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Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki

The scene switches to Tanjiro talking to a man.

"I beg your pardon, but may I take that basket...and a little straw and bamboo?" He asks the man on the field. A woman was also with him.

'Should we be expecting such abrupt changes?' Many of them thought as the scenes go from high emotional points to more tame ones. They decided not to think much of it.

They also noticed Nezuko was absent.

'Must've hidden her somewhere'. Iguro concluded.

Gyomei was more interested in the landscape, taking everything in as he won't be able to in the future. There are some things he was blessed with not seeing such as the aftermath of a demon attack, but he is also thankful for moments like this.

"We don't mind, but the basket has a hole in it". He admitted not wanting to give the boy something that's damaged.

'Why are we watching this?' Sanemi thought as he didn't see the point. He understood the first part to get the full context of what fueled him to become a demon slayer, but this doesn't seem all that important to him.

"That's alright. Can I pay you?" Tanjiro asks.

The man looks confused.

"No need for that. It's a broken basket". He pointed out.

"Please let me pay!" Tanjiro insists.

Most of them were confused as to why he was insistent. He was kind, but sometimes if someone is insistent on giving it to you, it would be impolite to refute further.

Ubayashiki voiced this.

"You should take blessings like this as they come. It would be impolite to refuse a gift, especially if you need it". He lectured Tanjiro.

Now that he thinks about it. His behavior was pretty embarrassing, but he didn't like taking things for free if he could pay. He understood what Oyakata-sama was saying and nodded his head.

"I'll remember that for the future!" Tanjiro blushed red in embarrassment.

'How cute! A true gentleman!' Kanroji blushed while swooning.

"No thank you. You can have the other stuff too". The man also insists on letting him have the broken basket and materials to fix it.

"But I want to pay!" Tanjiro was unwavering in his decision.

Zenitsu nodded at the screen. He is now thoroughly convinced his friend is crazy.

"WE DON'T WANT IT! What a stubborn kid!" He yelled as the man shouted in pain as Tanjiro gave him the coins.

"Just take it! It's only a few coins anyway!" He grabs the items and heads off. "Thank you very much!" The man was still groaning in pain.

"...And you definitely shouldn't do that". Ubayashiki simply stated.

Many of the hashira were twitching in annoyance at such a stubborn boy in a seemingly pointless struggle. Just take it, say your thanks, and get going.

Tanjiro was beet red. He could see how he had messed up there.

The view changed to a hole in the side of a hill as Tanjiro set his things down.

"Nezuko? Hmm...Nezuko!" He notices that no one was there. "She's gone!"

Everyone's eyes widened and were about to speak before they saw the next scene.

Nezuko pops her head out of the hole she made in the ground and frowns in discomfort.

'So cute! She's like a little mole!' Kanroji thought.

'She must not like the sun'. Most of the audience knew that because she was a demon now, the sun must be incredibly uncomfortable. How tragic.

'Did she dig that hole? My sister is like a mole now…' Tanjiro has a blank look on her face. 'Her face is scrunched up. She must really not want the sunlight to hit her'. He thought before getting to work on the basket.

The audience nodded to this. One second of being hit by the sun would be excruciatingly painful.

It took awhile but now the basket was reinforced.

"That's rather resourceful of you". Ubayashiki comments.

Urokodaki couldn't help but agree. It's been awhile since he's seen that basket and to think he repaired it himself...remarkable.

'So he used to carry her in that?' The hashira thought.

"Will you fit in here? I want us to travel during the day. I'll carry you". He asks as she just stares at him. "Get in. Here. The basket". Tanjiro tried motioning before she got up out of her hole and tried to fit. Half her body was sticking out.

Some snorted at this visual. Tanjiro is doing his best to communicate what he wants from her, but the basket seems too big.

"You're too big". Tanjiro mutters as he thinks back. 'Nezuko has grown up. I still think she's a little girl'. He thought of an image of a baby Nezuko.

'So adorable!' Kanroji thought to herself.

"Hmm...Nezuko, you're as big as an adult. Can you...reverse that? And get smaller?" Tanjiro asks her.

