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A knock on her balcony door broke Marinette's concentration from her homework. Not that she was able to concentrate much. Physics was hard! She had devolved into just doodling in her sketchbook instead of trying to figure out the movement questions like she should have been.

Marinette put her pencil down and opened the balcony door to greet Chat Noir. The self-proclaimed knight in shining leather had started visiting her after the evillistrator incident. Slowly, he had become a regular at her house.

They would just hang out in her room and talk, play videogames, or he would help her with her homework. They had even gone out in public a few times with Chat wearing a disguise.

At one point, her parents had embarrassingly found out about him when they caught him visiting her room. She was out at the time but he didn't know that. He just jumped into her room calling her "princess" and claiming to be her knight. Only to be surprised when he realized it was Marinette's mother in his princess's room, not the princess herself. Marinette arrived back an hour later to discover Chat playing Mecha Strike 3 with her father and drinking hot chocolate. Her parents had claimed that they adopted a cat and proceeded to embarrass her for the rest of the that night.

"Hello Purrincess!" Chat greeted her with his usual line, breaking out of her reminiscence. "And what is my fair maiden up to tonight?" he finished with his signature Chat smirk.

"Your fair maiden?" Marinette sarcastically questioned. "Who says I belong to you? Maybe you belong to me." A smirk appeared on Marinette's face as a blush appeared on Chat's. The cat could dish it but he couldn't take it.

Shaking his head Chat leaned in close. "That is indeed a possibility purriness". Now it was Marinette's turn to blush. She turned and headed back inside of her room and kept her face away from his range of sight so he couldn't see her blush. But they both knew it was pointless and Chat could tell she was blushing.

"Anyway…" Marinette tried to deflect. "Want to help me with my homework? I can't figure out how to find the angles and distance on some of these."

"No problem princess" He allowed the change in subject. Surprisingly, Chat was kind of a teacher's pet. Always encouraging her to get her schoolwork done before they did anything fun.


Chat couldn't but smile as he helped his favorite civilian as they settled into their usual studying routine.

To think this all started because of an akuma. He had felt drawn to her during evillustrator. When he first met Marinette, he was both flattered and annoyed by her fake fangirling. Even though she was faking it, he decided to roll with it. Plus, having a cute, nice girl fawn over you while you were protecting her never hurt (😉). It was just like those cliché superhero stories he always loved to read and watch. But when he went up against Evillustrator, his princess really surprised him with her cunning and bravery. Not many could act so calm and rational when fighting a superpowered villain. Or puppet of said villain.

During his next solo patrol, Chat decided to make a detour to check up on her. By chance, she was resting on the lawn chair on her balcony, sketching some new designs. The two of them talked and Marinette brought him some leftover pastries that could put his personal chef to shame. After making a joke about feeding strays, Chat went home for the night. And he kept going back.

Being homeschooled left him little chances to make friends. And anyone who was friends with Adrien Agreste would get on the net somehow and inevitably get him in trouble with his father. Especially since there was a 95% chance, maybe 100%, that he snuck out to do stuff with them. Not to mention, his fans and the paparazzi. The money he made from working was nice and convenient, but the fandom could be a headache.

As Chat however, he was free. He didn't have to follow any rules, watch how he behaved (aside from not doing anything inappropriate), or be limited in what he could do or who he could do stuff with. It was freedom from the cold, marble cage that was his father's mansion. His mansion, not Adrien's home. It stopped feeling like home the day his mom died.

With Marinette and her parents, it was different. Their home always felt warm to him. Not just the temperature, but it was filled with such love and kindness that he felt addicted to it. Any chance he had, he would try to sneak over and hang out with Marinette somehow. Which was how her parents found him.

That day, he had wanted to surprise Marinette in his usual, dramatic way. With his ears, he picked up only one person in her room and assumed that it was her. He opened the skylight and landed inside with his eyes closed and striking a pose.

"Princess! Your handsome knight in shining leather has arrived!"

No response. Chat opened his eyes, which widened to the size of saucers when he realized that Marinette's mother was in her room, not the pig-tailed beauty herself. Chat's face flooded with embarrassment at having been caught like that. He also felt a good amount of guilt seep in for keeping his visits a secret from her parents and being caught like that.

Fortunately, Sabine managed to get over her shock and invited him downstairs for brunch with her and Tom. Tom and Chat got along famously with their mutual love for punning. Sabine merely rolled her eyes at the puns, having long been used to them. He assumed Marinette inherited that from her mother, who was just as warm and caring as his own mother had been. And like her daughter, she also gave the best hugs. To top it all, Tom also played videogames! Marinette's FATHER played videogames and he was actually good at it. It blew Chat's mind. When Marinette arrived later, he couldn't help but enjoy the flabbergasted look on her face. As well as the teasing she received and the puns that were thrown around that night. Chat had left with a big smile on his face, a tummy full of delicious food, and a heart filled with happiness. It was enough to keep him going for the next few days, which his photographer appreciated.

A knock on Marinette's hatch door interrupted Chat's little trip into his head. Sabine poked her head through the opening.

"Oh Chat! It's good to see you. Would you like to join us for dinner?" Sabine asked him sweetly.

