Chapter 62: I Bought a Whorehouse (Part 15)

"[Tantric Rejuvenation]."

Much like it had previously the air adopted a pink and hazy tinge, the girls in the room freezing for a moment before sagging with bliss, Lilim not even bothering to hide her arousal as she rubbed her legs together, Yumi drawing in labored and stuttering breaths as Tosca gently stirred in her sleep, no doubt well on her way to waking up as the Surveyor looked over her body, frowning at what he saw.

While Natsume had a couple concentrations of obvious corruption within her body thanks to the Incubus King they had been easy to spot, festering growths of unnatural and unhealthy corrosion that he'd been able to isolate and eventually purge. Tosca was almost the opposite, with no clear or defined mass of unnaturalness that he could go after but rather a widespread and pervasive highway of silver lines that wound tightly around her nervous system before crawling towards the brain, the organ lightly dusted with the material so that it seemed to glitter.

Although to his perception that chromatic beauty was anything but, pulsing and overwriting what had made the girl in the first place, as if someone had sprayed a rancid turd with glitter paint and pretended it was valuable.

"Alright, let's get to work."

Divesting himself of his clothes Cayman turned to look at his two awake and alert companions, Lilim undoing the seal on the back of Yumi's suit as it peeled apart, revealing a taut and toned body that the male appreciatively examined, modest breasts and shapely hips complimented by her tight physique as the blonde stuttered, "S-shouldn't I take a shower first? I haven't had a chance to-"

The stammering protest was cut short as Lilim sensually licked her shoulder, fingers lightly ghosting across the other girl's navel before pressing against her pelvis, the Succubus whispering, "Oh I don't think we care all that much, Yumi...just look at how hard and eager Cayman is to fuck you and your friend~!"

Yumi followed the Demon's advice, swallowing thickly and wringing her hands with nervousness as she beheld the male's erect and twitching girth, flying at full mast as it aimed her way like a weapon of lust.

"I-it fits, right?"

"Oh it will fill you to the brim and more, stretch your tight little cunt to its limit and make you feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Go on, touch it~!"

Amused at Lilim's deliberate teasing of the swordswoman Cayman took a few steps forward, dick bouncing and twitching with the movement before coming to a stop just as the tip kissed Yumi's flat navel, a dollop of precum stretching between them as the blonde hesitantly reached out and carefully wrapped her fingers around the meat, gasping at the sensation.

"It…it's so firm. And hot."

Inwardly nodding with relief that his bodyguard didn't carry any stigma or trauma from her previous encounter with 'sex' Cayman idly explained, "Guess my blood is running a little warm right now, what can I say? I have three incredibly beautiful women right in front of me."

He reverently took a lock of Yumi's hair, taking a deep inhale as the young woman looked like she was about to pass out right then and there.

"You smell wonderful, by the way."

"W-w-what was that?!"

"A prelude to this."

Stepping forward once more he caught Yumi's lips in a forceful and heated kiss, the blonde freezing up for a moment before melting into the sensation, her hands gently rising to trace the small of his back, tongue shyly and cautiously engaging with his own as Cayman slightly pushed forward, his dick sliding up her stomach before it was flat between them-

-and he broke the kiss just as Lilim pressed forward, Yumi trapped between them as he met the Succubus's lips with his own, both of them staring deep into the other's eyes and mutually deciding to drive the girl between them absolutely insane.

They joined hands and pushed even more force into squeezing Yumi between them, the blonde dazedly murmuring, "A-aren't I supposed to be-hah?!"

In perfect synchronization they bit into either side of Yumi's neck, sucking and nibbling on the tender flesh as a sharp gasp and instinctive wriggle of her form tried to alleviate the pressure. It failed, both Cayman and Lilim simply humming their enjoyment as the trapped girl's movements merely massaged Lilim's breasts and Cayman's cock, the Sacred Gear wielder melting into their mutual embrace as her breath began to race and body sweat, sweet moans entering their ears as they left hickey after hickey upon her flesh, the Surveyor able to physically hear Yumi's arousal hitting the floor with audible splats…and they parted ways once more, the blonde stumbling without their supporting hold and left on the cusp as her face was flushed a bright crimson, hair splattered over her back and shoulders as she heaved for breath.

