"Ugh, I hate having to always be careful not to bump into people, it's taking all the fun out of this trip," I complained. Really, this is getting annoying. If I even bump into one person or move one object a small distance, anyone who happens to see will raise confusion and suspicion across the whole boat.

Gon sighed. "I know, but this is what we gotta do, okay? It's for the best. Besides, you're the one who snuck a free ride, can't expect to go and act like a regular passenger, then leave without any suspicion or interrogations, right?" Gon whispered.

I bet he'd figured out I can hear him fine even if he whispered. I just tend to have good hearing, all right?

I've been following Gon wherever he goes ever since we boarded the ship, since I didn't know anything about the layout of these ships, and could just as well get lost. Also, it's not like I have anything else to do, so why not follow him around for a bit?



Lightning flashed. Thunder roared. The ship tossed around in the waves. It was so cool!

This is the first thunderstorm I've been in in this world, and it is sure as hell cool to watch. It was not one of those panik storms, it somehow made me calm and happy. Sure lifted my mood. (AN: by now I don't even know what's going on with Rimuru anymore...)

Gon was somewhere inside, while I was enjoying the rain, sitting on the railing on the bow of the ship, legs dangling over the death drop to the water. It was nice. Until...

"CAP' N! HOLE IN THE HULL! WE'RE TAKIN' WATER!" A guy with huge ears burst out of the nearby door, shouting these words frantically to the fat man steering the ship, presumably the captain. Eh, not my business, nothing to worry about.

Fatty faced Huge-ears. "ARR!" He yelled. How noisy. "PLUG IT WITH THE BUTTS OF A FEW A' THEM WORTHLESS PASSENGERS!" He shouted back at him.

It was at this moment that I remembered that Gon, my only friend in this world as of now, was on board, and what will happen if I let- no, if the ship got waterlogged.

You know what, this is my business, time to get my butt off the railing and down to the hull. But not before I heard Fatty say "HARD TA PORT! WE'RE TAKIN' A QUICK FLIGHT!"


I quickly covered up the hole in the hull with a bit of spare wood I have when I had the chance. That chance, was when Fatty steered the ship right up a rather big wave, and the ship went airborne for a second, giving me easy access to the hole in the hull.

I managed to fix up the hole to non-leaking point before the ship came back down to water.

"Phew..." I sighed. Safe,


The sun had come out again, and the storm and waves died down. Aww man...

Every one of the passengers except Gon and two others were completely shaken up, if not passed out.

And to add to that, the blonde femboy was sleeping peacefully in a hanging hammock! Either that would've worsened the agitation or nullified the shaking. How would I know.

The other one, who looked like a young adult (20+), had short black hair, a very formal-looking suit (bah, I hate formal), a black suitcase next to him, and was reading a book... with what I assumed would be a hot (for this world) -looking girl... on the cover...

Gon was carrying a basket of things around and was helping people regain their senses by giving them water and some type of herb. He was the only one on the whole ship, escorters included, who was genuinely working.

The captain was just puffing his pipe, looking at the down wanna-be Hunters. Me too, I feel you man, how are these guys supposed to be Hunters when they can't even come out of a thunderstorm not dizzy or shaken up?

Fatty had also noticed the three to-be Hunters completely fine from the storm. "Heh," I heard him mutter, "Some iron in those three, I see." Hmm, this is a good sign, I suppose?


Gon was standing outside on the bow of the ship, looking out at the horizon. As if he was expecting something. I was standing next to him, too looking out at the sea. I'd noticed the birds acting strange... like how they act right before a storm...

But didn't we just get out of a storm? Then again, it's not that strange to enter a storm right after one had finished passing by... Right?

Sure enough, Fatty came and stuck his nose in our business, asking about something called a 'sealeg'. What the hell is that?

Gon didn't look or turn around. "...A big storm's coming, isn't it?" Gon said.

I listened to the rest of the conversation, apparently Gon has super senses and is very good with animals. He noted how the air tastes not normal, a sign that a storm is coming, and how the birds are acting like that, as if sending out a warning.

"Heh!" Fatty said with a slightly amused smile. "C'mon, I'll show you how to steer a ship." He suddenly said out of nowhere.

