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That is the only word bouncing around in his head as he is trying to escape from the ferocious changelings who are ever lovingly chasing him.

Whoosh! One of those monsters attacks him again as he quickly dodges the paw. He knows there is no purpose running though, after all, he is just a mere mythical-creature-hunter trying to outrun a bunch of beasts.

Suddenly, he trips on a tree rootstock and falls on the rough terrain. Before he could get up, he is pinned by a werewolf to a tree.

Slowly, their leader comes up to him and says, "Again you lose Perseus, again you lose."

As Percy strives to free himself, Atlas moves his claw back before he slashes it underneath his face, crushing Percy's skull.

"Aah!" Percy grimaced as he suddenly woke up.

"Calm down, it was only just a dream. Atlas is dead, very, very dead." He tried persuading himself unconvincingly.

Realizing that it would be hopeless to try to sleep again, Percy got off his bed and once again began his shitty morning routine.

It involved brushing his teeth, regretting life decisions, training for an hour or two, lamenting life choices, making and eating breakfast, mourning life judgments, and then going to the therapist.

He made it to the sixth step of his routine before deciding against visiting Dr. Apollo.

Instead, he found himself heading towards his workplace, a hostile supernatural-creature hunting facility known as Marsedkillers.

During his travel, he wondered about his questionable boss, "Mars." For the last five years, he had found lots of dirt on him. He had investigated all of his actions privately and found out the horrific things that asshole had done. His curriculum vitae included several "accomplishments."

Some of them were:-

Annihilating the families of all those who opposed him.

Exterminating villages for natural resources

Breaking several national and underworld statutes

Organ and people trafficking

Torture of several individuals

Genetic experimentation

Murder and assassination of reputable figures

Drugs, extortion, etc.

So it was best summed up as Mars had done everything questionable to get into one of the seats of power. Under normal circumstances, Percy could have had him arrested. Unfortunately, the psychopath had the majority of the district under his thumb.

The instant he was allowed into the building, he was quickly commanded to meet the man. Steeling his spirits, he entered his superior's room, ready to receive his next mission.

Or that is what usually happened...

"Which creature do I need to hunt?" Percy asked in a monotonous tone, copying the way he did it every other time.

"None, you're fired." came the hoarse reply. Mars did not even bother looking at him before continuing, "You will be given all your belongings when the guards escort you outside."

"What sort of joke is this, Mars? You do realize that I am the best hunter in this company, do you not?" Percy looked at him in disbelief.

"I realized that you need to be fired, which you are. You think I do not know the dirt you have on me? The information could get me on the streets in a day! You think I will let some orphaned two-bit twattlefuck take my success away? Hell no! I kept on sending you on suicidal missions with shitty teammates and faulty equipment, hoping you would die, but you just did not know when to give up, did you? Always surviving, no more of it. I cannot kill you without troublesome repercussions, but I can still crush you from the inside. Farewell. Guards! Take him."

"You're serious?!"

"Dead serious. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a company to command."

As the guards escorted Percy to the gates, Mars decided to give him another hit below the belt.

"And Perseus, do not bother looking for a job in another firm; I have made sure none will accept you." He said with a putrid simper.

Percy just silently walked away, promising himself twisted justice for all Mars had done to his life.

The minute he was out of the building, he began weighing his options.

In the entire city of Parallax, Mars's words were final, more or less. That meant trying for a job at another mercenary corporation would do him no good. All were no-gos except one.

The Hunt.

They were the only contenders who could rival and even surpass the Marsedkillers. With Percy out of the picture, Marsedkillers would have no power players in their rosters (except Luke) who could even pose a remote threat to the Hunt. Looks like the rumors were true, Mars did not think anything through at all.

After few brief moments of thinking, he turned his stride around. It was time to have a catch-up with his cousins, after all.

Surprisingly, if you walk in the rain after being dishonorably discharged, you tend to get irritated quite easily.

Or at least those were Percy's thoughts as he kicked another stray stone out of his way. Even though he did not care much about his situation (worst comes to worst, he could just call it a life and shoot himself, right?), he was still apprehensive towards his surroundings. There was something off about the city's environment today.

Something hostile was lurking in the shadows, tailing him, ready to pounce on the moment his attention slacked off.

