Naruto groaned and clutched his abdomen when it let out a loud growl, begging for some delicious food to be filled inside it. "Ino" His eyes turned over to the corner of his house where a small kitchen was located. The clean and elegant area was currently occupied by none other than his beautiful friend, Ino Yamanaka. "Hurry up, I'm starving!" He grumbled, displeasure and hunger palpable on his face.

In response to his protests, Ino flung a wooden spoon towards him, missing his whiskered face by a mere fraction of an inch. "Starving?" Her blue eyes lit with fury. "Are you starving for the milk of that cow, Naruto?" Anger, unimaginable anger was seeping out of her voice and Naruto wasn't that dense to not notice that.

"Oh come on, Ino. I swear I wasn't looking at her in a bad way. It's just that I phased out when she unexpectedly opened her blouse and-" His tale of untruths couldn't continue for too long because, at the direst moment, his mind betrayed him out of nowhere. Face became red and his eyes dilated with a different type of hunger when an image, a rather lewd image to be precise, began to form in front of them.

Pink, it was everywhere, staining everything with its warm shade, especially the soft and exotic honey skin of one Tsunade Senju. Naruto could remember that unfortunate incident clearly, the sight of her nipple still etched on the hidden layers of his mind. It was amazing, no matter how he thought about it.


"Ahhh" A shrill cry left his mouth when another wooden spoon was flung towards him, not missing its target this time. It wasn't a harsh contact, but still powerful enough to sting for a while.

"Finished dreaming about her boobs?"

Naruto froze and his head refused to turn around because of the sheer volume of anger he noted in her voice. Saying she was angry would have been the understatement of the century. She was mad, absolutely livid, so much that he could easily feel her chakra spike spontaneously.

"I-Ino" Mustering some much-needed courage, he slowly turned around, only to gasp when he saw something he had thought he would never see on Ino's beautiful face.


The infamous glossy liquid was running down her cheeks, staining her beautiful face with countless tear marks. The sight was heartbreaking, even more so when he realized he was the reason why this was happening in the first place.

"Ino…" He whispered and slowly began to walk towards her. "Why are you crying?" His frown deepened when he was finally able to see her moist face clearly. At that particular moment, Naruto comprehended something very important. "Tears don't look nice on your face, Ino." He murmured, eyes curving upward when they saw her lips twitch slightly. It was quick but unhurried enough for him to notice and understand that he was making progress. "Look at me…" He gently cupped her cheeks within his hands and waited for her to turn her eyes towards him.

Unfortunately for him, Ino didn't heed any of his pleas. No matter how good he was acting at that moment, he had truly hurt her feelings with his actions today. Ino could still remember how openly he was leering at the naked breasts of their leader, going as far as ignoring her presence while doing so. He was so lost in Tsunade's breasts that he totally forgot she was standing there with him and that stung her the most. "Don't disturb me Uzumaki and let me prepare our lunch." Her face shrank at the loss of heat when Naruto withdrew his hands but she composed herself quickly and started to work on the lunch again.

"What are you preparing?"




Ino froze when her friend abruptly engulfed her in a warm hug. It was so sudden that if she wasn't aware enough, she would have almost dropped the pot in which the noodles were boiling.

"Aww, you are so kind Ino."

Her body began to squirm within his hold. "Naruto, leave me!" She yelled at him.


In response, Ino grabbed his arms and pushed them away from her waist, all while murmuring curses so terrible that they would have made Kushina look like an amateur for a second. "Didn't you hear me before? Leave me alone, Naruto!" She finally glanced at him and was pleased when the boy immediately stepped away from her. "I don't want to talk to you right now!" Another thunderous shout escaped from her rosy lips as she threw the wooden spoon at him. "Now you can prepare the food on your own, idiot. Bye!" With that said, she vanished into the thin air, leaving behind a stupefied Naruto who was still struggling to realize what had just happened.

"Why is she so angry about that small mistake?"

Thousands of questions were barraging his mind, yet he had answers to none of them.


"I wasn't staring at her boobs! Please forgive me, Ino! I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear my foot!"

