Naruto's brilliant blue eyes stared at the girl in front of him with mild interest and worry as he tried to digest the new piece of information he had just acquired from his village's leader. "So, you are telling me that she has been suffering from severe depression for a long time now?" He finally opened his mouth and looked at his senior for answers.

Tsunade, who was sitting idly on her chair, nodded her head grimly and smiled at the boy. There was no reason to hide anything from him anymore. Furious as they might be at each other, Naruto and Sakura were still best friends. They still cared about each other and that Tsunade could tell by just looking into their eyes. "Yes, Naruto." She answered shortly.

"And you are telling me this now?"

"She told me not-" Whatever Tsunade was about to say died in her mouth as Naruto silenced her with a seething glare, one that could have made Sasuke tremble in fear.

"And you agreed?" At her slow nod, the glare on Naruto's face magnified. "Why? She is my friend. I have every right to know about her health!" He shouted at her, completely losing control over himself for a second.

"Friends? I thought you both broke up that bond after the war. Am I missing something here, Naruto?" Tsunade wasn't fazed by the outburst of her subordinate. Instead, she was actually happy to see that Naruto still held his friendship with Sakura in high regard.

"Broke up? Pfft… I never broke the bond with her. It was Sakura who began to act like an idiot for a while and stopped talking to everyone."


Naruto looked away from her and turned his eyes over to his friend who was still lying unconscious on the couch. "How serious is her condition right now?" His lips trembled a little as he saw the painful state of her face. It was covered in sweat and minor wrinkles which were screaming at him, holding him responsible for everything Sakura had been through.

"Wait…" Tsunade paused and immediately turned to the pile of documents on his table. After scrambling for a few minutes, she finally found what she was looking for. "Here," She assessed the report for a second before handing it over to Naruto. "She is doing fine, Naruto. Just a mild discomfort here and there, nothing serious though." She told the boy who was scanning the report with utmost importance.

"Then why did she faint like that?"

"I don't know, Naruto."

"Then who does?!" Naruto almost screamed at her but controlled himself quickly as there was no reason for him to be mad at her. Tsunade was just doing her duty. "I'm sorry for yelling at you Baa-chan but this whole thing is messing with my mind. At one moment Sakura was talking normally to me and those girls but at another she fainted all of a sudden."

Tsunade blinked in curiosity. "Fangirls?" She asked him and at his awkward confirming nod, she continued. "She was standing there beside you and your fangirls?" She asked as a serious expression covered her beautiful vibrant face.

"Umm… don't call them fan-"

"Shh..." Tsunade stopped him as she immediately understood the reason behind the current state of her student. Sakura must have seen him talking casually to those fangirls. 'Of course, it's the only reasonable explanation!' She thought. Otherwise, there was no reason for Sakura to be so upset that she literally had a stroke.


Turning her eyes to the front she glanced at an uncertain Naruto, speculating whether or not she should tell him about it. On one hand, he would finally get to know the reason for Sakura's current state but on the other hand, he might start hating her more for her selfishness. After all, it was Sakura who shoved him away from herself after the war. It was all her mistake. "Nothing. She must have had a minor stroke" In the end, she chose not to disclose the secret. When the time comes, her student would tell him herself, Tsunade was certain of that.

Naruto, who was observing his leader intently, knew she was hiding something from him. It was written all over her face and when it came to lying or hiding her arousal, Tsunade was the worst of all. She couldn't hide anything from him of all people, that's how bad of a liar she was. "Is she taking her medicines properly?" He asked, trying to change the course of the discussion

"I hope so."

A surprised gasp almost left his mouth at the absurdity of the statement. "What do you mean by 'I hope so'?" The tone of his voice changed and the harshly spoken words sent shivers down Tsunade's spine.

"I mean, I can't look after her all the time. I'm the Hokage of this village, Naruto, and I have certain duties to fulfill every day."

Naruto calmed down. Tsunade was right. Her duty as a Hokage came before anyone's health. It was not like she could let the village's problems thrive while she took care of her students. "I see. Still,-"

Tsunade cut him off. "I know, Naruto. That's why I am assigning a medic to her right now. He will make sure she remains calm and collected." Rosy lips curved upwards in mirth as she saw the expression on Naruto's face change drastically.

