Hey all this is just a short story I wanted to write because I've had this idea in my head for a while now and I will Definitely not turn this into a story because if I tried it would be a disaster. Hope you enjoy it and have a good one!

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On a world burned in the fires of war the planet itself no longer looks as it once did with ash covering the sky all plant life burned away and bodies litter the ground of a multitude of species. So many fight together now in hopes of stopping an unrelenting enemy that no matter how many fall more fall in line to continue the assault. This one small world isn't unique in that regard for all those that fight this horrendous war have found their worlds broken and dying from this foe that none can match. Sangheili, Asari, Turians, Salarians, Krogan, Quarian and humans all working together to defeat an enemy none understand except for one. This one singular man has seen this enemy before and even invited them to the home world of humanity or at least the one he knew of and he watched from the sides as his plans bore fruit that would lead him off the singular dying world held together by a the ideals of an organization that had both frustrated him and played into hands. That man is Kane the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, a man that led his followers to torment the galaxy in order to gain what he wanted. Yet now he still feels the same frustration as he once did when battling the GDI after all it's not everyday that nearly all of his plans fall to ruin because of another faction.

Kane along with many of the most skilled warriors the Galaxy has to offer now stand by a holo table that shows just how out matched they all truly are. As he stroked his beard he thought and planned his next move against the near unbeatable Scrin, the ones that invade GDI Earth were far weaker and unprepared for a functioning military on that death world. Unfortunately this time around the Scrin came prepared and in bulk the likes he has never seen in his near immortal life not since his time during the Scrin wars against his own people has he seen this powerful advance from the addicts. True he preaches that Tiberium is the ultimate source of life and will lead humanity to the next level of evolution and what he preached was no lie but to be like the Scrin not even he wishes that upon his followers.

As Kane continued to think his thought process was interrupted by one of his "comrades" in the room.

" We can not stay on the defensive like this. It will lead to our deaths and the fall of yet another world to these abominations!" Came the angered shouts of the Arbiter Thel 'vadam.

" And what do you think we can do! Not even my Krongan can hold the line long enough for our troops to build a proper defense! We have only held this long because of the fabrication tech that Nod has!" Came yet another shout from the Krogan warlord and leader Urdnot Wrex.

All the Arbiter did was stare menacingly at the warlord for a few minutes before letting out a huff and apologizing.

"Forgive me I have acted like a newborn child I just grow frustrated is all. Even with all our fleets we have hardly held this foe at bay. Sangheili space is still contested territory even with the aid Reclaimers and the Turians we are taking tremendous losses in both navel and ground engagements."

" I understand Arbiter but we must remain calm and collected. They can't keep this up forever can they, the amount of dead is even greater on their side with the amount of bodies being thrown at us."

As Kane looked up at the young man before him heh they were all young considering his age. Shepherd was his name, a man of a great many feats nearly as many as the armored titan that stands in the room. As Kane looked around he saw many thinking the same a foolish thought and one he would need to quell now.

" I am sorry commander but you are wrong." And with that simple line all eyes turned to him something he was intimately familiar with. "All they have sent at us truly have been mere cannon fodder meant to be thrown into the grinder." As he talked he pulled up an image of a bipedal creature covered in armor and translucent muscles with one clawed hand the other a glowing canon, feet that were sharp as talons and a glowing purple translucent muscle in the back of its neck. " The Scrin have now only just begun sending their main troops into the fray and as we have seen both your N7s and the Spartans are being outclassed more so you N7s than the super soldier my own cyborg commands are beginning to fail as well."

At the mention of the best they had not beginning able to cut it many in the room showed dejected faces.

" But we haven't lost yet, we need more decisive strikes at the heart of their command and if that objective is impossible we need to hold at least one front so the others can gain traction."

" That is easier said than done Master Chief, as you have seen they not only do they use plasma technology which bypasses nearly all of the shields we have in the council militaries they also use a highly toxic acid of some kind that burns through your own shields." The Young Asair what was her name ah yes Liara T'soni spoke with courage towards the metal giant in the room.

" Why don't we ask our resident expert on the Scrin what our next move should be?" At those words all eyes turned to me once again, especially the glowing purple eyes of the Quarian girl that Shepherd keeps around.

" We do not face a species that comes from our own galaxy as all of you have thought, no we face an opponent that has conquered entire galaxies at the height of their power and will continue to do so. As you are all aware my own people once fought the Srin that war not only devastated my galaxy but lasted thousands of years." With that in the air the mood became somber and tense.

"Not only did I fight in that war for a large portion of it I've only ever seen the Scrin launch an assault of this magnitude a handful of times and each one was met with near complete success."

"So does that mean we are dead? And no matter what we do, what we send we will lose? Does this war even matter if they have conquered entire galaxies before?" I turned to the one who asked me that question and I gave them an appraising stare. She was a young woman no more than twenty years of age and already looked far older. I gave her a small smile at first but then it slowly grew until I couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny Kane?" Guarrus asked me All I did was look at him and all those cramped into this small war room and told them a story.

