A/N - This is a little one-shot I've had kicking around in my head for a while. This is NOT a nice story. Warning for major character death.

Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me nor do I make any money off of this.

"DIE DEMON!" yelled the villagers as they chased the boy through the streets of Konoha. 5 year old Uzumaki Naruto had no idea why this was happening to him. Ever since he could remember he'd been shunned and despised by most of his village though no one would tell him why. Even at the orphanage where he stayed he was treated badly. Only the village Hokage and some of the ninja seemed to like him.

Today was worse than ever. It was the annual festival celebrating the defeat of the nine-tailed fox, or kyuubi, that had attacked the village five years ago. On this day each year Naruto had learned to hide as far away from everyone as he could. Unfortunately this year he'd been caught outside by several obviously drunk villagers who all began calling for his blood. This attracted more villagers who joined in with the first ones. Naruto ran as fast as he could but there was no way he could escape the rapidly forming mob. When they finally caught up with him they had no mercy as they gleefully beat him to death. The last thing Naruto saw as his eyes closed forever were the happy drunken grins of the people who killed him.

"My friends, we are safe!" yelled one of the mob which immediately began cheering.

"What have you done!" called an angry voice. Suddenly appearing in front of the crowd just a little too late to save his godson, veteran ninja Jiraiya stood over Naruto's body with a look of fury and horror on his face.

"We've killed the demon!" spat one of the other villagers.

"You fools!" shot back Jiraiya, "you've condemned us all!"

"Yes they have" said a sinister voice which caught the attention of the entire crowd as it had come from Naruto's mouth although it certainly wasn't his voice. Jiraiya stepped back from the body and vanished to go warn the Hokage of what was happening even though he knew it was probably futile. Everyone else stared at the body with mounting horror.

Black smoke began pouring out of Naruto's dead mouth and got thicker and thicker. At the same time the sinister voice began to laugh.

"Free!" said the voice, "I'm free!" The smoke coalesced above the boy's body and a shape began to appear which quickly solidified into the unmistakable form of the nine-tailed fox.

"Impossible!" screamed a terrified villager, "we killed you!"

"You fools!" laughed the newly liberated kyuubi, "you can't kill me, I'm immortal. All you can do is seal me away." The kyuubi pointed at the body.

"He wasn't me" said the demon, "he was my prison! As long as he lived I was chained up. He was your one protection from me – and you just killed him!"