"Now now, no time for resting on your laurels, Yumi~! You have a show to put on for your friend~!"

Bright blue eyes widened as the whole purpose of this operation was forcefully brought to the fore, although Lilim made sure to not give her a chance to think on it as she immediately grabbed Cayman's bodyguard by her leaking snatch, dragging her over to the bed with a mortified yelp and awkward shuffling as the Surveyor idly noted that at some point Tosca had woken up, staring at them with something approximating mild disbelief as Lilim pushed Yumi next to her, sensually licking her fingers and chirping, "Ooh, don't you taste delicious…"

"Y-you're a bit different than how you normally are, you know?"

"Only because you bring out the best in me, after all, aren't we supposed to be really good friends~?"

"I wasn't aware friends were supposed to-"

Yumi sucked in a startled breath as Cayman gently rubbed his glans against her glistening folds, Lilim all but purring, "Mmm, that looks really good. Why don't you make me feel really good as well, Yumi?"

Rather than give her a chance to respond the Succubus crawled forward so that she was looming over the blonde, spaded tail playfully wrapping around her counterparts neck and tugging her upwards as she dropped her hips, cunt smashing against Yumi's mouth as a muffled yelp caused the Demon to shudder with delight…and Cayman couldn't help but wonder if Lilim had overdone it with the aphrodisiac or whatever she had pumped the pair full of, since rather than protest or complain about the sudden girl on girl action when they were supposed to be saving her friend messy noises emanated from the Demon's pussy, an aroused giggle leaving her lips as she cooed, "Oh, just as talented with her mouth as she is her hands, aren't I lucky to have such a dexterous friend~!"

Deciding it wasn't fair in the slightest that Lilim got to have all the fun Cayman lined up his cock with Yumi's slit, adjusted his angle of approach so that he could enter even with the awakened Demon straddling her-

-and pushed inside with a single thrust, his penetration a two stage process that consisted of prying open his bodyguard's walls with brute force, momentarily halting at her cervix before the organic barrier folded around his cock, punching deep into her womb as the Gamer shuddered, blissfully sighing at how snug and tight she was and the ever alluring sight of his dick causing Yumi's navel to gently bulge and inflate due to his size.

It was also quite the ego booster that a high-pitched and completely unexpected shriek of arousal slipped into Lilim's drooling cunt, the Succubus moaning as she instinctively latched her hands onto Yumi's legs, keeping them pinned and preventing any kind of movement to alleviate the pleasure she was feeling.

"Oh fuck I think she really likes that~!"

"She's not the only one."

Planting his hands on the bed and meeting Tosca's silent gaze - the faintest of pink coloring her skin - he gradually and leisurely pulled himself free of her snatch, folds grasping and grabbing onto his shaft with almost desperate need as his flared head lightly tugged on her exit, the blonde unwilling to let go…and with a smirk he slammed back inside, Yumi's body violently arching in a silent high as Lilim squeezed the blond's head between her thighs, wriggling her hips back and forth as her cunt practically crushed his girth with desperate arousal.

Not that he intended to take it easy on her, picking up his pace with increasing frequency until he was slamming in and out hard enough to shake the bed, wails and sputters emanating from his bodyguard until with a violent spasm she came with the force of a rushing river, short but powerful bursts of fluid leaking out from her cunt as Cayman forced himself to take a calming breath, coming down from his near climax and retracting from Yumi's body, cock covered in glistening arousal.

He still had to save his energy for the main event, after all.

