Mos Eisley, Tatooine. 34 ABY. Brandon Weyland POV

Chalmun's Cantina, one of the most popular establishments on the backwater dustball known as Tatooine. Operating for decades, the Cantina was the dive-in for not only the locals of Mos Eisley, but the entire planet of Tatooine and a far portion of the planet's offworld visitors. Through good service and dumb luck, Chalmun's had built up a history over many decades as the place were legends were born. The deadliest and most skilled rogues of the galaxy consisting of bounty hunters, smugglers, pirates, crime lords, and all manors of scoundrels would frequent the cantina for work or deals. Some of the biggest moments in recent galactic history happened within this establishment, the most infamous being the meeting of Luke Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi with Han Solo and Chewbacca, an encounter which would begin the end of the empire, a tale which the cantina's frequents all had their stories of, claiming that they were there in the moment rubbing shoulders with the Jedi and smugglers.

While no day had ever eclipsed that incredible moment of galactic history, many legends had continued to be born within the cantina. One was about to be born today.

Through the cantina's entrance strode a young human man with tan skin, jet black hair, well built and standing at 186 centimeters. The man was wearing a standard piece of Corellian fashion with black pants painted with red Corellian bloodstripes, gray boots, and a steel blue tunic with a gray jacket, though there were some pieces of Alum armor mixed through his outfit. The man's steps were haggard and tired, a signal of a long day's work which every resident of Tatooine barring a Hutt experienced on a daily basis.

The man plumped down at the bar, an elderly human greeted him. "Long day?"

"Yeah, you could say that."

"No bites for your ship?" The bartender asked.

"Oh no, I'm not a captain or anything like that. I'm...sort of an archeologist, been working on an expedition that just wrapped up."

"An archaeologist...those people who bring old stuff to museums?" The bartender questioned with the young man nodding. "Heh, hope your trip was worth the trouble. Sure we got some neat stuff from ancient wars, some cool Hutt and Mandalorian pieces, but any history on Tatooine usually leaves as soon as it's made."

The archaeologist flashed a smile, "Don't worry, this trip's been more than worth it. I just came to celebrate the end. By the way, A bottle of Corellian Ale if you don't mind." Ordered Brandon Wayland, Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order.

The Bartender shook his head but dutifully came with the order, "It's always the same with you offworlders, y'all want something Corellian. Don't you want more variety in your liquor, like maybe something from Arkannis or Rishi?"

"Sorry, I can buy something else." Brandon said.

"Eh it's nothing, credits are credits, just tired of ordering the same drinks every month. I've been wanting to change the menu, but as soon as the Corellian liquor is less than 90% of my stock I lose all the tourists." With a nod of sympathy, Brandon accepted the bottle and gave out 4 Alliance Credits to the man.

Taking a deep swig of the Ale, Brandon looked back on his recent time on Tatooine. For the past month he had been working with contractors for the Jedi Order on an expedition to uncover the Jedi's past on Tatooine after recently uncovered records spoke of the planet playing a pivotal role in the Sith Wars. Searching through old Czerka records along with Old Republic military archives had allowed Brandon to uncover centuries of history and thousands of priceless Jedi and Sith artifacts from their involvement on the planet. Even more important was the discovery of a Rakatan facility which had thankfully been cleansed by the Old Jedi, allowing the New Order to further connect to the ancient Dark Side race which had at one point ruled over the galaxy, a species they had only learned about in the recent post-war years.

It was his first major solo mission taken as a Jedi Knight, having graduated from padawan under Master Tionne Solusar just three months ago, and it had been a roaring success, thankfully cause for celebration. Brandon smiled, imagining the look on Master Tionne's face when he presented him with the treasure trove of artifacts for her and the other members of the Archives to study. If there were two things that made Tionne Solusar the happiest woman in the galaxy, it was her husband and Jedi lore, it was a sight that made Brandon happy.

'In five years you've gone from an X-Wing Ace to Jedi Knight whose going to help restore the Order. It's been a good life.' Brandon thought.

Unfortunately, such a moment of pride and relief would be shortly broken as Brandon felt an intense tug at his chest, causing him to nearly drop his drink and tug at his breast as his breath accelerated and grew uneven, his body shivering.

"Hey kid, you having a heart attack or something?" The bartender asked in concern.

