After the War Chapter 4

Ulbert watched as Kelart came into his office swinging her hips in graceful movements with a stack of reports in her hands. The slightest sign of reddish tint appeared on her face as her gaze fell on his chest which was clad only in a thin silk shirt.

'Heh, using a human form works like a charm.' Lately, he was using his natural demonic goatman form less and less. Mostly because the majority of the guild members had chosen to remain human and had difficulty in adapting to the constant presence of more monstrous denizens of Nazarick, but there was also another reason. His attempts at subtly seducing Kelart.

Of course, he could just order her to get in bed and she would oblige, but where was the fun in that? The few succubi concubines, he had, were eager to fulfill his every desire and over time it had started to become boring. This is where the beautiful priestess came into the picture, as a new and interesting challenge. Even though she was in her mid-twenties, and despite her stunning beauty, as a cleric, she had remained a virgin.

It had become a game of sorts to tempt Kelart with light flirting and not-so-modest touches. He purposely avoided making any offers to her to see how long it would take for her to be the one to show initiative. There was no luck so far, but her mind was slowly filling with desires. 'My toy is cunning and thinks she has the upper hand, but let's see how long she can keep it.'

She may have believed she could hide her growing desires but mind reading, one of Ulbert's favorite tricks, revealed it all clear as day.

Kelart stopped beside him and leaned down, putting the stack on the table. "These are the latest reports regarding Roble my Lord." She said with a subtle smile. The priest's robe may have not shown any skin but it was form fitting enough to let the imagination fill the gaps. 'Lord's gaze is so unashamed. Even the most daring of Roble's nobles were not so bold.'

"Mind giving me the summary while we wait for my good friend?" Ulbert asked with a smooth voice.

Kelart straightened out and replied. "Of course, my Lord. As of now about forty percent of the population have been converted to the worship of the pantheon, with Lord Touch being the most preferred God. Neia and I are increasing…"

"Where Are my manners?" Ulbert interrupted her with a smirk. "I can't permit a lady to stand while I myself am sitting." and patted his lap.

"My lord? Isn't that… inappropriate?" She asked with a sly smile.

"I would never offer a proper young lady something I would deem inappropriate." Ulbert said, patting his lap again.

Kelart sat down on his right leg and with a cough continued. "As I was saying, Neia and I are increasing our efforts in southern provinces to spread the worship of the true Gods. Although the locals are still reluctant, the lack of places for the worship of the four Gods will likely diminish the numbers of their followers over time."

"I see my trust in you is not misplaced." Ulbert said and put his hand on her waist. Kelart quietly gasped but didn't show any discomfort with his brash action.

"Thank you, my Lord."

"Just call me Ulbert in private. I think you have earned it." He gently squeezed her waist. Ainz would likely scold him for such unprofessional actions and probably compare him to Pero, But the woman was not as naive and innocent as she liked to present herself, with her mind wandering in places even he didn't expect.

"That would be unsightly of me as one of your worshipers." She said in a teasing tone.

"Even if I permit it?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It would take a lot of courage for me to address you so brazenly, my Lord, even with just us present."

"I can't help but encourage my subordinates to be their true selves around me." Ulbert let out a short laugh and continued. "Touch should come any minute and I'm pretty sure I know who will accompany him. How about you remain sitting as is while I talk with him?"

"Is that wise?" Kelart asked in a much more serious tone.

"I am permitted to have some fun. Besides, I thought you wanted to show off your current status to your sister?" Ulbert said while gently caressing her waist.

Kelart fell silent for a moment. Once again she was getting dragged into the conflict between Lord Ulbert and Lord Touch. True, her sister had become a fanatical follower of Lord Touch and would likely lose her mind at the current scene of her brazenly sitting in a God's lap. Knowing her single-minded obsessiveness what would follow was he getting on Lord Touch's nerves afterward.

'Lord Ulbert wants to antagonize his rival once again. What should I do? Oh, his touch is so gentle and…' She exalted. 'Calm down. Think clearly.' Kelart harshly reminded herself. 'My relationship with my sister is at rock bottom already, but if I would refuse Lord's request I may lose his favor and he might choose another target to play with.'

