After a few days of planning and research, Adrien and Plagg started to lay the groundwork for Adrien's independence. Chat Noir's part was easy. He dialed back on the flirting and focused more on the akuma. He had actually managed to get a few items before Ladybug even had a proper plan or even arrived on the scene with Rena Rouge. He was starting to suspect that Rena was the person Ladybug told her identity to.

As Adrien, he talked to a lawyer about emancipation. He started to learn Kali so that he could utilize his double sticks much more effectively. Convincing his father that learning how to fight was important wasn't too hard considering they lived in a city regularly attacked by Akumas. He also moved as much money as he could from his accounts to a new one he opened up, outside of his father's control. More importantly, he started to scout some places that he could move into. With the amount of money he amassed from his modeling job and what he could get from being emancipated, Adrien had a good list of options to choose from.

At school, Adrien stopped letting Lila and Chloe get away with touching him. He had never been comfortable with it, but only put up with it because of his father's assistance at maintaining a smile on his face and not causing any trouble. He also subtly called Lila's lies out if the opportunity arose, just little things, but enough to get some people thinking. He could already see some of the relief in Marinette's eyes and knew from the giant hug she gave that he was doing the right thing. And he would maintain that he did not hold on to her more than necessary. At photoshoots with the Italian girl, he would record evidence of her unwanted advances and sent them to his lawyer. Adrien approached Kagami one afternoon after being coached by Plagg. The little cat gave him some advice on how to properly breakup with Kagami without breaking her heart. Who knew the little glutton gave good relationship advice?

All the while, he kept his plan under wraps. The less who knew, the better. He only told Nino and his parents because he would need a temporary guardian until he was fully emancipated.

Finally, after almost 3 months of waiting, the day had arrived. He made sure to schedule an appointment with his father that same day because he knew this was coming.

During his lunch hour at school, Nathalie called his phone.

"Adrien. Your father would like to speak with you. It's rather urgent." Nathalie's tone was rather clipped.

"I have a meeting with him scheduled after practice today. I'll talk to him then" Adrien responded easily.

"Your father wants to see you now." Nathalie returned rather forcefully.

"We don't always get what we want in life. He's always willing to set the pace for our interactions. Maybe it's time for someone else to do it. Like I said, I have a meeting with him later and that is when I will talk to him. Goodbye." Adrien hung up and went back to his lunch.

When he returned home, his father was waiting for him at the top of the stairs. He was wearing his usual suit and had a rather grim look on his face.

"Adrien" Gabriel's voice was rather curt. Adrien had been mentally preparing himself for this and he hoped he was ready.

"Explain" the older man held out a document that Adrien knew the contents of by heart.

"I'm surprised you can't seem to comprehend what you're holding father. You would think a businessman would have some understanding of legal documents." Adrien responded sarcastically.

"I know exactly what I am holding! What I want to know is exactly why you are acting so childish! Do you understand what this will look like to the public?! What this could do to my image?!" Gabriel yelled.

"That right there is the problem. All you care about is your business. You don't care for me or the people who work under you. All you do is push people around trying to get your way. When it comes to me, I am nothing but an employee to you. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen you when it wasn't to be reprimanded." Adrien calmly replied. He had a lot of time to deal with this and talking to Plagg helped. The little kwami was as wise as his age would suggest. Just a little laidback and lazy sometimes.

"I do not have time to deal with you…" Gabriel started.

"There it is again. Deal with me. You say that like I am nothing but an annoyance. I am supposed to be your son. Not a mindless robot who will do as you please." Adrien interrupted.

A vein throbbed on Gabriel's forehead. "Go to your room! Until this little rebellious phase of yours stops, you are confined there until further notice. No school, no friends, and no outdoor activities. You will only be allowed out for photoshoots and your bodyguard will be with you at all times. Any deviation from this will result in harsher punishments and an extension of your grounding. Do you understand?!" Gabriel raged.

Adrien merely smiled back. "Perfectly. If you properly read the papers, you'll see that I am no longer staying with you. I already have the basic essentials that I need. I'll see you around Gabriel."

With that, Adrien turned heel and walked away from the mansion that hadn't felt like a home in years. Fortunately for him, he already moved whatever was important to Nino's place and the rest was in storage.

He transformed into Chat Noir and scoped out the Agreste mansion in case an akuma came. After a few hours, nothing happened. Adrien was confused but couldn't complain. After changing back into Adrien and sending a text to Nino that he was on his way. Adrien knew that it would take a little more time to finalize the proceedings, but thanks to some unexpected support he should be able to handle it. He just had to weather the storm for now.

With that in mind, Adrien transformed again and leapt towards his best friend's apartment, breathing in the fresh taste of freedom.