Brandon waved him off, "No I'm fine, it's just a condition." Brandon vaguely answered with the man cautiously nodding. The truth was that it was no physical ailment, but a disturbance within the Force. Brandon had only felt such moments during the Yuuzhan Vong War, and while those hellish experiences were far worse in terms of malevolence and pain, this was the most personal he felt. It was as if the Dark Side was bathing Tatooine in its dreadful grip.

'What the hell is this? Some curse of the Rakata, an atrocity taking place on-planet, a Sith?' Brandon thought with heavy concern. While he faced a fair amount of danger in his life as both an X-Wing Ace and a Jedi, never had he had to face the Dark Side as an enemy, and yet here it was, a feeling of dread similar in experience to Tionne's tales of Exar Kun or the Empire Reborn.

'Please don't be a Sith, please don't be a Sith.' Brandon silently prayed.

The Jedi did his best to remain calm and gain control, trying to decide how to investigate the matter and if this related to his work. He slowly drank the bottle until it was empty then rose from his seat to move and investigate, only for the source of the disturbance to come to him.

Panicked screams and cries rose from the nearby street. It was so loud that it threatened to overcome the music of the casino's Bith band, with the quartet stopping in confusion. Brandon didn't sense any immediate danger, but he gripped the handle of his lightsaber just in case.

Brandon would receive his answer when a green Twi'lek woman stormed into the cantina in a panic. "Senya, what's going on, is there an invasion?" The bartender asked in concern.

The woman shook her head fearfully. "There's some Jedi at the market going psycho!"

Frenzied cries of multiple species broke out within the cantina at the description, with most patrons reaching for their blasters. Brandon walked up to the woman's side. "What was the color of this Jedi's lightsaber, what did they look like?" Brandon asked in concern. None of his fellow Jedi had officially been on Tatooine during his expedition and he knew no one who was on the verge of falling to the Dark Side. Then again, when could one tell such a thing?

"It was some humanoid dressed in all black, had a mask that looked like Darth Vader's. And he had a red lightsaber, there were two short lasers that were poking out of the side." Senya conveyed.

Brandon bit back a curse as his worst fears were confirmed, a Sith was on Tatooine.

'There is no emotion, there is peace, there is no emotion there is peace.' He chanted in his head, hoping to calm down with the Jedi Code.

Brandon knew from personal study of galactic history that the Sith would eventually come back after being defeated. They were like a cockroach that refused to die, a cancer that could not be cured. Palpatine proved this with his own resurrection, and after his final death there were many Dark Side sects that attempted to claim the mantle of the Sith. Brandon hoped that with the galaxy unified for the first time in history that perhaps maybe the Sith would be truly extinct, that they would be nothing more than stories and subjects of holodocumentaries.

Now the Sith were here, on Tatooine, and Brandon was the only Jedi present who could stop them.

'You faced the Vong, you can kill a Sith.' Brandon assured himself. Memories of the war coming back and acting as a twisted comfort. For if he faced such hell, then surely he could fight against a single Sith.

Calming himself, Brandon became confident and prepared to deal with the Sith. "Everyone stay within this Cantina and do not go out under any circumstances unless you receive confirmation this Sith has been dealt with. Do not try to provoke or encounter them, if you meet them, then run, you can't win." Brandon ordered the other patrons, steel in his voice from his days in Chaos squadron.

"And you can kid, just who the hell do you think you are, a Jedi?" The bartender barked. Brandon looked back as he was climbing the cantina's steps. He unclipped his lightsaber and showed it to the cantina. "I am."

Brandon then ran into the streets of Mos Eisley, the city overcome with fear and terror over the "Psycho Jedi" in their midst. Brandon recalled his training and hid his presence in the force, going on the hunt for the Sith. Before he did so, he needed to contact the Order and make them aware of the new threat.

Using force speed to dart through the crows, Brandon made it back to his ship, the Chaotic Maverick. He sped past his droid BB-4 and went to his holoconsole, furiously typing away the emergency code for Luke Skywalker.

After twenty seconds he came face to face with the Jedi Master, "Master Skywalker, I am still continuing my mission on Tatooine and minutes ago I have become aware of someone who is either a Sith or Dark Jedi in the city of Mos Eisley."