Not that it stopped him from grinning at the sight of Yumi absolutely covered in a light sheen of sweat, Lilim lifting her into a sitting position before pulling her into a hug…a hug that consisted of her tail still being possessively wrapped around the blonde's throat, one hand playing with a breast and the other massaging the girl's still quivering cunt as feathery and affectionate kisses littered the Sacred Gear wielder's shoulders.

"She's still conscious despite being a virgin who just had her first time…quite the trooper, isn't she?"

"We'll see if her friend can pull off the same feat."

Finally settling his full attention on the silent Tosca he licked his lips in anticipation, well and truly riled up and eager to get things started…not the least of which was the appearance of the girl herself.

For a myriad of perfectly normal reasons he'd never had the chance to fuck a restrained, erotically dressed and gagged young beauty that was nonetheless looking a bit turned on in his old world, the novelty of the situation and Tosca's own looks causing his length to throb in anticipation.

"Probably should leave the gag in, though. I can remove it if need be and if Natsume's attempted suicide was anything to go by then there's no reason to tempt fate."

Mind made up he grabbed Tosca by her bound arms, flipping her almost shockingly light body around so that she was face down on the bed, tight and rounded ass presented for his viewing pleasure as he slid a finger up between her legs, drawing a shudder from the girl that - to his enhanced perception - was clearly enjoyed. An enjoyment that became even more pronounced as he leisurely peeled aside the fabric of her provided clothing, the slightest trails of arousal clinging to the material as a cute, puffy slit graced his vision, Cayman feeling a moment of professional disdain brought on by his altered mindstate that Real had no doubt treated such a lovely lady like some kind of product to be used and altered as he saw fit.

He was about to change that.

Arousal spiking he firmly grasped her trim hips, adjusting her position so that he was at the perfect angle to pierce downwards, giving his movement just that little bit of extra power as he aligned his head with Tosca's entrance, the girl freezing up in anticipation as he glanced to the side, Yumi watching the display with wide eyes and excited breaths, brought to a steady and mounting level of arousal as Lilim played with her erogenous zones, the atmosphere becoming charged and anticipatory as he planted his feet-

-and with a wet smack he was buried balls deep inside, eyes closing in base pleasure as Tosca arched her back and exhaled a sharp burst of air through her nose, legs violently trembling at how full her cunt was in the blink of an eye as the male smiled as if in rapture, lazily rolling his hips and causing his sheathed cock to bulge and stretch the pale-haired girl's insides as muffled gasps and groans leaked out from behind her gag, the Gamer deciding that her texture was quite the experience.

Soft, velvety, fragile…and tight enough that even a snake would call it suffocating, the male performing a few experimental strokes and finding it sexily amusing that he was so crushingly embedded that trying to pull back half dragged Tosca with him, his eyes tracing the contours of her tensed back and the slight but taut show of muscle through her clothing, deciding that he should actually go about healing her at this juncture.

"Alright, let's see how we're going to do this…Natsume had her corruption drained by being physically close to the centers of rot but Tosca has that shit all throughout her, so maybe a system-wide shock? Well thank christ for Lilim's stinger then, I might not even need Oct for this part."

Deciding to test his hypothesis Cayman kept a firm grasp of the girl's hips as he withdrew, aching cock fighting its way through the stranglehold her pussy had on it-

-and another sharp thrust drew an adorable mewl of surprise from his patient, his perception showing the silvery virus shudder briefly as he bottomed out within, as if its control and dominance over the young lady had wavered.

"So a strong shock of lust and arousal is the way to go, huh? Alright, let's see if setting a pace is the right way to go about this."

Gently stroking in and out of Tosca as her fluids began to gush so liberally that he had liquid trailing down his balls and thighs Cayman experimented with what worked and what didn't, noticing that while her brainwashing implants didn't react too much to when he carved out her insides at a horizontal angle their hold greatly slipped when he altered his angle of attack so that he was pushing her cute little belly outwards, the girl apparently getting off on feeling as if he was going to fuck her stomach into the mattress.

"Alright, weak point located, time to go in for the kill."

