Chapter 54: I Bought a Whorehouse (Part 7)

Lilim released a contented sigh, snuggling back into her mattress and the sinfully decadent sheets that embraced her with a lover's gentleness, pillow soft and welcoming in its comfort.

The Succubus was used to roughing it out when things got rough, Minasaki and Hatsukaze also no strangers to hard times when they couldn't smuggle themselves into an unoccupied hotel or easy target's house, or scrounge together enough money for an internet cafe or something equally affordable. Having a small but totally warm and comfortable bed to call her own, all while getting paid the big bucks for it? Now that was a deal she would take in a heartbeat, had taken in a little more than a heartbeat and would defend to almost the last heartbeat. It sure as shit beat having to go cold and hungry in some abandoned warehouse or creepy homeless shelter. Or get captured by some weirdos and have to escape said weirdos.

Another blissful sigh left the Demon, snuggling deep into the scented fabric, her nightdress pleasantly rubbing against her bare body…and the girl instinctively found herself cracking open an eye, fingers raising the necklace that Cayman had bought for her to eye level as she examined it with a furrowed brow.

Why the thing felt so damn nostalgic and familiar was beyond her but no matter how much she tried to put it out of her mind her brain kept wandering back to the darn thing, as if she should recognize it but was kept from doing so through no fault but her own.

"...This sucks."

Recognizing that she wasn't about to get any more rest anytime soon the Demon hauled herself out of bed, unleashing a jaw cracking yawn as her tail and wings tensed and shivered in a full body stretch, the Succubus stumbling towards the shower as soft guitar riffs and a heavenly aroma filled her greedy nostrils, cheerful conversation filling the warehouse as she spotted Cayman donning an apron as he served Natsume and Caren a steaming plate of eggs and bacon, the Demon instinctively licking her lips. While the Surveyor's cooking wasn't up to the standard of some of that Pegasus Wings n' Brew Yumi brought back a few times it was still pretty damn good and she wasn't about to say no to any of it.

Putting the thought of food aside for the moment as she tossed her night garment into a laundry basket and padded into the shower Lilim let hot water and scented shampoo wash over her body, softly exhaling with tranquil delight at the creature comfort. Seriously, while she'd have to be careful when doing it so that she didn't come off as too grateful she was going to have to give Cayman one hell of a 'thank you' when she got the chance.

"Hmm…maybe give him the chance to acknowledge how lucky he is to have us as a part of his team? That would be good, then I could majestically accept his offer and everything would be perfect!"

Supremely proud of her plan the Succubus let her hands pass through her hair, drift across her neck, caress her stiff nipples and slide between her legs, wonderous and soothing heat coating her fingers that had nothing to do with the shower as she imagined the male coming up behind her, his muscled body pressing against her smaller and tighter form before cramming that monstrous cock of his into her needy, drooling cunt-

"W-w-where did that come from?!"

Slapping her cheeks to rid herself of that utterly tantalizing fantasy Lilim eventually settled for a defeated groan, sulking within the steaming spray. While she wasn't anywhere near as reliant on tantric energy and fluid to stay alive as other members of her species there was no denying that she still possessed the nose and sensitivity to such things…and wow did Cayman and some of his partners reek of sex and passion. She didn't really know any other way to describe it and while the Surveyor, Till and Natsume had been pretty rife with the stench now it was the prim and proper honor student Taimanin that was basically drowning in it, clearly having got laid hard and fast just a few days ago.

…She really didn't like the fact that it had clearly been mind blowing - and potentially back blowing - to an incredible degree, the pale-haired princess acting as if she was on cloud nine for days on end.

"Dammit. There's gotta be a way to scratch this itch without being obvious about it…"

She wasn't about to let that damn, sexy, stupidly suave Surveyor just fuck her for free - even if that sounded like a really good idea - and she needed to make sure he had to work for it!

…Except he was already entertaining several stupidly powerful and hot women so she had kind of missed a golden opportunity to get in on the action when he was still lacking in available pussy.

"Gah! The indignity and unfairness of being an unremarkable side bitch, this is the worst!"

Angrily rinsing out her hair and furiously thinking of a way to tilt the odds in her favor and rid herself of the burning pressure between her legs Lilim was caught off guard as two pairs of hands clasped around her tail and eyes respectively, friends chirping, "Guess who~?" in unison.

"Get off me, I just got clean!"