Kylo Ren POV

80,000 Light years. That was the rough distance between Jakku and Tatooine, 80,000 Light-years, and Kylo Ren had traveled the distance in less than a second.

'Could Snoke be capable of such a power?' Kylo questioned himself, though he knew the answer to be false. If Snoke's mastery of the Force was such that he could transport people across half the galaxy at a whim, then there would be no need to hunt Skywalker, Snoke would have brought him before himself or the Knights of Ren. It couldn't be Skywalker, if he had such power then the temple would never have fallen, or he would have returned by now to destroy the First Order. If not them then who?

Kylo contemplated this as he stormed through Mos Eisley, striking at anyone who stood at this path. Some were innocent bystanders caught in the tornado of the Knight of Ren, others were fools who believed they could best a Jedi. Kylo didn't place any care or empathy for those he attacked, everyone who lived on Tatooine was scum in one way or another.

Unfortunately for Kylo the First Order didn't have any established presence in the Tatooine system. There were some spies and collaborators but when Kylo tried to raise them, all he received was a dead line. With his holocommunicator failing, and Tatooine not having much in the way of long-range communications, Kylo figured that his best bet was simply to steal a ship and return to Jakku or failing that if Hux was competent enough to get the operation done, make a trip for First Order space. This was only an extremely annoying and temporary setback. The only thing that could stop Kylo was the being that brought him to this wretched ball of sand, but with Kylo not sensing any beings strong in the force, he felt confident.

'Or perhaps they have already cloaked themselves.' Kylo's sense of logic reminded him. Still, he continued on, no sense in cowering before the unknown.

After a slow twenty minute trek, Kylo reached the spaceport. He could have normally reached it far sooner, but Kylo took his time so that he could recover from the shock of the transportation and regain his senses.

By the time he arrived Kylo's senses and orientation had returned to normal, but disturbingly his connection to the force was not strong as it once was. To be sure he was still a krayt dragon among force users in terms of sheer power, but Kylo felt his strength and overall connection to be less than it had been on Jakku ,as if the fountain of power that had resided within him had dried a couple of inches. He could only hope this was a temporary side effect and nothing permanent.

Kylo entered the spaceport with a stampede of humans and aliens doing their best to avoid him, in the distance some ships were flying off into the sky. Kylo was going to pick a hangar at random and commit grand theft starship, until he felt a new player enter into the force.

'A Jedi, no it can't be.' Kylo reasoned, yet such a sensation was clear, for no other being could not only be as strong in the Force, but be as attuned to the Light. Kylo briefly panicked, believing that perhaps this was Skywalker who brought him to Tatooine, but upon closer inspection, he realized it was not so. This being was strong in the force, but they were nowhere near the overwhelming power of the old Jedi master. No, this was a situation comparable to one of Skywalker's followers, not a former student of Ben Solo, but a true Jedi Knight.

Kylo ran to the source of this new presence in the force, his pursuit leading him to an empty hangar. In the middle of the hangar was a human slightly younger than him, sitting cross-legged and while not truly at peace with hints of fear in his face, was calm and in meditation.

The human opened his eyes and stared at Kylo. In a snarl Kylo activated his lightsaber, the red blade screaming to life and thirsty for blood. The Jedi stood and activated his own, a single green blade.

"Hello there." Greeted the Jedi.

"Where is Skywalker?" Kylo demanded, either he would answer or he would die.

A/N: And with that Kylo meets his first true Jedi since the Academy, and is about to find out that the New Jedi Order don't consist of easy to kill Weyland is an OC of mine, a former X-Wing Ace turned Jedi Knight who will be one of the main cast in the story going forward. Just some minor clarifications, here within the story I will have the Jedi and the greater galaxy become either more aware or learning more of the past of the Star Wars galaxy including the old Republic era, mainly because I want everything to be tied in nicely together and I imagine that after the destruction of the Yuuzhan Vong that people would want to serve and protect their past. Secondly, while no other Canon characters will be transported to Legends, there will be some Canon influences on if they had been portrayed in legends. You notice this with BB-4 who is not the BB-8 but is a BB model of similar design. Brandon himself is supposed to be based off of Poe Dameron if he became a Jedi so imagine a similar likeness to Poe for the man. There will be other cameos moving forward, but it's just Kylo whose crossing over, we aren't going to have the Galactic Alliance vs First Order.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!