The customers, who were quietly enjoying their drinks at the famous bar of Konoha, immediately stepped away from the angry Yamanaka. The tales of her anger were widely famous throughout the continent and they didn't want to be a part of that tale.

Unfortunately for them, Ino noticed their fear filled gazes that were focused on her. "What happened? Why are you all looking at me like this?" The anger inside her only intensified when the people started to saunter away further. "Bastards. Either drink quietly or leave the place. Also, if any one of you dares to disturb me again, I'll erase that person's memories and replace them with visuals of him getting pegged by himself." The threat was rather ordinary, there were no ill intentions behind it but the civilian population of the village still chose to leave the bar.

"Excuse me, lady."

A beautiful scowl materialized on Ino's lips as she heard someone's voice from her side. "What?" Her dazed eyes moved to her left and narrowed down a little when they saw a gorgeous man sitting there with a smile on his face. From the looks of it, the man was either trying to make a move on her or was, in general, admiring her beauty. Either way, she was not interested.

"If you don't mind, may I ask the name of that idiot who made a lovely lady like you so angry? I swear I will teach that bastard a lesson" The man, completely oblivious to Ino's inner turmoil, whispered slyly as he took small sips of an expensive drink.


It was thunderous, no, it was Godly, and if the reactions of people around them were anything to go by, then it was something that would have made even Madara piss his pants.

The power behind the slap was astonishing, enough to send the man flying through multiple doors before finally falling down unconscious to the harsh ground.

"Do you shill~ wanna know the name of t-that idiot?" Ino growled, blue eyes relishing the red on the man's face. It was a warning according to her, or a memorial that would remain on his face for a while, always reminding him never to make fun of Naruto.

"How zare you call him- him an idiot? Do you even know how imporsens he is to me?" She stood up from her seat, prompting others to leave the man alone, and needless to say, no one dared to defy her threat.


This one was even more powerful than the last. Everyone who was still dwelling in the building cringed at the sickening sound that followed the slap. It was horrible, even more than the blood that began to seep out of the man's mouth.

"D-Do you still want to t-teach that bazdard a lesson?" Another brutal strike followed her words but this time the target wasn't his face. Instead, her hand smashed into the man's abdomen and fucked the living daylight out of every organ that was sheltered inside there.

Away from those two the owner of the establishment, who was watching everything from the sidelines, finally decided to muster up some courage and intervene before his bar was annihilated into nothing but mere debris. It was suicidal, he knew but what other choice did he have? "Lady Ino!" He shouted loudly, hoping that she would remember him from the countless conversations they had shared in the past.

Hearing the shout, Ino immediately stopped, her fist an inch away from the skin of her target. "Whuz?" The presence of alcohol was distinct in her smell and made the owner wrinkle his nose in repulsion.

"Please let him go. Whatever he said-" His brown eyes widened in shock when they saw her flung her right arm towards him. It was unexpected and so the contact was inevitable. With eyes closed, he began to wait for the pain.


The owner immediately opened his eyes and began to cry tears of joy when he saw a familiar man standing right in front of him, his hand holding the wrist of the angry female.

"Naruto-sama!" The exhilaration in the owner's voice was palpable, and so was the smile resting on his lips. It was an indication that he no longer had to fear the Yamanaka because their hero was finally here.

Ino on the other hand, was having no such thoughts. Instead, she was getting angrier with each passing second. His very face was making her angry. "Naruso? W-Why are you-" Before she could finish her sentence, an overwhelming tug on her arms stopped her. "Whaaa…" Everything became blurry for a few seconds and soon, she found herself resting in Naruto's arms.

"Les me go!" She slurred out drunkenly, thumping his chest in protest.

"Ino" His cold voice froze her whole body. "Stop it." And just like that, she went completely silent. After all, she knew the boundaries of his anger better than anyone else and didn't want to push him further than that.

Noticing that she won't annoy him anymore, Naruto looked around himself and couldn't help but feel sorry as he observed the damage his friend had caused to the establishment and the poor man who was still lying motionless on the floor. "I'm sorry" He whispered to the owner and tried to bow down in respect but with her in his arms it was very difficult. So he forced her to do the same by nudging her head with his palm. "I will pay for the damages, don't worry about it." He added.

