Chapter 53: I Bought a Whorehouse (Part 6)

"I knew Taimanin were a uniquely athletic bunch but you kept up incredibly well for your supposed first time, Mai."

The pale-haired girl met Cayman's amused gaze with an incredulous one of her own, responding, "Uniquely athletic…how were you able to possess such overwhelming stamina, I believed males were supposed to tire quicker than females when it came to sex?"

"Well I'm not most males, now am I~?"

"...I suppose not."

Smirking as he cuddled with the Taimanin in their little abode Cayman kept up a steady and deliberately suggestive massage of the girl's generous thighs and pelvic muscles, sore and fluttery after he'd pounded her senseless. While intended merely to get her back on her feet and with as little discomfort as possible the Surveyor had no difficulty admitting that he was getting a kick out of winding the girl up, his touch and attentions clearly heating her up again despite the vigorous and exhausting all you can fuck marathon last night.

It had him wondering if Mai was actually kind of a kinky girl despite her cool and composed exterior. In all her 'events' during the side games she'd been railed constantly and repeatedly by big dicked monsters and liked it…maybe it wasn't purely the fault of super aphrodisiacs.

"Well as much as I would like to toot my own horn in reality the aftereffects of [Warcry] were way more intense than I expected them to be, that played a not insignificant role."

"...That spell is certainly potent."

"That's one way of putting it. And as much as I would like to just relax in here holding you I need to swing by the royal library and read up on some things. Need my help getting anywhere?"

"No, I can get there under my own power. Thank you for the offer, though."

"Then in that case I'll be on my way…but first-"

He leaned forward and caught the Taimanin's lips in a soft but passionate kiss, musing, "First chance we get we'll have to go on a proper date, I feel like we skipped a step or three in this whole deal."

"A date? So we're…"

Mai perked at the mention, Cayman deciding to test the proverbial waters a bit as he added, "We can be, although I'm going to be perfectly upfront with you, Mai. My relationship list is pretty varied and wild, what I'm expecting is a mess of casual and romantic partners, if that's not what you're looking for then now's the time to call this off before it goes any further."

A blunt and not at all attractive statement that he suspected under most circumstances would have turned Mai away from pursuing him any further, seeing as how she was more of a 'typical' highschool gal rather than Till who had been keen on the idea from the start or Natsume, who had likely been fucked to a state of loyalty he was happy to receive. And Rossweisse hailed from the Supernatural world so she was probably used to that sort of thing.

+10 DEV with Mai Nanase [15/100]

Which meant he was more than a little surprised that the pink-eyed woman didn't so much as bat an eye, replying, "I knew as much from your meetings and dates with everyone else…I don't mind."

"Okay, Sybaritic Graduate is ABSOLUTELY the correct class to have picked. Forget making friends quick, this is allowing me to straight up have a harem of supremely devoted and lethal babes."

Shaking his head free of that pleasing but ultimately meandering thought Cayman gave Mai one last kiss on the cheek before making his way out of the provided room, reflecting that he had some 'important' research to follow up on.

"...Huh. Well I'll be damned and fucked silly six ways to Sunday."

Setting down the basic anatomy and biology book he'd been perusing Cayman reflected that a lot of truly unique and unusual things had happened when the three worlds collided. Social, political, territorial and ethereal alterations were the obvious ones but he really hadn't been expecting the biological ones.

In summary? While women in his old world would more than likely NOT appreciate some oversized meat bus stretching them wide enough to distend skin, batter their cervix and then punch through it - then again he wasn't exactly one to judge on preference - in this three way universe?

You could get away with a LOT of extravagant acts, suffice to say. When aroused the rectum's tissues would soften and relax, allowing for some seriously deep penetrations provided one had gone and performed a deep cleanse. Then there was the fact that the cervix had sensitive nerve endings geared towards pleasure as well as some located further beyond, meaning a previously traumatic event was now fun as shit.

It wasn't just the gals, either. Where a guy that had studiosly followed No Nut November might be able to cum four or five times before having to throw in the towel - and that was an impressive feat, to be sure - here that was the baseline average.

Sure, he had one hell of a dick on him but he wasn't quite the superman when it came to shooting loads that he'd thought he was. The cherry on top? Metabolism greatly increased during orgasm, causing the testes to rapidly produce a far greater amount of semen than normal and mean sex was as powerful as a long, exhausting run.