"Thank- wait, he?!" Naruto's eyes widened in surprise as soon as he realized what his leader had just said. 'A male doctor' Sakura was being assigned a male doctor to look after her.

"What do you mean by 'He', Naruto?" Tsunade asked him, the mirth still lingering on her beautiful face.

"I mean, is Sakura going to be ok with a male doctor?" He immediately responded with a question of his own, totally trying to sound as serious as he could. "She has a very bad history with males, you know." The argument was good but he knew his leader already had a rebuttal ready for him. His presumptions were confirmed when the voluptuous Hokage smiled at him.

"You got a nurse to look after you when you were in pain, Naruto. So, what's the problem with Sakura getting a nurse of her own?"

Now that rendered him speechless. The amount of hypocrisy he felt rising in himself was astounding. For a second, he felt like he was the most phony person in the whole world. "Umm…" He tried to come up with something but sadly, his mind refused to form anything reasonable.

"See, you are worried about nothing, Naruto. I am sure Sakura will be happy with her nurse just like you are with yours."

Naruto opened his mouth to say something but closed it immediately. The lack of words in his mind was making it hard for him to argue with his leader. After all, what could he possibly say to persuade her? He had no authority over her. "Baa-" He stopped midway through his words as a strange idea bloomed in his devious mind. The idea was a little tricky but he was sure it would be enough to change the mind of his leader.

"Ino can be her nurse too. She is her best friend-"

"Was her best friend. Ino doesn't talk to Sakura now." The bored look on Tsunade's face caught him off guard and was enough to make Naruto realize that his leader knew what he was trying to do.

"Then Hinata?"

"She is busy with her clan duties and I don't think she will help a girl that left you alone after that horrible war."


"She has her own shop to look after!"

Naruto's confidence began to waver as he found himself on the edge of being defeated. 'Sakura' He glanced at the sleeping form of the girl, noticing everything that was wrong with her at that moment.

Her beautiful pink hair that he used to love the most was now nothing but withering threads of silk. Her beautiful face that had made him fall for her many times in the past had changed to an ornament filled with numerous creases and cracks, something that he couldn't watch for a long period of time.

"It's only because of her stupid decision?" He softly growled at her, admonishing her for being so reckless and stupid for something that wasn't hers from the very start. "She ruined her life because of him." His eyes finally drifted away from her body.

Tsunade, who was watching everything from her desk, smiled at the concern that the boy had just shown for her student. Unintentional or not, Naruto just showed that he still held her student in high regard. "For someone who hates her to no end, you are being quite soft on her, Naruto." She tried to tease him and by the look he gave her, she knew she had succeeded in that.

"I still hate her. I really do."

A haughty smirk appeared on her plump lips. "Oh really? Then why are you fussing about her state so much?" She asked, an arrogant look resting on her beautiful face. For once after so many days, she was able to control her hormones or at least subdue them for a while and by God's, the feeling was amazing. She no longer felt like she needed to pounce on Naruto, which was a huge improvement from the last time but even then she was sure she would end up doing that one day and that day was near, very near.

Naruto looked away from her, feeling uneasy because of the look she was giving her. "Umm… She is still my teammate and I can never abandon my friend, no matter how much they try to run away from me."

Tsunade hummed, totally pleased with the answer he gave her. She was glad to see that old Naruto was still there, living and thriving inside this new Naruto. "Also how is your eye?" She pointed out to the Rinnegan that was blazing in his eye like a fire.


Tsunade's body quivered in delight and a gasp fled from her lips when Naruto brought his hand up to his face and tucked his long blonde hair away to show the lavender colored eye. The way he smiled at her only increased the elation. It was as if he was trying to seduce her and she, for no reason, was alright with it. Her body was ready to be ravished by him. 'But why only him?' She couldn't but ask herself because he was the only one who was able to get this reaction out of her.


She almost fell from her chair when Naruto abruptly appeared in front of her, his face only an inch away from her, showing no signs of lust, just worry and warmth. 'Oh my…' Goosebumps materialized all over her neck when his hot breath made contact with the soft skin of her cheeks. "N-naruto" She tried to warn him but the boy, like an oblivious casanova that he was, ignored her words and brought his face even closer to her.

