Son of Solo Chapter 1

34 ABY. Jakku. Kylo Ren POV

In the hold of an Upsilon-class Shuttle, Kylo Ren enriched himself in the Dark Side of the Force through meditation. Surrounding the Knight of Ren were his personal squad of elite stormtroopers, some of the finest men and women throughout the entire First Order. Each and every one of the white armored soldiers were motionless and silent. Having served as Kylo's escort for a long time, they knew better then to disturb him while he was using the force. Fortunately for them, even if they did disturb their master Kylo would inflict no punishment, for he was in a foul euphoria at his quest finally coming to a close. Once they retrieved the Star map the final pieces to the road to Luke Skywalker would be obtained, and soon Kylo would have his revenge and destroy the man who had killed Ben Solo, bringing justice and order to a galaxy free from the taint of the Jedi.

'I shall avenge you grandfather. The man who brought chaos to the galaxy will fall and your legacy shall live through the First Order as it should have been under the Empire.' Kylo vowed to himself, his intense feelings of hatred and disgust coming together in a black whirpool of emotions that strengthened the fallen Jedi through passion. While he was unlikely to encounter little more than desert rats, Snoke had taught him to always prepare for the unexpected. After all, did not the mighty and righteous empire fall to a mere moisture farmer and his band of droids, a wookie, and a smuggler?

The shuttle slowly glided down to Jakku's surface. Since Kylo had sent four shuttles ahead of him, all resistance would be quelled and his prey would be presented to him. Through the force, Kylo could feel the anguish of the villagers, their complete terror and despair overwhelming the small section of Jakku with the bloodlust of the skrimish adding a rather pleasant tang to concoction of emotions. Snoke had repeatedly attempted to have Kylo use the powers of the light side, but Kylo rejected him each and every time. To him, the Dark Side was the force in purity, free from the restrictions of the Jedi code where the chaos of the galaxy came to him at its purest, granting him undeniable power and raw strength that he could never achieve through the shackles of the light.

To Kylo it was glorious.

A stormtrooper hesitantly walked up to Kylo, "My lord, the forward squads have reported that all resistance in the village has been eliminated. There was an X-Wing that was reported at the sight, though it has been dealt and its pilot has been captured."

"The Resistance." Kylo seethed. Oh how he hated the organization created by the foul witch that was Leia Organa. While they were nothing more than flies to the First Order at the moment with no true chance of defeating them, their activities inspired countless worlds to rise up against the First Order, turning what should have been a walkover of a campaign into a guerrilla war.

"Most likely it is Poe Dameron, Organa's lap dog is their only pilot with the balls to try and retrieve Skywalker's map alone." Kylo mused, the stormtrooper remaining silent. "Now that he is captured we shall break him and the Resistance's darkest secrets shall be opened." Kylo affirmed.

A slight thump spread its way through the shuttle, moving the bodies of its occupants up though no one reacted.

"Sargent, I shall take point. If any rats try to resist leave them to me unless I give you an order." Kylo said.

"Yes, my lord!" The stormtrooper replied.

The dozen stormtroopers all moved to the sides of the shuttle to clear a path. After a few seconds Kylo rose from his position, then gracefully marched towards the exit.

The shuttle's hatch slowly opened with steam coming out of the shuttle's exhaust ports at the end. Kylo took each step with purpose, filled with anticipation as his mission was nearly at its completion. There was nothing to stop him.

'Skywalker, you shall die.'

When Kylo took his first step on the sandy surface of Jakku however, everything changed. In the tiniest fraction of a second, through the work of the force and other powers beyond mortal comprehension, Kylo Ren was sent through space and time to a planet thousands of light years away.

One second Kylo saw before him a desolate village burning and filled with stormtroopers, the winds of the cold desert knight rushing to his armor. The next moment his visual senses became overwhelmed, the light of two suns consumed his eyes, causing his pupils to dilate in slight pain. In addition to the increased light, the temperature had shot up dozens of degrees. Lastly and the most damning of changes, Kylo was no longer in a pathetic excuse for a settlement alongside his men, rather he was in the midst of what seemed to be a bazaar, with dozens of beings, most of them non-human, reacting to him in startlement and surprise.

In a rather uncharacteristic fashion Kylo Ren panicked. Not only was the complete shift in environment too much in stimuli, but his senses in the force were thrown completely off balance, a flurry of new sensations pouring into the young man with his connection to the Dark Side becoming weaker by the second while his connection to the living force felt as if it was on fire.

