Arthur was silent as he stared out of the window. He could feel his mind racing. The sunlight hits his eyes slightly making him squint. He could see servants and guards running around doing their work before the sunsets completely.

He bit the inside of his cheek slightly as his mind wandered back to the meeting with Morgause. It had felt so real. How could it just be a hallucination? She was real then. He could feel her under his hands, her breath when she hugged him.

Arthur didn't react when Merlin pushed the door open. He wanted to turn and ask him how he could be so sure about her? How he knows if it was real or not. But he had a feeling that even if he did, he wouldn't get a straight answer.

"Are you okay?" Merlin's voice was soft as he put the last of the amour down.

Arthur could feel how the emotions went on a rollercoaster as he tried to gather his thoughts. How can he tell anyone that his heart was telling him that it was the truth?

"How did you know it was a hallucination?" Arthur's voice was gruff and tired. He knows that Merlin would find a way around it, he always does when they touched the subject of magic.

"She is a sorceress and a High Priestess, it makes sense that she would want to seed distrust between you and the king, Arthur." Merlin could feel his heart starting to beat slightly faster when Arthur turned around to face him.

"Yes, but how could you be so sure that it was fake?" Arthur could see the fleeting panic in Merlin's eyes and for a brief moment, he considered to back down.

Merlin took a deep breath and steeled himself. Arthur deserved to know the truth even if it means that he wants to kill Uther, hopefully, he would be able to stop it.

"It wasn't fake, what you saw was real and the words your mother said as well. Gaius confirmed it when you stormed in to face your father." Merlin saw the way Arthur's shoulder's tightened, the tight line around his mouth.

Arthur could feel the anger slowly building up. "Why did you lie?" His voice was rough as he glared at Merlin.

A sad smile formed on Merlin's face. "Because I know you won't be able to live with yourself If you kill him. You would have hated yourself, Arthur." Merlin wanted to move forward, but instead, his shoulders hunched slightly.

Arthur sank to the floor. He knows that Merlin had a point. He would never have been able to live with the fact that he had killed Uther. Despite everything he still loves his father, even when there were days that he wanted nothing to do with him.

Merlin gave Arthur a once over before he walked closer. Just as he crouched down Arthur whispered something that he couldn't catch.

"Do you mind repeating?" Merlin felt his breath leaving him when Arthur looked up. The blue eyes were cold and tired.

"You have magic." The words came out in a tight laugh. Arthur's hands clenched slightly.

Merlin forced himself to breathe again. "How long have you known?" The words a mere whisper.

"A while, I saw the flash of gold when we were attacked by bandits. At first, I was angry but you never hurt me. You try and make my life as comfortable as possible, even I make you mad." Arthur trailed off when he finally looked up.

"You are my friend, even when I acted some days like a buffoon." The words felt like a realise he didn't know he had.

Merlin gave Arthur a tired smile. The words had left him. There is nothing he could say that would make it better, the fact that he had to keep it hidden for so long.

Both just fell silent, the ground was hard beneath them when they finally pushed themselves upright. The room was dark and Merlin knows he would need to get Arthur ready for bed.

When Arthur was finally in bed, Merlin's eyes scanned the room slightly. There was no reason for him to stay anymore.

He froze slightly when Arthur's hand suddenly clamp around his wrist. The heat penetrated through the layers of clothes he was wearing.

"What's wrong?" Merlin kept his voice low as he just looked at Arthur.

"Why did you stop me? It must have crossed your mind if Uther is dead, that your life would be easier?" Arthur pulled back slightly, rolling his shoulder. The bed was cold and he almost just wants to jump back up.

"It did cross my mind for a second, but I would never be able to do that to you, Arthur. He is your father. It would have eaten you up alive." Merlin fell silent again. He could see in his mind eye the terrible desperation in Arthur's eyes.

The want for change, but everything just stacking up against it.

"Your time will come where you would become King, and I will do my best to protected you until you get there Arthur."

Merlin was silent for a while.

"Get some sleep, it was a long day." Merlin gave Arthur a tight smile. They both need to get some sleep. Hopefully, the next day would be a lot better.

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