"Dun't pay for anysing dumbass. I-It was- was his mistake. He se the one who call- called you an idiot! He also called you a baszrd! I will kill him!"

"Oi, calm down, Ino! I'm sure he didn't mean what he said. He is clearly drun-"

Everyone around them gasped when their hero, the one who they adored to no end, was silenced completely by the Yamanaka. Through what? A kiss on the lip. But, it wasn't a causal kiss either. It was hot, passionate, and full of emotions.

The intensity of the kiss was such that it made Naruto's legs feel like jelly. In the end, he ended up looking more dazed than the intoxicated girl. But instead of alcohol, his eyes were dazed with pleasure, hunger, and love.

"In-" Naruto tried to say something but was rendered silent as Ino kept assaulting his lips, her tongue begging for the entrance to his mouth.

Her delightful assaults carried on like that for a few more seconds before Naruto finally opened his lips. 'Ino' Hisheartbeat ceased when her tongue infiltrated his mouth, bringing a myriad of flavors with itself.

Slowly, his hands began to slither around her waist as she increased the ferocity of the forays. She wasn't holding back, he could tell that. The anger, the craving, and the love, Naruto could feel all of them in the kiss. It was as if Ino was trying to force all her suppressed emotions down his throat.


Ino groaned at the lack of warmth when his lips left her unsatisfied amidst the wicked conflict. Her mouth felt empty and wanted nothing more than his tongue inside it again. "Ino?" She heard him call her again but didn't answer as there was nothing she could think of at that moment because her mind was still spinning because of the earlier drinks.

"Umm… Naruto-sama, she is drunk."

A small smile appeared on her lips when she saw him blinking owlishly at everyone present around them.

"W-wait you mean she only kissed me because she's drunk?"

The owner, who was standing a few meters away from them, couldn't help but feel sorry for him. "Y-yes, Naruto-sama."

Ino's silly smile widened when Naruto slumped to the ground in defeat. A small part of her wanted to intervene but her intoxicated mind refused to do anything. It was still lost in the kiss they just shared and was doing its best to make sure she remembers it after the effects of alcohol wear down.

"Well… let's go, Ino."


"Go, Go, Go, Naruto. You can do it, my darling!" An utterly happy and drunk Ino shouted as she patted Naruto's shoulders, the same Naruto who was now carrying her on his back, crying fake tears.

"Can you please stop calling me that?!" Naruto wailed, ignoring the snickers of the bystanders.

A small pout emerged on her lips. "Why?" Lowering her face a bit, she gently pecked him on his cheek.

Naruto hesitated for a while but soon resumed his walk to his house. Kisses like these had become normal for him a while ago. Ever since they had left that building, Ino had been very persistent in raining these little intimate greetings upon him. By now, he was sure half of his face was covered with the color of her lipstick. "Finally" He smiled when he saw the entrance of his apartment. Now he could liberate himself from his horny drunk friend.


He paused and gulped, already noticing that something weird was about to come out of her mouth. "Yes?"

"Can- I nees to sleep at your house today. My- my mother will murser me if she-" Ino trailed off as her tongue fumbled due to the intoxication. "Found out I was drink- drinking alcohol."

He could already sense the danger from far. It was running in an open field, shouting that she would try to rape him in the night, but even then, he chose to help her. "Sure," He smiled at her and began to unlock the door.

"Wheeeww!" Ino screamed as they entered the house, her face drowned in nothing but pure happiness at the sight of the familiar room.

Naruto sighed at the typical behavior of his friend. He didn't know why but Ino had always preferred his house over her own, going as far as to sleep here numerous times without even asking for permission from her mother. "Ok now rest on the couch while I prepare dinner for us." He whispered and was ready to drop her on the couch but just as he was about to do that, the girl immediately clung to his arm, wailing like a child at the mere sight of the sofa.

"No, I dons want to eat anything! I need to sleep!" She whined, eyeing the couch as if it was the most horrible thing in the whole world. "Sle- Sleep. your room." Her words chilled his spine for a second.

"My room?" Warning bells began to ring inside his head, prompting him to decline her request. "Umm," He looked at her and gulped. She was beaming like a devil and the smile she had on her face told him everything. "Sure" In the end, he couldn't deny her request and accepted everything that was waiting for him behind the door of his room.