Kylo collapsed on the ground, roaring in pain. He tried desperately to reach out to the force and gain information on what had just happened, but what he was receiving was a mess of mixed messages that made his body feel as if it were on fire. It was by far the worst thing he ever felt in his life.

'What is this, some kind of trap from Skywalker? How could he have possibly attacked me when I never sensed him on the planet. He's a kriffing coward!'

"Hey man, are you alright?" Asked a human male with a dark shade of skin in a thick Outer Rim accent. The curious bystander gently touched Kylo's shoulder in an effort to calm him down. Unfortunately for him, he had triggered one of Kylo's many points of aggression.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Kylo roared. While his force sensitivity was being taken for a wide, he felt enough of his power remain to feel comfortable to do what he did next.

Reaching out in the force, Kylo grabbed a hold of the man with telekenisis and shoved him against the nearest wall, keeping him in place with his left hand. Kylo then reached out for his lightsaber with his right hand and activated it, the blade roaring to life in a form of chaotic energy due to its rather archaic design. At the sight a panic arose at the bazaar with many beings fleeing away from the black-robed force user. Only a few remained, either frozen in fear or morbid curiosity at what would happen next.

Kylo then slowly walked towards his target, coming to him as a predator would his prey. Each step caused the man's emotions to rise in volatility with heavy fear and terror. This, and the emotions of the other beings, were enough to temporarily fuel Kylo's connection to the Dark Side and act as a stabilizer.

"Please don't kill me! I'm sorry, I'll do anything for you I swear!" The man pleaded. He cried in pain from the pressure of the force, sweating a bucket with a stain visible to all on his paints were it not for him wearing Black Corellian.

"WHERE AM I?! What part of Jakku is this? Who do you work for? The Resistance? The New Republic?" Kylo barked in quick succession. To the few onlookers, his questions were bizarre, especially the one about the New Republic with it being dead for the past six years.

"What's a Jakku? Is it a town?" Kylo's victim asked in fearful confusion. At this point Kylo was only a few meters from the man, with his lightsaber bare inches from his terrified face.

"I have no time for your games! What part of the planet Jakku am I on?!" Kylo demanded.

"I don't know anything about a planet called Jakku! You're on Tatooine, in Mos Eisely." The man desperately answered.

"LIAR!" Kylo roared, grabbing the man and then shifting him to the side several meters with the force, and then smacking him against the wall in anger. Had Kylo taken the time to look around, then he would have instantly recognized the distinctive architecture that belonged to the homeworld of the Skywalker family.

"Since you will not cooperate, I will extract the truth by force." Kylo then came close, and reached his hand out to touch the temple of the now heavily injured man. With his powers, Kylo violated the man's mind and searched his memories for the truth, all the while his victim screamed in agony.

After a minute of searching, Kylo released his hold in complete shock. He took several steps backwards, nearly falling over in the process.

"How is this possible? How could I have traveled halfway across the galaxy?" Kylo asked himself in horror. His searching of the man's mind did indeed reveal that he was on Tatooine, and now that he took the time to observe his surroundings he truly found the distinctive buildings that he had witnessed years ago when he came as a child.

The man who he had just probed had absolutely no force sensitivity, so there was no way he could have shielded his mind or presented a false image to Kylo unless a third party was interfering, but Kylo felt absolutely nothing.

While Kylo knew after years of researching into the mysteries of the force that several amazing powers could be granted to those who wielded it, he never once discovered any power that could send a single man, let alone another force user, all across the galaxy. If such a power existed then both the Jedi and Sith would have exploited it at several points in history and it would have become a thing of legend.

After several seconds, Kylo's mind started going places. Now that he was starting to accept that he was no longer on Jakku, there was another important and perhaps more terrifying question to ponder.

"Who sent me here?"

34 ABY. Jedi Academy. Ossus. Luke Skywalker POV

"Master Skywalker!" shouted a dozen young voices, who immediately rushed to the side of Luke Skywalker as the second he had collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily with his body trembling in exhaustion.

"Luke, are you alright?" Asked Kam Solusar, a fellow Jedi Master and head of the Ossus Academy, coming to Luke's side and kneeling by him with a hand on his mentor and old friend's shoulder in support. While he was the headmaster of the Academy, Kam took it upon himself to personally teach the younglings of the New Jedi Order in their beginner light saber training. As one of the Order's finest duelists, Kam was one of the best teachers that the future Jedi could ever have, a duty that he took seriously in order to prepare them for the hardships of the galaxy, especially with the great numbers of Jedi who had perished in the Yuuzhan Vong War.

