Hey! Roxy Goth here. This idea just popped into my head so I thought I'd write it.

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It all started when Witch Hazel was looking for someone to try out her potions on.

"This should be the one Gossamer." She said to her live-in monster. "It just needs a bit of testing..."

Gossamer looked at her.

"Not on you! No...the worlds not ready for that. No, we need someone naïve, unsuspecting and gullible -"

Just then outside the house they heard a familiar shout.

"Come back here, Wabbit!"

"Eh...got to catch me first, Doc!"

"Oooh, when I get my hands on you-!"

"Eh...keep it K level, Doc! Think of the kiddies!"

Witch Hazel looked at Gossamer and smirked. "Perfect."

Meanwhile, just outside Elmer lifted his shotgun and blasted a few rounds in Bugs's general direction. The rabbit dodged them easily and even took the time to blow a kiss at him before randomly 'beeping' at him road-runner style and legging it in a cloud of dust.

Elmer stopped and coughed, waving the dust away from his face. When he realised Bugs had disappeared he frowned and put the shotgun down. "Stupid Wabbit." He muttered, plonking himself on handy tree-stump.

"Having trouble, Mr Fudd?" The hunter looked up to see Witch Hazel grinning at him.

"The wabbit's to fast." The hunter mumbled.

The witch nodded, understandingly. "Well, lucky for you I've got the perfect thing. Voila!" And with a flourish she presented a green vial.

Elmer looked at it blankly.

Hazel tutted. "It's a magic potion." She explained. "Take it and you'll be able to catch Bugs and do whatever you want with him."

The human-toon gave her a weird look. "I don't weally want to do anything with him." He said, in confusion. "I just pwactice catching him so I don't strain something when we have to do it for the camewas. How wong have you been awound?"

Witch Hazel ignored this question and shoved the potion under Elmer's nose. "Drink it." She said, in exasperation. "Or the plot doesn't happen."

There was a beat and then Elmer shrugged. "Weww...if it's for the pwot." And he drank it, quickly. Then - when it was empty - he paused and looked at Hazel in alarm. "Wait, what pwot?"

"You'll see." Hazel said, mysteriously before cackling loudly.

Elmer went to stick his fingers down his throat, but before he could the potion kicked in and a puff of green erupted around him.

Seeing this Hazel stopped cackling and looked anxious. This was it, this was the question. Had it worked? The green mist cleared and Hazel did a double take as she realised she couldn't see the other toon.

Before she could start panicking, however, there was a gurgle and she looked down to see a baby human-toon in a nappy looking up at her from under a massive hunters-hat.

Witch Hazel cackled again and clapped her hands together. "It worked, it worked!" She cried, dancing around gleefully. Now she just had to wait 24 hours to see...oh. Wait a minute...

Hazel stopped jumping and slapped her forehead. She'd forgotten this bit. Well. Not quite 'forgotten' it as 'hadn't registered it'. The spell lasted 24 hours and there was no way Witch Hazel was going to look after a baby for 24 hours. No sirree.

There was a louder gurgle and the witch felt the front of her robe being pulled by the curious baby-Elmer. She let out a small growl and stepped backwards, pulling her robe away from the baby's loose grip. The response to this was that the baby burst into tears.

'No, mam.' Witch Hazel thought as she magicked an empty box out of thin air and placed Baby Elmer inside it. [it had breathing holes in it, she wasn't a complete monster.] 'I am not looking after a baby for 24 hours. Luckily I know someone who can...'

She scribbled an address on it, added a note to the box explaining what the spell did and that she would be back in 24 hours to check the results, then mailed it.

Now to just wait for the result...


Back at Bugs and Elmer's mansion the rabbit was watching TV in the living room. He wasn't that concerned about where his husband was. By now he knew that the hunter would take at least a few hours to cool down and come back home. Then Bugs would present him with the cake he'd lovingly baked [I.E. brought] and they would carry on as usual.

"Pop!" Buster appeared in the doorway, clutching a pen in one hand and a calculator in the other. "I need help with my homework. Where's dad?"

Bugs rolled his eyes and turned the tv off. "Ya know, oi can help ya with ya homework. What is is?"


There was a beat and then Bugs said. "Ask yer dad. Oh wait, you can't, he isn't back yet. Look-" Before Bugs could instruct his adopted son any further the doorbell rang and the grey bunny got up to answer it. "-oh. Jus' stay there a moment..."

Bugs opened the door to see no one there. Then he saw a package on the mat and picked it up to look at the label. It was addressed to him. Bugs took it into the house and placed it on the kitchen table.

Buster was at his side, hopping around eagerly. "Is it for me, is it for me!?"

"It's not for you." Bugs told him. "It's for me. Probably off fans. Hand me those scissors."

"Hold on-" Buster grabbed hold of his dads arm and pointed at the box. "It's got air-holes in it. That means there's something alive in there. And with the toons we know I'm narrowing it down to a live dragon, a hunting dog or Elmyra. Hold on-" He zipped off in a cloud of dust. Seconds later there was a scream from upstairs and Buster appeared back next to him with a guilty look and a black eye. "-She's upstairs." He said.

"Pop!" Another cloud of dust appeared on Bugs's other side and Elmyra pulled on Bugs's arm. "Buster went in my room again!"

"I was just checking you weren't in the box!"

"What box!?"

"That box!" Buster pointed.

Elmyra looked at the box and clapped her hands excitedly. "Ooh, what's in it?"

"Dat's what we're finding out." Bugs said. Then he sighed. "Oh, go and get Babs. Ya might as well all be here."

One cloud of dust later and Babs had joined the group.

"We've narrowed it down to a dragon or a hunting dog." Buster told her.

Before Babs could answer a loud wail erupted from the box and all four toons jumped.

"It's a baby-waby!" Elmyra squealed in delight.

"Don't be...silly." Bugs said, in a panicky manner as he ripped open the box. "Dere's no way anyone would be mad enough to send - it's a baby!" He lifted the baby out the box and stared at it in horror. "What is wrong with people-!"

"Look!" Babs stuck a hand into the box and pulled out a hunters hat.

There was a silence while Bugs looked at the hunters hat, then back at the baby, then back at the hunters hat, then the baby again. He opened his mouth and gasped a little.

"Do you think it's daddy?" Elmyra asked.

The baby giggled a familiar laugh, albeit higher-pitched than the four of them were used to.


"Oi think there's a good chance..." Bugs said.