Valley of the end was a treacherous and dreadful place located on the borders of two significant villages of the Elemental nations. Konohagakure and Otogakure.

The Valley was a result of a spectacular battle that the forefathers of Konoha fought on its soil. That battle was beyond everything else, it was both magnificent and gruesome as it pushed both the participants to utilize all the power they possessed. Not only did the battle assess their strength but also their devotion and belief they had for their ultimate motive.

Since then the valley came to be known as a symbol of both war and peace. One side of the ravine represented peace while the other one represented war. For countless years, the place remained untouched by any sort of pandemonium and continued to be a location one would travel to reminisce about the power their ancestors possessed.

But everything changed when the wild yore decided to repeat itself today. Two great shinobis, one named Uzumaki Naruto while the other named Uchiha Sasuke clashed on the soil of the valley, destroying everything that came into their path. Stones, trees, lakes, and even the great statues of the valley, nothing was left untouched by the destruction.

Blow after blow, the valley suffered from the intense power of those two shinobi. Their dance of death continued for hours before finally coming to an abrupt end when the blond-haired Shinobi decided to finish their conflict, once and for all.

"Goodbye, my friend, Sasuke!"


A small blue ball of pure energy began to swirl violently in the right palm of the blond boy.

"Haha… Even in the end, you can not call me your enemy, Naruto" The small laughs of the Uchiha deluged the valley in their warmth.




Tears, countless precious white tears stained the cold ground of the valley. "I don't want to kill you…" Naruto whispered, his feet resting on the bloodied chest of Sasuke.

The laughs eventually died down. "Then don't. No one is forcing you, Naruto"


Bruised lips curved upwards in a tiny smirk. "You don't have anyone left who can love you now, Naruto. Jiraiya is dead and I think that Senju will probably die in a while too. So, I'm asking you again, why are you so reluctant to save this world? This wo-" Sasuke hesitated as a violent cough waddled his whole body with discomfort. "This world has nothing for you now. Let me destroy it! I will remodel everything again. I will create a world where no one has to suffer. A world where everyone will be happy. A world where you can even have that annoying Sakura. Allow me to accomplish that Naruto!" His words did nothing, Naruto remained as silent as he was before his speech.

"You are a fool Sasuke."

Sasuke scowled, his eyes exhibiting pure sorrow and pity for his one and only friend. "Then end my life because I promise you, Naruto. If you let me live today, then sooner or later I will destroy this world. This world deserves nothing but pain for ruining our lives. The people in this world will die-" everything came to a halt when the sound of the swirling vortex died down with the breaths of Sasuke Uchiha.


Wide blue eyes lost themselves in despair. It all happened in the blink of an eye. On one second the Rasengan was swirling in his palm and on another it was peeling off the skin from his friend's body.


His heart skipped a beat.


A strange feeling began to churn inside him when the boy didn't even twitch.



The dread inside him chilled his whole body when his ears picked up the voice of his other teammate, Sakura.


His head refused to turn around even when the girl shrieked in horror. There was no need, after all. He already knew what was going on in her mind. The sadness, the pain, and the cracks in her voice, he could already feel them without even looking at her.

"I killed him…"

Everything stopped.


[A few months Later]


A pair of heterochromatic eyes snapped open and turned a little towards the entrance of the room in which their possessor, Naruto was sleeping. Everything was blurry, he idly noted as he found it hard to adjust his eyes to the morning light. "Ino?" He whispered, not sure if he was right at the guess.

"Of course, stupid!" Her familiar sweet and warm voice reached his ears and soon a small smile materialized on his dry lips. "Wake up, Naruto. Tsunade has called for your presence, oh almighty hero of the war." The teasing in her voice was as apparent as the Rinnegan in his right eye, though unlike her teasing it was still subtly shrouded behind his hair.

"Ok… ok… Ino-sama!" Raising his arms high in the air, he let out a cute yawn, one that perished too soon from his mouth when he noticed something fascinating. "You're becoming more and more beautiful with each passing day, Ino. What the hell are you eating? A forbidden fruit like that Kaguya lady?" He asked her, completely missing the full blush that covered her cheeks soon after he finished his words. Then again, it was still dark in the corner where she was standing, so being able to see anything there seemed impossible.

"I-I don't use any jutsu!" Ino's stuttering didn't go unnoticed by him though. "Beauty runs in my blood, Naruto and I can understand why you are enamored by it." Her bright contagious smile made him smile too. "Also, if you want to compliment me, then do it while looking into my eyes. That way, I'll feel more special."