"Smaller Nezuko. Get smaller!" Tanjiro pats her back as she jumps in the basket and shrinks with her knees to her chest. She looks up at him and he smiles widely. "Oh! Good! That's perfect! Good girl, Nezuko! I'm impressed!" Tanjiro rubs her head and she closes her eyes.

'An interesting ability'. Sanemi thought it didn't seem very useful besides fitting in small places. A survival technique that is limited in variation. He still thought it had its uses.

Nighttime was almost upon them and Tanjiro was walking with a cloth completely covering Nezuko's basket. Tanjiro met a woman and a small child and asked them directions.

"To get to Mount Sagiri, you have to cross that mountain. The sun will set soon, and you're going to carry that huge load? It's dangerous". The woman voiced her concerns to the boy.

"Nezuko...huge? Split open your stomach for such slanderous lies". Zenitsu mutters and Tanjiro is unsettled at his words.

'Of course my underling is huge. She has a lot of strength after all'. Inosuke thought while nodding with his strange logic.

"I'll be plenty careful. Thank you very much". He bows to the woman.

"People really do disappear up there, so don't get lost!" The woman warned him and he waved back to her continuing his journey.

"That's not foreboding at all". Iguro sarcastically replied at her last comment.

"Kidnapping is not flamboyant at all". Uzui shakes his head.

The scene switches to Nezuko walking alongside Tanjiro.

"Oh! There's a way station. There's a light on. Someone must be there". Tanjiro thought excitedly to the building before he froze as he sniffed the air. "I smell blood. These mountain paths are dangerous. That traveler may be injured!"

The audience braced for another demon attack although they hope it's not the case.

Urokodaki knew of this area and was curious what exactly Tanjiro did before he showed up.

He runs up and slides the door open.

"Are you alright?!" He asks before he pales.

A person kneeled next to the bodies taking a bite out of a woman's arm with two other corpses with blood splattered along the wall and pooled beneath them.

A mix of fury and anger appears on the faces of the hashira.

'Seems like Tanjiro can't get a break, huh?' Rengoku thought.

'Demons. Unforgivable, the lot of them'. Sanemi cursed.

The demon turned to him. "Hey! This is my territory! Get away from my feeding ground! He stares at him with a crazed look in his eyes with blood dripping from his mouth.

A truly disgusting being was the general consensus of the audience.

Gyomei prays for the people that died and hopes the demon dies swiftly.

'A demon!' Tanjiro thought and Nezuko right beside him as she stared at the corpses and her mouth started watering.

'A similar situation has already happened?' Sanemi questioned himself. It seems she was able to refuse. A great amount of mental strength. He couldn't help but be impressed.

"A likely reaction to her first time being around such a horrific scene". Ubayashiki's comments and the others couldn't refute that.

The demon noticed and narrowed his eyes. "Hmm? Something's wrong here. Are you two human?" The next moment Tanjiro was tackled by the demon but he managed to dodge his strike and sliced at his neck with his hatchet. It connects and blood spews out of his exposed throat.

"A nice reaction, but ultimately useless". Rengoku gives a backhanded compliment.

'That would only work if it was coated in poison, but it's impossible for Tanjiro to have wisteria on him'. Shinobu shakes her head as she sighs.

The demon steps back before chuckling. "A hatchet?! Not bad, but a wound like this will heal in no time!" The bleeding stopped and the wound began to close. "See? The bleeding already stopped".

Tanjiro looks shocked and Nezuko turns back to the both of them as Tanjiro is forced to the ground.

The audience couldn't help but be impressed that Nezuko was able to refuse with blood right in front of her to help her brother. She really is much different than the rest of the demons.

'Such strong familial love!' Kanroji swoons once more.

'Their strength surpasses the constrictions of race'. Gyomei smiled as not even becoming a demon could Nezuko leave her brother to his fate.

'He's fast! And incredibly strong!' He grunts struggling against the demon.

"You'll never do that again! I'm gonna snap your neck". The demon declared before his head was simply gone and Nezuko is shown kicking it off as it bounces off a nearby tree.

