This is the story of a Hero named Stanley.

Stanley was the single child of a single parent, whose name was Inko Midoriya. Stanley was born in Musutafu, Japan in a world where 80% of the human population was gifted with special powers. Almost every person Stanley possessed some kind of ability - the majority of which seemed to come straight out of a comic book. Stanley's mother could pull small objects towards her hands. Stanley's father was noted to breathe fire and chain smoke cigarettes as a practical joke.

When Stanley was four years old, he was informed by a physician that he did not have an ability. Whether it be a genetic mishap or a power from above, Stanley learned from a very early age that people tended to look down on those who did not have a "quirk". The month after Stanley received his unfortunate diagnosis, his father left for a high office position where he was paid a lot of money to press a lot of buttons.

Stanley never saw him again.

Every day, Stanley was subject to jeers, scorn, and general ill-conduct from his peers. It was the popular belief of the time that Stanley was less than normal. Stanley was the only person in his middle school who did not have a quirk. As far as his class knew, that made him different. Oftentimes, a boy named Katsuki Bakugo would bully Stanley and make his life miserable. Bakugo would steal his lunch, spill his secrets, and cause a great many problems for poor Stanley.

He was the person who gave Stanley the nickname "Deku". It was supposed to be a play on Stanley's name, meaning "someone who can't do anything. Clearly Bakugo had never learned to read.

Mistreatment at school, guilt at home, and a pervasive anxiety problem greatly affected Stanley's outlook on life. You see, Stanley wanted to become a hero. Those were people who were trained and educated to use their quirks to save other people. Some heroes worked under government corporations and other heroes worked by themselves. Unfortunately, every hero in Stanley's time also worked with a quirk.

Stanley was quirkless, and this made him very sad. Beaten down by his school life and the expectations of society, one would expect Stanley to have changed his mind when he got a bit older.

Stanley did not change his mind. He was determined to be a hero, and although many people thought that he was insane, Stanley was very stubborn.

...And then one day, something peculiar happened.

Something that would forever change Stanley.

Something he would never quite forget.

It was his 9th birthday, and Stanley was all alone. Despite a less-than-average day at school, Stanley was determined to make a good showing of his circumstances. He had eaten a full breakfast, dodged most of his bullies, and received un-biased marks on his papers. The teachers had celebrated his birthday with less passive-aggressive comments than usual. He had not suffered an injury and he was set on keeping it that way.

Stanley was alone in the park. He had a few minutes before he was required to come home by his mother. Scribbling in his notebook, Stanley reflected on a news article that he had seen in the evening post.

Itching the back of his head, Stanley suddenly felt an odd change. It's as if he had just remembered something that he forgot. Something someone had told him, but he had failed to write down. Stanley stopped writing in his book as this feeling started to spread.


A sense of confusion overcame Stanley. He made to stand up. He found he was frozen in place. Stanley looked around at his surroundings. He saw a car passing the road. He noticed two birds on the park bench, at little to his left. The sun was low, the air was crisp, and Stanley stared transfixed at the empty air. Time slowed. Space seemed to thicken around the young boy. A Voice came to him, speaking without words.

Then, Stanley's life changed forever.

"...Who was that?"

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