Sorry if it seems like I'm going to drop Tempest in Teyvat a little to write this, but that's not the case. I've had this idea in my mind for who knows how long now, and it's getting annoying to constantly think about all the possibilities, and having to remember all of it, because for me this is just too good of a story to forget. I'm still going with that story, and I'm not gonna stop anytime soon.

Updates for both stories will be at longer intervals, but I'm gonna update more often overall on my account.

This was originally going to be a short story, only dealing with the Hunter exam, but I had so many ideas for the events after the exam (you know what I'm talking about, *cough* Heavens Arena *cough*) that I decided to see the whole story through.

I'm not done reading or watching Hunter x Hunter, so I'm gonna update this as I progress through the anime/manga.

I'm writing this down to get it out of my head, and also readers might like it! You included. This is only a sub-story, so I'm not focusing a lot on review criticisms and suggestions, and I'm not going to spend my writing time on editing minor plot mistakes and all that.

(Rimuru's POV)

I didn't know what the supposed Hunter exam was, but apparently, this boy, whose name I recently found out was Gon, wanted to take part in it for some unknown reason.

This world doesn't have skills, or even special abilities other than a rare superhuman durability, speed/agility, stamina, strength, smarts, or strategy/skill/talent, as I'd discovered.

So, the norm for me became Universal Sense and Thought Acceleration turned off. Plus, no barriers of any kind, no extra immunity or defense, or body or strength enhancements. I stuck to a plain old durable iron sword for swordsplay if I ever needed it, and restricted myself to only swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat if I ever got myself in a... situation. So no using skills for fighting.

But I couldn't really turn off my resistances or natural slime abilities like Ultraspeed Regeneration, so that's still working, along with Pain Nullification, Thermal Weather Resistance, Paralysis Resistance, Electric Shock Resistance, and all that stuff. Now that I think about it, doesn't that basically make me invincible? As if I wasn't already.

But still, that's too OP for this world, so I turned off the other DEF (defense) skills and enhancements, basically nerfing myself. So I can still get stabbed in the back (actually no I don't want that to happen again), but I won't be hurt by it, only surprised. Like seriously, I'm not gonna go wandering around expecting to get stabbed, right?

I'm also keeping myself invisible most of the time, don't wanna get spotted by some random citizen every time I pass (fly) by.

During my rather short (as of now) time in this world, I'd found out that this Gon boy had to catch a "Master of the Swamp", it was called? in order to enter the Hunter exam.

And you wouldn't've known. I'd decided to help him. Didn't expect that, did you?

Anyway, I figured I'd help Gon enter and pass the Exam. Why not? He had a seemingly very important cause to pass, and he's acting like it's a once-in-a-lifetime situation. And he's only twelve, I doubt he'll easily make it. No, it's DEFINITELY not because I'm bored, not at all!


Right now Gon's sitting in a tall tree, with his fishing line cast, waiting for the 'Master of the Swamp' to bite.

He carries that fishing rod around with him all the time, I have no idea why. But he seems very good with it, and it is very strong in terms of durability/endurance, it doesn't break easily, and it is the type that won't break or loose if the line is pulled on by a strong someone/something. Maybe he uses it as his weapon? Seems like it, but strange first choice for a weapon.

And I'm in the water, about twenty meters away from the bobber. I turned off my invisibility, thinking to use myself to lure the Master of the Swamp close to the hook. I turned, and what could it've been except for a giant fish! Actually, can it even be called a fish? I didn't have Universal Sense on, so I couldn't see it clearly.

It was just a giant silhouette of a fish in front of me, looking like it had just found the perfect snack. I could only think of one thing that was maybe this size of a fish: the Master of the Swamp. I didn't know what the Master of the Swamp looked like, but this must've been it.

Ah, this is a chance! I slowly swam a few meters away from it, towards the red bobber floating on the surface of the water. It followed me. Yes!

Suddenly, I shot away from the giant fish, swimming all the way to the bobber. Of course, not at a speed it couldn't follow. It'd be bad if I lost it now.

Right when I got within five meters of the bobber, it went up out of the water. Gon had reeled in his line, probably preparing to cast again.

I swam up, the fish now under me, facing upwards, beginning to open its mouth.

"Urk!" Suddenly, when I was two meters from the surface, I felt some small hard object hit by back at a high speed, pushing me back down a few meters. Right in front of the fish. I looked down, and wha-la! There was that Gon's hook, along with a meter of fishing line, protruding from my stomach.

"...?" It kept going through the water, pulling me along. I can feel the bobber stuck on my back, now unable to pass through me. Then I noticed a flash of silver, seemingly in the large fish's mouth.