"Good." She whispered, brushing his ears with her lips.

Unintentional or not, Naruto was practically sweating now. Every step he took felt like someone was pushing him into a ravine of suffering and desires. The lady who was resting on his back was not helping him in any way either. Instead, she was massaging his back and setting up his clothes as if she was preparing him for something very important.


His feets quivered when she moaned in his ears.

"Zere it is, my lovely bed."

The power returned to his feet.

"Now drop me down, darling."

Her shaky tone made him realize that the effects of alcohol were still there. "Ok," He whispered and gently lowered her on the soft mattresses of his bed.

As Naruto prepared to leave the room, he felt a hand grasp his wrist tightly, almost to the point of making him wince. Turning around, he saw Ino looking at him with an expression that he was certain spelled doom for him.

"Oh Naruuuuto~~" The blonde on the bed slurred seductively, her eyes unusually focused for someone inebriated. "Where do yo- you think you're going?"

Naruto froze in fear. Never before had he faced a threat as big as this. Even fighting that gorgeous anomaly Kaguya never inspired such feelings within him. He tried pulling his wrist away, but only felt the hand grip his wrist tighter.

"Uhhhh..." Naruto was sweating profusely, completely uncertain of how to respond. As the staring got worse, he just blurted out the first thing that came to his mind. "I'm getting changed to get in bed with you!"

Naruto swore very loudly within his mind as soon as he realized what he said. Why? Of all the things he could have said, why did he say that? He didn't even have his nightclothes anywhere on him, and he said he was getting changed? What had he got himself into?

He didn't have time to dwell upon what he said though, because Ino let out a very shrill squeal of joy that almost made his ears bleed and heart freeze.

"Yay! Mah darrling going to bes with me!" She sang happily. "Why don't you dew it here, rig- right now?"

Naruto was almost going out of his mind. He truly didn't know what to do. He could just teleport away, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings anymore than he had already done in the morning. She had always been there for him in his toughest time, so hurting her intentionally was something he could never even think of.

'But I have to get out of this situation...' He thought as his mind began to think of ways he could escape the situation without hurting her feelings. As he brooded, he didn't realize that he was standing there with a frown on his face, doing nothing. However, Ino noticed and clapped her hands, bringing Naruto out of his trance.

"Of course! You're soo shy zo get changed in front of me! Awwwww, that's so adorable, my lovelily daarlling!" She chirped happily as she pointed to the room opposite of the bed. "The bat- bathroom is riz over there, feel free to gez changed in there!"

Just like that, Naruto's feeling of complete and utter doom came crashing back down onto him with a force that made Madara's Tengai Shinsei feel like a gentle breeze. He wondered why Ino was telling him where to go in his own house, but put it down as her being drunk. Seeing no other choice, he marched robotically towards the bathroom in a way that resembled a prisoner walking to their execution.

As he finished changing, he stood there staring at the door for what felt like years. He really didn't know why he was so reticent in the first place. Here he was, with a girl that was arguably one of the hottest in the entire village. One who willingly came to his house, laid in his bed with no protest, and also kissed him numerous times in a single day! She was practically throwing herself at him, yet he still felt so reluctant for some reason.

However, he knew that he had no choice. There was no escape, except for if he chose to abandon her, which is something that he would never do, even if threatened with death.

Taking a deep breath and smoothing out any wrinkles in his clothes, he slowly walked through the door.

What he saw stole his breath away.

There stood Ino, lying carelessly on his bed with her blonde hair splayed all over the white sheets. Her eyes were closed, probably due to the drowsiness, while her body was gleaming in the beautiful rays of the Moon. Everything about her was spectacular and after so many years, a strange emotion churned within his heart, making it all giddy and uncertain.

"Naruto, whuz happened? Are you n- not going to join me here?"

He blinked when the melodious voice of his friend entered his ears. Hesitated at first, he eventually swallowed the lump in his throat and began to walk towards the bed. 'Just have to stay there until she sleeps.' He kept repeating that in his mind, after all, it was the only thing keeping him intact at the moment.

