AN: Adrien never attended Marinette's school. They were never directly friends either. I just wanted to see a fic where Adrien stops Lila without needing to be prompted. Adrienette.

Marinette should have known something like this would happen. They decided to have a class outing in the park to relax where Lila, once again, was speaking nothing but lies to her friends and they were gobbling it all up like birds to a seed pile. Any time she spoke up against the Italian girl, her friends would hound her for being mean to Lila and ask her for proof. Well, where was there proof that Lila was telling to truth?!

Saving Jagged Stone's kitten, helping Prince Ali, Adrien Agreste being her boyfriend, and the list goes on. She's tired. Mentally and physically. She just wants this to stop. If only Chat was here as a civilian. He would have her back. He would get everyone to get off her case and prove Lila wrong.

As if the universe was listening to her for once, someone did intervene.

"Excuse me." A voice interrupted the class.

Everyone paused in their beratement of Marinette and turned to look at the newcomer. He had blond hair and green eyes. He was about a head taller than her as well, almost Nino's height. He was wearing a casual, but high-quality outfit. Marinette mentally noted that it looked like Gabriel design. For a moment, the noirette thought the universe was kind and did send Chat to help. A few blinks later and she realized that it was a different blond-haired, green eyed teenager. He looked familiar, but she didn't recognize him.

"Oh my gosh! Lila! It's your boyfriend Adrien!" Alya screamed. The other members of her class were also excited to meet Adrien. Lila had told some stories about him to the class, not that Marinette believed it. She was also pretty sure Chloe didn't believe it, but that wasn't a surprise given her history. Then again, Chloe had been pretty tame after Lila showed up.

Adrien merely sighed and had an annoyed look on his face.

"Great." He mumbled under his breath. He quickly schooled his features and faced the group. "What is going on here?"

"Hi I'm Alya. I run the Ladyblog and I'm Lila's friend. It's great to finally meet you. Lila has told us so much about you and all of the amazing gifts you've given her and the surprise trips you've taken. Do you want to join us?" Alya held her hand out and Adrien gave it a considering look. Marinette glanced at Lila and saw the nervous look on the girl's face. Fortunately, she was trapped between their classmates and couldn't escape.

"You say my girlfriend is here?" Adrien asked slowly, as if he was confused.

"Yeah dude." Nino responded. "I'm Nino" the teenager waved, which Adrien returned with a nod. Alya retracted her hand as she realized Adrien wasn't going to shake it.

"Since YOU say my girlfriend is here, may I know why you are ganging up on this poor girl here?" Adrien pointed to Marinette. Her classmates smiles disappeared and their faces ranged between put out, annoyed, exhausted, or all three.

"Some teenage jealousy. Nothing to worry about." Alya dismissed, not noticing the hurt look on Marinette's face. She didn't expect Alya to be so callous about her feelings. Marinette was hurt by how little her classmates cared for her and pushed aside her well-being for Lila's with very little thought.

"Yeah. You're probably busy with a photoshoot or something? You should probably head back to work." Lila interjected, with sweat rolling down her forehead.

"But if something were to bother my girlfriend, I would like to know about it and help however I could" Adrien returned with a model smile. "So please, elaborate" Adrien simply said.

The class looked at each other and some shrugged their shoulders.

"Well…." Nino stepped up as the group. "Lila was talking about how Jagged Stone wrote another song about her. And was telling us stories about all of the places she visited while doing charity work helping animals and the environment in collaboration with Prince Ali. Marinette" nodding at her "said Lila was a liar trying to get attention. But it's not like she can prove these things are false, right dude?"

"What else has she told you about?" Adrien asked with a neutral tone and blank face, sidestepping Nino's ending question. Marinette could tell he didn't buy what they were selling and Lila was sweating bullets now.

"Let's see…Clara Nightingale borrowed a lot of moves from her for a recent video, she saved Jagged Stones' cat from an airplane runway and got tinnitus as a result, she's best friends with Ladybug, you've done some modeling with her abroad and surprised her with an exotic trip for her birthday. A three week getaway to a private island" Nino finished with a smile.

"Yep, my girl is amazing!" Alya said while putting an arm around Lila, missing the Italian girl's nervousness.

"Interesting" Adrien quietly said and went to stand by Marinette. The noirette gave him hopeful look which he returned with a smile and a wink.