Naruto snorted lightly. "Compliment you… Bleh… As if I'll ever do that." He let his words hang in the air as he stood up from his soft mattress and began to arrange them appropriately on the shelves beside. "I still think you are using a jutsu, Ino. Otherwise, there is no way you can continue to become so beautiful." His eyes finally turned back to her and soon, a giggle left his mouth when she abruptly closed the distance between them.

Now that she was sitting close to him, he could clearly see the red on her cheeks, and surprisingly it looked pretty good there.

Ino huffed in annoyance and positioned her hands under her breasts, pushing them up a bit. If the boy was going to tease her like that for nothing then she might as well tease him back too. "What do you think about my boobs, Uzumaki? They are amazing, right?" She asked him, only to get completely ignored by her friend. Glancing up, she groaned when she saw him leering at her breasts. "Naruto…" She sighed, looking very disappointed for some reason.

"W-what?! You told me to give feedback on them and for that, I need to examine them first."

Ino's eyes twitched a little. "Examine what? You didn't even touch them!. Have you finally gone insane, Naruto?" She couldn't help but ask him.

The Uzumaki boy firmly denied her statement. "Nope, I'm completely fine, lady Yamanaka." He answered her. "I'm just trying to copy Ero-sennin. That idiot somehow always used to guess the right size." With that said he slipped even closer to the girl. "What is your size, Ino?" If it was a few months ago, then Ino would have pummeled him to the ground for even daring to ask such a silly and absurd question but this Ino, the one who was sitting right in front of him, was way different than the Ino of the past.

After the war got over, Naruto was left with nothing but horrible memories of that event. It was an event that he thought had changed him forever. That war took away everything from him, his smile, his confidence, and especially his best friend.

Sasuke Uchiha's demise affected him in ways he couldn't even explain. He was his best friend, one whom he adored to no end but that war took him away from him. With him gone, his other friend, Sakura was left broken, so much that she broke all the ties with everyone, including him, her best friend.

The day she severed those bonds was the day Naruto's heart shattered completely. He lost his will to live, to exist in the world that had brought him nothing but pain. All the miseries and anguish of the past finally got to his brain and deteriorated it for good.

His mental health degraded so much that everyone around him began to worry about him and the potential thought of losing the hero of the war. So, in order to save his sanity, the Hokage, his beloved Baa-chan decided to designate a nurse for him. At first, he thought the medic would be someone unknown, but his baa-chan really surprised him by selecting none other than the heiress of the Yamanaka Clan, Ino Yamanaka as his nurse.

Naruto wouldn't lie, the first weeks of his treatment were horrible, even more than how he had initially imagined they would be in the worst-case scenario. Ino barely used to express anything, not even a proper greeting. For her, giving him his medicines and submitting a small report about his health to Tsunade were the main objectives of her duty.

She used to visit him, give him correct medicine, remain with him for a while, and then leave, without even saying a single word sometimes.

After noticing her behavior for a few weeks Naruto realized that she would never talk to him as she was Sakura's best friend and one of the many girls who used to adore Sasuke.

For a few days, his presumption remained precise as everything went on as usual, till one fateful day she finally made an effort to start a conversation with him. It wasn't a long conversation but was more than enough to warm his heart again as it meant she had started to forgive him.

"Double D!" Ino's declaration brought him out of his trance and soon he found himself staring at her beautiful face.

"Double D?" He asked her and moved his eyes towards her huge boobs that were resting under her blouse proudly. "Liar" A small pout flickered on his lips, one that held an ample amount of disappointment to irritate her.

Ino was as red as a habanero now. "I'm not lying, Naruto... Can't you see my breasts, they are right in front of you. Look at them." She exclaimed at him and heaved her breasts even closer to his face. Seriously, what was wrong with her friend? Couldn't he just accept the fact that she was the most beautiful female he had ever seen? She fumed internally.

Unfortunately, Naruto totally ignored her struggles and began to walk towards his washroom.

"Hey dumbass! Where are you going?"

"To my washroom."


"I want to masturbate while thinking about your boobs, Ino. Can't do it in front of you."

All the colors vanished from her beautiful face as soon as she heard him utter those shockingly obscene words. "M-masturbate!" She screeched loudly with a red face, now trying her best to cover up her body from his hungry eyes. She never thought her teasing would push him to do something as bold as that.

Naruto almost slumped to the ground and groaned at the silliness of his friend. "I was joking, Ino." He mumbled. "Why would I masturbate thinking about you?" There was no reason for him to do anything like that. She was his friend, and friends never think about each other in that way. He had learned that very well from Sakura.

"I don't know, maybe you have finally started to fall in love with me, Naruto. You can never be sure, you know."