"Oh I don't know about that…"

"Yeah, someone was clearly feeling a bit dirty downstairs~!"

Blushing as she realized her fingers had once again drifted to her drooling cunt Lilim hastily withdrew the digits, grumbling, "No I wasn't. It's a perfectly natural reaction."

"A perfectly natural reaction to someone, hmm~?"

Considering telling off Minasaki she promptly gave it up as a bad job, her fellow Demon more than familiar enough with her mood and habits to know something was up.

"It's just so annoying! That stupid Surveyor should be bowing and scraping to get so much as a whiff of my attention, instead he's drowning in women while I'm the one with a stupid clam jam!"

"Wow, Lilim's never been this desperate before, big sis…"

"Yeah, even with Fuuma she was never this forward. And that didn't go anywhere at all, so…"

Feeling her eye twitch at the deliberately loud whispers Lilim snapped, "Well? We need to come up with ideas on how to fix this!"

"Could you give up your paycheck for a few months and buy him?"

Lilim snapped her arms into an X shape before shutting off the water and towling off, the Yatagarasu sisters beginning their own showers as the Succubus protested, "I'm not that desperate! Who ever heard of a Succubus paying someone else for sex?!"

"You could maybe set a precedent for that?"

"Not helping!"

Minasaki snickered, raven wings fluttering as they splashed water around as Hatsukaze hummed, "Well since we're such good friends then we obviously need to come up with the best plan ever…so get a load of this!"

Lilim eagerly listened in, conveniently forgetting that her two companions were ultimately just as clueless as she was when it came to matters of seduction and romantic interplay.

"Well at least we don't have to worry about a dead man's switch nuke going off if we take the place over…honestly, never attribute to malice what you can stupidity."

"You have prior experience with such systems, Cayman?"

"Experience? I begged and battered my previous boss to not put one in our records and then he did so anyways. It's not everyday that an employee gets to tell their mob boss 'I told you so' so loudly and repeatedly while still getting to keep their job afterwards."

He paused.

"And their head."

Tapping out a few final notes onto his laptop Natsume leaned in close from where she sat nearby, deliberately letting her shoulder brush against his and hair drape over his side, legs gently rubbing together as the Surveyor inwardly smirked at the light bit of flirting, the Taimanin's voice betraying nothing but professionalism as she remarked, "Be that as it may Under EDEN will likely have some measure of additional defenses installed ever since Miss Asagi and her sister invaded its premises, ones that we know nothing about. Unless Real is neutralized quickly and permanently we will have to contend with them, perhaps even if he's removed."

"Dead man's switch. Gotta love em'."

"Considering his tight knit relationship with this Khaos Brigade it's entirely possible they have provided additional protection or reinforcements, or perhaps Real has crafted truly disgusting biological weapons within the depths of his fortress. Either way we shall have to tread carefully."

Tapping away on his computer the Surveyor blandly mused, "Invasion of an underground fortress with unknown enemy force complement and capability. I really would like to stop doing this at some point, can we at least mix it up and assault a floating battleship or something equally absurd?"

Lightly chuckling at his complaints the Taimanin advised, "Bringing Miss Caren along would be advisable. Her newly revealed sensing capabilities would prove highly useful since they are unknown. While Miss Kuroka would be an excellent bit of insurance and fulfill a similar role she is a known entity and Under EDEN would be on high alert if she were to make an appearance."

"I guess walking around with a big stick tends to make people nervous, doesn't it?"

"I daresay Miss Kuroka would be less than enthused to hear you describe her as such."

"Tch, I bet she wouldn't…"

Cayman paused in his typing to give Till a raised eyebrow, his Fairy sullenly flipping through a book as large as she was, sulkily kicking a page over every now and again.

"Studying going alright there, Till?"

"Mother never ceases to be creative in her punishments."

Debating whether to say anything about his partner's increased study load and other responsibilities she'd been reminded of he eventually elected to keep himself quiet, instead glancing at his screen's clock before nodding in satisfaction.

"Two hours to go before our meeting, best get moving."

"I will collect Miss Yumi, we can depart in just a moment."