"YEAH!" Inosuke shouts while Zenitsu shrieks in fear and also blushes. What a contradiction.

Tanjiro was still put off by how easy it seemed for Nezuko to lop off that demon's head.

'I haven't seen Nezuko in combat, but even without anyone she is still relatively strong. How interesting'. Urokodaki and Ubayashiki thought.

Tanjiro panics as the body falls off him.

A few laughed.

'Sh-She just killed him! Well, he was a demon, so…' Tanjiro thought before calling out to her. "N...Nezuko!" Suddenly a claw came right for his head.

Zenitsu yelled dramatically with eyes popping out of his head.

Nezuko kicked the body away from the boy.

"I can't believe it! It just moved with its head ripped off!" Tanjiro looks spooked.

The hashira couldn't blame him for not knowing that demons could still move even if their heads are severed. Although, it's not a common occurrence because demons usually die by being sliced by a nichirin blade. No one would ever use a regular hatchet.

"Why you!" The head of the demon cursed. "I knew it! One of you is a demon! Something didn't seem right! What are a demon and a human doing together?!"

'Question of the century'. Many of them thought.

'I believe he will be getting this question a lot'. Rengoku couldn't help but laugh.

Tanjiro looks more freaked out. "It's still talking!"

"Stop freaking out, Kentaro! Slay the demon!" Inosuke shouts at him.

"It's Tanjiro!" He responds iconically.

"Stop repeating what I'm saying!" They both drop it at this point.

The headless body got up and charged at Nezuko.

Tanjiro quickly got up. "Stop!" He was about to strike until he noticed something out of his peripheral vision.

'Seems like things are about to start'. Iguro noted the look in Tanjiro's eyes. This'll be his first demon he'll have to slay.

The head of the demon grew arms and flew at him and Tanjiro swung at him, but the demon bites down on it.

Zenitsu freaked out once again at the sight.

'What the?! The head grew arms?!' Tanjiro began sweating as he struggled. "GET OFF OF ME!" He shut his eyes as he headbutted the demon.

The audience was dumbfounded.

'Did he really try that against a demon?' Many of them thought.

Inosuke looked fired up.

"Now me!" Inosuke looks at Tanjiro.

"Not now!" He responds and once again gets into a verbal dispute about the boar wanting to headbutt each other.

Sanemi winced at the reminder at his thick head impacting his own.

'If you're gonna do that so often, might as well make it a technique'. The scarred man mutters angrily.

The demon looked physically stunned. 'This guy is tough'.

Tanjiro headbutted him again.

Now the audience openly laughs and Tanjiro couldn't help but be embarrassed at his method of attack. Not that he knew a better way back then, anyway.

'His head is so hard!' The demon's eyes went completely white for a moment and that gave Tanjiro an opportunity.

He swung his hatchet and threw it at a tree before running off.

"Not bad!" Rengoku compliments the young man. It obviously wouldn't kill the demon, but it would buy him time to help his sister.

'Not ideal, of course'. Iguro comments as it seems to him that Tanjiro is just flailing about trying to get his grasp on the chaotic situation. 'Does he even know how to kill one at this point?'

'There's a lot of trees around. Hmm...1...2...3…...what was I at again?' Muichiro thought before losing count.

"Nezuko!" He called out searching for her.

'He pinned me to the tree with his hatchet! My hair is tangled up on the handle! And I grew these hands too short, so I can't get a grip!' The demon complained trying to get free.

'Stupid'. Sanemi grumbles at the foolish demon.

"I pity the fact you were even born". Gyomei looks down in sorrow with his hands together.

"A bland performance". Uzui sighs.

Tanjiro ran before seeing the body of the demon stepping on Nezuko. He grew enraged.

"STOP IT!" He ran and tackled the demon only to fall down a cliff.

All of them smacked their foreheads mentally at the colossally stupid idea.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU FOOL?! DO YOU NOT VALUE YOUR LIFE?! YOU'D LEAVE NEZUKO-CHAN ALONE! APOLOGIZE!" Zenitsu started screaming at the boy in question while shaking him.

