Chapter 64: I Bought a Whorehouse (Part 17)

"So why do you keep wandering headfirst into all sorts of exciting stuff while I'm stuck at home just twiddling my thumbs and hoping someone is dumb enough to mess with me? That or going to boring meetings, ugh."

Weathering Felicia's mildly justified annoyance - if one looked at it through the lens of a mentally skewed Vampire - Cayman merely smiled as he took a deep, appreciative breath of Pier 16's home base and the various scents that had come to dominate its spacious design, languidly replying, "Eh, I wouldn't stress about it too much. I mean, if recent events are anything to go by then I'm going to be staring down the extended barrel of a whole chain of interesting events that have a target lock right on my very being. I'd wager just by simple proximity you're going to get your fill of fun at some point in the near future."

Ruby eyes rolled at his prediction as a nonetheless salacious smirk adorned the pinkette's features, skipping forward and planting a playful peck on the Surveyor's lips as Felicia purred, "Well I'm just glad the entertainer is back in one piece, you know~?"

"She says entertainer, but honestly it's almost unreal how quickly you manage to find yourself neck deep in the shit, nya."

Chuckling at Kuroka's observation as he took a seat at the kitchen's bar seating - Shirone helpfully sliding a plate of leftover nachos his way - the male took a grateful bite, responding, "Well it certainly pays to have friends like you, now doesn't it? Can't think of too many other groups I would prefer to have on standby in order to pull my ass out of the fire."

Turning to Natsume as the woman quietly stood at attention nearby he raised a brow as she lightly inclined her head, regretfully stating, "My apologies, Cayman. During the initial assault I was absent during the crucial moment and it could be argued failed miserably in my responsibility."

A bit caught off guard by the confession the male nonetheless inquired, "Yet I hear that you got quite the interesting bits of information from the people we captured and we now have a path forward, even going so far as to rake Kamadeva over the coals and clear us to figure out who was trying to screw everyone over inside his faction…"

He took a swig of water, motioning the Taimanin closer as she hesitantly approached-

-and he pulled her into his lap before seizing her chin and planting a fierce kiss on the lovely woman's lips, a brief gust of air leaving her out of surprise before a pleased hum replaced it, leaning into the liplock as the Gamer heard Shirone quietly grumble, "Perv," before he released Natsume, the Taimanin breathing deeply as he casually stated, "The way I see it? You did excellently and made the best of a bad situation."

+10 AFC with Natsume Amadare [30/100]

Reflecting that it was pretty damn hot to see such a bombshell woman openly preen Cayman let an amused grin adorn his features as both Kuroka and Felicia let their displeasure be known, the black cat mewling, "So where's my kiss of appreciation, huh?" as Felicia went for the more bold option of, "You don't need to stop at kissing, you know!"

"Huh. Weird to think that I'm actually getting kinda used to this dynamic. When in Rome…"

"Don't worry, orgies for everyone once we're finished with this. But from the sounds of it the minute I finish actually relaxing for a few minutes we've got fresh trails to go after and assholes to possibly pulverize."

"Ooh, ooh, start with mine~!"

Shirone's eye roll perfectly matched Cayman's as the male dryly stated, "See previous mention of orgies. So I got the cliff notes version from Mai, what're the specifics of what we're going after and what we can do?"

Polishing off his snack and wiping his hands clean Cayman elected to let said hands stay busy by caressing and massaging Natsume's soft and silky thighs, the Taimanin subtly shivering at his touch before composing herself and pulling out her phone, bringing up some kind of report as she informed, "While we do not yet know who within Kamadeva's faction requested the information that brought about the assault we do have a solid lead on the individual that provided that information. Quickly provided dossiers courtesy of the Demon Noble's faction has given us a list of payments and signed contracts, as well as the informant in question."

Flipping around her device Cayman laid his eyes upon the profile within…and promptly facepalmed, releasing a small sigh as he did so. For who else would be staring him in the fact but Sharia, a Taimanin side character among side characters but who had obviously used the 'realism' of this universe to actually become someone kinda relevant and dangerous.

A Succubus information broker who wasn't really a fighter but had a selection of abilities that aided in aforementioned activities…and apparently she had somehow gotten tossed into his path as a possible obstacle.

"You know this woman, Cayman?"

"Know of her, sure. And here I thought she was small fry."

Then again Natsume, Till and even Mai could technically fall under the category of side characters in side games and they had been massively impactful to his life so far. While he'd like to think he'd been thinking of people as 'real' after his cross universe transfer he'd likely have to extend that paradigm shift to their levels of 'importance' as well.

"Small fry she may be in the grand scheme of things I'm familiar enough with her reputation to know that Sharia is…slippery. No great holder of terrible secrets or legendary figure that can advise leaders of entire factions but a nonetheless potent wielder and possessor of useful knowledge."

"As I learned to my arguable detriment. Odds of tracking her down?"

Here Natsume frowned, musing, "I cannot imagine she would stay in one place for very long, that would be poor practice for one who may very well end up as a target of retribution by those she has inconvenienced or damaged."

"Well I say we ask the three hooligans if they can point us in the right direction…actually, make that two hooligans and one royalty."