…In combining a softcore porn series, a porn series and a totally-not-porn-but-has-its-roots-in-it series your average Jane and Joe had become hentai characters. Factor in the copious amounts of sex magic and you had a real zinger of a time on your hands.

"What a world."

Reclining in his chair and running a hand through his hair Cayman decided he should start looking up actual vacation spots once the whole Under EDEN and automaton mess was finished with, seeing the Firmament's Tears had really lit a fire under his ass in regards to wanting to see more of this strange new world he'd been brought to.

That train of thought was promptly interrupted as a pair of soft arms threw themselves over his chest, the Gamer fighting back the urge to manifest his spear as a voice he recognized as Felicia's weakly groaned, "Need…blood…"

"The hell happened to you?"

The Vampire weakly threw herself across his lap, looking a fair bit hungover as a ruby dress of silks loosely hung across her body.

"I always thought Fairies were a bunch of prissy weaklings…fuck can they hold their booze, dunno the last time I was actually drunk to the point of blackout…"

"Golden Gift did remind me a bit of Everclear on pixie dust steroids, I will admit."

"Pfft, Golden Gift is the lowest proof they had, I worked my way up to Prism Ambrosia~!"

A wet burp suddenly left the limp Demon.

"...I will happily admit to going a little bit overboard."

She cast an innocent and puppy-like stare towards his neck, Cayman rolling his eyes before replying, "Just a sip, please," as the Vampire happily latched on, thankfully restraining herself and pulling away only a few seconds later with a shuddering breath that never failed to be exotic.

"Did your blood get tastier than last time?"

"Dunno, it all tastes like iron to me."

"Your loss~!"

More comfortably settling herself on his lap - the male not in any hurry to complain considering her affectionate manner and alluring clothing - she plucked the book he'd been reading from the table, arching an eyebrow before wryly commenting, "Didn't think you were the type to need sex ed, you seem to have that part down pretty tight."

A more salacious smirk appeared on the young woman's features.

"If you want a more in depth explanation Feli here would be more than happy to provide all the learning material needed~!"

"Tempting, but I drained myself pretty thoroughly last night."


Chuckling at her obvious disappointment Cayman lightly plucked at the hem of her dress, remarking, "You wear this really nicely, thinking of keeping it?"

"Mmm, it's a little too princessy for my liking but I guess I like to feel pretty every now and again. Although I think I'm a lot more interested in you."

Cayman found himself facing down an intense and very amorous seeming Felicia, the Demon lacing her hands behind his neck as she straddled his lap, groaning out, "I knew you were different from the usual people I run across and that fight against the Scylla proved it…you're a killer, just like me."

The male was genuinely surprised by the astute observation but figured it took one to know one…besides, Felicia's conclusion wasn't one he entirely agreed with.

"How do you figure that?"

All too happy to explain Felicia pressed herself in close, slowly rotating her hips and nibbling on his ear as she throatily whispered, "When you first showed up in that correction facility, smiling crazily despite all the gross shit happening around you. And yesterday confirmed it, I could smell the bloodlust and triumph on you when you killed the Scylla."

Remaining silent for a moment Cayman eventually replied, "Well while you're not wrong I also don't think you're presenting it in a way that really conveys what I am."


"Sure, it's a bold-faced lie to say I don't enjoy life or death scenarios, especially when I'm the one coming out on top…but that's not what defines me and I don't like being labeled as such. Shit, I wouldn't even say killing is what defines you either."

The Vampire offered an unimpressed stare, bluntly commenting, "Sounds a lot like bullshit dressing up something someone doesn't want to admit to."

"Well let me explain and see if I can change your mind. You said I was a killer but do you know what it is about ending someone's life that's so fascinating to me?"

Felicia motioned for him to go on, Cayman nostalgically reliving, "It was one of my first times being in an actual, real fight. My boss took me to meet some rival clients and - as if out of some Hollywood movie - guns were drawn and shit was started. Mostly I just cowered in a corner and tried not to brown myself but when someone landed next to me, pistol in hand and turned around to shoot…well, I shot first."

The male let his head recline slightly, voice distant as he recounted, "Right between the eyes, totally due to luck and nothing else. And in that second before I pulled the trigger, when the guy saw that I'd get him before he got me? So so so many emotions, each one as satisfying and rapturous as the last. Shock, fright, surprise, anger, defiance…an entire life flashing within his eyes before I ended it, thousands upon thousands of days compressed into the span of a second. THAT was what made me fascinated."

