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"Wake the fuck up, Jackson." Thalia's fretful and impatient voice welcomed a disgruntled Percy Jackson.

"Uhhhhh...uh" Percy grunted as he attempted to open his eyes. He wanted to take it slowly, apparently, the Hunt and their patron were not in the mood as he felt a considerable shock running through his exhausted body.

"Artemis does not have the time or patience to tolerate the flaws present in the DNA of your gender. If I were you then I would hurry, boy." She said in disgust, though the shine in her eyes and the smirk on her face proved otherwise.

Percy groaned and bolted out of bed and fixed himself in twenty seconds flat (he brushed his teeth in twenty seconds as his magical armor automatically molded around him, gifted by the Hunt). He half-heartedly hoped that he would be shown mercy.

He was wrong.

The instant he stepped outside, he was barely able to dodge the twenty-four already nocked-and-aimed arrows at him.

Suddenly the feeling of something being wrong hit him, what in Zeus's balls was he doing here?

He remembered going to his cabin's couch half-asleep, so he should have woken up in his cabin. He definitely remembered trying to shut off the distress alarm the Hunt had given him in times of well, you know, distress ringing unnecessarily. He quickly observed his surroundings and sure enough, he was in the Hunters' camp instead.

So this was it, huh, he got kidnapped by the Olympian Goddess of Hunt again who happened to be his very good friend.

"So has something happened or do you all like glaring at me just for kicks?" Percy embarrassedly asked.

A harsh, scolding voice reprimanded him "Why did you not turn off the distress signal and not answer our calls? I had specifically instructed you to use it in times of emergencies." The voice then softened immediately before continuing "Where's Annabeth, Percy? The last time I checked, you could not stay without her, not that I am judging or anything. Are you okay?" Artemis concernedly asked.

Percy then felt a sharp prick shoot up his forearm as he felt Artemis's energy go into his system forcing him to answer her.

Percy realized that there was no use resisting as the energy would probably wipe out whatever he says anyway so he dejectedly started to spill the beans before he could chicken out.

(rant coming)

"Yeah, yeah it is fine sorry for bothering you with the distress call, dunno the thing was just beeping on its own no matter how many times I tried to shut it down. I also tried to answer your calls but all of them were unreachable for some crazy reason. Things have been tense as I have been taking last year's classes, turned way too frustrated for my own good. I was finally doing good in school but guess what the whore-king's stupid, dumb bitch of a wife kidnapped me for her stupid plan with stupid planning and stupid, twisted and fucked-up decisions. I fucking got cancer but my demigod blood killed it but I feel weak. I was trying to be happy for mom but with Amphitrite and Triton trying to prod a trident up my ass every fucking day with their soliloquies about how big of a disappointment I am whenever I go to sleep. My fucking PTSD with T standing for Tartaric, not Tartarus, comes into play and just trying to have a life is so fucking difficult. Ever since I have accompanied Apollo on his trials, I have completely lost my control. Ever since the rest six became immortal, I lost touch with most of the camp. The icing on the cake is with the fucking Olympians, they keep on piling quests on me like are they fucking retarded, not you though Artemis, Σε αγαπώ ακόμα κι αν δεν θα ανταποδώσεις. I swear if it was not for you guys as my family and Hestia being there for me when needed, I would be dead. Anyways for your main question, what was it again? Oh yeah, the Annabitch's one right? Yeah, so anyway. After Annabeth's searches for me became infrequent, I grew slightly suspicious. As fate would have it, she was too occupied banging an Apollo kid. Yup, one of the heroines of Olympus was cheating on her boyfriend with some dick named Dick who was born because his father could not restrain his dick." Percy added the joke at the end, hoping to alleviate the circumstances. If the rapid change in the girls' group's aura was anything to go by, he could confidently say that his pun failed miserably.

The sea-green-eyed demigod's fear slowly climbed his spine the longer the silence lasted. He knew that his memory had already deleted what was said as Artemis's magic already did its work. He had expected everyone there (apart from him) either to go laugh it off or maybe to explode at him or to do at least something (after all they were kinda his friends). For once, the three-creepies-with-their-yeeyee-ass-yarn-and-sock-or-whatever-the-fuck-that-fucking-thing-is (the Fates, if anyone was confused) took mercy on him and the archers there finally reacted, just not in the way that he anticipated.

Under the starry skies, they just left him there, standing alone, as they formed a circle and meandered amongst themselves. The expert-monster-killers believed they knew all about Percy's problems but never did they realize all he showed was just the tip of the iceberg. They were worried due to the one Greek sentence the hydromancer had said. That Greek phrase alone meant nothing, after all, professing love to anyone was a common occurrence. The problem was that Pery had said it solemnly and it took effect due to Percy's accidental use of his life source. In a nutshell, Percy had basically professed his love for the maiden Goddess and he could not back out. For this cloud's silver lining, the said Goddess was blushing and feeling giddy with happiness. It was an open secret among the silver-cladded warriors that Artemis was a sucker for Percy but had backed off due to Percabeth.

She was still present in the backdrop though, making sure the moon at the night was something the son of Poseidon would cherish.

She already knew what happened that day as Percy discreetly observed Annabeth cheating and unlike what she had predicted, he did not bother monologuing about the usual cliched-crap. He just went there, slapped Dick and broke Annabeth's nose and jaw.

The humble hero was just standing and waiting until he felt his body being squished thanks to a bone-crushing hug courtesy of the Hunt. After all the huggy-cuddly and sisterly kisses on cheeks and stuff, the females there struggled to address elephant in the room.

(Italics is for Percy here)

After a few seconds of awkward contemplation, Zoe said, "Perseus?"

"Yeah?" He responded.

Zoe could not speak so Reyna took over.

"Do you remember what you ranted?"

"You already know that the Artemis's magic in my bloodstream prevents me from doing so."

It was Bianca's turn.

"Well, you see that you may or may not have..." she trailed off.

Frankly, it was clear that Percy was getting annoyed by the cramped conversation.

"What is your point?"

"YouhavebondedyourselftoArtemisandnowyoucannotbackoutalonebecauseifyoudoyouwilldie." Thalia blabbered.


Having enough, Artemis teleported Percy and herself to her cabin. There she said, "Percy, you have made an unbreakable bond with me which will kill you if you leave me. This all happened when you ranted about your problems. Now, I know this may seem sudden but" her voice broke uncharacteristically and her eyes dimmed as she continued, "it can be reversed if you wish to do so."

Percy weighed in on his options before stating, "No, I don't think I will."

The auburn-haired goddess's orbs were filled with hope as Percy resumed, "I do not know what I feel for you, Artemis, I really don't. Annabeth's actions...they did not hurt me as much as I thought they would but they still weigh in on me. So," he took a deep breath, "I am not ready for a relationship yet but, I think we both need to wait for each other. I will do so for you and hope you are willing too."

From that little speech he had delivered, it was evident that Percy had put a lot of thought into saying what he said.

The archer goddess gave no response and teleported him to a cliff where the moon met the sea and just contentedly sighed as she laid her head on the hero's shoulder.

"For you? Anything." She said.

Yeah, she would wait for him.

Σε αγαπώ ακόμα κι αν δεν θα ανταποδώσεις = I love you even if you will not reciprocate

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