Tanjiro felt like he was about to hurl from the force.

"S..Sorry". Tanjiro tries to regain his coherence.

'He must've realized he could survive the fall!' Inosuke's metaphorical lightbulb glowed as he vowed to jump off the next cliff to test his strength.

"I shouldn't have to tell you that was a horrible decision". Urokodaki plainly stated in disbelief. He understood what he tried to do but he didn't think of his surroundings at all.

Tanjiro was flushing red in embarrassment. He was doing that a lot this time around.

Nezuko grabbed him by the hand to stop him from falling. The demon wasn't so lucky as he landed head-first on the ground and splattered across the rock.

"Yay!" Kanroji cheered.

"At least someone was paying attention". Iguro shakes his head with a sigh.

"A dramatic save!" Uzui laughed.

Giyu never would have thought he had to go through such a trial on his way to Urokodaki's home. He felt a little guilty about that. Tanjiro could've easily died from the demon and he sent him there. Although, he thought he would've learned his lesson by not traveling at night.

'GYAHH!' The head felt it and he passed out from the pain.

Tanjiro made his way back with Nezuko and stared at the demon while taking out a knife.

'Did he always have that?' The audience thought.

'Wow! How many demons are there? He smells different than the one that was at my house. He's a different demon, but if I don't kill him, he'll attack more people. So I have to do this!' He is sweating and trembling at the thought of ending this demon. 'Do it!'

"There's no need to have such thoughts. Just kill it!" Rengoku encouraged him. The demon was no longer human so there's no need for such a reaction.

All of the hashira agree to that.

Tanjiro could still remember how he was feeling. He grew out of it, but at the time he was still taking a life and couldn't get over that hurdle.

A hand clasped his shoulder and he turned around to see a man with a mask. The mask is red with a long nose as he wears a wavy sky blue kimono with white clouds.

The hashira perked up and sat straighter. This was a former hashira after all. Many of them didn't get the luxury of training under one, so this is an invaluable experience.

"You can't kill it with that". He simply stated.

The scene changed to the man looking into the sky as a crow landed on his shoulder. He unties the note and realizes it's a letter.

'Greetings Urokodaki-sensei. I have sent a boy your way who says he wants to become a demon slayer. He had the courage to fight me unarmed. A demon slaughtered his family, transforming his surviving sister into a demon, but she chooses not to attack humans. I sense something in these two that is different from the others. Like you, the boy has a strong sense of smell.

"I believe that perhaps he could be worthy of carrying on your traditions. Please train him. I know this is a selfish request so please forgive me. May this find you in good health and in good spirits. Sincerely Giyu Tomioka".

"You seem quite invested in them". Iguro muttered as to why he felt so inclined to put his own head on the line for people he just met.

Giyu said nothing.

'Hmm. So both of them have strong senses of smell. I wonder if Tomioka-san also does. That would be a hilarious coincidence'. Shinobu thought while smiling.

'Gramps never had super hearing'. Zenitsu thought as both Tanjiro and his sensei share the same trait. However, he caught him so many times and at the middle of the night, you would be shocked if the old man didn't have super hearing.

The man runs off from the mountain before switching back to the present.

"H...How can I finish it off?" Tanjiro asks. 'A tengu mask!' He thought.

'Mustn't laugh!' Kanroji held in her laughter at Tanjiro's priorities.

'What kind of lord did he slay?' Inosuke looked puzzled at the strange mask. He wore the mask of the lord of the mountain, but he didn't know any lord that looked like the old man's mask.

"Don't trust what others say. Can't you solve this riddle yourself?" The man responds trying to get the boy to figure it out himself.

The hashira nodded to this. He'd have to figure things out on his own.

'He moved in complete silence'. Tanjiro thought before looking down at the knife. 'If stabbing won't work, I'll have to crush the head'. He grabs a nearby walk and shakes.

Even some hashira felt grim at that. A rather brutal way to end a demon.

'Thank goodness for nichirin blades'. The hashira similarly thought.