Natsume departed and left the Surveyor to flip through his notes, going over what Azazel had told him of the Succubus representatives he was going to be meeting with. With the inclusion of Supernatural and Moonlit variants of the creatures into the Demon side of things there was no grand, overarching authority or alliance that guided the myriad groups and factions but a sort of informal leadership had been formed around Lord Phantom, the Incubus King and Ereshkigal - not the Fate or DxD one - as the three possible rulers of Succubi, Incubi, Injuu and others. While the trio had dipped their toes into other factions and areas of influence which made easy classification even more of a migraine it was what it was. The ones he was going to be meeting with were nominally aligned with Lord Phantom so he at least didn't have to deal with any of the headache that came with speaking to subordinates of his enemy or the conniving bitch Ereshkigal would doubtlessly be.

Snapped out of his musings as hurried whispering reached his ears he glanced to the side, finding Minasaki and Hatsukaze ducking behind a corner as more muttering and hushed debates sounded out…and Lilim came stumbling around the corner, typical vestments abandoned as she was instead wearing a flattering violet dress that left her shoulders and legs on fine display, high-heeled shoes giving a bit of additional height to her normally tiny build.

The surprise attire went hand in hand with her bold approach, striding his way with swaying hips and surprising grace before she plopped herself down in his lap, lips parting and the sweet scent of perfume caressing his nostrils-

"I'm not giving you more money."

-and she hurriedly protested, "I wasn't going to ask for that!"

"Uh huh."

Pouting at his disbelieving words the Demon regained her confidence a moment later, drawing herself up and proclaiming, "What I actually wanted to ask was, uhh…umm…well, you know…"

"I really don't, unfortunately."

Twirling a lock of hair around her finger - boldness vanishing as quickly as it came - the Succubus awkwardly meandered on with, "I was going to offer you the chance to go on a d-d-date with me! And start working my way towards a larger paycheck! Yeah, that one!"

Now completely off guard with this sudden approach out of nowhere Cayman merely replied, "Well I'd be more than happy to follow up on this conversation but unfortunately I have a meeting in a few hours with some of your people that I have to get to, mind if we put a pause on this until then?"

Rather than be put off by his dismissal the Demon merely perked, remarking, "Oh, I can be useful! Take me with you!"

"And I would do that, why? You're endearing, but slapstick doesn't always mesh well with political maneuvering and debate."

"No, she actually makes a rather convincing argument."

Raising an eyebrow as Natsume returned with Yumi in tow the Taimanin further explained, "Among the many variants of Succubi a common perception is that one of their own who is clearly interested in a prospective partner - and has that interest returned - yet remains pure and unspoiled is a sign of restraint and genuine affection. Such individuals tend to be regarded well among these communities. If she was to travel with us the worst that could happen is nothing at all, at best it would shine a most favorable light on you."

"Huh. Well in that case, Lilim, as long as you don't piss someone off you're more than welcome to attend and get yourself a nice bonus."


"Although really, a virgin?"

He poked her spaded tail, drawing a yelp from the girl.

"So much for all those come ons and delusions of sexual competency, huh?"

"D-don't make fun of me, it was really embarrassing to say all of those things!"

+5 REP with Lilim [90/100]

Crossing her arms with a huff the Succubus added, "And don't doubt my speaking skills, I'm the greatest diplomat to ever live~!"

"Guess that means it's only downhill from here, huh?"

Ferociously pouting at his snark Yumi - garbed in a classy long sleeve button down and slacks to hide the bodysuit beneath - wryly smiled, commenting, "I wonder if these representatives would believe you cherish her if they heard those kinds of comments."

"A little bit of tough love never hurt anyone."

Leading the way to his car they piled into it, setting off for the city center and their designated meeting point as Cayman idly wondered what the diplomatic arm of a Succubus faction looked and acted like. Sensual? Professional? Teasing? Honestly he was kind of looking forward to it.

What he was not looking forward to, as consciousness gradually returned to his aching head, was the sound of Yumi frantically asking after him through what sounded like fifty layers of bedsheets.

"Right, okay…let's play it back, Cayman. We were on our way to a meeting, you were fantasizing about sexy Succubus diplomats, we were stopped at a traffic light and then-"

Full awareness returned with a lance of pain arching from his ass to the base of his neck, the Gamer realizing he was upside down and that his car looked like it had gotten into a fistfight with an IED and come out the definitive loser.

"Goddamit, I just bought this thing."

"I'm good, how about everyone else and what's after us?"