"Wow!" Gon exclaimed, following the captain inside. Oi oi, can't you teach me to steer a ship?


In the end, a loud announcement was made about the incoming storm which was double the size and violence as the last one. Ooh, I can't wait to see what it's like!

And wouldn't you know! Every wannabe Hunter except the Gon, blondie femboy, and adult-looking guy had given up and rowed to the nearest island on lifeboats.

"So, it's down to you three, huh," the captain started.




"And not a lick of class." (Kurapika)

"...That's the last straw." (Leorio)

"Step outside, Kurapika." (Leorio)

"I'll make sure you're the last of the Kurtas." (Leorio)

"You dare say that?" (Kurapika)

"That, and then some." (Leorio)

"Let's go." (Leorio)

"After you." (Leorio)


By now, I was laughing my head off, if only inwardly.

"Pfffftttt" I snickered under my breath. "Hehehe..."

"Ahahahahaha! Heh," This time I couldn't hold my laughter in. This is too funny! What the heck is wrong with me?

That was when I noticed Fatty wildly looking all around him and Gon facepalming, looking like he was about to jump overboard.

Gon muttered something under his breath, but I didn't hear. Even if I did, I wouldn't've paid attention because I was too busy laughing.

"U-um Gon, d-do you know a-nything about th-this body-less voice?" Fatty turned to Gon with a frightened expression, who didn't seem surprised or scared at all by the (my) voice.

"Woo, I'm the ship ghost! Boo!" I said behind Fatty just loud enough for both of them to be able to hear. "Heheh."

"WAAAHHH!" Fatty just about jumped out of his pants.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hehehehehe..." Too funny, too funny! "Pffftttt!" I tried to control myself, not succeeding too much.

"Ugh, seriously weren't we suppo-" Gon sighed, probably out of frustration and defeat. Oops, sorry.

"Oi oi oi, you know this- this... ship ghost voice?" Fatty asked Gon with a- kinda mad? tone in his voice and eyes.

At 'ship ghost voice', I burst into laughter again. "Aah, this is too funny..."

Then I felt a sharp chop land on the top of my head.

"Ow! Hey, what was that for?" Now this wasn't funny.

But Gon chose to go off topic. "Oh, so a chop on the head hurts you?" Obviously we both knew what Gon was talking about. How come getting fished up with a real sharp fishing hook doesn't injure you or even cause you pain, when a chop on the head does? That's what I thought Gon was thinking. Actually, that may be what he is thinking.

Then Fatty intervened. "Of course a chop on the head hurts, and a lot at that! If you've never been chopped on the head, you wouldn't know how much it hurts!" Was what he said. Well, it's not like I know how much a chop on the head hurts, I haven't been chopped on the head during the time I could still feel pain.

"No Gon it doesn't, just instinct... I automatically say 'ow' when I get chopped on the head for the first time, pain or not?!" Was that good? Hope it was good...

"This is your first time getting chopped on the head?"


Gon and Fatty said those at the same time.

"Um, yes and no to Gon's and Fa- no the captain's questions, now can you stop staring like I'm an alien already?" I directed the last part to Fatty, who was still staring from the ship ghost incident. Well, so much for staying undercover.

This time I was the one to give a hard chop on the head to Fatty, who was still frantically looking for me. But unfortunately, I forgot to make it light... Still used to giving boulder-crushing chops to the head of my very mischievous (kinda?) brother.

Always a troublemaker, and always getting the hardest chops on the head out of all my subordinates and friends. And also feels a bit of pain at most, so usually a chop that could blow up a world serves as punishment for his trouble-making.

"OWWWW!" Oops. My hand was still stretched out where Fatty's head was, and he himself was on the floor clutching his head. Thankfully he was not dead, only almost. And also almost unconscious. Wow, the fat guys in this world sure are durable.

Gon gaped at my rough location, at face level. "Exactly how strong are your chops on the head?" Gon looked like he was never ever going to upset me anytime soon.

"Oops sorry... I forgot to nullify the power. Here, have a po- medicine" Medicine was the closest thing I could think of the healing potion. I tossed a low potion which went splat (hahaha...) over his body, should be enough to get him working again.

"Hey what was that, don't go soaking me even more... Medicine won't help a chop on the head," the downed captain groaned. "Whaaa...?"