"I'll bet you've met some famous actors and actresses as well. Do you know an Emily Graham De Vanily or Adam Fujimiya?"

Lila pasted a nervous smile on her face. "Yep! I'm actually a close friend of Emily's. I'm actually her goddaughter. I helped her through a difficult divorce with her cheating ex-husband. As for Adam, he's like a brother to me. He even sent a designer bag as well."

Adrien's eyes took a dangerous turn. "I'm rather close to Emily as well, and while her husband isn't the best, my father is far from a cheater you walking tabloid! Especially since I would know if my mother had a goddaughter! And Adam isn't even a real actor, I just made the name up! Marinette is right you are a liar of the worst kind."

He turned his eyes towards the class.

"And if you all choose to believe that pile of BS over Marinette, then you really aren't your friends. Jagged Stone doesn't have a kitten. He never did because he's allergic to fur. He's had Fang, his alligator, for the past 15 years. Prince Ali only works with children's charities. I've met Clara. If she borrowed some moves from someone, she would give them full credit for it no matter who they are or how old they are. That's just the kind of person she is." Adrien paused to take a breath. "And my mother has been dead for two years now." He whispered.

Adrien looked to Marinette and continued speaking to the class. "As for Marinette, she has been making a name for himself. She has won several of my father's design competitions, she knows Jagged Stone and his most recent album cover, and she works with Kitty section to design their gear. She has also appeared in Clara Nightingale's most recent video, which most of you were in as well as far as I know. A few simple Google searches are you need!" Adrien yelled at Marinette's class. She felt a little bad for them, but maybe they needed this to get the message through their thick skulls.

"Just as important, I have never seen nor heard of this Lila until today. So no. I am not her boyfriend. With that personality, I never will be either. Actually, I was partially wrong. Ladyblog girl!" Alya stood at attention at being called out.

"You posted an interview with Lila a while ago saying she was Ladybug's best friend, right?" Adrien asked and Alya nodded. "Did you ever ask Ladybug about this? Did she verify the story or did you post the story without asking?"

"I didn't have to! I believe in Lila!" Alya yelled back.

"So that's a no." Adrien deadpanned. "That's not journalism, that's tabloid reporting. I'll give you some professional advice. Take that interview down. It's not going to do you any favors in the future and it will ruin your credibility with any future employers. Don't post anything without checking the facts or people won't take your work seriously."

Alya's face was red with anger. Marinette checked their surroundings for any purple butterflies. Maybe they'd get lucky and nothing would happen?

Before Alya could retort, Lila started crying her crocodile tears. "Adrien, I know we had a nasty fight, but that doesn't mean you have to…"

"No" Adrien commanded. "Until you speak the truth, don't talk to me. As a matter of fact don't speak at all. I've been around people like you my whole life, so I know how to spot a fake. You're as fake and twisted as they get. As for the rest of you." Adrien redirected his attention to the class.

"Don't believe what everyone says just because they say it. Not everyone is as truthful as they seem. Try to remember a person's character before judging them as well."

The class was silent upon being verbally berated. Adrien took a deep breath to let out his anger. Dealing with groupies and liars was always annoying. And mentally tiring. Why couldn't people just leave famous people alone?

Adrien directed his attention to Marinette. She was looking at him like he saved her cat. He mentally giggled at the pun. "Do you want to hang out? I remember you from the competitions and I know you like fashion design." Adrien offered. If her so called friends were going to bully this girl, then he wasn't just going to leave her here alone to deal with them. Especially since the noirette was being targeted.

He noticed Marinette give a side glance to her classmates. "Don't look at them" he told her softly. "Look at me. Do you want to hang out?" He reiterated.

Marinette mentally debated it for a moment. On the one hand, she could stay with her classmates whom she had known most of for all of her school years. They also picked a liar's side and after every bit of help and support she gave them, decided she was the bad guy and ganged up on her. On the other hand, there was someone she was somewhat, indirectly familiar with who was providing her a shield and sanctuary from those she once thought she could depend on. Maybe this boy would also turn against her, but she had a feeling that it wouldn't happen. Plus, he was kind of cute.

So, with a smile on her face, she took Adrien's hand and they walked away from her flabbergasted classmates. And the impending shouts mixed with false words.