Clint PoV

"Focus, it's just you and the target. Don't forget to breath. You don't want to pass out, you want to hit the target, it helps when your blood cells and organs have access to oxygen." I whispered as Kate aimed.

"Geeze, thanks." She muttered, rolling her eyes. She released, and her arrow just missed the exact middle of the target. Kate sighed, lowering her bow.

"Tomorrow, same time." I commanded. She left, and the five chosen arrived. I smiled to see that Peter and his friends made up 4/5 of the group. He kinda reminded me of myself. I grabbed the blueprint of Oscorp tower that we had acquired and spread it out on a table in the corner.

"You guys are going to break into Oscorp tower and borrow some radioactive spiders that they are experimenting on. They're trying to build a spider army thing. We'd like to have a little more information about what they're doing."

"Flinn, you're the distraction. Make sure Peter, Gwen, and MJ can get into the building. Harry, you'll kinda be the guy in the chair. We'll need you to hack into the systems, disable some security protocols, and access some files. Gwen and MJ, you two find any written reports or journals having to do with the spider experiments. Peter, you'll be grabbing some samples, venom, spider hair, the actually spiders, anything you can get you're hands on.

"You will be expected to get up at 5:00 AM every morning for the next week. You will go into the building instead of the tents. Harper will show you where to go the first morning and we'll train."

The kids nodded.

Training sessions began the next morning. They were naturals. They would do well. The week passed and the day came for them to go on their first mission.

Peter PoV

Flinn was distracting the guards, and MJ, Gwen, and I snuck in. We arrived at the place where we'd been told a door had been hidden.

"Harry?" I spoke into my earpiece.

"On it," Came his reply and the "wall" opened up to reveal a room. There was a large glass tube that housed who knew how many spiders. I walked over to a computer while Gwen and MJ looked around for written reports. I inserted a USB Flash drive and started downloading all the information I could access.

While it downloaded, I walked into the spider tank and attempted to put one into a small tube I'd brought.

"Ow!" I exclaimed; a spider had bitten me.

"You okay?" Gwen asked, carrying a journal and a few papers. I nodded, deciding not to tell anyone of the spider bite. It couldn't matter too much, right?

We got everything we needed and got out of there as quickly as possible.

"Well done," Clint said, looking over the things we'd brought back. The mission had gone well. The next thing we had to do was examine our findings. Harry and I were the ones who would have to do that.