It'd healed him up to working condition, good. Now to check up on Blondie- no, Kurapika and... uh... Lerolio? Lerorio? Riolio? Whatever, that other tall guy. The one who's obsessed with becoming rich.

Suddenly, Big-ears burst open the door, and shouted, "Cap' n! The wind's gustin' somethin' fierce!" We followed him to the other side, where the two were getting ready to fight with water rushing onto the boat, and wind howling.

Indeed, it was. The boat was about to tip over... Oh right, better help them, don't want to tow Gon all the way to ?. The crewmembers were trying to shorten the sails, apparently the wind will capsize the ship if they didn't.

I wasn't paying attention to the fighting two, but Gon had started helping prevent the ship capsizing.


Suddenly, the wooden beam that held up the sail snapped, and a broken wood bar went flying. At the same time, a big wave tipped the boat, but didn't capsize it. Good thing I took flight in time to not tumble all across the deck.


I was watching the broken wood beam with interest. It was spinning through the air, when it unexpectedly hit a crewmember on the head with a WHACK!

Riolio and Kurapika both turned simultaneously, just in time to watch Gon jump with all his might off the railing and catch the crew member's legs.

They both flew a bit out to the ocean, when Riolio and Kurapika each grabbed one of Gon's legs, barely clinging to the railing. If they moved even a step, they would lose balance and all four of them would fall out in the sea.

Only if they still hung on to each other, I'd be able to drag them all out, but if anyone let go of Gon, they might just not get rescued. Who knows? But let's save them while they're not in the ocean yet, which means right now.

"Help, guys! If we move one bit we'll all fly out to sea!" Kurapika yelled to the others. Well, he got that right.

Gon was just silent, focusing on keeping hold on the crewmember. The crewmember himself is unconscious, having been hit on the forehead with a hard object, what do you expect? Leorio didn't say anything either.

"Hold on one more second, I'm coming!" Since everybody was tending to the sails and maintaining the ship, no one was able to help, leaving just me. Hmm, should I become visible again? Yes, if an invisible hand grabbed them they might be scared out of their pants and let go.

I flew over to them, made a clone, and grabbed Gon under one of my arms and the crewmember under my other arm. My clone grabbed Riolio and Kurapika the same way, and I set all of them except for the unconscious crewmember back to safety, or at least on the deck where they can't be blown to sea again.

Explaining my clone is gonna be awkward, but it's better than letting two of them die at sea, right? The other crewmembers are too busy working so they didn't notice us, so I ignored them too.

The crewmember under my left arm is still unconscious, so he won't know either. Gon's eyes were darting between me and my clone, and seemed surprised by the second me instead of the person they'd never seen before on the ship (me).

Riolio and Kurapika were just staring at me, and seemed shocked that I was suddenly on the ship while they didn't see me on the ship before, and not by the second expressionless me next to me.

Hmm, let's brighten the mood a bit, shall we?

I tried to make as expressionless a face as I can, almost perfectly imitating my clone's emotionless face. Gon, who has super senses, can probably tell me and my clone apart, but the others, nuh-uh.

"There's two of them!" Kurapika exclaimed.

Riolio was looking at me with the same expression he had when he was reading (looking at the pictures) the book with a hot(?) girl on the cover.

Gon looked like he was trying to tell us apart, darting his eyes from me to my clone and back, finally landing on me, the correct me.

"Wow, you sure can make out the tiniest details, Gon." I was honestly impressed by him telling the difference between me and my clone, and picking out the real one. Well my clone is real, but the actual me.

"Phew, thanks... I almost picked the wrong one. I could tell, honestly... Your eyes had that mischievous glint. (hehe)" Gon said. Huh, he doesn't seem too surprised by my cloning ability.

"Ahaha... Well, those two were pretty funny," I said, acknowledging Riolio and Kurapika. "Hey, just how many people are gonna stare at me like that? I'm standing on the floor."

Yeah, I didn't want to fly when I didn't need to. This was a situation where I needed to, so I'd landed before I started up the conversation. But Kurapika probably noticed me airborne. Kurapika probably is big-brained, but not too sharp senses. Not as sharp as Gon of course, but definitely above average.

