Perry, Della, Paul and Connie sat in the apartment after court had adjourned for the day. Della looked over at Connie.

"Gertie hurt my case didn't she?"

Connie lit a cigarette and leaned back in her chair.

"Well, she put some doubt into your frame of mind. But it's not too bad."

Perry looked at Paul. "Have you or Tragg got any more leads on Snyder?"

Paul shook his head. "Nothing. It's like he crawled into a hole and pulled it in after him."

Perry ran his hand through his hair. "Paul, we have got to find this man. You need to put more men..."

"Perry, I already have every man I can find, and Tragg has the entire force out as well. What more can I do?"

Della put her hand on Perry's arm when he would have responded.

"Enough, you two. This isn't getting us anywhere."

Perry put his hand over hers. "I'm sorry Della. You too, Paul."

Paul smiled. "It's okay, Perry. We're all on edge. If there's a beer in the fridge, we'll call it even."

"Help yourself." When Paul headed for the kitchen, Perry turned to Connie. "Who's the prosecutor lined up for tomorrow?"

Connie slipped on her glasses and checked her files. "Just two. First up is Edwin Cavanagh, who I assume is going to play the part of the grieving father."

Perry gave a bitter laugh. "That man would only grieve if it meant he lost money. He had no use for Laura except for the clientele and money she brought into the firm. Laura even admitted to me that her father considered her a mistake. He wanted a son and got a girl instead."

Connie was scribbling notes. "That's good Perry. I can use that."

Della smiled. "That sounds promising. Connie, who's the other witness?"

"Laura Cavanagh' ex-fiancé, Glen Robertson."

"Oh no!" At Della's cry and Perry taking her in his arms, Connie closed the file and removed her glasses.

"What on earth? Della what's going on?"

Perry answered. "Della and Robertson used to date...before Laura."

"Okay. Della you need to tell me anything that might come out in his testimony. I need every small detail. I want no surprises."

Noting that Perry was still holding Della, Connie smiled. "Perry, why don't you be a good boy and get us some refreshments."

Perry started to protest, but Della gave him a gentle shove. "Go on. I'm fine."

Perry gave her a gentle kiss, then headed for the kitchen.

Once he was out of the room, Connie stared at Della. "Do I need to be worried about that?"

Della shook her head. "No. We...ah...just discovered our feelings. It's only been a couple of kisses, nothing more. We thought we could keep it under wraps. The only other person who knows is Paul."

Connie actually laughed. "Well, I'm glad you finally tamed the great man. If anyone can keep him in line it's you."

Della leaned forward and clasped Connie's hand. "Thank you. I really do love him."

Connie patted Della's hand. "And it's obvious he loves you. Now, what do I need to know about Mr. Robertson?"


Paul sat at the dinette, sipping his beer, watching Perry trying to make sandwiches. It was obvious to Paul that something had happened after he left the room.

"Wanna tell me what's going on? Maybe I can help."

Perry continued piling ham and cheese on the bread. "Vincent's calling Glen Robertson to the stand tomorrow."

Paul let out a whistle. "Oh man."

Perry gave up on the sandwiches. "Paul, it's my fault that man is here. Why couldn't I have let it go."

"Perry, they'd have found him regardless. You know how thorough Burger is. It's just..."

The ringing phone interrupted. When Perry answered, he handed the phone to Paul. "Faulkner."

"Yeah Frank. When? Who? Okay, yeah, we'll be right down."

Paul handed the phone back to Perry. "We need to get down to the lobby."

Perry started to question but at the look on Paul's face decided they needed to get out of the apartment as quietly as possible.

He should have known they wouldn't get out without Della seeing them.

"Perry? Where are you guys off to?" Her voice was both accusing and distressed.

"It's okay Della. We're headed to Clay's to grab some takeout. I already know what you like. We'll be back soon."

Before she could reply, they were out the door. She frowned as she looked at Connie. "Something's going on."


When Perry and Paul got to the lobby, Faulkner and another of Paul's men were talking to the security guard and apartment manager.

"Frank?" Paul motioned the man over. "What's happened?"


Perry stepped in front of Paul. "You got him, where is he?"

Paul grabbed Perry's arm. "Easy, Perry. Frank?"

"One of my men was sure he saw Snyder across the street. He told his partner to call me, and he headed over to confront the man. But by the time my man got to the spot, Snyder had disappeared. He circled the block, checked the alley, no sign."

Perry couldn't believe it. They had him and lost him.

"Meanwhile, Snyder slipped into the lobby, and left a little something." He handed Perry a sealed evidence bag containing a single sheet of paper.

As Perry stared at the typewritten words, he felt his world collapsing around him.

I found her Mason

You can't hide her forever

I will not stop until

My job is complete