asked him what his name was.

"I'm Peter, Peter Parker."

"How old are you?"

Peter broke eye contact to look at the eight fingers he was holding up, counted them, then exclaimed proudly,

"I'm eight!" He held his hand in front of my face, showing me his fingers.

I smiled, "I thought you were ten! You look so much older!"

Peter smiled back and shook his head.

"Do you want to stay with us?" I broke the silence.

Peter instantly stiffened. He looked at his feet, "You-you promise you won't hurt me?" His voice was hardly more than a whisper

I knelt down and looked him in the eye, "Of course not. We're family now. Families don't hurt each other. You don't hurt us, we won't hurt you."

Peter looked into my eyes and beamed.

I told Harper to introduce Peter to the other kids and help him get settled in while I spoke with Pietro.

"What's so special about him?" Pietro asked.

"He's a genius. He's doing 7th grade math problems already. By 15 he'll be smarter than Stark himself."


"And he'll be able to read the blueprints we steal from Stark."

Pietro nodded, "I suppose that might help."

"How's Wanda feeling?"

"Good, why?"

"I have a mission for you."

Pietro stared at me; silence hung in the air.

"I need you and Wanda to go back to Sokovia. There's something there that's of interest to me."