Gon would've seen me flying, but he probably didn't pay attention. Leorio definitely did, but he was probably admiring Shizu's good looks to actually register the fact that I was carrying them through the air.

So, Kurapika is probably the only person to know that I could fly, but she didn't note that verbally.

Kurapika and Riolio turned to Gon, and started lecturing (yelling) at him.


In the end, Gon helped the two forgive each other, and the three became good friends. The tall man's name was actually Leorio, better remember that. I stood to the side listening in, until they finally finished their chit-chat and turned to me.

I decided to not turn invisible right in front of them, but maybe I'll reveal my invisibility, flying, and cloning abilities to them sooner or later. They all seem like good, honest, and most importantly, trustworthy people, no, friends.

"Um, why are you two looking at me like that?"

Can't blame them, first you turn invisible, next you give a chop to the head with enough force to crush a boulder and produce a light neon blue liquid that has healing properties, then you make a fully-working perfect clone that apparently has the same abilities as you, but emotionless and expressionless? That's not the average human. That I could understand.

The captain decided to break up the awkwardness. "Come on, I'll show you more about steerin' this tub!" Wait wait wait wait!

"Hey, can you teach me too? I wanna learn ta' fly this ship."

"Hm- wait, fly the ship?"

"Yea, I wanna fly the ship!"

"No way I'm letting you ride the ship off a tall wave, you're gonna capsize it! But fine, I'll teach you to steer, but just that." Yes! I'm gonna have a great time flying this ship!

So we went to the steering room, and Fa- no, the captain- finished teaching Gon to steer the ship.

"Can you teach me now?" I asked with excitement in my voice.

"...Fine. But no flying the ship," He said. Ookey.

"Hmm, ookey dokey," Hehe, little did he know!


So the captain taught me to fl- no steer the ship. He is nice, I like him.

After he taught me the basics and dangers and all that of steering, I asked "Hey, can I drive the boat for a bit?" Hehehehe-

"...Yes, but be careful." Yay!

So I took control of the steering wheel. Bet they're totally not ready for what is coming!

(Gon POV)

Azurine took control of the steering wheel with that same mischievous smile on her face.

She took the wheel, and closed her eyes. Wait, aren't you supposed to watch where you're steering the ship?

Azurine looked like she was concentrating. We started moving forward toward our destination island. Nothing seems out of place. Until...

"Wait... The rocking of the ship is gone, it's not rocking on the waves at all. The ride is so much smoother now." For real, the waves rocking the ship feeling before was gone now, making the ship ride much more smooth.

I went outside, to see everybody at the railings looking over the sides, mouth agape. I went to see what was so interesting, and I saw...

AZURINE WAS REALLY SERIOUS! The ship was flying! LITERALLY FLYING! Azurine was flying the ship, as she'd said! We were going about the same speed as before, just a tad bit faster, probably to make up for the delay the storms caused us.

The waves were crashing twenty meters below the ship, and the last of the water was just dripping off the bottom of the ship. The ride was smooth, and this way I don't think we'll be late at all.

Heck, Azurine probably is able to control the speed of the ship, it won't be surprising considering all the other supernatural abilities she'd demonstrated before.

BUT WE WERE RIDING A FLYING SHIP! This might be the first and last event of this, too bad for the other passengers who left long ago. Me, Leorio, Kurapika, Azurine, Captain, and the crewmembers would be the only ones to ever ride a flying ship. And Azurine would be the only one to fly a ship.

I don't want to deal with explaining all this, even with Azurine's help. I'll just leave the making sense and explaining to Captain and his crew, and me and Azurine'll only deal with my new friends, Leorio and Kurapika.

That way, we can earn trust from our new friends, and get used to each other more, while also not needing to deal with extra explaining. For Azurine's sake, I'll talk to her and the other two about this later, don't want to give her too much explaining and awkwardness either.

I went back to the steering room, where Azurine was happily flying the ship (literally) with a huge priceless smile on her face. She is bound to attract a world's worth of men and boys with that smile, or even without.

I kept Captain out of my line of sight, not wanting to see his expression to the blue-haired beauty who was doing the exact thing he told her not to do.

I sighed. Well, I guess the adventures had already begun.