"Your face is turning red, Baa-chan. A-are you having a hormonal outburst again?"


Blue eyes widened in surprise and worry as they observed her face intently. "So… should I step away from you or-"

"No, no need to step away from me today. I'm all fine. I can control my…" The big-breasted Hokage trailed off from the topic when her eyes accidentally caught a glimpse of Naruto's extraordinary midsection through the opening at the neck. "Nar…" She shouldn't have looked there. Those chiseled carvings of flesh were something she had promised to never glance at until her little problem was solved. 'Fuck…' She whispered to herself and began to breathe heavily as the scent of her arousal scattered all over her office.

Naruto immediately caught the distinctive smell. 'She is getting horny!' He knew she was because the smell was familiar, very familiar. Knowing that he was going to be stuck in a very unusual situation if he didn't leave, Naruto slowly began to walk away from her.


His walk was put on hold when he heard the horny woman's voice again. "Y-yes?" He asked, a little uncertain about what was to come next. Was she going to fuck him? He hoped not, well at least the ethical part of his mind did, the unethical part, on the other hand, was not doing very well and was constantly telling him to follow the big breasted lady's advice.

"Come here… I need to talk to you." Tsunade murmured weakly and placed her hands below her boobs, enlarging them more than they already were. She knew he liked them, she had seen him leering at them many times, sometimes in curiosity and sometimes with insatiable lust.

If there was anything that Naruto liked as much as he liked ramen then she knew it was her magnificent breasts. They were his favorite and she was sure he would never say no to them, especially now that he knew they were completely real and not a genjutsu.

"Uh" Naruto almost stumbled on his feet and had not the stand been there, he was sure he would have collapsed directly on his sleeping teammate. 'Teammate… sleeping!' He smiled as an escape plan began to formulate inside his mind.

Tsunade immediately realized what he was about to do and so in order to stop him, she did what she does best.

In an instant, her green haori was thrown away to the ground, leaving her behind with nothing but a loose blouse to cover her giant milky udders.

"Na" Her plump lips parted a little. "Ru" The cold slender fingers entered her blouse and began to knead her round globs of flesh. "Toooo!" A sensual moan, one that could have made anyone recede in her allures, left her mouth and tainted the whole room with its obscenity.

Naruto, who was standing mere meters away from her, gulped as her moans entered his ears and dissolved like warm honey. "Baa-chan" His lips quivered in delight and fear as he took her name. "What are you doing? Please stop..." He almost begged as he knew what she was trying to do. She was seducing him, that too on a day when he had little to no control over his hormones. 'No, I have-' The train of his thoughts changed its track yet again when Tsunade lowered the left side of her blouse, showing him what he had always wanted to see ever since he had met her.

Her boobs.

"You can touch it if you want."

His throat went dry and his eyes dilated with lust when Tsunade abruptly scooped her huge breast in her soft palms and began to jiggle it erratically, something he had only seen women do in those adult movies.

"Do you want to squeeze them like this?"

Naruto wanted to look away but the way she began to knead her breast was a sight to behold. It was something that he could never look away from.

"I can't even handle it with my palms, they are so big."

That they were. They were humongous, so much that even Naruto was having a hard time thinking about whether he could scoop them or not. Maybe he could, who knew?

"Do you want to help me, Naruto?"

Her brown eyes met his blue ones and for a second, Naruto found himself frozen to his spot. "H-help?" He stuttered.

Tsunade gave the tit one last squeeze before smiling at her prey. "Yes. Do you want to squeeze them?" She asked again, her smile taking a devious twist when he began to stutter more. "Ok, you can suck on them too if you want." Her body shivered heavily when she saw the brine of lust within his eyes. Her plan was working, she concluded.

"I-I don't-"

Before Naruto could say anything, Tsunade's blouse flew high in the air as she nudged it away from her body. Now the only things left between her and him were the Hokage table and Naruto's willpower. "What were you saying?" She whispered, feigning confusion to look more delicious.

"I was saying that-"

Tsunade gently lowered herself on her table and slipped her huge breast right on top of it, giving Naruto an ample view of her pink nipples.