"That would be wonderful madame! Thank you!" Chat returned with enthusiasm.

"Think nothing of it." Sabine waved away. "And I told you, call me Sabine. You're practically family at this point." The older women winked, causing Marinette and Chat to blush.

"MAMAN!" Marinette squeaked. Sabine gave a hearty laugh as her head disappeared downstairs. After a moment to compose themselves, Marinette and Chat joined her parents downstairs. Chat helped set the table and washed up before taking a seat. Of course, he held out a chair for Marinette first. What kind of gentleman would he be if he didn't act chivalrous for his princess?

The four of them talked, joked, and ate the warm food at the table. They talked about the bakery, the newest games coming out, and Marinette's day at school. Chat hid a knowing smile behind his hand when Marinette talked about Adrien Agreste, the new kid at her school. He wondered what she would think of knowing that she was the reason Paris's heartthrob was attending public school?

He had wanted to go to public school for a while now so that he could make new friends and not hide behind a mask, metaphorical and literal. When Marinette told him that she was having problems at school with a bully, Chat felt angry at whoever dared to hurt his princess. He could have easily done something as Chat, but that could have drawn some unwanted attention from Hawkmoth. Adrien was the safer choice. So with a bit of work, he managed to get himself enrolled at his princess's school behind his father's back. After school was over, it took some convincing, but he managed to get his father to see things the same way he did.

Dinner wrapped up after a while and Chat helped Marinette wash the dishes. Taking a quick glance at the bluenette, Chat couldn't but smirk a bit.

"So this new kid, Adrien, he seems interesting." He idly commented while trying to suppress a smile. Marinette narrowed her eyes a little in suspicion. She could already hear the punchline coming like a bullet train.

"Yes…." She answered slowly.

"The way he handled your class and helped you out. It's like he had them all..under Agreste." Chat did nothing to hide the smile on his face. Marinette's parents laughed while she groaned, but the smile on her face betrayed her amusement.

After a few rounds of UMS III, it was time to go to sleep. Tom and Sabine bid the kids goodnight and disappeared to their room. Marinette walked Chat up to her room and upwards to her balcony.

"Goodnight princess" Chat held her hand and kissed her knuckles. He took some pleasure in the little pink flush that appeared on her face.

"G-Goodnight Chaton" Marinette said fondly.

But he didn't let go of her hand. He rubbed his thumb across her knuckles as he contemplated his next words. He knew he had to fib the next part a little bit.

"I'm glad you have someone helping you in school now, Marinette." Chat told her. And Marinette knew what he meant.

"It's okay Chat. I understand. But I can't let you do anything because that would give away who you are." She rubbed her hands over cheeks, her fingertips ghosting the edges of his mask. "This needs to stay on for a little longer."

Chat sighed, knowing she was right. "Someday. Someday I will tell you who I am. No more walls between us."

"Someday" Marinette whispered with a smile.

The maintained eye contact. There was something in the air between them. A tension. Slowly, their faces started to lean in closer. When their noses touched, Chat stopped. He looked into her eyes, quietly asking if this is what she wanted. He saw no sense of doubt in them.

"Are you going to kiss me?" Marinette whispered.

Instead of verbally answering, Chat closed the distance and finally kissed the girl. It was like fireworks went off inside both of their minds. The kiss was exhilarating! Marinette tasted like sugar and sweets. He could smell the flowery fragrance from her body that was unique to her. And he couldn't get enough.

Marinette felt similar notions about Chat. He smelled like leather with a hint of cheese. Probably because of his kwami. There was also a hint of cologne. Something a little expensive. And his lips tasted like sin and mint. She found herself addicted to him and he to her.

Eventually, the two of them broke apart for air, but they didn't move from their spot. They leaned their foreheads against each other.

"I've been wanting to do that for a while." Marinette told him.

"Me too" Chat said with a goofy grin on his face.

"Chat?" Marinette asked, still feeling the euphoria of the kiss. "Will you be my boyfriend?" A hint of nervousness entered her voice as she asked. He would very likely say yes, and he enjoyed the kiss, but he could still say no.

"I thought the guy was supposed to ask the girl first" Chat teased with amusement.

"Wow. I didn't know you were sexist. This is the 21st century. Get with the times old timer." Marinette returned good naturedly. She knew he was teasing. But she was also nervous, waiting for his answer.

"Yes. Yes Marinette I will be your boyfriend" Chat said a little more seriously.

The two of them just stood there relishing in the moment. But Chat eventually broke away because it was getting late.

"I'll see you later princess." He gave her another kiss on the lips and disappeared into the night. Marinette sighed fondly as she watched him go. When he was no longer visible, she went back into her room. She collapsed into her bed and squealed into her pillows with happiness. Tikki fondly shook her head from her hiding place. She knew this was coming and was very happy for her holder. With some ladybug luck, things could only get better from here.

Unnoticed to either Marinette or Tikki, the trapdoor to the young girl's was slightly open before and it had just quietly closed. Money quietly exchanged hands between a pair of bakers. On the other side of town, another teenager with blonde hair went to bed with a happy smile on his face. Things were looking great in his life. Now if only he could move-in to Marinette's warm home and out of this cold mansion.