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15th August, 2002

I wake early to the sound of my alarm. I groan and turn it off. I then remember why my alarm was set so early when I'm not in school - today I am leaving my Mom and sister behind in Phoenix, Arizona to move in with my Dad, Charlie in Forks, Washington. At that thought I bounce out of bed and head to my bathroom to shower.

Once I'm showered and dressed I pack my final things into my suitcase. I have shipped the majority of my stuff to my Dad's house already so I only have one suitcase and my carry on bag for the flight from Phoenix to SeaTac where Dad will pick me up. Even though it's only been a couple of weeks since I saw him last, I am excited to see him again. I'm also excited to be able to spend time in my favourite place - La Push, the reservation where the Quileute tribe live. I hope that there are a few sunny days left before my sophomore year starts so I can enjoy the beach having missed it by not spending the month of July in Forks with my Dad as usual.

Once my final things are packed I drag my bags downstairs and leave them by the front door, then head to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I find a note on the fridge from Mom telling me that her and Bella have gone out for the day and that she's asked her latest boyfriend, Phil, to take me to the airport. I sigh, although I'm not surprised. At least I like Phil, though I don't know how he puts up with Mom.

I quickly eat my breakfast and wash my dishes. I'm just finishing up when Phil arrives.

"Hey Liv. You ready?" He asks, walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah." I say, grabbing my jacket and purse.

We head to the door and Phil grabs my case and carry on before heading out to the car. I lock the door as he gets my bags in the trunk, and then we both climb in and head to the airport. The ride is quiet, but not uncomfortable.

Once we arrive Phil gets my bags out of the trunk and we head into the airport. He waits with me whilst I check in for my flight and walks me to security.

"Take care of yourself Liv. I'm sorry your Mom and Bella couldn't be here to see you off." He says, giving me a hug. I roll my eyes.

"You and I both know that they could have been here, they just didn't want to be." I reply. He gives me a sad smile in response.

"I hope you'll be happier with your Dad." He says.

"I hope so too." I say.

"Good luck Liv. See you soon." He says as I start to head through security.

"See you soon Phil. Thanks for everything." I reply.

Once I get through security I head to my gate to wait to be called for boarding. It isn't long before my row is called and I board the plane, taking my seat next to the window. Luckily no one is next to me, so I don't have to spend the next 3 hours or so making small talk.

The flight passes quickly, and we soon arrive at SeaTac. I head to baggage claim and grab my suitcase before making my way to find my Dad. As soon as I spot him I head over.

"Hey Dad!" I say happily as I approach him.

"Livvy." He says with a smile. He takes my suitcase from me and leads me out to the cruiser. Once we are in and on the road I decide to ask something that has been on my mind since he said I could move in with him.

"Hey Dad?"

"Yeah?" he asks in response.

"Do you think I can get my learners permit after my birthday?" I ask.

"Sure." He says. "I can't believe you'll be 16."

I roll my eyes. "Thanks Dad." He gives me a small smile in response.

The 3 and a half hour drive from SeaTac to Forks passes quickly as I drift off to sleep. I awake to Dad gently shaking me when we arrive at his house. He grabs my bags from the trunk and we head up to my room. Nothing has changed since the last time I was here.

"If you want to decorate we can do that before you start school. I thought I would leave it to you to decide." He tells me.

"Thanks Dad. Maybe we can go choose paint tomorrow if you're not working?" I ask.

"Sure, we can do that. I'll leave you to settle in. We're heading to Billy's for dinner." He says.

"You mean we're heading to Billy's for takeout pizza?" I say with a small laugh.

"Well... yeah." He replies.

"If you can take me to the grocery store tomorrow I'll start making you some healthy dinners." I say.

"You don't need to do that Livvy"

"I do, because I'm not living on takeout." I say. He grins in response and nods.

"Okay. I'll leave you to it." He says and disappears downstairs.

I unpack my clothes, putting them away in my closet and dresser before sitting on the bed. I get out my cell phone and check it - no calls or texts from anyone in Phoenix. I sigh before finding my charger and plugging it in. I then unpack my laptop and charge that, along with my iPod. I then unpack the rest of my things and arrange them in my room, making it look like home.