Everyone aside from Natsume blinked, Shirone asking, "Royalty?"

"Oh, right, you haven't met Lilim yet. Well suffice to say she's going to have a field day filling all of you in on her adventures. And her glowup, as it were."

The befuddled looks were a prize in and of themselves.

It was with a bewildered and slightly unreal sense of acceptance that Tosca accepted the bowl of steaming and delicious smelling soup Yumi passed her, palms warming as she cradled the bowl and met her friend's concerned gaze with a mild frown, slowly asking, "This isn't a dream, correct?"

"You can stop asking that now, our answer isn't going to change."

Tilting her head at the mildly annoyed grumble from behind where she was seated in a rather comfortable bed Tosca settled for a slow nod of understanding, glancing at the two others present besides Yumi and finding them to be quite the studies in contrast.

One was an innocent and friendly looking blonde girl adorned in nun robes as she ran her hands up and down her body, emerald light emanating from a pair of rings providing a soothing and relaxing warmth that matched perfectly with their wielder. The second was seated behind her, running some kind of gemstone - a moonstone, she thought it had been called - across her neck and scalp with measured motions, the Japanese woman a haughty beauty that might have come off as unapproachable if it wasn't for Yumi and the nun acting perfectly at ease with her presence, as if the girl's brusque nature was no matter at all.

She was snapped out of her thoughts and observations as Yumi gently grabbed her wrist, firmly stating, "It's no dream, of that I can assure you."

"Are you sure? Because the last time I checked I was the older by a few months but now it seems like you have a year or two on me."

"A result of your Sacred Gear keeping you safe but isolated…after the institute tried to liquidate us, as a reward for all of our hard work and suffering."

Sensing the acidic shift in her friend's words Tosca decided not to comment, her own memories of the Holy Sword institute muddled at best as she instead turned to the other two girls, asking, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I ever got your names?"

"Oh, I completely forgot!"

The blonde nun gasped at the realization with the same gravitas as if she'd personally affronted god, bowing her head slightly as she stated, "Asia Argento, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Tosca!"

A bit caught off guard by the blonde's open exuberance Tosca nonetheless returned the other girl's smile, responding, "Thank you for taking the time to look after me, Asia."

"Hmph. If the past few weeks are anything to go by she's probably going to be the one thanking you for letting her do a good deed or some other altruistic pursuit."

"I'm not that bad, Rin!"

"Well…you kind of are, Asia."

The pale-haired girl watched the interplay between the trio with open interest, curious as to the dynamic her younger - although with the period of stasis she'd undergone that was a questionable title - friend had formed with the trio as Rin removed the stone from the back of her head, primly sitting herself in a chair next to the bad while wearing an amused smirk, carelessly tossing the gemstone onto a nearby tray.

"Well you're completely free of any kind of mental contamination or compulsion, aside from a bit of haziness here and there that I would attribute to recent events being somewhat…hectic for you."

The young woman paused, eventually offering a small nod and stating, "Rin Tohsaka, resident Magus."

"It's nice to meet you, Miss Tohsaka. And thank you for making sure that there was no lingering malevolence. Do you have a time frame for when this 'haziness' will clear up?"

"Judging by how lucid and coherent you are at this very moment I wouldn't wager very long at all. A few days, at most."

"And on the physical side you are in perfect health, Tosca. Incredible health, actually."

She could only nod at that, feeling her lips twitch at the brief snippet of memory of when she had been given to the tender mercies of Under EDEN, of the experiments and conditioning she'd received.

Strapped to a table, body numbed as machines, scalpels, doctors and more horrific creatures changed or entered her as they wished-

"It's alright, Tosca. You're not there anymore."

Yumi's firm words and equally strong hug had Tosca releasing a small, shaky breath as she nodded in understanding, brow slightly moist from a film of cold sweat that had sprung up there.

"Y-yes, and I'm sure Cayman will have all sorts of ways to ensure you're happy and cared for while you're staying here!"

Feeling her mood slightly perk at the certain and unwavering support of her newfound caretakers Tosca reminded herself that she wasn't on that table anymore, now in the presence of familiar faces and a comfortable warmth that chased away the shadows clinging to her mind.

Sweat was still dotting her brow, joined by a different sort of moistness down below.

…A warmth that she remembered thrusting in and out of her, filling her body with a hedonistic fire that ensconced her every nerve, brain-melting joy and affection driving her to the heights of ecstasy and pleasure as a blush steadily and unstoppably adorned her pale skin.

"Heh heh, seems like my contractor's love and attention wins out again~!"

Blinking as a Fairy suddenly swooped down and landed on her bed Tosca tilted her head as the diminutive woman gave a happy salute, chirping, "Nice to meet you, my name's Till!"

"Likewise, Miss Till."

"Aww, just Till is fine~!"

Turning to the rest of the assembled group the winged Demon mentioned, "Just a heads up, we're having a team meeting in a few minutes and you should probably get ready to head out if need be."

"Already? Didn't everyone just get back a few hours ago?"