He blinked at her with amusement shimmering in his eyes. Leave it to Ino if you wanted to see an amazing example of self-love. His silly and beautiful friend was a living embodiment of it. "I can never fall in love with anyone, Ino. Love is something I don't desire anymore. It's useless." He whispered and finally closed the door of his washroom.

Ino remained silent at that.

"You will eventually find someone again, Naruto."

A faint murmur escaped her rosy lips.


The trip to the Hokage office was fairly interesting if Naruto was to be believed. From getting looks of appreciation from everyone to being surrounded by hordes of fangirls, he welcomed everything with a tiny grateful smile on his face.

The same couldn't be said for his friend Ino though. The girl absolutely hated the whole trip to the office. Neither did she like the fake admiration of the stupid civilians nor did she enjoy the fits of those horny fangirls. They were all infuriating in her eyes. "Why were they kissing you so much? Why didn't you resist?" She asked him the same question for the thousandth time that day.

Naruto glanced at her for a second. "They were just trying to express their admiration for me, Ino. You don't have to be so mad about it" His words fell on deaf ears as the girl continued to utter curses towards those cheap fangirls.

"They could have shown their admiration while staying away from you, Naruto. They didn't have to come so close to you. Your mental health has only started to improve recently and I don't want it to get worse again because of some stupid fangirls."

"Aww, you are so caring and wonderful, Lady Yamanaka. Sometimes I can't help but envy the guy who'll get to marry you in the future, you know."

Ino stopped her stride. "Really?" For a second something precious flickered within her eyes but before Naruto could notice, it disappeared. "I'm honored to hear that you think so highly of me, but sadly, no one loves your Lil ol' Yamanaka, Naruto." She grumbled.

Whether it was negligence or intentional, Naruto chose not to respond to the last part of her statement. Instead, he scowled at her in fake anger. "Pff… they're all idiots then. You are one of the coolest girls I have ever met, Ino. You're kind, caring and your beauty has no match. Not even Sakura can compete with you.!" He exclaimed, thrashing his hands erratically in the air to overdramatize the whole statement.

"Even more than Sakura?" The girl narrowed her eyes at him.

Naruto didn't waste any time in answering her question. "Of course! She is no match for you, Ino. She might be beautiful and all but..." He trailed off as his eyes wandered over to her face. "You" Raising his hand, he moved it closer to her face. "Are an angel to me, Ino" And gently tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"Then why don't we marry each other?"

Naruto faltered on his feet. "Ehh?" His eyes widened, not believing what he just heard.

"I said why don't you marry me then?"

Explosions of red covered his whole cheeks. "I-I" His tongue fumbled inside his mouth and for the next few seconds, his poor mind tried to come up with a reasonable excuse but failed to do so. Defenseless, he was about to say something stupid but couldn't when his mouth was sealed closed by a single finger on his lips.

"Shhh," The mirth in her eyes was striking, something that made him even more nervous. "I was just joking, Naruto." And the distance they had between them was long gone. Now, he could feel her hot breaths wandering on his neck. It was a strange yet pleasant feeling, one he had never felt before. "I know you still like Sakura." She murmured and just like that everything went downhill.

"No" He immediately rejected her stupid claim. "Not anymore."

"W-what?!" Ino implored, her owlish blue eyes blinking at him in surprise.

"I said I don't like Sakura Haruno anymore."

'Sakura Haruno...' It was the first time she had heard Naruto use Sakura's full name otherwise, he would either call her Sakura or Sakura-chan.

"Naruto, she has already apologized to us. What she did after Sasuke's death was stupid and she had admitted it in front of everyone. You should forgive her just like everyone else did." On the outside it might seem like she was trying to sort out the tension between her two friends, but a small part of her heart still wanted him to keep hating that girl.

That girl, no matter what she was to her in the past, had been nothing but an annoyance to Ino ever since she had been given the responsibility of Naruto's well being. From following her to blatantly requesting her, Sakura had done everything she could to patch up the rift she had created between herself and Naruto, and by extension, annoying the ever-living hell out of her.

Ino's thoughts turned back to Naruto and her face morphed into a frown unseen by anyone. She couldn't help but feel saddened and guilty whenever she looked upon the blond boy. The reason being, her recent dive into his unfortunate past.

As they say, 'curiosity killed the cat', and indeed, what she found truly horrified her to the core.

In the last few months that she had spent with him, Ino learned about everything about him and his life. She saw all the abuse he had suffered at the hands of the civilians, all the tampering with his education during the academy, and all the amount of bullshit he went through his entire life.