CHOMP! I swam backwards against the kinetic force of the line just in time to evade the massive jaws, which unfortunately for the fish, chomped right on the little silver hook. Oh, that was the flash of silver I'd seen.

Then, I felt a pull through where my stomach should be, and the bobber left my back. I had no time to get off that fishing line when Gon reeled in, pulling the big fish up.

The line didn't have enough friction as to pull me up, so I slipped down it till I landed on the disgusting front side of the big fish. Then we both got pulled up, through the surface, out of the water, and up to the tree branches. I ended up face level with the green-haired boy.

"Uh... Hi!" I'd totally forgotten to make myself invisible again! Argh!

Gon gaped at me, speechless. I think he forgot about his catch. No, not me, his other catch.


I was fishing for the Master of the Swamp, not expecting what I'd gotten. I was starting to get bored, I reeled in my line for the ?th time. When I cast again, the bobber went under the surface for a second due to the momentum of the line. I expected it to immediately pop back up as it had done ? times before.

But it didn't. I figured the only thing that would have that much strength to prevent it from bobbing back up was the giant Master of the Swamp, since no normal small fish is strong enough to completely stop it from resurfacing. I immediately perked up and started reeling my potential catch in.

The first thing I saw when I reeled in my catch was a big, BIG fish. The master of the sea. I was about to whoop in the air when I saw my other catch, the one that seemingly got caught on top of the fish when I reeled it in very fast. The one that I definitely should'nt have caught, the one that wasn't even supposed to be in the water in the first place.

The blue-haired beauty.

It was a little girl, about my age, with platinum blue hair, and bright golden eyes that could see through anything and everything. A not-so strange outfit, but definitely not anything suited for being wet, much less swimming in the middle of the water. Small skinny build, but looking very fit at the same time. Sword scabbard hanging from her waist? With a real metal sword inside, at that.

She was actually very pretty and cute, except for the fact that she was wet and her clothes were completely soaked. Surprisingly just soggy no mud no algae or whatever that green stuff that floats on the surface of the water is.

She looked embarrased with a defeated look on her face, with a hint of surprise/shock. A face that said, 'Oops...'

But what I immediately noticed was that my fishing line was going into her back, through her stomach, finally catching the big fish. I completely forgot about the whole point of my fishing spree, the fish that was in front of me. I forgot that isn't she supposed to be almost dead, or at best, bleeding by now? I just sat there, speechless, with the helpless girl hanging in front of me from my fishing line.

"Oi, are you just gonna sit there and stare? Cut the line, please!" She waved her hand in front of my face.

"Ah! Sorry, but aren't you hurt?" I'd just only noticed that she wasn't bleeding, at all, nor was showing any signs of being injured or in pain.

"Hm? No, but I sure am stuck." She casually responded, hey hey isn't this too casual and friendly chit-chat for a situation like this? And I'm sure I didn't see her when I looked out at the water, surely she couldn't've swam so deep that I couldn't even see her from the surface, and for that long without running out of breath?

"You're doing it again..." She waved at my face again. I'll just call her Azurine, it means sky blue it matches her appearance (her hair color).

"Oi!" Azurine got my attention by giving me a hard chop on the head.

"OW! What was that for!?" I exclaimed, finally coming back to reality.

"I'm stuck with this disgusting fish, are you gonna help or not?" Azurine inquired, pointing to my fishing line which was still going through her stomach.

"Ah! Oh right..." I still find this weird, but I cut the line and right after, Azurine pulled it out of her body from the front, which was still hooked up with the big fish.

"You seem okay, but what the hell were you doing out there?" I questioned her, glancing to the mass of water in front of us.

"Hmm, how should I say this... I heard you wanted to take part in the Hunter exam, and I decided to help! Definitely not because I'm bored out of my mind, no no..." Azurine said with a cheerful smile on her face, with a hint of nervousness at the end. "This big fish thought I was a great snack so it chased me to your hook till you caught both of us." Azurine was acting like that was completely fine and normal, and brushed it off like an everyday event.

"Ah, sorry..." Really, who fishes up the Master of the Swamp with a beautiful young girl in tow? No one. Right?

"Anyway, let's put that behind us. You need help getting this thing to the crowds?"


Me and Azurine together shoved and heaved the giant fish back to the docks, where a mass of people were waiting. It didn't look like she was struggling at all, just helping me pull the once-in-millenna catch from the woods.

Right before we entered the crowded area, Azurine stopped and faced me.

"I think you can take it from here. I doubt the people won't bombard us with questions if I show up with you, so I'll be hidden while you present your other catch to them." Was what she said, right before she literally disappeared on the spot. Like, just disappeared. No special visual effects or anything, just gone from sight in the blink of an eye.

"Ah! ...?" I was totally confused. This was never seen or recorded in history before, this must be the first happening of its kind.