While her outward attire was shredded and burnt the suit beneath was fine, no doubt why the young woman was already using her enhanced strength to rip away the mangled car door as she replied, "Natsume is keeping an eye out for attackers, Lilim is dazed but you had the worst-"


Amadare's warning coincided with three dull thumps impacting Yumi's back as a pained grunt left the blonde, gunshots ringing out as she whirled around and manifested a titanic broadsword to help deflect most of the projectiles, the vehicle shuddering as out of the corner of his eye he saw Natsume take cover behind its reinforced chassis, the Surveyor glad that he'd bullied Rin into doing a minor bit of Bounded Field and basic runecraft fenangling on the thing so that it wasn't susceptible to exploding at the drop of a hat.

"Well, no sense in just laying around."

Manifesting his spear and releasing his seatbelt Cayman kicked out the windscreen and rolled over the squished dash, Lilim groaning from the backseat with a bleeding gash on her head but Till was already on that, the male's eyes quickly glancing over the street for any signs of an imminent assault-


-and instead received an entirely unwanted and unneeded reminder that getting shot sucked. Double sucked when the splintering fragments of metal hit bone and generally fucked up the ligmanets attached to said bone as an agonized hiss slipped through his clenched teeth, left arm limply flopping about as he ignored Yumi's panicked gasp, tossing his spear from right to barely functioning left before whipping out his Castigator, ignoring the panicked bystanders that had gotten caught in the middle of fuck knows what as he dumped half the weapon's mag into a supernaturally fast-moving shadow, said shadow catching a few rounds and tumbling to a limp stop as Yumi leapt to his side, shield-sword deflecting a few more rounds as he shouted, "Cerb, Oct!"

With a loss of 2000 MP to wrench them across space both summons manifested in flashes of light, Cerb immediately catching on to his duty of tracking down the distant shooter as he took off like a rocket, Oct dragging Lilim out of the wrecked car and holding her close as Till worriedly got to work on Cayman's wound, the Surveyor spotting yet another figure trying to use the chaotic street as cover for their approach.

"[Volt Thrust!]"

A lance of electricity caught them full in the chest and caused a truly impressive display of spasms, the Gamer ordering, "Natsume, get and interrogate that one!"

The Taimanin leapt forward, improvising handcuffs as she stabbed one of her knives through the target's forearms and nailing them together before she darted into a nearby alley, Cayman reflecting that they were potentially going to get an explanation for this bullshit.

At least until the car shook behind him, his eyes landing on a cloaked and hooded figure with Devil wings extending from their back as the light of some kind of magic sprang up around them…magic that reminded him a fair bit of the teleportation bullshit Creusery had whipped out when they first tango'd.

"Oh SHI-"

"[Esoteric Parry!]"

Following his example Yumi fired off a trio of steel blades towards the unknown, Cayman lunging forward with his spear as the weapon nicked the edge of the circle, voltaic screeching and surging light engulfing them-

-and the Gamer blinked as their attacker collapsed backwards, swords in heart, throat and eye socket convincingly painting a picture of super dead.

…They also weren't anywhere near a city center, Cayman quickly shaking off the vertigo from their sudden transfer as he announced, "No one's dead, right?"

"I'm alright."

"Still in one piece, unlike you!"

"Perfectly intact, Master."

"W-w-what the fuck was all that?!"

A quick glance around the area revealed that Yumi, Till, Oct and Lilim were all intact, staring at their new surroundings with no shortage of confusion. Which could be forgiven because instead of a cityscape they were staring at a bright blue sky with drifting clouds, a collection of floating islands overrun with greenery lazily passing them by as they stood near the edge of what Cayman could only describe as a sheer cliff face that went a long way down.

"Uhh…we're not in Kansas anymore?"

"Perhaps your disruption of that teleportation array sent us off course, Master?"

"Seems likely, unless the assassins were actually just really motivated travel agents-ow."

"Stop moving so much, you still have a bullet inside of you!"

Grimacing as he let Till continue her work the Surveyor sighed, taking stock of their situation.

"Okay, so we were supposed to be whisked away somewhere alive, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered with a teleportation array. But I fucked that part up so we were instead dropped into someplace that reminds me a fair bit of Pandora minus the flying carnivores with everyone outside of the circles immediate vicinity being left behind."

He couldn't help but pinch the bridge of his nose, resigned to wading his way through yet another surprise mess.

"Man, I REALLY wanted to meet those Succubus diplomats…"

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