I'm just about finished when Dad calls me down so we can head to Billy's. We climb into the cruiser, and arrive 20 minutes later. We walk in and see everyone waiting for us.

"Liv!" Rebecca and Rachel exclaim, before dashing over and hugging me.

"Becca! Rach! I've missed you both!" I laugh, hugging them back.

"We're so happy you're here, and to stay!" Rachel exclaims. Rebecca nods in agreement. The twins are my best friends on the reservation.

"Me too!" I say happily. They both know how Mom and Bella treat me, so they know how happy I am to be here now.

The evening passes by quickly and it is soon time to head home. I make plans to go to the beach with Rebecca and Rachel on Sunday, which Dad happily agrees with as he is going fishing with Billy and Harry Clearwater.

That night I settle happily in my bed, and for the first time in a long time, I feel happy and content with my life.

16th August 2002

Saturday is quiet. Dad takes me to choose paint - I choose to paint one wall purple and we buy a purple comforter and matching throw pillows. We then go to the grocery store and fill a cart with groceries. Dad is completely bewildered by everything I put in the cart, but he lets me carry on and pays for it all without complaint. We get everything put away once we we're home before we paint the wall in my room.

I make chicken, rice and veggies for dinner, and once we have eaten Dad goes to watch TV and I clean up the kitchen. I then head upstairs to my room to arrange my new comforter and pillows. Once I'm happy with everything I sit down with a sigh. Checking my phone I see an unread message from Rachel telling me that her and Rebecca are looking forward to a beach day tomorrow and will see me when Dad drops me off. There is still nothing from Mom or Bella, not that I expected anything else. I send a quick reply to Rachel before I drift off to sleep.

17th August, 2002

Sunday dawns with the sun shining brightly; perfect beach weather. I get dressed and pack my bag ready for the beach with my bikini and towel. I will change at the Black's house before we head down to the beach as I'll be arriving early thanks to Charlie picking Billy up for fishing. Once I'm ready I head downstairs for breakfast. Dad is already at the table drinking his coffee and reading the paper.

"Morning." I say cheerily.

"Morning Livvy." He replies.

I get a bowl of cereal and some orange juice, and join Dad at the table. Once we are finished I quickly wash the dishes and then we head to the Black's house where Dad drops me off, and picks up Billy.

We catch up for a while before we get changed and head out.

We have a great day at the beach. It has been so long since I've done this, and it is great catching up with the twins too. The boy that has caught my eye on many occasions is also at the beach with his group of friends. They are sitting a little way away from the three of us and throughout the day I find myself glancing over at him, as I have done many times on past visits. There is something that draws me to him, like a pull I guess.

A few times when I glance over I catch him looking at me before he turns away. I wonder if he thinks of me as I do him. I let out a sigh.

"What's up?" Rebecca asks.

"Nothing." I reply, glancing at the boy again. She catches my glance and looks to see who I was looking at.

"Paul Lahote." She says.

"Huh?" I reply, confused.

"Paul Lahote. That's the boy you have spent the day glancing at." Rachel explains.

"I haven't..." I mumble.

"Yes you have. You do it every time you see him." Rachel says, laughing lightly. I blush bright red.

"There's just something about him." I say. They both give me a grin.

Rebecca nudges my shoulder. "Maybe now you're here permanently you might move past glances."

"I doubt he would look at someone like me." I say. "He's so good looking and I'm just plain old me."

"You should give yourself more credit." Rebecca says.

"Can we change the subject now?" I ask, embarrassed. They both chuckle at me, but change the subject regardless. They tell me about Leah Clearwater dating Sam Uley. I don't know them particularly well, but I have spent some time with them over the years and they both seem like nice people.

As it approaches dinner time we head back to their house. Dad and Billy are back so we set about making a fish supper for us all before Dad and I head home.

I drag myself into the shower before getting dressed in my pyjamas and climbing into bed. I think over the last few days and decide that I am so much happier here. Dad let's me make my own decisions, my life is no longer ruled by Mom and Bella and what Bella wants. I have the twins, and I'm definitely looking forward to spending more time with them.

I remember what they said about the boy at the beach. Paul Lahote. It's great to finally put a name to him after years of wishing I had the courage and confidence to say hi to him.

I drift off to sleep and spend the night dreaming of Paul, me and a couple of dark haired children running around the yard as we watch.