A lonely feeling… or is it?

Hello everyone! Just made this yesterday night, no real story but lots of feels. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

By the way leave comments please, so that I can correct my writings, and the characters are not mine.

I was walking down Diagon Alley to Gringotts. I was going straight ahead with my eyes almost closed, feeling the sun warming up my face and arms, struggling against the wind that would have otherwise shilled me up. It still played with my hair though, throwing them in every direction. I could also hear in the distance the murmur of a crowd. It was as if I could almost feel the presence of others. I imagined them not caring that I was there, either standing in front of their favourite shop commenting what the storefront was displaying today and even maybe about what would be their new purchase, or they were passing by , not giving a glance to those who were walking by their side.

The feeling of all those people intertwined and my own made me stop in the middle of the road. I was a bit surprised about what I had just felt; as I stood there, not being recognized by anyone , I was filled to the brim with happiness. I even though that I could have exploded, those happy feeling were being so strong that I needed these gone! Oh yes… I realize that I could be considered as mental, for being so happy about being alone, wadded by the crowd. Even I, If I had seen myself not long ago, I would have condemned the idiotic persona blocking the road smiling to herself and avoided her, like the rest of the people, like a plague. I don't know for everyone but I remember clearly that there was a time when I tried nearly everything I could to form some sort of friendly relationship with others. I had though that in order to grow up happy, well and safe it was a need-be to have friends. That if not I was some sort of loser; however I definitely wasn't, because even if we need to work to make it strong, is it really possible to determine a loser and a winner in a healthy relationship?! Despite knowing that, I was so obsessed that the loving feeling that my family and I shared, along with the worship of my cat, was not enough anymore! I tried hard to befriend people every year while I was studying with the muggles, and never stopped when I came to be introduced to the wizarding world.

The irony of it all was that it didn't work at all, and contrary to every normal block, I needed a damn troll to have friends… I remember all the good times, as the bad, with my two best friends of Hogwarts. Thinking about it, I am surprised how lenient Dumbledore was with us; we did almost all the foolishness we could, and at the time we would have dragged along the other Gryffindors, provoking disasters, and, at least, the death of one enemy! I laughed : "How clever we were!"

As I was laughing to myself a dragging voice made me freeze, eyes still closed: "Well, well, well, Granger, are you finally letting the whole world know that you've gone mad?!" I could feel the smile beginning to form on his lips as he spoke in a sarcastic voice: " I always knew you had it inside you. Good for you, now that you have come to term with it..!"

I smiled fondly; even though I was not left alone enough these days, being recognise at every turn I took outside for being "the war heroine Hermione Granger", even at the ministry where I should have just been the new recruit, I was still glad to meet those that I grew to love. But because I was still fond of being a nobody that no one's took attention to, I loved strolling down the alleys in muggle London: stopping in the middle of the road and starting to dance, suddenly, like a fool, to the beat of an imaginary tune. I loved the feeling I had when no one would even turn their head to look at me gesticulating awkwardly, and I would celebrate being on my own. The street, the dance, and … the rain! That, is the perfect combination and like in "Singing in the rain" a muggle movie in which the characters would dance and sing with umbrellas, I could not resist when it rained : you could see me in muggle London walking towards Buckingham Palace, bursting the previous perfect puddles on the ground while singing and dancing!

Not having answered at his remarks that made a bit fun of me, he took the initiative of touching my arm and I could feel that he was worried. My lack of response made him more tense, which was felt in the way his hand was delicately but firmly grabbing my forearm. He never touched me in public since we wanted to keep rumours from going wild, like they did with every male wizard I got into contact with these days. And because he was a partner of mine at the ministry he said that he didn't like the idea of being contested about his integrity by others, and that I was surely the same. He was right to be afraid; if others new about us being together, I wouldn't be surprised if another war came to begin! Well yes, I agree that I shouldn't be so dramatic, but drama is fun you know? And those who really matters like me as I am, so why bother to change ?!

I stopped my train of thought; feeling his hand against my skin, braving his fear of others finding out made me shiver. I loved him so much and was sometimes bewildered about how much I could. Maybe being together could have the same feeling that came along with being alone. We could always try; the two of us could stand on the muggles' street in London the next time it rains.

I finally opened my eyes looking into his worried silver eyes and half smirked. He was not going to comprehend why I was asking this question:

"Hey Draco, would you want to dance ?!"