That afternoon, Luke had come into the class unannounced to personally oversee how the younglings were doing. For the past hour he had presided over the duels in place of Kam, giving criticism and praise when needed and at times showing how to use certain lightsaber moves by demonstration. The whole time the younglings were completely enraptured with Luke's instruction, not one was distracted from his lessons and they all took his words to heart. To Luke it was a fulfilling time, to watch the future of the Jedi progress in their training and gain the foundations to one day be the galaxy's protectors.

Everything was going fine until one moment Luke felt a disturbance in the force. Just as he had many times before, Luke felt an immense pain on his heart from the force, weakening him from the sensation. This particular feeling was different from the other disturbances he had felt in the past. Instead of being moments of unspeakable pain where the suffering of countless beings occurred in an instant that was unnatural to the living force, what Luke felt was the power of a single person. This person radiated themselves in the Dark Side, however, they were not as powerful nor where they as bathed in the dark in certain foes that Luke had faced in the past such as Palpatine and Exar Kun. Whoever this person was they were not a being of pure evil, for in that disturbance Luke could find small remnants of the Light, desperately fighting to stay alive in a sea of the darkside as a fire with no cover would in a storm. Luke also felt great conflict within this individual; feelings of pain, anger, confusion, disorientation, and fear were those that Luke most felt. Whoever this person was, they felt like a lost soul in need of help, something that Luke had sensed quite a few times in his life, with his father Anakin Skywalker, his wife Mara Jade, and his students such as Kyp Durron who had either fallen or drifted to the Dark Side.

Perhaps this presence that Luke felt was a new threat that could pull the galaxy to darkness so soon after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, or perhaps they were someone in need of guidance, to pull them on the right back.

"I'm alright everyone." Luke said, slowly gaining his bearings and kneeling on the hard stone floor, with the younglings and Kam all watching him in worry. "I felt a disturbance in the force." At Luke's words the entire room had chilled. While the children had much to learn about the force, one of their first lessons into the phenomena of the force were disturbances and how it might affect them, a sensation that many had felt during the war. For Luke to have felt a disturbance that made him collapse, it surely must have been a sign of great danger on the horizon.

"Are you sure you felt a disturbance Luke? I didn't feel anything besides the pain you briefly experienced." Kam asked in confusion.

Luke tilted his head at his old friend, "You didn't feel it at all Kam?" He asked with the master shaking his head. "Did any of you feel that just now?" He asked the younglings, with each shaking their head as well. "That's strange, I know for sure I felt one, force knows that I've experienced enough for one lifetime."

"I'm not calling you a liar Luke, but I didn't feel a single thing." Kam affirmed. This troubled Luke. For the younglings it was understandable as while a disturbance was akin to an earthquake for force sensitives, without any training many would not notice a single one with the exception of a few truly dark events. Luke himself was a case when he was completely oblivious to the destruction of Alderaan while it brought such great pain to Obi-wan Kenobi.

There was no reason that Kam shouldn't have felt a disturbance of such power though. While Luke was the strongest of the Jedi in the force (though there were many with the potential to surpass him, especially his niece and nephew), Kam was a powerful Jedi in his own right who should have experienced the same feeling that Luke had.

'Maybe this is something personal to me that Kam wouldn't notice, but what?' Luke asked himself in thought. Outside of the Yuuzhan Vong War there had been no great crises in the galaxy, with the years before being an era of peace due to the end of the war with the Empire while after the galaxy was too focused on reconstruction to fall back into conflict. Luke couldn't think of anything from his past that could have created a disturbance as there were too few loose ends from his life's adventures that could have caused such a sensation.

'Force forbid this isn't the return of Palpatine after all this time. But there is no way Palpatine would ever have any pull in the Light side.'

"Maybe you had a heart attack Master Skywalker." Said a young male Twi'lek in an honest voice.

"Are you calling me old Rafi?" Luke asked the Twi'lek in a light tone, with the other children laughing at him while his blue skin became purple in embarrassment.

"No master! It's just that you're 50 and when humans get older their bodies aren't so well, not that Twi'lek's aren't too different of course, but we didn't feel something and so maybe you-" Rafi stammered, drowning in shame at the thought that he had insulted the legendary Luke Skywalker.