Reaching out with one hand he grabbed her bounded arms and pulled them like he would a lever, the other snaking around and gently cupping her thin and delicate neck…before he yanked her back and upwards, thrusting forward at the same time as he grunted in base pleasure, a short exhalation leaving Tosca as she shook like a fish out of water, his altered vision telling him quite succinctly that the corruption within could NOT fight against that kind of abuse, the lines of glittering light seeming to thrash and writhe in dismay.

"Man, I'm going to have to work on raising up Tosca's affection after this. If she's this honest now I can't imagine what it will be like when she's free of Real's bullshit."

Despite all the messing with her brain, restrained state and assorted other factors the girl was actively bucking her hips to try and match his pace, the effect not entirely because of [Tantric Rejuvenation] or Lilim's stinger. Compared to how Natsume, Yumi and a lesser extent those in the skill's radius acted it was more of a natural increase in desire or lust that was present than it was an artificial increase. People like Mai and Onisaki had been shy and embarrassed when hit with the aura while souls such as Kuroka and Felicia - who were already fairly, ah, promiscuous - looked as if they were about one degree of heat away from pouncing.

In short? The young lady was just a joy to pound senseless, her wriggling cunt just small enough to choke his dick like a fleshy vice but not so small that there was that delicious tinge of unreality like when he fucked Till.

Feeling his cock begin to pulse and ache with desperate need the male refocused, forcing himself not to succumb to baser instincts - at least not more than he already had - as he prepared to burn out the nasty shit plaguing the girl's mind, altering his hold on her neck as he deftly pulled out the gag and shoved his fingers deep inside her mouth, a petite and eager tongue swirling around the digits as they scraped the back of her throat, full and needy moans vibrating his hand-

-and with a final thrust that plowed the tiny girl into the mattress he all but exploded deep within her womb, splattering her insides white with copious amounts of cum as the dual sensation or orgasm and ethereal power as he set his will against Under EDEN's alterations filled him with a euphoria that was honestly hard to put into words.

Besides, he'd already proven more than capable of doing away with the Incubus King's techniques, Real's half assed and far from unique alteations and research didn't even compare.

Tosca suddenly began to writhe and shudder in something other than lust, fingers digging deep into the mattress as her neck stiffened, half wretches escaping her lips as Cayman quickly gathered her in his arms, holding tight as he quietly advised, "Don't fight it, just let it out."

Another few desperate convulsions-

-and with a wet burping noise and assorted other sounds streams of silvery liquid began to splatter the tiny girl's body, dripping out from her mouth, nose and even her nether regions as the combination of magic and technology fled her form at his command.

Not hesitating for a moment Cayman quickly scooped up the droplets and puddles, shoving them inside his inventory as Tosca finally stopped her episode, sagging in his embrace with dazed breaths, cold sweat adorning her form as the combination of euphoric high and what was no doubt a fever dream of restoration left her drained and understandably exhausted. For the moment he just contented himself with lightly brushing her hair, glancing towards where Yumi was leaning forward with laser-focus, Lilim halting in her attentions as the heady emotions of the previous minutes were replaced with tender hope and anticipation.

They weren't kept waiting long.

+20 AFC with Tosca [20/100]


The blonde all but teleported next to her friend, tenderly grabbing her hands and completely ignorant of the general nudity and coating of fluids, bright blue eyes shining with tender, fragile elation.

"Tosca? You recognize me? Do you…do you remember?"

Weakly shifting in his arms the pale-haired girl weakly smiled, eyes drooping as she murmured, "How could I forget? Was I asleep a long time? You look like you grew up a lot…"

Without so much as a single warning Tosca slumped, breathing even and quiet as Yumi simply stared at her slumbering friend.

"She's…she hasn't lost her memory or anything, has she?"

Cayman could only shrug, suggesting, "Hard to say, that whole ordeal was the definition of brain blasting and it's sometimes hard to tell what year it is after waking up from a night of drinking, let alone something like that."

