As Glen took the stand, he looked at Della. He had to find a way to help her without giving the prosecutor more ammunition.

Once Glen was sworn in, Bill Vincent approached the bench.

"Your honor, this witness has a personal connection to the defendant. I therefore request he be treated as a hostile witness."

"Very well, Mr. Vincent." The judge turned to Glen. "Mr. Robertson, you will answer all questions asked of you or be held in contempt. Do you understand?"

"Yes, your honor." Glen again looked at Della. She gave him a brief smile, before dropping her head.

"Mr. Robertson, is it true that you were engaged to the victim?"


Vincent smiled. "And did Miss Cavanagh break the engagement?"

Now Glen smiled. "No sir, I did."

Vincent frowned. Cavanagh had lied to him. He said Laura called it off.

"Mr. Robertson, were you at one time in an intimate relationship with the defendant?"

Della heard Perry draw in a breath. She wanted to turn but knew she couldn't.

Glen leaned forward in the chair. "No! Miss Street and I were friends who had an occasional date."

Vincent continued. "And there was no intimacy between you?"


But Glen's voice took on a dangerous tone as he answered. "Absolutely not. Only someone with a filthy mind would assume that!"

Vincent actually looked shocked by Glen's response. He thought he had a lock by putting Robertson on the stand. But if he couldn't get him to make Della look bad, there was no use going on.

"No further questions."

Connie patted Della's hand before standing and approaching the stand.

"Mr. Robertson, you said you called off your engagement to the victim. Why is that?"

"I discovered that she was using me. She was actually in love with someone else."

"And do you know who this person was?" Connie was hoping his answer would be Snyder and not Perry.

"No, I cannot honestly say I do." Glen's answer surprised them all.

"No further questions."

As Connie walked back to the defense table, Paul entered and whispered to her. She smiled broadly and turned back to the judge.

"Your honor, defense would like to request a recess until tomorrow."

Vincent started to object but the judge looked at Connie.

"And what is the reason for your request?"

"Your honor, a new witness has just been brought to our attention. I'm sure the prosecution will be more than pleased to share in what this witness has to say." Connie turned to Vincent just as Tragg leaned in to talk to him.

"Your honor, prosecution concurs."

"Very well. Court is adjourned until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning."


Perry, Connie, Paul, Bill Vincent and Burger entered the interview room. Tragg was just bringing a man in from the jail.

Duke Snyder was not what anyone would consider the Hollywood image of a hitman. Instead of the tall, dark, mob type, Duke was medium height, blond hair with a boyish face.

Tragg more or less shoved the man into a chair. Looking at Burger and Vincent he scowled.

"This...gentleman...has been read his rights. You're free to question him."

Hamilton stepped forward, but Paul got there first, picking the man up from the chair and slamming him against the wall, holding him off the ground.

"You low-life piece of trash! You came after one of my best friends! I should tear your miserable heart out..."

Duke was squirming, trying to free himself. "Hey, get this lunatic offa me. I got rights."

Paul lifted him higher. "I'll give you your rights."

No one had moved, all of them watching in stunned silence. Finally Hamilton looked at Perry.

"Mason, I think we should at least hear what the man has to say, don't you?"

Perry just nodded. "I suppose you're right. Ah, Paul. Paul!"

Perry crossed the room and put his hand on Paul's arm. "Paul, we need to talk to the man."

Paul looked at Perry, then released his hold on Duke so abruptly the man fell to the floor.

"Okay, Perry. But he better give us some good answers."

Tragg came over and helped Snyder back into the chair.

Perry then looked at Hamilton. "I think you should handle the questions, Hamilton. The rest of us can ask more as needed."

"Thank you, Perry." Hamilton sat in the chair opposite Snyder.

"Alright, Mr. Snyder. Suppose you tell us who hired you to kill Miss Street?"

"Laura Cavanagh. But I didn't kill that broad."

Paul started forward again and Snyder shrank back. "But I know who did."