There had been a few moments when she wanted to break down and cry right there but she didn't for his sake. She wanted to help him, especially after knowing that she was no different than those civilians.

Just like those civilians, Ino also played a major part in scarring Naruto's childhood. When they were children, she constantly used to belittle him for trivial mistakes and never left a chance to spread false rumors about him because she wanted to appear cool and fit in the eyes of others.

Throughout their whole childhood, she treated him like trash, yet he never complained about it, not even now when he could easily humiliate her if he wanted to.

The entire thing made her feel so guilty that she couldn't even talk to him in the first few days of his treatment. She felt as if she wasn't worthy to even stand in his presence and that he would hate her. So to avoid the humiliation, she kept her distance from him and desperately tried to talk as little as she could.

However, as time went on she couldn't bear seeing Naruto so lifeless and so downtrodden; it made her heart feel like it was being squeezed to the point of exploding. She knew she had to do something fast to lighten up his mood. So with a huge effort, she tentatively started a conversation with him. The immense relief she felt when he didn't ignore her almost made her bawl her eyes out.

Her lips twitched upwards into a small smile as she recalled how he had slowly started regaining his usual demeanor under her care. She witnessed him slowly regain the spark he was once known for and it made her feel so much happy for him.

Ino knew that what she had done in the past could never be erased, but the least she could do for him was mend his present and give him a nice future.

When she saw him smile for the first time after so many days, she had made up her mind right there. She would stick with him until the very end, no matter what happens.


She was brought out of her thoughts by Naruto's voice. "Haa…" Surprised, she stumbled back on her feet and began to fall down. However, before she could reach the ground she felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist. "I'm sorry, I just got lost-" She could have completed her explanation but midway through her words, her eyes accidentally got a glimpse of the position in which they were in.

One hand around her waist while the other one resting on her hips, such was the indecent position Ino found Naruto and herself in. His hot breaths that were tickling her neck were not helping her case either.

"Naruto" She tried to enlighten him about their embarrassing situation, but the oblivious boy only raised his eyebrows in return. "Umm," She paused, her eyes roaming here and there to find something that could save her from further shame but unfortunately, all they saw were countless people smiling at them.

The smiles they all had on their faces were not simple smiles either, they had this strange impression of teasing in them. "Naruto" She whispered, this time a little louder. "We have to meet Tsunade in her office!" Her breaths returned to their normal pace when the boy finally let go of her waist and hips.

"Ohh you are right!"

She didn't know how and when, but soon, she found herself being dragged into Hokage's office by the unfazed boy.


"Let's go!"

The smile he had on his face was enough to calm her down.


- Hokage Office -


For the thousandth time that day, Tsunade moaned as if she was hit by a hefty shot of the most potent aphrodisiac present in the world. Her whole body was aching, pleasure being the reason for it.

"My boobs…" Raising her free hand, she gently placed it above her huge mammaries, pinching them spontaneously as surges of pain arrived and left. They were sensitive, even more than they used to be when she was going through puberty. "Why did this happen to me?" A soft whimper escaped her rosy lips when the blouse above her breast began to expand because of the soaring nipples beneath them.

"No No No, not the nipples" Her wails were left unheard as the waves of pleasure kept swashing with each other within her nether regions. Her nipples which were nearly noticeable underneath her clothes began to twitch with every single contact they made with the blouse. "Damn it! These fucking hormones" Thick smooth thighs hugged each other when a massive spasm of pleasure erupted within her body. "Oh, God..." It was huge, yet nothing compared to what she had been enduring ever since the war got over.

That war, that fucking war was the reason why she was suffering so much. "No not the war!" Her breaths were heavier than ever now. "That sly brat is the one who should be blamed for everything!" Her dazed eyes drifted towards a particular picture that was hanging marvelously on the right wall of her office. "Minato, your stupid son is a very-" She closed her mouth to stifle a moan when another wave of heinous pleasure warmed up her body. From head to toe, she was sweating, moaning uncontrollably as these dire waves kept pushing her to a vale of indecency.

"Naruto…" She moaned again as she uttered the name of the devil who had shoved her body into this hell. Her nipples twitched again, and so did her moist lower lips. "Uzumaki Naruto!" Her indecent shout would have been heard throughout the village had she not placed silencing seals around her office. Those seals were amazing, if not for them, then her inappropriate acts would have been exposed by now.


Honey brown eyes widened to unimaginable levels when a familiar voice entered her ears. 'Ohh no' She thought.