"I will oblige your request, my Lord." She said and leaned into him.

She was well aware it was just a game for her master, who saw her purity as some sort of prize to consume. A prize he would likely get. Yet it didn't mean she would just give in so easily, after all, two could play that game and she knew how to be a tease well enough, despite never having been with a man.


Touch sat on the sofa in his quarters slowly sipping sake and looking over the reports on the latest developments of the Paladin order that was now his to command. His apostle, Gustav had expanded the organization beyond the borders of Roble and the number of eager recruits had skyrocketed.

He glanced at the door where two women stood; a homunculus maid and his honor guard Remedios. He was still not sure what to make of her. Just as aggressively antagonistic as she was when he first met her, now she was equally obsessively devoted.

The woman surely was easy on the eyes and when she wasn't annoying him with loud ramblings about what she deemed a heresy in a particular moment, which was a list that would take weeks to write down, her work ethic and discipline were admirable. On top of that, he could not deny that she had a type of personality that dictated that she would always be single-mindedly fanatic about something and now that fanaticism was devoted to him.

With many guild members choosing to remain human he too was using a human form. A man in his late forties with streaks of silver in his black hair, his face had sharply chiseled features, and his body reflecting his immense strength looked like cast out of steel.

'She is looking at me like that once again. For such a young attractive woman her attention would be better spent on pursuing someone of her own age.' He mused. 'If I was twenty years younger and… No! How can I even think of this? My Koto, why couldn't you stay with me?'

He took another sip of sake and returned his attention to the report. With the Paladin Order having pretty much-unlimited funds, thanks to his direct involvement, branches were planned in all the major territories of the Empire.

A knock on the door interrupted the silence. Touch looked up and motioned for Remedios to open the door. To his surprise, Demiurge came in and with a deep bow presented an envelope. "Lord Ulbert has something for you, Lord Touch. He expects an answer."

Touch opened the envelope and read the letter consisting of only three words 'We found him.'

"What sort of answer does Ulbert expect of me?" Touch asked as he straightened up and his expression grew darker.

"I have not been given any details, but I would assume my father wants to know if you want to be involved in dealing with said person." Demiurge said with a tone that sounded nothing but professional.

"When is he free?"

After a moment of silence, Demiurge said. "Lord Ulbert is ready to receive you at any time, my Lord."

"Tell him I want to deal with that piece of shit personally." Touch said with a low tone as the glass he was holding shattered in his hand.

"Of course. I will inform him of your decision." Demiurge said with a bow and departed.

The moment Demiurge was out of the door, Touch stood up and started to silently pace back and forth as Remedios followed him with her eyes, but otherwise was standing completely still. After about ten minutes of pacing, he walked out of his quarters to go to Ulbert.

As he walked at a brisk pace, Remedios caught up to him.

"I didn't tell you to follow." Tocuh told her without even looking.

"It is my duty to stand beside you, my Lord, especially when dealing with that…" When Touch stopped and sharply turned his head, Remedios gulped. "with Lord Ulbert."

"Despite our differences, he is my friend! Remember that!" Touch said with a raised voice, getting in her face.

Remedios took a step back startled and said "I apologize Lord Touch."

Touch just sighed and resumed walking with Remedios trailing behind. She may have been somewhat justified in disliking Ulbert, but he still was second in power in the Empire of Nazarick and above all, besides just being annoying on purpose, had never crossed the line. If anything Ulbert has been very respectful towards Touch's loss of his family.

The moment he reached Ulbert's office one of the two arch-demon guards opened the door for him. Before walking in Touch stopped for a moment, steeling himself for whatever annoyance Ulbert would have prepared this time.

The sight of the high priestess of Roble sitting in Ulbert's lap didn't phase him that much but it sure did get to Remedios who audibly snarled behind him. 'Oh for the love of…' She needed to be stopped before she said something way out of line.

"Do not cause a scene!" Touch hissed, not even turning to face her, and moved forward. "Was this necessary?" He asked Ulbert, trying to keep his calm.

"What are you talking about?" Ulbert asked in an innocent voice.

