Santini was brought in, yelling for his lawyers all the way. When a search warrant was issued for his home, office and car, the bloody handkerchief was finally discovered stuffed in the glove compartment of the car behind some papers.

That, along with Snyder's testimony, brought in a quick conviction for second degree murder and a 25-year prison sentence.

Snyder didn't fare quite as well. A week after his boss went to prison, he was found face down in an alley with a bullet in his head. A message to the rest of the Santini family about 'squealing'.

Edwin Cavanagh returned to Denver only to lose his law firm months later, due to unethical practices involving mob connections. He had been working for Santini. That was how Laura managed to get close to Dino.

A few days after Della had been released, she and Glen Robertson had gone to dinner. Della told him that while she would always care for him as a friend, she was in love with Perry. He told her he wasn't returning to Cavanagh's firm. She wished him well and hoped he'd have success in whatever he decided to do.

Bill Vincent decided he wasn't cut out for Hamilton's job, saying he'd never be a match for Perry Mason. But he told Hamilton the experience had been well worth it and to call on him whenever he had a case he felt he couldn't handle.

Constant Doyle had wished Perry and Della the best, telling Della to keep the great man in line. Then she told Perry if he got out of line with Della, she would personally make sure he regretted it.

Hamilton and Tragg decided a nice long weekend fishing was in order for both of them. Unfortunately crime didn't agree and they were both embroiled in a bank robbery case where a security guard had been shot and wounded.

Paul had taken a case of a cheating husband just before Laura had been murdered and now that a divorce had been finalized, he was busy consoling the beautiful divorcée.


Perry and Della sat on the beach at Bolero Beach, watching the moon cast it's glow over the water.

Della lay back on the blanket, gazing up at the stars, thinking that this was the perfect way to relax.

It had been a month since she had walked out of jail. Knowing what had happened to Laura, she had felt only the slightest bit of pity. Until that time, there really had been nothing between her and Perry, except in the woman's mind.

Then with her death, all of the buried feelings she and Perry felt had been brought out. It seemed to Della a terrible way to start a relationship but Perry convinced her their feelings for one another would have come out sooner or later.

Perry had insisted that she not go back to her apartment, but Della refused to move in with him, at least for now. So they had compromised and Perry found her an apartment just a few blocks from his, run by the same company, which assured her of better security. He arranged to have her apartment professionally packed and moved to the new place.

When Della entered her new apartment it was to find everything in almost the same position, right down to the small knick knacks on the shelves. She had to admit her boss was perfect in many ways.

"Hey girl, have you fallen asleep?" Perry trailed a finger down her arm, making her shiver.

Della rolled to her side, staring into his eyes.

"No, just thinking." Now he pushed his hand up into her dark curls, pulling her closer.

"About what?" She smiled up at him.

"About you getting wet." With a laugh, Perry pushed her onto her back, hovering over her.

"Not this time, Miss Street." He bent to find her lips. "I have something much more pleasurable in mind."


"Quiet, that's an order."

Della sighed as Perry trailed kisses down her neck. "You're the boss."