A/N: This is a plot bunny that's been rattling around my head for a few weeks.

This will mainly be written in Olivia's POV, though we may see some parts from Paul - These parts will have the POV noted.

For the purposes of Olivia's story I'm changing a couple of characters ages. Here is some background information.

Olivia Swan was born September 6th 1986. Just 3 months later Renee fell pregnant with Bella.

Paul Lahote was born January 11th 1987. He is in the same school year as Olivia.

Also for purposes of this story, Jared Cameron is in the same school year as Paul, as is his imprint Kim. This will make them seniors when Bella comes to Forks in her junior year, although Olivia's story starts 2 amd a half years before Bella's arrival.

Rebecca and Rachel Black, Sam Uley, Leah Clearwater and Emily Young are a year older than Paul and Jared, and are in the school year ahead of them.

All other characters are the same age/school year as the books/movies.

The other major difference is that there will be no Paul/Rachel relationship.

We begin in the summer of 2002, just before Olivia, Paul, Jared and Kim begin their Sophomore year, and Rebecca, Rachel, Sam, Leah and Emily begin their Junior year.

Please let me know what you think and if I should continue.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Olivia and any parts of the plot you don't recognise.

Although... I wouldn't mind owning Paul. Or Jasper. Or both.

Late July 2002

I can honestly say I've never been as happy as I was to be moving to the rainy town of Forks, Washington.

Let me explain.

My name is Olivia Grace Swan. I'm 15, nearly 16 years old, and I have a younger sister, Isabella Marie Swan who is 14. Our parents are Charlie Swan and Renee Higginbotham.

Our parents divorced when we were young. Renee didn't want to be stuck in small town Washington all her life, so she packed us up and moved south to California when I was 3 and Bella was 2. We moved around often as kids. Renee is flaky and often didn't pay the rent or the bills. I soon learned that I had to do things myself so we didn't end up sitting in the dark. We eventually settled in Phoenix when I was 8.

We used to go and stay with Charlie each summer for the monthof July. I miss him and looked forward to my summers in Forks. I love spending time on the reservation and going to the beach with Rebecca, Rachel and their friends. Despite them being a year older than me we get on really well. There are always a bunch of reservation kids at the beach, and there is one boy that has caught my eye for as long as I can remember. I doubt he has ever noticed me though.

This year Bella decided she didn't want to stay with Dad for the summer. Of course Renee convinced Dad to take us on holiday for a couple of weeks to California instead of us going to Forks. Bella is her favourite, her baby, so she gets her way all the time. I'm sure Renee doesn't actually care about me or my feelings. I told her I wasn't happy at not going to Forks for the summer. She told me it was what Bella wanted and to suck it up.

That leads me to now. After years of being the adult of the house and having my needs, wants, opinions and feelings ignored by Renee and Bella, I called Dad when we returned from California and asked if I could move in with him permanently. He, of course, was ecstatic at my request, and Renee and Bella seemed pleased to see me go. After years I was finally doing something for me. Something I wanted to do. And it feels good.

Which is why I'm happy to be moving to Forks. Rain and all.