It took all of his willpower to not just turn around and riddle the silly thing with holes. He, however, ignored the nagging feeling, that wyvern was going to die in a few either way. After some minutes of walking, he reached his destination.

Proudly standing at god-knows-how-many-feet-tall and god-knows-how-many-feet wide, he uncertainly entered the Hunt's headquarters. The moment he entered through the glossy glass doors, every female in a thirty feet vicinity had their guns pointed at his head and other areas where the sun does not shine. He was not scared, none of them would shoot him and even if they did, none of their shots would actually hit him.

"You have a lot of guts coming here, scum." One of the silver-clad warriors told him like he was the worst thing to happen since the Great Depression (going along with their thinking, it probably was.), but the lack of bite told him that she was joking.

"Whatever you say, Phoebe. Now, where are Thalia and Bianca, I am already running an hour late, they'll have my head." He replied unenthusiastically.

"They are in my office, but they will have to wait. You and I need to have a talk, Perseus." A dignified voice cut through from somewhere behind him before Phoebe could respond.

He wanted to say no, had an overwhelming urge to do so. Sadly, he had somewhat of a friendly relationship with the Hunt and their leader.

"Whatever you say, huntress, whatever you say." He drawled tiredly.

Artemis shot him an 'I-will-get-for-that-later-you-piece-of-shit' look and walked away to her office, soon he hurried in after her. On his way there, he thought about how he had made such a relationship with the hunt. He remembered the day as if it just happened yesterday.

It was a dark, dreary night. Hundreds of people were running in terror as a horde of runaway vampires were feasting on the blood of the petrified people. The distinct, metallic stench of blood assaulted Percy's nose as he forced his way through the crowd, hellbent on slaughtering every last one of those blood-sucking bastards.

Adrenaline running through his veins, mind and body in hyperdrive, he jumped into the fray. Few hours into the fighting, vampire corpses, bloody stakes, empty magazines were littered across the street as Percy continued on with his carnage. Soon, however, a pack of werewolves emerged from the shadows nearby, wanting to get their share of vampire meat.

Normally, the hunter and werewolves would cooperate until the vampires were purged and then leave each other alone. Percy, unfortunately, was on the kill list of the werewolves too and then had to start firing silver bullets into those filths.

He remembered not the hours he spent there but eventually, he started slowing down. All he knew was that he drew the fight away from the city and into the forest. Soon, the three-way fight turned into a two-way fight when the vampires were eradicated and then the wolves overwhelmed him.

Exhausted, he finally made one slip. One of Lycaon's strikes broke his guard and the wolf went in for the bite, digging his fangs deep into Percy's jugular.

Everything then became blurry as his body attempted to fight the venoms injected within his body, trying to stop himself from turning into one of those quadrupeds. He ripped his pouch open and then spilled some of the anti-toxins on a knife before stabbing the serrated steel onto his wound.

The pain was excruciating, burning his veins as his blood flowed like a river, covering his face and arms. The wolves would have laughed at his agony if not for a rain of silver arrows blazing through the night sky, each one aimed at their skulls.

Only a handful of wolves could notice the incoming barrage, and even fewer avoid it. By the time the arrows had landed, several warrioresses had broken through the treeline, armed with guns, knives, swords, katanas and several other sorts of lethal weaponry.

Instead of fighting like true werewolves-in-arms, those hooligans started running away. The Hunt, being the male-loving supporters they were, tagged them, leaving him alone.

The effectiveness of the drugs he was using started wearing off, and he could feel some animalistic instincts grow deeper within him. He could feel Lycaon's control over his body strengthen. Reluctantly, he dug an arrow that had, in the crossfire, been embedded deeper into his leg. The strategy worked partially, while the pain did help sharpening his defenses against those damned instincts, it also increased his blood loss.

Percy, by that time, had more or less accepted his death. He was not scared (being suicidal had its perks), but he did have a few misgivings.

He never could taste all the ice-cream flavors Baskin Robbins had to offer, what a fucking tragedy.

He then felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier by the second and felt the fight leave his body. He knew that he would last an hour or two at best. He just grinned at himself, "Breaking News: 17-year-old Perseus Jackson succumbs to an attack on NYC. His boss, Mars, says that he will be sorely missed."

"Awfully interested in departing, aren't we Perseus?" The confident voice of Artemis asked him.

