A/N: For the treaty boundaries, I'm going off what is written in the Illustrated Guide, that being the reservation is off bounds to the Cullens, the Cullens land is off bounds to the pack, and anything else, such as the town of Forks is neutral territory. This means that Paul (and the others) are free to go to the Swan's house in either human or wolf form without violating the treaty. I felt I should make this clear since in the last chapter I had Paul at the Swan house in both forms and the Cullens are in town.

I've written a couple of future scenes already, as well as the epilogue, of course they are subject to change. I'm excited to get them in the story though and for everyone to see how I want things to go!

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June 12th, 2004

The last few months have passed quickly. Paul went back to school, with an order from Sam to keep his temper under control and to distance himself from his friends. He can still talk to them, but he is to stick close to Jared. There's been several times over the months where he's gotten angry and nearly phased accidentally, but luckily Jared, Sam, or both have managed to get him out of sight of people, so they've been able to keep the secret under wraps.

Jared explained everything to Kim a couple of weeks after Paul's birthday. She took it well, and was happy to know that the tribes legends are real, and even happier that he had imprinted on her. Turns out she has had a crush on him for as long as she can remember. Jared introduced her to the rest of us, and she has become another friend to me, along with Emily.

Emily moved into the house the tribal council gave her when she left hospital after the accident. Her and Sam have taken the time to get to know each other, and she's become the 'pack mom' - Paul and Jared will often go there after patrols to both catch Sam up on anything he needs to know, and to be fed by Emily. Paul still comes to my house in Forks a couple of times a week for dinner, but when I'm not feeding him, he goes there. I will also head to Emily's after school a couple of times of week. Kim and I will help her cook, and the six of us will have a catch up. So far, the only vampires they have come across are the Cullens. As much as I know they can handle themselves, I'm worried for when they do come across a real vampire threat.

Due to Sam being the first wolf to phase from this generation, and him being Alpha, he is now a senior tribal elder and also unofficial Chief of the tribe. It's a lot to be resting on an 18 year olds shoulders, but Emily keeps him grounded. It is easy to see why she is his imprint.

He is graduating today, and he will be moving in with Emily officially. He's been staying at her house a lot, but they decided to wait until he graduated for him to officially move in. Emily had graduated early, last December, not long after Sam imprinted on her. Paul, Jared, Emily, Kim and I are all going to the ceremony for Sam, Rachel and Rebecca. Things have not been good between Sam and Leah, at all, and I think he is relieved to not have to see her daily at school.

Rebecca is marrying Solomon tomorrow and will be moving to Hawaii with him in a few days. Rachel accepted the scholarship for college, and will be moving to Pullman in a few weeks. I will miss both of them as they are my best friends, but I've had to keep the pack a secret, so that has made things hard over recent months.

Dad has relaxed over the last few months too. He now lets me stay at Paul's house when I want to. The only thing he has said is that he is not ready to be a grandad yet.

As for Renee and Bella, I still haven't spoken to either of them. It's been nearly 2 years since I moved to Forks, and I've not heard from either of them once. Dad told me that Phil had proposed to Renee, and they got married a couple weeks ago. I didn't go. I didn't receive an invitation, and I wouldn't have gone even if I had.

Things between Paul and I are going great. We have tiffs, like all couples do, especially when one of us is a shape shifter known for having anger issues. It's usually over something silly, but we always make up quickly. We love each other, and whilst we're both grateful for the imprint and the bond it gives us, we're also grateful that we had fallen in love before Paul first phased, so we know what we have was our own choice. We both are very keen on being able to make our own choices, especially with our pasts.

I wake up in Paul's arms and roll over to look at him.

"Hi beautiful." he mumbles.

"Hi handsome." I reply. I glance at the bedside table and see the time, groaning when I realise we need to get up. "We need to get up so we can get to the graduation on time."

Paul groans in response. "I would rather stay here with you in my arms."

