It was a couple of hours later during dinner when Bugs unfolded his newspaper in order to see what was happening in Toontown today. He took one look at the front page and his eyes went wide and he went. "Oi don't believe dis! Look at dat!" And threw the paper across to Daffy.

Daffy paused in his task of trying to feed Elmer [which was failing because the hunter seemed to prefer his food on the floor instead of on the plate] to read it. "I don't believe it!" He echoed. "Why does my bill always look so big in photo's? I need a reduction-"

"'Reduct' it again and there won't be any left." Buster said, under his breath.

"Oi'm not talkin' about yer bill, Duck!" Bugs said, in exasperation. "Oi'm talkin' about the fact that that weasel has sold the story to the 6 o clock news!"

"That wasth fasth." Daffy said, as he re-loaded the spoon with a mushy green substance. "He was only round here at 5:30."

"Oi'm bein' serious, Daffy! This isn't good. Who knows what kind of low-down ruffians could see this and try to take advantage - what da hell are ya feedin' him? It looks like vomit."

All three of the kids promptly put down their forks.

"It'sth not vomit. It's broccoli. Mushy broccoli."

Bugs looked at Daffy like he'd lost the plot. "Well, no wonder he's not eatin' it! Elmer doesn't even like normal broccoli, let alone mushy brocolli."

Daffy glared and put the spoon down and snapped. "I'd like to see you do better, Mother Theresa!"

Bugs stood up, glided over to the blended, plucked a carrot out the fruit bowl and blended it. He then put it in a bowl before going back over to the table, elbowing Daffy aside and taking his place. "Hiya Buddy!" He said, in the bright tone he always used when talking to kids. [Human or otherwise] "How about some yummy food? Eh? Carrots?" He held the spoon up.

"Oh, c'mon." Daffy folded his arms. "There's no way he's gonna-"

Elmer ate it.

"-Oh c'mon!" Daffy threw his hands in the air.

The kids laughed and the duck shot them a half-hearted glare before sitting in Bugs's seat with a raincloud above his head. "It'sth not fair." He mumbled. "He's my twin! I should be able to look after him."

"He's technically not yer twin." Bugs said, spooning another mouthful into Elmer. "As is evident to anyone who has eyes."


While Bugs and Daffy were hurling good-natured insults at one another, Rocky was reading the evening paper.

"Mugsy." He said, putting the paper down. "Look at this." And he passed the paper to his partner-in-crime.

Mugsy took the paper and studied it intently before saying, eagerly. "Oh good, Boss! Half-price on hat's!"

Rocky reached out, took the paper of off Mugsy, whacked him over the head with it and said, in a voice like ice. "The front page, Mugsy. Look at da front page. Dere's a baby on the front page, which is a de-agified Elmer Fudd."

Mugsy started blankly at the page and said, in confusion. "How can you tell? It just looks like any old baby to me."

"Are you doubting me, Mugsy?" Rocky asked, dangerously.

"Oh no, sir!"

"Good. Besides. Behind de baby on de counter is the hunters hat. And the baby is bein' held by Daffy Duck. It is elementary, my stupid Mugsy."

Mugsy nodded, intelligently. Then, frowning slightly, he asked. "So...what are we doing?"

A smirk edged across Rocky's face and he leaned back in his chair and linked his hands. "I thought you'd never ask..." He said, mysteriously.