"What can I do? Your assistance in chasing away those guys really took a toll on me." He winced, pointing to the arrow sticking in his thigh.

"You are going to heal, are you not? I don't see the big deal about it." Artemis asked him confusedly.

When Percy did not respond, her face morphed into one of pure shock.

"You don't have it, do you?" she asked him with a blank face.

"Not every hunter out there is predetermined to be one. Some of us... we need to pay back a favor we owe to those who did us wrong." He said.

"Milady, what does he mean?" A newer hunter asked.

"Atlanta, it seems that Perseus here is not provided with the skills to be a hunter. As a result, he does not have the gifts and abilities that allow us poachers to surpass human limits and be a match for the Other Side." Zoe, Artemis's ever perceptive lieutenant responded.

"As much as I would love to hear your ladies' lovely voices, I am kinda in a hot soup here, so if you'll excuse me, I want to die in peace." Percy dryly interrupted.

"I cannot believe I am about to save a male." Artemis muttered loud enough for all the girls to hear.

"But Mila-" Phoebe started and then stopped when Artemis raised her hand in a 'stop' gesture.

"As much as I hate to admit it, this recent development has somewhat...increased my interest in him. Besides, we formed this organization to help the people against threats they cannot handle, not to hunt for leisure. Also, he already has resisted the werewolf-bite for sixteen minutes, my conscience restricts me from leaving this man for death."

It was rare for Artemis to compliment a man, too bad Percy was already unconscious by that time.

He had woken up in their infirmary, with Calypso treating his wounds.

"What the hell happened?" He asked as he tried to sit up.

"Don't get up, you will get a headache." Her kind voice answered as she pushed him back on the bed.

He wanted to argue but a reprimanding glare from Calypso deterred him as Artemis walked up to him, answering his question.

"We reversed the werewolf transformation and dealt with your wounds. You were on the brink of death. I felt kind and even filled your soul with the Hunter Spirit." She nonchalantly said, as if Hunter Spirit was not one of the most precious resources on Earth.

Percy could not hide his flabbergasted expression as he attacked Artemis with tonnes of questions.

"What? Why? I thought you hated men, why did you save-"

All his questions were cut off as Artemis made a shushing motion, her magic disabling Percy's vocal cords.

"We saved you because I was somewhat intrigued with MarsedKillers' most prominent hunter. Yes, while we do hate men, our primary purpose is to save all human beings, regardless of their external appearances. That is why the Hunt was created in the first place. Now, if you have any questions, please present them in a...civilized manner."

Another wave of her hand later, Percy was finally able to speak. After briefly glaring at her, he sighed an intense sigh before saying.

"What do I owe you?" That was his only question.

"You seriously think that we wouldn't do it just because we felt nice?" Artemis asked in a teasing tone.

"I think we both know the answer to that. Even though I am ready to entertain the possibility of you just being nice and healing me, the whole world knows you would not have gotten me a Hunter Spirit just because, I quote- we felt nice." His hardened tone quickly responded.

"And to think that Athena said that Mars only hires idiotic lackeys. Since you already know that you owe us, this will be the perfect time to tell you what it is. I need you to find out all the information about Mars whenever we ask, wherever you are."

"You want me to become a mole for you?" He asked Artemis, unimpressed at her poor attempt to create a word trap.


Percy would have loved to say that he refused her and walked out of the Hunt's building unharmed, like a badass. Truth be told, he was tired of Mars's bullshit the day he got hired and the auburn beauty in front of him had also offered him some benefits of working for the Hunt, benefits that could not be resisted.

So that was how the legendary warrior's journey with the legendary group commenced.

He was pulled back to reality when they both reached Artemis's office.

A few hugs and kisses with his cousins later, he was expectantly looking at Artemis, his eyes asking the silent question why did you call me here?

"So," She began, "I heard that you got fired?"

"Yeah I did, you started spying on me too?" He answered and counter-questioned.

"What can I say? When our boy toy gets into another company, you have to make sure he is not cherishing someone else." She asked with a challenging smirk.

He knew he should be offended; after all, the best at his work and yet was being reduced to something akin to a slave here, but relationships and dynamics, they are funny things.

"Anyway, now that I am not there cherishing Mars, I am unemployed and have no other place to go, you think you can fix up a place for me?" Percy asked, his mood no longer jaunty.

"Well, the Hunt does have a proposition..."

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