Lilim nodded in agreement, cuddling Yumi in a possessive but downright modest action as she stroked the young woman's hair, reassuring her with, "I wouldn't worry. That venom I injected you both with heightens positive emotions and perception as well as causes a mild hallucinogenic. She likely just saw what she wanted to."

Passing off the completely conked out female to Yumi - who accepted her with almost heartbreaking tenderness - he lightly grinned, stating, "I'll handle the rest of the business here, I don't think you're in any mood to carry on from where we left off, hmm?"


Cayman raised an eyebrow as his bodyguard crashed her lips into his, the motion desperate and intense as she just as quickly pulled away, face a bright crimson as she somehow came across as more shy and embarrassed than she had when getting double teamed by Lililm and himself.

"Thank you. Thank you so much. For…for everything."

+0 DEV with Yumi Kiba [0/100]

Entirely unsure of how to respond to such genuine emotion - and unable to help but sigh at himself for being so incapable on that front - he simply nodded, replying, "Take care, I'll send word when we're moving out."

Rolling out of bed and grabbing his clothes Lilim was quick to follow, the Succubus waiting until they were out of earshot before teasing, "Who knew your weak point was genuine gratitude?"

"Depends on who's offering the thanks. And I don't suppose I could propose a quickie?"

He gestured to his still erect cock, [Tantric Rejuvenation] taking a bit out of him but not quite enough to really satiate his appetite, Lilim licking her lips-

-and promptly turned her head up, tail lightly smacking his dick as she stated, "Our first time, a quickie? Hmph, ask me again some other time, properly."

Her expression turned positively predatory, slitted eyes flashing with eagerness.

"And we'll make sure it's a night to remember. And maybe a morning. And afternoon. Another night, if you're feeling up to it?"

A lustful giggle escaped the Demon as Cayman couldn't help but dryly remark, "That's probably the most exciting blue balls I've ever been given."

Running a hand through his hair the male frowned slightly, remarking, "As much as I would to call this mission accomplished and go home what I need to do is take a piss, let the rest of the team know what happened and then get in contact with your dad, followed by stepping on Real's nuts until they pop since we know he had a hand or two in this mess."

Lilim's expression turned stony, voice clipped as she said, "Indeed. If father dearest is losing control of his faction then maybe stepping in wouldn't be the worst thing ever. Just to remind everyone that there's still a line of succession."

"You're a lot smarter when you're like this."

His comment drew a pout and puffed cheek from the Demon as she retorted, "Awakening didn't make me smarter it just made me…less prone to ignoring that kind of stuff?"

Chuckling at her attempted defense he instead remarked, "Well don't go resigning yourself to a life of politics just yet. Let's see what we can learn first now that we know it was Ereshkigal who was pulling the strings."

It was a bit surprising that Lilim seemed so willing to go to bat for him since in the original material she had no desire whatsoever to become a political player but then again, nothing about this situation had to do with canon, now did it?

Rolling his neck Cayman added, "And kick down some doors if need be…after all, I kinda fucking hate the idea of there being a precedent that people can go after me and my own and get away mostly scot free."

A giggle left the Succubus.

"I think I like it when you talk business…"

"Huh. Felicia had the same reaction. Must be a Demon thing. Also I now have two extremely powerful babes of the Demonic persuasion highly interested in riding me down to a nub. Not bad."


[Details: Free your bodyguard's friend from the control she's under and discover the mastermind behind your attempted murder!]

[Rewards: Sybaritic Graduate skill upgrade, 7000 EXP, 1000 Reign.]

[Status: Complete!]

Cayman Lute, LVL 40

HP: 2550

MP: 9600 + 1920


STR: 265

DEF: 275

AGI: 540

MAG: 815 + 163

MAG DEF: 1060 + 212

REIGN: 1058

EXP: 3300/4100

Glancing at the new skill he'd unlocked, [Lustful Persuasion], he decided it wasn't bad in the slightest.