Rooftop Conversation

Disclaimer: I've been doing a proper watch of 'Sons of Anarchy' lately and when I saw the rooftop proposal between Opie and Lyla, I thought up this for a first entry into this fandom. Not sure if anyone else has done something like this however.

Lyla can only stare at the engagement ring Opie had just given to her, fully aware of the fact Opie is eager to hear her response. A positive response at that for that matter but the thing is, Lyla's come to the conclusion that a serious talk needs to happen before she can even give serious consideration to saying yes to him. "Opie… We need to talk." She declares and the look of confusion he gets is not entirely unexpected.

And for the life of him, Opie can't quite figure out why he's getting this instead of a 'yes' like he thought was going to happen. Though, whether or not he's in denial about why she's not saying yes just yet is anyone's guess. "Are you only wanting to marry me because you don't want me in the Porn business anymore? Something you were well aware of when we got together? Something that I've told you I have no intention of leaving just yet for at least one more year?" Lyla asked of him in a dead serious manner.

"I…" Tries to reply the big man but he can't quite get further than that.

This causes Lyla to smile sadly at him and gently put the ring in his hand. "Even if that wasn't the case, Opie… Us getting married would still be a bad idea."

Opie looks at her in shock, confusion, and hurt. "What, what do you mean?"


That one word is enough to make him rear back from her as if he'd just been slapped. "Her Ghost, her memory, is still holding pretty strongly over you, the kids, and the house. I know I'm not a place holder but you haven't fully grieved over her loss and you still have problems with trying to connect with the kids. We, you, aren't ready for this kind of commitment because of those things, no matter what feelings may be between us now. Especially with adding another kid to the mix."

He looks at her for a moment before speaking. "You… You're pregnant?" He asks hoarsely.

Again, Lyla smiles sadly at him. Knowing he wasn't going to like what she was about to say but it had to be said and more than likely going to have a bad reaction. "I was. But… While you were in Belfast with the others, I had an abortion."

Her words leave him stunned, horrified, and lastly… Angry. "YOU WHAT!?" Roared out the man as he stood up and away from her.

Making her jump some as Lyla hadn't ever really heard him get that loud. Even during that party for those Chinese men he had ended up breaking up. Which… Opie really shouldn't have been there to begin with considering her own role in things in all of that. "How… How could you do that!?"

"Because it had to be done, Opie… You might think me cruel to have done it but deep down you know as well as I do that we aren't ready for steps like that and marriage. Maybe, maybe one day but not now." She told him somberly.

Lyla watched as he began to breathe heavily and his face turned red as his anger grew. "Get, get the fuck out of here." Rumbled the big man dangerously.

Blinking back tears of her own as Lyla knows she just broke Opie's heart despite it needing to be done… She stood up and quietly made her leave from the rooftop. Leaving him on his own as he fell to his knees and finally unable to stop holding back on everything, let it all out.

Author's Notes: It surprises me that Lyla would say yes to him to begin with considering she had that abortion. Knowing that a baby between them wasn't the right time considering he still hadn't fully dealt with Donna's death, just seems like a little bit in the way of iffy writing there with her saying yes.