He shrugged.

"Of course whatever fucked up biological and behavioral wires I had stuck inside my head at birth ensured that it wasn't the sole pleasure and obsession I had in life. Food, music, travel, friendship, sex…a thousand and one different delights that I didn't want to give up for the sake of one, no matter how intriguing it was."

A negligent wave of the man's hand.

"Of course, now that I'm thrown into a profession where occasional bits of murder are the order of the day I'm certainly not going to complain…but calling me a murderer or killer is an oversimplified way of putting it, one that doesn't really fit either of us. It implies that's all we're ever hungry for and constantly in search of which simply isn't the truth."

He sent the perplexed Demon an amused smirk.

"While I wouldn't want you raising any kids from scratch I'd feel completely fine leaving you to watch em' for a few hours, I wouldn't say that about someone I thought of as a 'killer'."

"Hey, are you saying that I'd be a bad mom?!"

"Felicia, if I would be a shit parent then you'd be even worse."

"Hmph! I bet any boy or girl I had would be just the cutest thing ever!"

Rolling his eyes at the Vampire's protest she more lazily remarked, "I still think you're trying to make us sound more normal than we actually are…but you at least don't sound like you're in total denial so you get a pass."

"Glad to have earned my privilege. Although the way you're nuzzling into me right now leads one to believe you're a bit more in love with my conclusion than you would have me believe."

"Mmm, nah, you're just really comfy!"

Sure enough the pinkette was affectionately rubbing her head into the crook of his neck, all but purring as he got another notification.

+10 AFC with Felicia [10/100]

"You know I seem to have quite the menagerie of deadly and slightly unhinged babes after me…"

"Pfft, as if you aren't totally into it."

"If I didn't have a couple stable and totally normal gals to balance all of you out then I wouldn't be."

He got a playful nip on the neck for his snark, deciding to ask, "You know of any good vacation spots across the realms? You were quite the wanderer before all of this."

"Yeah, but I also wasn't really wandering into every family resort I could find, you know."

"Even better, if I wanted to go to the big theme parks finding them wouldn't be hard."

Smirking at his response the Vampire thoughtfully hummed, eventually replying, "Well there's this pretty cool private beach in the UFS somewhere in Florida that's totally off limits to outsiders but yours truly snuck inside and found a very thriving party full of debaucherous and hedonistic delights~!"

"...Getting Epstein Island vibes here."

"Dunno what that is but it's actually not that rapey if that's what you're wondering. Apparently a coven of Mermaids and Sirens cut a deal with the UFS government and they provide 'services' in exchange for protection and security of their natural habitat."

She shrugged, adding, "Bunch of horny rich people and some races that can bewitch and beguile susceptible minds? My moneys on the former beings the ones ultimately getting fucked."

"You have a way with words."


Tapping a lip in further contemplation Felicia perked, saying, "Oh, there's this cruise I snuck aboard once, run by this Moonlit Vampire or something…it was pretty classy and fun, at least until they caught me."

Her face soured.

"They made me be a waitress once they caught me and then booted me off at the next stop. Talk about rude, am I right?"

"And you let them?"

The Vampire pouted.

"I mean they did pay me in blood and booze so it wasn't that bad…and I may have worked some of the classic Feli magic and snagged a few cute bedmates, heh heh…"

Inwardly reflecting that this sounded a LOT like Van Fem's mobile fleet he'd passed over much earlier Cayman reflected that it was starting to sound like an interesting time. The Apostle Ancestor was definitely one of the more mellow ones although he'd have to check and make sure his connection to Zelretch didn't piss anyone off.

"Okay, enough of the boring talk, what's our next step and how do we go about doing it? This was fun and all but I'm looking for payback."

"Well Azazel is going to have a list for me pretty soon with all sorts of interesting names and as soon as I get it we're moving on Under EDEN. And that means taking a healthy step forwards when it comes to fucking up Creusery and the Incubus King's schemes."

A sultry and not at all innocent cackle left the Demon as she pressed herself further into his chest.

"Oh I love it when you talk dirty~!"

Cayman shook his head in idle bemusement.

"Crazy ladies. Each and every one of them."