'To completely crush the head, I'll have to smash it with a rock repeatedly. It will surely suffer. Isn't there any way to kill it with one blow?' He looks down with apprehension trying to work up the courage to kill the demon with this brutal method.

The hashira couldn't help but feel the irony at the situation since nichirin blades can kill a demon like that in one strike.

'Hmm. Some of the wisteria poison I make is rather painful. I wonder what he'd think about that?' Shinobu thought to herself.

'As if demons deserve such sympathy'. Sanemi thought in disgust.

'How many strikes would it take, I wonder? Not like I'd remember'. Muichiro thought to himself absently.

Urokodaki looked disappointed.

'This kid is no good. His kindness prevents him from taking decisive action. When facing a demon, he still reeks of sympathy and consideration. He even feels sympathy for a demon. Giyu...this boy won't make it'. He concluded.

Tanjiro couldn't help but flinch at his sensei's words, but he understood now that he can see himself again. He wasn't inspiring confidence. He looks frozen and lost. It looked shameful in his eyes.

The demon woke up and looked around.

'I was unconscious. Is my body dead? I feel sick'. He thought.

"Oh!" That startled the demon and he looked at the boy responsible for this situation. "While I was wasting time, the morning came!" The boy looked over to the sun peering up from the horizon and it met the demon's skin.

He screeches in pain before dissolving completely.

Tanjiro looks shocked.

'Just a touch of sunlight did that?! No wonder Nezuko hates it!" He suddenly runs off and looks inside the building to see Nezuko inside the basket with the cloth over her.

Zenitsu wanted to say something about that, but held it inside. Tanjiro isn't looking too good on the screen and he's never seen him act this way before.

The Tanjiro he knew was confident and sure of himself, but now he can't see anything like that except his fierce determination to protect Nezuko.

'Oh yeah, that guy'. He went looking for the man only to see him with his hands clasped with newly dug graves. 'He's burying the demon's victims'. The man turned to him.

"Um…" He has no idea what to say.

"I'm Sakonji Urokodaki. You must be the one Giyu told me about". He introduces himself.

"Y-Yes. I'm Tanjiro Kamado. My sister is Nezuko". He responds in kind.

Tanjiro couldn't see it but Urokodaki's gaze narrowed.

"Tell me Tanjiro. What will you do when your sister eats someone?" He asks.

The hashira leaned in for this since they knew a question like this would come up.

Tanjiro looked speechless before he was slapped.

"You think too slowly! You struggle over the simplest decisions. You could never finish off a demon before the morning light". Tanjiro was shocked by this whole scolding. "Why couldn't you answer that question immediately? You are too soft! When your sister eats someone, there are two things you have to do. Kill your sister, then slit your own stomach and die!

"That's what it means to travel with your sister who's a demon! But it is your sacred duty to ensure that this NEVER happens. Your sister must NEVER take the life of an innocent person. Do you understand what I am saying? He asks with a scorn.

'At least I wasn't the only one who wasn't slapped around'. Zenitsu thought to himself. He would also make sure Nezuko never ate anyone. After all, if she did, that wouldn't be Nezuko anymore. Just another demon amongst demons.

The hashira agreed with his words. The Tanjiro they are seeing wouldn't be able to do anything for his sister unless he shapes up and bolsters his confidence. Training with Urokodaki must've changed that, so that's a start.

"YES!" Tanjiro responds quickly with sweat beading down his face.

"Very well, I will test you to see if you have what it takes to become a demon slayer. Shoulder your sister and follow me". He instructs Tanjiro to run to get his sister before following the man.

He was noticeably far from him and he's doing his best to keep up. He is panting with sweat pouring down his face.

'He's fast! Hold old is this guy?! And his feet really don't make any sound!' He realizes before trying to pick up the pace.

Truly a past hashira the audience thought.

'A ghost?!' Zenitsu thought comically.

'Nezuko, this'll be rough but hang in there! But… suffering is all you've ever known…' He thought back to Nezuko sewing.

"Are you mending your kimono again? You should buy a new one!" Tanjiro suggests before she shakes her head.

"No, no. I'm fine! I like this kimono! Instead, I use that money to give the younger kids plenty to eat!" Nezuko smiled as the view changed back to the present.