"It's quite alright Rafi, I know you're just worried is all." Luke said, giving him a light pat on the head and smiling to show he took no offense, "While I had a clean bill of health the last time I visited Master Cilghal, there could be something with my genetics that could be troubling my body at my age. Sense you none of you didn't feel a disturbance perhaps there is something inside of me that I should check out. I'll go down to the infirmary just in case. Continue your training with Master Solusar in the meantime."

"Can we visit you if you're sick?" Asked a young human girl, with other younglings giving similar sentiments.

Luke let out a light laugh, happy to see such care and kindness in the next generation of Jedi. "If I stay overnight then you're welcome to visit, one at a time though and be sure to bring some soup as an entrance fee."

For the next minute Luke continued to assuage their concerns and gave some final remarks on their current forms and progress in their lightsaber training. Before Luke left, he was brought to the corner by Kam who spoke in a low whisper.

"Luke, we both know you're in your prime so having a heart attack or something else is nothing but bantha fodder. How bad was it? Is it some new species like the Vong, a wound in the force, are we talking about the return of the Sith?" Kam asked in worry.

"I don't have much of an idea at the moment. For now I don't think we have to worry too much. All I felt was a single being, while they resonated strongly with the Dark Side, there was also feelings of great conflict along with an innate pull towards the Light Side. If this was a Sith or Dark Jedi then they wouldn't be too careless as too reveal themselves to me before they enacted whatever they're planning. This is probably someone who is in pain and desperate for help."

"Is that why you haven't sensed this person until today?" Kam asked with Luke shrugging his shoulders in response.

"Perhaps. Their presence in the Dark Side may just be due to them having gone through a recent traumatic experience and thus not only have they fallen, but through such an event they resonated so strong in the force that they became a disturbance. For now I'll try to look into it and see if any of the other Jedi felt a similar sensation. Get ready for a council meeting later today if I come up with anything." Luke said.

"I'll let Tionne know after class if you haven't spoken to her by then." Kam said. With a nod the two Jedi went their seperate ways with Kam going back to his class while Luke walked further into the temple.

Finding an unused meditation chamber, Luke sat down and pulled out a holocomm. Calling one of his contacts, the device sprang to life in a couple of seconds with the image of a beautiful red-haired middle-aged woman popping up on the other line.

"Luke, is everything okay? I felt you go through great pain and I would've rushed to your side but you seemed fine after a few seconds." Said the lovely and soothing voice of his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker.

"I'm fine Mara, I just felt a disturbance in the force." Luke said, bringing unease to Mara. It relieved Luke to know that his bond with his wife was still strong enough that she was able to pick up what he went through, though his relief turned to puzzlement at her exact wording.

"Wait, you said that you felt my pain, not that you felt the disturbance itself." Luke said with his words being both in the form of a confirmation and question.

"I don't really know what you're referring to. When I felt you in pain I had feared that perhaps you were gravely injured or had something like a heart attack."

Luke laughed at the last portion of the statement, "One of Kam's students said the same thing about a heart attack. Am I really getting that old?"

"You feel the same in the force as the day we met and you've hardly aged at all, but at the same time we're not exactly the knight and smuggler that we were thirty years ago. The war was a stressful time for us, all of those years could have had an effect on your body Luke." Mara said in concern.

"I feel fine, just as great as I was yesterday. Besides, how would I get injured, by having one of Kam's students strike me?" Luke said in jest.

"It wouldn't be the first time that an accident happened in saber training." Mara warned, with Luke knowing the undertones all too well with how Tenel Ka had lost her left arm in what was supposed to be a friendly spar with his nephew Jacen so many years ago. "Getting back on topic outside of a certain old geezer's health" Mara continued with Luke rolling his eyes at his wife's playful taunt. "What exactly was the disturbance you felt?" Mara asked.

Luke then described in detail the sensation that he had experienced, with Mara listening solemnly with every word. "I thought that if Kam didn't feel it then it was something personal. My first thought was that you may have been affected. While I am glad that you didn't feel anything, at the same time it leaves me with no clues."

"Well I was absent for half of your life, and for a decade after we met I was too blind to realize that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with a bright-eyed farmboy." Mara said, a slight feeling of sadness infecting her over how for half her life she was under Palpatine's control, and for many years afterwards she either hated Luke with every fiber of her being or did her best to keep her distance with him.

"We've had a good life together and I wouldn't trade our history for anything else." Luke said earnestly, bringing a warm smile to Mara. While part of Luke did wish to experience half of his adult life with the woman he loved at his side, there was nothing to say that spending more time together before they formed their love for one another could have lead them apart. While Luke did have many tragedies in his life that he wish he could have prevented such as the deaths of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, his inability to save his father's life, or Anakin's participation in the Myrkyr mission, there was nothing about his marriage that he would change.