"You know…" Touch closed his eyes and exhaled. "Forget it, just tell me how to get to that bastard."

"Easy actually. Pandora's team has already infiltrated the building. I took the liberty to take his parents to the re-education facility but the boy is all yours." Ulbert chuckled. "Do you want to go right now?"

Touch restrained himself from retorting and nodded. A moment later the gate opened to the right of him and he went through without hesitation. He was met with a long corridor that reeked of the indulgence of Earth's upper society. At the end of the hall, a man stood by the door, who Touch could tell was a doppelganger. Noticing him, the man bowed and said "Lord Touch, the target is inside. I must warn you he is under an influence and might not be as responsive as you would like."

"That won't be a problem. We can sober him up." Ulbert said, stepping out of the gate and standing next to him. "Ready to exact your revenge?"

"You are enjoying this aren't you?" Touch asked as his hands shook.

"Don't get me wrong, seeing you act out your darker side is amusing, but the fucker more than deserves it. If you permit it, I'll make sure he gets into the V.I.P list of the farm." Ulbert said as he put his hand on Touch shoulder.

"I will kill him." Touch growled.

"I know, that's why we have Pestonya with us. You can kill him as many times as you like." Ulbert said and motioned for him to move forward.

'Sometimes I'm not sure if he is that level of a sadistic bastard or simply wants to help in his own twisted way.' Back in the game, Ulbert was the one who always came up with the most creative ways to get revenge on anyone who crossed the guild, but this was not a game anymore and the demon's often sadism went to extremes few could stomach.

Touch kicked in the doors as a drowsy man looked up from a sofa and slurred. "What are you doing man?" Not even a second later his eyes widened and he stood up pointing the finger at touch. "You don't know who you are fucking with. I am important!"

Touch ignored the empty threat and within the blink of an eye kicked man's leg at the knee area, breaking it instantly. He fell down and screamed. "Fuuuck! you're a dead man. You are not getting away…" Touch's fist landed on his face, turning the man's jaw into powder.

If there was one thing his long service in the police had taught him it was to hit someone just with the right amount of strength to inflict the exact amount of damage he wanted. Unfortunately, the man went into shock after just a minute of the punishment.

"Heal him!"

The man's jaw was only half reformed when Touch pulverized it again.


As before he slammed the fist in the man's face before healing had fully taken place.

Pestonya who was the one casting the healing just cast it again with Touch punching the man.

Ulbert took out a pocket watch and just watched the seconds tick by with a whistle as the circle of Touch punching the man and Pestonya healing him, went on.

After six minutes and seventeen seconds, Touch stopped and dropped the man to the floor. He looked down at the broken mess and then at his bloodied hands. He then turned around and said. "I don't want to touch that filth anymore."

As Ulbert, Pestonya, and the Custodio sisters silently watched, he started to walk back to the portal. Just before passing Ulbert he put his right hand on the demon's shoulder and said. "I don't want to know any details."

"You won't know a thing, I promise." Ulbert said quietly.

"Good." Touch said and walked off with Remedios following him.

Without uttering a word he returned to his quarters and picked up the sake bottle taking a big gulp. The once intoxicating drink had no effect on him now but the habit of drinking it had remained.

Remedios resumed her position by the door, eyeing him with an unreadable expression.

"If you have something to say, then say it!" Touch said as he put the bottle down.

"Did that man deserve to be given to t… Lord Ulbert?"

Touch looked down and said through his teeth. "Maybe, I don't know."

"But, my Lord, you are the God of Justice, surely…"

"So fucking what? What I did there was nothing to do with justice. I needed my revenge and I got it!" Touch shouted slumping back into the sofa. "I just needed to get to that bastard."

Remedios silently approached Touch, knelt before him, took out a handkerchief, and attempted to clean the already drying blood from his hands.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"My Lord's hands should not be defiled with this filth." She said as she continued her work.

Touch just let her futile attempt to clean his hands go on as it was easier to deal with. Her touch was by no means gentle as she tried to scrub off the blood with a forceful zeal. The blood of a man who likely didn't even remember what he did and why he now was punished didn't want to leave his stained hands no matter how hard the paladin tried to get rid of it.

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