"I know, but we need to go." I say, wiggling free of his arms and climbing out of bed. Paul growls lowly and I laugh. "No growling wolf boy. If you move we can share the shower." I wink at him as I head to the bathroom. I hear him climb out of bed quickly and follow me.

"That is an idea I can get on board with." He says, catching up to me and nipping my mark gently with his teeth as we head into the bathroom.

After we shower (and have some fun) we get ready and head to the school ready to watch everyone graduate. We sit with Emily, Jared and Kim, and watch as each class member walked to get their diploma. We cheer for Rachel and Rebecca when they get theirs, and then for Sam who is near the end of the line.

After the ceremony there is a bonfire at the beach to celebrate. Billy tells the legends as everyone sits around listening. I often wonder if the members of the tribe believe them or not, aside from those that know about the boys that is.

The bonfire ends fairly early so everyone can get a good nights sleep for the wedding tomorrow. I head to Paul's house with him and we fall asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

September 6th, 2004

The last few months have been great. We had a great summer, going to the beach with friends, surfing, bonfires and lots of fun.

Rebecca's wedding was the day after graduation. It was a beautiful day, and it made me realise that one day I want to marry Paul. I'd never really thought about it before, but that day made me think.

Rebecca and Solomon left shortly after the wedding. Rachel hung around for some of the summer, but she left for Pullman a few weeks ago. She misses her sister, and being on the res without her sister, especially with all the reminders of her Mom, was difficult so she left early.

Sam has started a construction business, with the help of the tribal council. The wolves are not allowed to move away from the reservation, so his plans for College had to be scrapped. He is doing some online business classes to learn the business side of running his own business, and he often has work for Paul and Jared so they can earn some money without having to worry about what to tell the boss if they have to leave quickly because of a threat. They can also use their supernatural abilities which helps things be done quicker.

I roll over in Paul's arms and look at him. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I sigh in content and nuzzle into him. I feel his arms tighten around me, indicating that he's waking up. I sigh again, thinking about how great things have been since I moved to Forks.

"Happy Birthday beautiful." I hear Paul say sleepily.

"Thanks. Good morning wolf boy." I reply.

I feel Paul kiss my head and smile into his chest.

"I need to get out of here before Charlie catches me." He says. I look up and pout at him. "First day of Senior year babe."

"We're finally seniors. I hope the year goes by quickly." I reply.

"Ready to be done with school?" He asked, smirking.

"So ready. I'll do my college classes locally or online. It will be so much better than high school." I reply.

"Mine will be online. Can't leave the reservation. As much as I love being a wolf, I hate that I'm tied to La Push now."

"I know, but think of it this way. The pack is your family now, and you wouldn't have that if you weren't a wolf." I say.

He sighs. "I know, and I'm grateful to have them, I really am. I just hate having my choice to move away taken away from me."

"Where would you have gone." I ask.

He looks into my eyes and sighs again. "At risk of losing my man card, I would have gone wherever you went." He says, his cheeks turning slightly pink on his tan skin.

I chuckle in response and kiss him slowly. "And I've never wanted to go far. I had always planned on staying close by, Olympia maybe, Seattle at a push. I missed out on years with my Dad so I wanted to stick around for him. You're just the added bonus." I tell him, my lips brushing his as I speak.

"Added bonus huh?" He asks, eyes twinkling.

"Yep. So you wouldn't have been going far if you were going to follow me anyway. I'm happy with doing my courses online and at Port Angeles now I know I can do what I want there."

"I hear the nursing course is pretty good at Port Angeles." He says.

"It is." I agree. I give him another kiss then hop out of bed. Paul climbs out too and captures me in his arms, kissing me.

"I will see you at Emily's after school Birthday girl."

"You will. I love you. Be safe on patrol."

He rolls his eyes at the last part of my sentence. "I love you too." He replies before heading out of my window.

The school day passes uneventfully. The Cullens scrunch up their noses when I pass them. I'm guessing that they need to get used to the way I smell like Paul again after not being anywhere near me for the summer. I give a mental shrug and carry on with my day.