'I will make you human again! And then I'll buy you a beautiful Kimono! Everything I couldn't give to them, I'll give to you!'. Tanjiro vows as they make it to a small cabin as he collapses at the doorstep.

'How sweet!' Kanroji blushed at all the familial love she is seeing.

Zenitsu vows to do the same with a firm and serious nod that looked out of place for him.

"S...So…" Tanjiro wheezes from the lack of breath. "Did I...pass the test?" He asks.

Urokodaki looks down at the boy.

"The test begins now. Climb the mountain". He simply stated as Tanjiro's eyes got comically large in grief.

Zenitsu felt like he could relate to Tanjiro's pain as he went through something equally horrifying in his own training.

The hashira just laugh at his expression.

'A test like that couldn't possibly be enough'. Iguro shook his head and sighed. Tanjiro had a long way to go.

The scene changes to both of them walking up the mountain.

Tanjiro looks slightly pale and sweating profusely. 'I'm already tired. My legs are getting weak. I'm dizzy…' He internally complains as Urokodaki turns to him.

Zenitsu felt like Tanjiro was the brother he never had at that moment.

'What lord will they fight on that mountain?' Inosuke thought to himself.

"Now you must descend to the house at the foot of the mountain. This time, I will not wait until sunrise". The man disappeared from sight.

"Huh? Is that all? Oh, I get it. He thinks I'll get lost in this thick fog. I just have to get back before sunrise. That's easy! I have a sharp nose! I've already memorized Urokodaki's scent'. He thought with relief as he made his way down. 'Even if I can't see him, I can still follow him all the way'. His leg was suddenly caught on rope as rocks pelted him.

"If only". Shinobu laughed lightly.

'Who's throwing rocks?!' He thought as he became bruised before abruptly falling down a pit. 'A pitfall?! I get it! These are all traps. That's the challenge!'. He climbs out of the hole as his arm presses down on a thin wire. 'Here we go again!' He looks ahead for any sign of rocks before a log slams into his back.

'Keep activating those traps and you'll be up there all night'. Many of them thought.

Tanjiro starts to get more worried. 'I'm in big trouble. If I keep setting off every trap. I won't get down the mountain by morning. And I just noticed...up on this mountain...the air is so thin I can barely breathe! It's much worse than the mountain I lived on! That's why I feel so dizzy and tired. I feel like I might pass out!' He struggles to breathe as he suddenly snaps himself out of his depressing thoughts.

"A great training method for controlling your breathing". Ubayashiki nods at the screen.

'No! I've gotta get back! Control your breathing. Sniff out the traps! Someone must've set them so they should have a lingering scent'. He takes a few sniffs and dodges a trap he set off. 'Yes! I can smell them!'

"Can you physically dodge them, though?" Iguro noted.

"You must be in a lot of pain, you poor child". Gyomei offered his condolences.

He sniffed out another one but he failed to dodge it as bamboo slammed against him.

"There's your answer". Kanroji giggled.

"Fall with more style!" Uzui shouted at the screen.

'But knowing they're there doesn't grant me the ability to evade them all!' Tanjiro thought as his determination burned brighter. He would not give up.

The view switches to Urokodaki pulling a blanket over a sleeping Nezuko as he hears footsteps outside his door. It was opened as Tanjiro came stumbling in.

"He made it!" Kanroji cheered.

"Naturally". Iguro had a faint smile.

"Took you long enough". Sanemi narrowed his eyes on the screen.

"Good job!" Rengoku smiled.

"Thanks". Tanjiro couldn't help but say even if it was a painful process. It only got easier at the end of his time training because his sensei kept racking up the difficulty.

He was covered in blood, dirt, scratches, and multiple bruises across his body.

Nezuko cuddled into his arm and smiled at him.

Zenitsu looked ready to fight Tanjiro at that moment.

"I...made...it...back". He slumps down to the floor.

The older man looked at him.

"Tanjiro Kamado, I accept you as my student!" He announces as the vast mountain is shown at the end.

There's the end of the chapter.

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