"Still, that means that there's been several years of your life where this mystery person could have been involved in your life and I wasn't there, thus I couldn't feel anything."

"You're probably right, but if Kam didn't feel a thing then it must have been someone from before I founded the Praxeum and that certainly eliminates a lot of the list. For now I'll try to look into the rest of the Order, see if anyone else felt it and if they did try to form a pattern. You didn't any pain from Ben did you?" Luke said. Since Luke didn't feel any spark of emotion or pain from his son then it was unlikely that he felt it, but there was always a possibility that his son's feelings escaped Luke due to his attempts to close himself from the force. As his mother Mara was more likely to sense something that Luke was missing.

"No, but I'll be sure to check on him." Mara said, with Luke giving his thanks.

For the couple of minutes Luke contacted a number of people within the Jedi Order, all of whom responded that they did not feel anything from the disturbance. The only bright spot during his early investigation was Mara reporting that Ben was perfectly fine which was music to Luke's ears. His son had gone through so much and just recently was making small amounts of progress. If Ben felt a strong disturbance now it would only ruin all of the work he had been undertaking with his parents and cause him to retreat further into his shell.

Luke was in his master's chambers and was about to begin contacting Jedi off-world, when he got a sudden notice on his holocomm. The image presented on his monitor when he answered was the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, with his sister Leia and her husband and Luke's best friend Han in clear presentation.

"Hey kid, how's the monk life treating you?" Joked Han.

"Oh you know, same old, same old. Wake up, meditate, lift rocks with the force, write the Code a thousand times, the usual Jedi way." Luke joked, getting a small smile out of Han but to his observation Leia's face was solemn.

"It's actually a good thing you called, Listen Leia, a while ago did you-"

"Feel a disturbance, yes." Leia said, with Luke sighing in response. Fortunately with her answer it further narrowed the culprits to someone who both Luke and Leia had a connection to after he had rescued her from the Death Star. However, it could also have something to do with their father.

"Did everyone else on Ossus feel it?" Leia asked, with Luke noticing a slight ting of desperation and fear laced in her voice, a worry that was further reinforced by Han's look of concern towards his sister.

"No, apparently I was the only one."

"Are Mara and Ben okay?" Han asked.

"They're fine, Mara sensed my brief pain but other than that she felt nothing and is in good shape. Ben's fine, which is sort of a mixed bag as while I'm relieved that he's safe, if someone as sensitive as him to the force and my son didn't feel a thing, it complicates my theory of this being personal in nature. What did you feel Leia?" Luke asked, curious to know if his sister had more clarity in the matter than him.

For the next twenty seconds a pregnant pause was held over the line, causing Luke's mild concern to morph into great worry. Whatever was happened to Leia with the disturbance must have shaken her deeply. While Leia was one of the strongest people that Luke had ever known in his life, her lack of training with the force left her vulnerable to its mysteries and dangers than most of the knights in Luke's order.

"Honey, if there's anyone who knows what to do it's Luke. He deals with this stuff all the time and I'm sure he'll clear things up." Han said in assurance to an increasingly shaken Leia. The sight troubled Luke who hadn't seen Leia in such a state of weakness since Anakin's death and Jacen's captivity with the Vong.

"Luke, that disturbance that I felt, it was very personal and was something like a vision. I saw a man who was a little older than Jaina and Jacen, he was in a great amount of pain and confusion, he was suffering and lashed out at the world in return. The Dark Side was strong with this person, there were brief glimpses of the Light but it was drowning in a sea of hatred and fear. I saw glimpses of Vader, not our father, but Vader." Leia said in quick clarification with Luke fearing the worst, that despite Anakin Skywalker being one with the force that he could have somehow been corrupted. "He wasn't influencing this person, rather he was an idol that they worshiped. There was also another figure, someone far darker and shrouded in shadow's that was pulling the person's strings. I got close to this person, and when I did I saw their face clearly, he somehow turned and saw me, lashing out and pushing me back in anger as much as he could. A moment later I was back on the Falcon, but in that brief moment I felt something strong, like I knew this man all my life despite feeling him for the first time. It was a type of connection that I've only felt three times in my life; with Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin." Leia said, her face growing more grave along with Han at the mention of their youngest and lost child.