Brooke and Faye got together and bought me a best friends charm for the bracelet my Dad got for my birthday last year. I add it to the bracelet and realise that the wolf charm Paul got me last year is the same colour as his wolf. I smile at the thought.

After school I head to La Push to Emily and Sam's house. Emily wanted to have us all together for a couple of hours before I head to my birthday dinner with Dad and Paul, which seems to be starting to be a tradition.

I arrive and park my car before climbing out and heading into the house. I find Emily in the kitchen, pulling a tray of her famous muffins out of the oven.

"Hey Em." I say.

"Liv! Happy birthday!" She exclaims before giving me a hug.

"Thank you." I reply. We hear a yip from the yard and look at each other.

"The boys are here." She says as I nod in agreement. The three of them come barreling through the door, shoving each other and laughing. As soon as they see us, Sam heads straight for Emily and Paul heads for me. Jared groans.

"Knock it off." He grumbles as Sam kisses Emily's scars and then her lips, and Paul wraps his arms around me and kisses me passionately.

"Like you wouldn't be doing the same if Kim was here." Paul grumbles as he pulls away to allow us both to catch our breath.

"Yeah, well. She's not here yet." Jared grumbles in response before his head jerks up and a grin spreads across his face.

"I'm guessing from the smile on your face she just pulled up?" I say, laughing.

"She did." Paul murmers, bringing his lips back to mine.

Kim comes into the house and Jared has her wrapped in his arms and kissing her in moments.

When the boys have finished with their hellos we all sit down and watch a movie with snacks that Emily had made for us. I love just chilling with the boys and Emily and Kim. They really are like family to me, as well as Paul.

After the movie Paul heads home to get showered and dressed and I head home to get changed. Once I'm ready I head downstairs to find Dad waiting for me.

"Happy Birthday Livvy. I can't believe my little girl is now 18." He says.

"Thanks Dad." I say with a smile as there is a knock on the door. I open it to reveal Paul.

"Hey babe." I say, letting him in.

He leans down and gives me a chaste kiss as Dad comes out of the lounge.

"Hey yourself. Hi Charlie." He says.

"Paul." Dad says with a nod. "Ready to go?"

Paul and I both nod, so we head out to the lodge.

We all order our food and drinks and are making small talk when Dad clears his throat.

"I wanted to get you something special for your 18th birthday, I hope you like it." He says, pushing a small box towards me. I open it to find a necklace with an '18' pendant attached. The pendant is a heart shape and has a sapphire, my birthstone, set into it.

"Thanks Dad, I love it!" I say, reaching over to hug him.

Paul pushes another small box over to me.

"Happy Birthday Liv." He says. I smile at him then open the box. Inside is a beautiful pair of sapphire earrings and an '18' charm with a sapphire embedded in it for my charm bracelet.

"They're beautiful, thank you." I say, leaning over to kiss Paul.

We spend the rest of the evening enjoying our food and making small talk. I think how lucky I am to have these two men in my life. My Dad, who gave me back something of a normal teenage life when he let me move in with him, and Paul, my boyfriend, my imprinter. The man I will one day marry and have children with.

After the meal we head back home. Paul drops me off and walks me to the door. Dad heads inside and I turn to Paul. He wraps me in his embrace and I wrap my arms around his neck.

"Thank you for today. I love you." I say.

"I would do anything for you, you know that. And it's not just the imprint talking. I knew you were my soul mate, my twin flame, long before I phased and imprinted on you. I love you."

"I know. I knew you were mine too. All that time watching you across the beach. I was drawn to you too." I reply.

He leans in and gives me a searing kiss that leaves me panting.

"I will be back once I've dropped the truck off at home." He says. I nod in response. If I don't stay at his house, he sneaks into my room. We both need to sleep in each others arms, and haven't spent a night apart in months.

"Good night." I say.

"Good night." He replies before kissing me again and heading to his truck. I go inside and say good night to Dad, then head upstairs to get ready for bed and to wait for him to come back. I sigh in content, not realising how much things will change in a few months time.