"Fuck." Naruto cursed himself for healing the voluptuous woman on that day. Seriously, what was he thinking? That she would be alright and thank him for saving her? Nah, she was doing exactly the opposite of that. 'Well she is still thanking me but in a different way-' He shook his head to clear up the vile thoughts. No, she was not doing anything like that. She was just trying to ruin his life.


Hearing the familiar sound of her moaning, his blue eyes wandered over to the table and almost popped out of their sockets when they saw what she was doing.

"Sucking her own boobs!"

Tsunade opened her mouth and allowed her wet nipples to escape her lips, a thin trail of saliva falling right on her tits as she did so. "Do you like it?" She teased him by showing him her drool coated nipples which were aching to be sucked on more.

Naruto shook his head.

"Aww…" Her demeanor changed a little but that smile, that inciting smile remained on her lips. "And here I thought you wanted to play with them…" She grabbed her breasts and gave them a tight squeeze, smirking ever so slightly when her fingers almost vanished within the flesh.


Brown eyes perked up in surprise. "You what?" She whispered, her breast mounted on the table again.

"Fuck it!"

In a flash, Naruto vanished from her sight.

Tsunade blinked. "Naruto?" She whispered. "Where-" The lustful smile on her lips turned sinister when she felt a pair of hands on her breasts, ready to squeeze them for eternity.


Sounds of indecent moans claimed the silence of the room.



Naruto looked away from the girl, finding it easy to stare at the crowded streets instead.


His fingers twitched and his eyes shrank in shame as flashes of what he was doing just a few moments ago began to barrage his minds.

"I-I won't tell anyone about that."

His shame filled blue eyes met her anxious green orbs and for a moment, Naruto felt like disappearing from the world. The way she was looking at him was heart wrenching and he wanted nothing more than to ask her why she was looking at him that way. "Really?" But in the end, he decided to stay on the topic instead of asking stupid question and ruining everything further.

Sakura smiled at him. "Yeah..." Her smile faltered a little when he lowered his head again. That mere action of his brought back those horrifying images to her mind.

Those images were something that she wanted to forget as soon as possible but she was sure they were going to dwell there for a while now. After all, there was no way she could unsee those images, especially those which involved him sucking on Tsunade's breast like a little baby.

"I'm sorry, Sakura. I didn't mean to do that." Oblivious to her inner turmoil, Naruto tried to apologize for his unforgivable mistake but was immediately silenced by a stern Sakura.

"But you still did that."

He paused and raised his eyes, only to look away in a second when he saw the look Sakura was giving him. It was cold and sad at the same time. "Yes I did that but it was all Baa-chan's fault. She was the one who forced me to play with her boobs."

An awkward silence took over the two as they continued to walk aimlessly on the streets of Konoha. Naruto tried to initiate a conversation again but decided against it when he realized that it would only make it more awkward.

Finally, after walking in that suffocating silence for a while, Sakura opened her mouth. "You should have at least thought about Ino, Naruto." Her words pierced his heart in an instant as they made him realize the weight of his stupid mistake. "She will be heartbroken, you know." The hurt in her eyes amplified.

"I-I know…"

"But don't worry, I won't tell her anything. So cheer up and smile, Naruto."

Naruto looked at her again and tried to smile at her but no matter how much he tried, a smile refused to appear on his lips. Knowing what she was going through, it was impossible for him to smile at her anymore. The shame he was feeling right now was a mixture of both what he had done just now and what he couldn't do in the past.

'Save Sakura from her pain.'

She might think she could hide her pain really well but Naruto could see everything clearly on her face. Sakura was suffering and all he could do was watch it from far away. It was not like he didn't want to or couldn't help her but he was sure the girl would refuse every help from his side. She was too stubborn for her own good.

"Sakura." After thinking about it for a while, Naruto ultimately opened his mouth in hope to get some much needed answers from her.


His heart trembled in fear when she looked at him. It was as if she was staring directly into his soul. "Are you ok?" Fear immediately got replaced by sadness as she began to squirm and shake uneasily.

"O-of course."

She was lying, he could easily tell that just by looking in her eyes.


But still, he couldn't muster up the courage to confront her about it.


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