Luke sat in his chambers in shock, "Leia, what are you saying, that this figure, this man was your son?" Luke asked in disbelief. He knew his sister well enough to know that she would never lie about something like that, but at the same time it couldn't have been possible. He knew from conversations with Han that he and Leia had talks about having a fourth child, but her obligations as Chief of State and job as a mother of three children who were strong with the force had prevented them from ever attempting to conceive again.

"I don't want to acknowledge the possibility, but could it be that Jacen-"

"No, it's not him!" Leia snapped in brief anger at Luke's words, then immediately calming down at Han's soothing touch. "I'm sorry Luke. I know we haven't seen Jacen in years, but I know my son and if he fell to the Dark Side or was in pain then I would have known it was him the second I had my vision. It wasn't him, and it sure as hell wasn't Anakin. What I did feel was that he was like a son to me, someone who has a similar presence to all of the children that I've given birth to." Leia said, completely sure in her words.

"Luke, please tell me we aren't dealing with some kriffing clone nonsense. I know that Leia isn't lying, but the only people I've been the father of are Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin. Anakin's dead, and if it's not Jacen then someone took her, or maybe our DNA and created someone in a tube." Han said with heavy anger filled in his words.

While Luke didn't want the possibility to be true, there had been far too many cloned force users that he had dealt with in his life for his liking. From clones of evil such as Palpatine and C'Boath, to cloned Jedi such as Dorsk 81 and Xavier Grey. With such an extensive history it was more than possible that someone could have used Han and Leia's DNA to artificially create a son.

"At this point we can't rule anything out Han. If it isn't Jacen and Leia earnestly believes this man is her son then we could very well be dealing with a product of someone tampering with your DNA. I would like to believe that Leia or I would have felt something by now, but there are many ways for someone to be shrouded in the force, most of them involving the Dark Side, which this figure was definitely powerful in. If you felt such a strong personal connection Leia then maybe we should try to contact Jaina and see if she felt a sibling in pain so to speak. We should also look into Jacen's whereabouts. If something did happen to him on his journey then it's completely possible that he's changed so drastically that while you can feel him as your son, you can't feel him as Jacen, just like father's fall as Darth Vader." Luke warned, with Leia nodding solemnly.

Luke then received an urgent notice on his terminal, a priority signal that demanded immediate an immediate response from him and was to only be used in emergencies that could threaten the Jedi Order as a whole.

"Guys, I have an important message that I need to attend to."

"Are you kidding me Luke? What could possibly be more important than-"Han lectured.

"I'm talking about a message that deals with a high level threat to the Jedi as a whole." Luke responded, alarming both Han and Leia. "Due to the timing it's highly likely that this has to deal with our mystery man. I'll deal with this and in the meantime try to call Jaina and see if she felt anything. Once I'm done, or if it involves someone that matches your description Leia, I'll call you two or include you in the call." Luke said.

Both Solos nodded in understanding. "May the force be with you two." Luke said.

"And you Luke." Leia responded in return. Luke quickly hung up the call and then answered the priority message.

The new image was that of a young human man with tan skin, jet black hair, and an outfit that was a mix of a spacer's dress and casual Jedi ware for missions. It was the image of a young Knight and one of the most recent additions to the Order after the war, Brandon Weyland.

"Master Skywalker, I am still continuing my mission on Tatooine and minutes ago I have become aware of someone who is either a Sith or Dark Jedi in the city of Mos Eisley."

A/N: Hello everyone, this is a project that I have been planning since Rise of Skywalker, that is Son of Solo, a story where Kylo Ren finds a new lease on life and chance for redemption with his displacement to the Legends timeline, more specifically the Legacy era with him arriving into the aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vong War and before the Swarm War. Kylo Ren is perhaps one of the greatest disappointments of the sequel trilogy as he's such a great character in concept with lots of influence from Jacen who could have been an amazing antagonist, especially with Adam Driver bringing him to life, only for the nonsensical plot to drop him down to a Vader Stan who flips between Diet Sith and bad boy with a heart for Rey. Here none of the events of the films have happened to Kylo, so now in this new environment with a completely different history and Solo family, Kylo must choose whether or not to walk the path of Light himself, with such a choice having potential for great change in the Legends timeline.

This story, or at least the most immediate story, will only go to the end of the Swarm War trilogy. After that a break will be taken and if this story does well, then I might extend into the Legacy series and how Kylo's actions and presence would change the plot there. It's important to go in with the mindset that this isn't some great AU to Legends as of yet, it's mainly a story piece centered around Kylo's journey.

Thanks for reading and happy May 4th. May the Force be with you!