As Kane began one of his famous speeches a follower of Nod knew what was to come and tuned all in to his speech.

" Worthless, powerless, and useless many of you may think that in this current time but no, no I do not see it that way. Yes the Scrin are powerful, yes they maybe be near numberless but they are not unbeatable. Let me tell you the tale of an old eagle that never wavered in the face of it's duty. One that if they had time would have been far more powerful than that of the UNSC one that would have matched my Brotherhood of Nod in every battle that took place between us all. That eagle on a world that was dying and decaying around it stood it's vigil against the scorpion and all that opposed it. Four Separate wars and many other dangers that attacked it never once beat that mighty eagle, even when it had its talons cut and it beak dented in the third war against the scorpion it held and fought back with the courage of a lion and the speed hawk."

Line Break

"Is the portal warp ready? I don't want the Scrin to gain any more ground they already have."

"Ten minutes Sir and we will be ready to portal warp in the embattled System."

"Good, I want all weapons charged and ready for action as soon as we get there."

Line Break

" And once the Scrin found the eagle it did not cower no, it struck first and hard and battled the enemy we now face with a ferocity it had only ever shown the scorpion and maybe even more" All in the room were watching me intently and with keen interest. "Yet despite its power it could not win against this foe alone and so it turned to the scorpion and both worked together to fight back against the monster that stood before them. Two hated enemies worked in near perfect harmony against the Scrin and won, they beat them back and off their world."

Line Break

" Sir five minutes until we reach the system Srin presence has been confirmed and a battle group of at least two thousand has been counted."

"Damn that's nearly as large as the assault back on Sol in 2,478. We only have 1,200 in the fleet. As soon as we are in system identify all Scrin vessels and launch Ion strikes along with the long range nuclear missiles and have the fighters ready to launch. We need to catch them by surprise."

" Yes sir!"

Line Break

" So no what we are doing here is not worthless, is not useless for if one world with a government that didn't even have full control of said world could beat back the Scrin I do not see why we those that have allied with hated foes and allies of old can not win this battle against the Scrin who push ever deeper into our territory."

" So you truly believe we can win? Even when you said that every time the Scrin have launched an assault like this they never lose and always succeed."

"It's true I said that, but one thing I have learned in my many years of battle against the Scrin. Is that when they launch an attack of this magnitude against powerful nations such as those in this room, it means they are scared of something.

Shepherd once more spoke up. " What do you mean? They have battered us away at nearly every attempt to launch a strike of our own or to just mealry hold a defensive line! What could possibly scare them so much that they deemed it necessary to fight us with nearly everything they have?"

As Shepherd was yelling at Kane for answers none but two noticed a new signal pop up on orbital transmissions and contacts. One was the officer in charge of said work and the other was Kane who let out a smirk of knowing what has come.

" Sirs something just appeared on radar!"

All turned to the young officer and all remained silent but the one to break it was none other than the Chief. " What do you mean? What has appeared?"

" New contact counting 200 no 400 and climbing 800 stilling counting 1200 ships of unknown make just appeared in, system!"

" What, who are they! More Scrin!" A young and inexperienced soldier cried out.

"Whoa new contacts just fired upon the Scrin! They are disengaging the allied fleet and focusing all attention on the new contacts.

The Arbiter turned to the table and made a call to Admiral Cutter who is one of the only few naval officers that have been able to best the Scrin in any Naval engagements. " Admiral Cutter do you hear me?"

" Yes Arbiter I read you I'm a little busy pulling the remains of my fleet back from the slugfest I'm watching take place in order to reorganize and launch a second assault."

As The Arbiter and a few others talked to the Admiral Kane walked slowly into view and asked the man one simple question.

" Admiral if I may ask can you see any marking on the ships that just arrived?" With a nod of his head Kane asked the man to show a display of the markings on the ships.

Within a matter of moments the screen showed a very familiar image, one that Kane and all of Nod would never forget for as long as they lived, just how those who bear that symbol will never forget them. Colored orange in the shape of an avian predator the apex of birds the eagle that had fought the scorpion had finally returned and showed to all why they had succeeded where others had failed.

All the while Kane stood there with a smirk of knowing and plans burned within his mind after all despite having not just one but two separate humanities already in this war neither possessed the skill his hated enemy has.

With a wicked smile on his face Kane can't but help say. " And so GDI have once more entered the fold. Let us see just how much they have grown and improved. Oh Reclaimers and SA humans watch and learn just how powerful the GDI truly are.

And that's all I got for this. I have been playing the hell out of Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars and I just wanted to write this cause you know how awesome it would be to have all three badass humanities show up in the same galaxy. i tried to break this up as much as I could so it didn't look like a wall of text. Hopefully it came out well, Anyway stay safe and healthy.

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