Asia's dismayed words merely drew a shrug from the tiny female, Till replying, "You know Cayman, it's go go go until he's out like a light and crashing."

A defeated sigh escaped the nun.

"I should probably try to get him to break that habit, shouldn't I?"

"Good luck. I bet you'd have better luck trying to draw blood from a stone."

Rin ended the conversation with a blunt comment, resigned nods leaving the rest of the group as Tosca decided to take a bite of her soup, eyes widening as the humble but delicious flavors hit like a truck, the girl eagerly bringing another mouthful to her lips-

-and blinked as feminine snickers graced her ears, a quick glance around the room revealing three heads poking around the entrance and watching her with a mix of curiosity and glee, Tosca deciding that there wasn't anything to lose by being friendly as she offered them a pleasant smile, asking, "Do you want to come inside? I'm already meeting everyone, might as well continue the trend."

Without further preamble the trio followed her request, Tosca briefly stiffening as she saw that they were all Demons before quickly mastering herself, the kneejerk reaction a holdover of her Exorcist training rather than any logical or thought out chain of decision making. The two Yatagarasu were no doubt related, sharing similar dress and features as they stared at her with bird-like curiosity, the Succubus sporting a perfectly seductive form and mischievously friendly expression.

"Ooh, so you're the newest stray Cayman picked up, huh? And he already took advantage of you too. Don't worry, we're in this together!"

Blinking at the bold statement from the older looking of the two Yatagarasu said Demon gave a cheeky wave, continuing with, "I'm Minasaki, this is my younger sister Hatsukaze and who used to be the shortest of us all, Lilim."

The Succubus proudly folded her arms beneath her considerable bust, teasing, "Aww, you're just jealous that I'm the rich and pretty noble we always knew I was. Hey, I bet if you let me rub your chests they'll grow as big as mine~!"

A spaded tail enticingly waved as the pair of slimmer Demons immediately protested the action, Tosca staring at the rest of the room's occupants as they seemed largely indifferent to the ongoing interaction as if it was the most familiar and rote thing imaginable. Although they did jump a little when a voice suddenly shrieked out, "What the fuck happened to you?!"

Barging in through the door and fixing the Succubus with a mighty pout was a pink-haired Vampire that emanated a vague sense of danger and instability, two Yokai that were likely a variant of Nekomata following on her heels and a study in contrasts, one short and white haired with a slim physique and the other a raven-haired beauty with a stacked body, even if identical expressions of mild disbelief adorned their features as they stared at Lilim, the shorter eventually seeming somewhat sour about the whole situation as the Succubus affixed the black haired cat with a supremely satisfied smirk.

"Guess I'm every bit as big as you are now, huh? Well, I am a bit taller and curvier so maybe I'm the prettier girl~?"

"That sounds like a cat fight you wanna start, nyah…spoiler alert, my little Shirone plays with prison rules."

"Alright, alright, let's not murder each other before we even make it out the door, okay?"

This time it was a male's voice that broke up the steadily gathering commotion, a male voice that caused Tosca's heart to race and breath catch, the cadence and tone so incredibly familiar and important.

Sure enough none other than her savior squeezed himself into the steadily crowded room, gazing with exasperated bemusement at the developing conflict before his emerald eyes landed on hers, a quick smile forming on his lips that almost made her drop the soup she was holding.

"Good to see you with us, Tosca. Probably a bit more rowdy of a welcome than you were expecting, huh?"

"N-no, it's fine! I, umm…just wanted to say thank you. For saving me, that is. And reuniting me with Yumi!"

Stumbling over her words Tosca felt like facepalming at such an awkward and stilted first conversation they were having, the whole room staring with unabashed curiosity at her performance before the black-haired Yokai turned to the male.

"You used your sex magic on her, didn't you?"

"Considering how well it's been working I think I'm going to keep using it. Got a prescription for you anytime you want to give it a spin, Kuroka."


"Guilty as charged."

Turning his attention towards the trio that had been looking after her he asked, "Is she healed as much as feasibly possible?"

"As far as we can tell. Guess your 'sex magic' isn't just some really sleazy way to get yourself laid after all."

"Thank you for the scholarly description, Rin."

The man's expression turned stern, briefly passing over Tosca as the girl felt an instinctive desire to match his turn of mood with an equally serious demeanor of her own - something undercut by the fact she was laid up in bed wearing pajamas and holding a delicious bowl of soup - as he announced, "Be that as it may…Rin, Asia, Yumi, Shirone? You hold down the fort and help out Tosca if she needs it while the rest of us hunt down a mole, one that seems to have buried itself rather deeply."

"Wait, I can-"

"You just got your friend back, Yumi. Take it easy for awhile, we'll be back before you know it. Same goes for you, Tosca. Sorry to ditch when you've just been thrust into an entirely foreign situation but we've got a time sensitive matter to see through."

"N-no, it's really alright!"

"Oh boy, we've got another love struck maiden on the team, nyah."

Blushing at Kuroka's snark she nonetheless remained quiet as Cayman lead the rest of the group away, Yumi meeting her flickering gaze as a wry smile graced her features.

"Yes. It really is that action packed on a daily basis here."

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