"Wher-" I muttered, before I heard Azurine's voice from the exact spot she was standing in when she disappeared.

"Don't worry, I'm still here, but the people just can't see me. Better than confusion and chaos, am I right?"

So she basically just turned invisible. I tested this by reaching out my hand to where Azurine's hand should be, and sure enough, my hand wrapped around her wrist.

"Ah! Sorrysorrysor-" I was sweating buckets. What if she misunderstood my intentions...? That would be the worst. You know what will happen-

"Its okay, I see what you're up to. Now go on, I'mma follow you~!" Phew. Well, at least she didn't sound mad.

Suddenly I felt a push in the back, and thankfully I was still clutching tight onto the fish otherwise I'd have fallen over. I started pulling and pushing the big fish toward the crowds, finally realizing just how heavy it actually is without Azurine's help. Wait, that would mean... no, surely she isn't that strong? And to not be exhausted at all?

"Oi, why are you always zoning out? Get goinggggg" I heard a voice from my side a bit behind me, then the fish started dragging itself toward the people. But I knew that was not true, and the real culprit behind the self-moving fish is a certain invisible blue-haired child...

"GON!" Suddenly I heard a shout, and right after Aunt Mito came running right up to me and crushed me in a hug. "You really caught it, huh," She exclaimed, looking me over, then to the Master of the Swamp. Aunt Mito didn't seem surprised in the slightest, kinda like she expected me to catch it.

"Yeah, I told you I'd do it," I responded, looking Aunt Mito in the eyes. "This means I can enter the Hunter exam, right?" I didn't forget to thank Azurine afterwards.



"...Fine. You can go as soon as you want, just be careful and stay safe!" Aunt Mito finally gave in (Yes!) and allowed me to go. But she looked sad to see me out, and looked close to tears. "Now come back home with me!"


-Time skip to after the conversation between Mito and Gon at home-

"So, what was that about?" Azurine was definitely referring to the conversation at home.

I was honestly surprised. "Aah, you listened in!?" Now that would be bad, to say the least.

"No, I waited outside. But I can tell something big's happened in there," Azurine, still invisible, followed me to the docks where a boat waits for wanna-be hunters to finish boarding so it could finally set sail to the location of the Hunter exam.

I could tell she was following me by the way her voice was constantly behind me, sometimes sounding closer and sometimes a bit farther away. I could also hear soft footsteps, so I could tell her rough location based on the footstep sounds and faint footprints in places where you can make footprints. Like in a shallow puddle of mud, or in a pile of leaves.

"Right you are. So is this goodbye for now, or goodbye forever?" I asked, totally not expecting the answer Azurine gave me. I'd actually enjoyed being with her, talking with her.

Well, that part when I met her when I'd fished her out of the water, with the Master of the Swamp, through her stomach was definitely uncomfortable. But as she'd said before, I think she'd actually forgotten about it! Like it's the everyday normal event that you get fished out of a swamp through the stomach with a monsterous giant fish!

I'd honestly be sad if we would never see each other again, and never be with each other again. And no, this is not those stupid lovey-dovey romance stories, it's just a good friendship coincidence, great friends that match coincidentally and make good partners in any situation, who go well with each other! (AN: really. I don't like those kinds of stories, and of course not good at writing them)

"Hmm, I did say that I was gonna follow you, right? Well I'm not the type to break promises. (Nice, I don't like those lying pranksters) So I'm coming with you! Can't pass up this chance!" I wonder if she's talking about passing up the chance to become a Hunter. Then again, at first she didn't seem at all interested in being a Hunter, but the same can't be said about the exam. "Hehe!" Azurine added.

Okay, lemme change that a bit. Azurine doesn't seem like the type to lie, but she definitely is a mischevious light prankster. But I can't even think of what would be a small prank when getting impaled through the stomach with a fishing line and fished up with a giant fish is the norm.

"Well, then you should stay invisible if you're tagging along for a ride, doubt they would be happy to see a freeloader loaded up on the ship..." I was kinda nervous seeing I'm related (not biologically) to this 'freeloader' person situation if they ever found out, but I'd say I did good on hiding my nervousness.

"Okay, then let's get on! I wanna see more of those giant Master of the Swamp fish thingies! They look like they're very yummy!"

That stopped me in my tracks, completely rendering me immovable. What...

"THE HECK! You're planning to eat that thing? And there's only one..." This time I was unable to hide my shock. Really, WHAT?! And she's acting like a fish that size would be normal, and delicious?!

Well not that it is any of my business. That was what I concluded before I boarded, listening carefully to the light tapping of invisible feet a few steps behind me.

Little did I know, this single, twelve-year-old child will change my life by a whole dimension, starting, now.