An array of hot breaths escaped her succulent lips as she slowly turned her eyes towards the direction of the sound. "Naruto… Ino..." She murmured, her hands still massaging the insatiable mounds of flesh that were twitching madly beneath her loose blouse. "What are you doing here?" Rationality finally graced her mind when she saw the stupefied look on their faces.

"..." Naruto said nothing as his mind went numb due to the scene that was unfolding in front of him. His face looked as if life had been sucked out of him by the Shinigami itself and his eyes were vacant, twitching slightly only to get a better look at the huge spheres of flesh resting on Tsunade's chest. They were amazing, even more than he had anticipated they would be when he first saw them. Their shape, their size, and the way they were struggling to get out of her clothes were absolutely mind-numbing. "Baa-" The lump in his throat expanded as his eyes accidentally caught a glimpse of her left nipple. It was small, a gorgeous patch of pink color barely noticeable behind the confinement of her clothes, yet his eyes noticed and refused to leave the sight of it.

Ino, who was standing beside him, frowned when she noticed the course of his stare. "Naruto" She nudged him on the arm but got no reaction from him. "Naruto" This time she nudged him on the ribs but again, got no reaction whatsoever. "Naruto!" With a thunderous roar, she grabbed his ears and pinched them as hard as she could.


The pain in his voice might have affected her on any other day but this time she plainly ignored it. It was insignificant. "Don't stare at her like that!" She shouted, pointing blatantly at the embarrassed leader who was hemming her clothes back to their original state.

Naruto winced when Ino increased the force behind her pinches. "Ok, I will not look at her!" He yelled, all while looking at an embarrassed Tsunade. "Your nipple is more visible now, Baa-chan..." He notified the poor lady, thinking that he should at least help her in return for putting on such an incredible exhibition earlier.

Ino's eyes twitched, fury and jealousy running wild within them. "You pervert, what did I say? Don't look at her" She yelled and immediately turned towards the core of his attention, Tsunade Senju, who surprisingly was still trying to tuck her clothes back. "And why are you showing him your boobs?!" Her question finally prompted Tsunade to stop her actions.

"You ask why-"

"First cover up your left boob" Ino whispered, her hands swiftly placed in front of Naruto's eyes, blocking everything that the boy was dying to see again.

Tsunade nodded, before turning back to the fuming Ino. "So as I was saying, you ask me why am I doing this, right? Ask your boyfriend!" She yelled and angrily stood up from her prominent seat, only to collapse again when the clothes accidentally brushed off against her sensitive lips, getting stained by the drops of striking liquid in the process.

Naruto stepped back in shock when Ino stared at him with what he calls the meanest look in the Universe. It was frightening, enough to drain out every ounce of arousal from his body. "I-I don't know what she is talking about! I swear Ino" He answered, mustering his best innocent face in order to increase the chances of his survival.

"No!" Tsunade was not going to let him leave unharmed this time. "He is lying." Her words were barely audible but somehow both of her guests were able to understand them.

"After the war, he was the one who healed me with the powers given to him by Rikudō Sennin, and ever since then, I'm suffering from these horrible releases of hormones…" The redness of Tsunade's face and the continuous shivering of her body was enough evidence for the two teens.

It was true that Naruto had healed Tsunade after the war, but he was totally unaware of the unintended side effects that came with the said power. The fact that his mental state wasn't the best didn't help much either, in fact, it was a miracle that he even managed to pull it off and saved her.

One side effect of the healing was the massive influx of hormones due to the resetting of Tsunade's body. What Naruto did wasn't mere healing, he literally "revitalized" Tsunade's whole body to its teen self by destroying her original one. With the help of her chakra and cells from her old body, he created a new body for her. What resulted was a much younger Tsunade and a body not tainted with alcohol abuse.

However, due to the complex nature of what Naruto did, Tsunade's new body was quite literally catching up with the experiences of the old body. Basically, her body was being forced to experience decades worth of hormones in a few weeks, the consequences of which were being shown right now in front of their eyes.

"At first they were barely noticeable but from the past few days, they are absolutely killing me, urging me to find someone with whom I can have sex." Tsunade blinked when Ino positioned herself in front of Naruto. "Oh no no no, don't worry Ino, I will never even think of having-" Her words came to an abrupt stop when her eyes landed on the bulge that was jostling beneath the trouser of Naruto. It was huge and delicious. Her body began to ache again, but this time it was under her control. "Naruto…" She whimpered, her sultry words followed by a gentle tug on her blouse to free the center of his attraction again.

Ino already knew what was going to happen and so in order to prevent it, she grasped her friend's hand and began to drag him with her.



"Naruto… come here. Take responsibility for what you have done to me!"


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