Ino frowned as she saw him getting closer. Even in this half-sleep state, she could easily notice the anxiety on his face. "Y- You know, iz hurts me to see you being so cau- cauzis around me. I won't hurtz you." Her words were effective as the boy immediately stopped shivering and glanced at her. "I am your friend, Na-" She blushed when an unexpected hiccup interrupted her lecture. "Damn it! I feel like…" Words perished in her mouth and her head fell on the mattress as the sleep finally took over her.


A giggle left Naruto's lips. "Stupid Ino" He shook his head as he gently held her head and positioned her properly on the bed. "Good night!" He whispered, his lips automatically reaching down to her forehead. "Sweet dreams, Ino" And with that, he finally placed a soft kiss on her skin. It was quick but important enough to make him feel nice on the inside.

"Now I can finally eat dinner" He chirped, almost ready to run towards the kitchen. "Miso-" His mumblings stopped when he felt someone's hand on his wrist. Looking down he gulped when he saw a completely conscious Ino. 'Oh, God!' He froze yet again.

"Sleep with me, Uzumaki. I can not sleep alone." She sounded as if she never got drunk to begin with. Her words were not even sounding as requests now. They were orders, fucking decrees, telling him to obey them or survive the outcomes.

"Oh hehe, you are still awake" He giggled and for once ever since she had bought them for him, his toad imprinted pajamas were coming across as interesting.

"Look at me," And so he did. "Come here." She pointed to the unoccupied space beside her.

"Ok" Swallowing all the uncertainty, Naruto finally laid down beside her and instantly sighed when she enveloped him in a tight bear hug.

Ino's muffled laughs reverberated throughout the silent room. "Oh, my Naruto…" She smiled as her dazzling eyes relished in the beautiful creation that was her friend.

Naruto saw the look in her eyes. It was the same as the one she had in that bar, full of love and compassion. It did confuse him greatly, why only him? There were thousands of men in Konoha who would die to get a small smile from her, yet here she was, smiling warmly at one of the biggest failures in the world.

"Ino" He adjusted himself on the soft mattress. "Can I ask you something?" Today was the day he was going to get some answers and the fact she was drunk meant she would not lie to him about anything. It was his golden chance.

When Ino answered in the affirmative, Naruto asked a question that had been plaguing his mind ever since he noticed her affections a few weeks ago.


He didn't need to elaborate further; Ino knew full well what he meant. He wanted to know what made him so attractive in her eyes. In response, she sat up and slowly pulled his head into her lap. As she stroked his hair, his eyes drifted closed and she started speaking softly, but clearly.

"Before I answer that Naruto, I have to tell you something. It all began back in the academy, when we were kids..."

She then started recounting the days when they were children, something Naruto didn't have the fondest memories of. But he knew that Ino would never hurt him, and he could tell that this was something that she needed to do. She needed to get this off her chest, as he could tell from their interactions, that something was bothering her deeply.

His eyes shot open as he felt drops of warm liquid falling onto his face. Looking up at Ino, he saw the beautiful blonde's eyes squeezed shut with tears falling from her eyes.

"I... I regret it, you know? Everything I did, everything I said. I bullied you so hard in your youth and yet you don't resent me in the slightest for it!... How can you forgive me? What sort of a person am I?"

At this point, her tears were flowing freely and her voice was starting to turn hysterical. Naruto knew he had to act in order to prevent Ino from sinking too deeply into her story. As such, he quickly got up from her lap, wrapped Ino within his arms, and began to pat her back.

That seemed to work as Ino's sobs lessened and she stopped shivering as much. They stayed like that for a while, before Ino restarted her story with a steadier voice.

"When Sasuke left, what was left of my stupid crush died at last. I took a serious look at myself, and reconsidered a lot of things. Although I didn't know it back then, I sure as hell know it now."

Her voice drifted off to a whisper as she slowly lifted her head and met the other blond's eyes. Hazy blue met vivid blue - the rinnegan in his left eye oddly suited him, she ideally noticed- as they stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Naruto could see the nervousness and devotion within Ino's eyes and likewise, Ino could see the concern and strength in his. Taking a deep breath, what she said next made Naruto freeze up.

"Uzumaki Naruto... I love you."


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