"Percy, where are you?" The owner asked her pet as thousands of citizens watched with bated breath as their warrior-princess asked for the predatory animal-shifter to answer her call.

A small yet dangerous and audible snarl answered her inquiry.

Reyna whipped around and saw the six-feet tall steed patiently waiting for her.

"Well, it seems that Hylla desires us to travel North and deal with the Vikings who did not keep their end of the treaty. What do you think we should do with them when we get there?" The warrioress asked.

The mount's bending on the ground for her to climb up and after a few moments, galloping towards North after hearing her responded better than words err... neighs ever could.

Three hours later, the rideress ordered the shapeshifter to halt near a rivulet.

"I am in urgent need of water. Stop here."

A short struggle ensued as her attempts finally bore fruit in reining in the feral creature and and a few minutes of slacking later, they both were on their pleasant journey to possibly incapacitate and exterminate some rustics again. Three days and two nights they traveled till they were interrupted by a bunch of brigands.

"EEEEEEEEEy girl, wuz an attractive gentlewoman like you doin' out'ere, don'chu know that tis' unsayuf for you lasses to be here at nite?" The presumable leader of the thugs slurrily taunted at her before continuing in his drunk reverie, "Lez make a deal, we ride you and the horse and you go your way without the horse and the clothing, sounds good...good."

She disembarked from the horse, ready for a fight but before a single step could be taken by either side, the bandits were assaulted by the shapeshifter's panther form. Those louts lasted seven fleeting seconds before a scary panther with a crimson throat and bloodthirsty orbs walked over their stinking and bloody corpses.

She was momentarily flabbergasted, never had the ferocity of such extent shown by the normally anti-social shapeshifter. When the shock wore off, she nonchalantly cleaned his jaw and commanded the animal to turn into a stallion ere climbing him for the third time on their travels.

The change in his aura indicated that he would not slow down until they reach their destination, her instinct stopped her from holding him back and pushed her to reminisce about the legendary horse she was currently traveling on.

She slowly prodded his consciousness with hers and when the attempted entry was denied, she forged her consciousness into a passkey which went right through his defenses, allowing her access to his memories.

The millisecond she entered, she wished she had not.

It is not your cliche-ridden night with cliche events, no, it is something too different, too lethal. And it scares him a lot, more than he is willing to admit, but he pushes the terror in him aside before braving through the crowd of the undead and the depraved. Every breath scorches his lungs, every step is too painful, but the most excruciating injuries are his moments of existence. Every moment of existence is one moment too much to handle, too much pain and agony have filled his nerves but he still fights on to survive, to defend his land, he wants to die, no, he wants to live and that is what he intends to do. Yeah, he will survive, he always did, no matter the hardships, he is Percy Aquaios Jackson and he will not go down due to some stupid barbarians threatening to subjugate his nation, he won't. He flips his longest finger to the pain and the next eighty-two hours are the worst ones he has ever experienced. The excruciating amount of misery has finally grasped him in its clutches and destroyed him from inside leaving nothing but two overwhelming emotions: anger and hate. He does not have the will in his lungs to cuss at his brothers-in-arms, to ask them why did they let cowardice take hold of them and why did they desert him, leaving him alone to perish. He is furious and suddenly he falls onto the frigid, rough ground as an enchanted spear glides through the air and towards his heart and so he rapidly dodges the spear but sadly not its magic, he is sure death is his fate. That is until, a violent CLANG! rings out through the battlefield as the Amazons burst through the enemy ranks, slaughtering them and Reyna appearing and saving his life.

Her first thought the second she came out of his memory was so that is the reason she (apart from Hylla) is the only one who he lets (somewhat) restrain him and Amazons the only human beings he does not attack on sight just for the sake of it. She tried hard to fight it but her traitorous encephalon failed to heed her and a fragment of the past events took place.

The Amazons knew he was dying and no matter whatever they tried, his health remained critical. The influx of all the knowledge gained from the poison remained useless as the invulnerable warrior's body slowly degraded. Atom by atom, his skin turned a ghostly white as his eyes shrunk to the extreme back of his cranium. They were all out of ideas until an insane suggestion was tipped off by Hylla to insert their own experimental, volatile Amazonian magic into his bloodstream. A few dates later, Percy's body was skewered with holes as thousands of pins and needles furiously conducted wave after wave of magic into his very life source. The operation turned out to be a partial success, the toxins were purged from his body but the hatred and anger were still present right beneath the surface and as the finishing touch on the disaster, an unforeseen side-effect included his transformation from a human to a disfigured combination of several animals.

The worse side of the country wanted that abomination dead, they did everything in their power to deem Percy as untrustworthy, dangerous, a loose cannon and attempted to sully his loyalty to his country when he was a human.

That was the last straw. The damned part of the population, from the greedy nobles to the corrupted peasants, had forced the Amazonians' hand. They, after months of experimentation and researching, transformed Percy from an abominable devil spawn into a gorgeous angel. One civil war against the tyrant ruler and the evil demons that ruled the land, the good finally won and so murdered all those who had tried to disrupt the tranquillity of their home, creating everlasting harmony and peace that ran deep through the kingdom.

A lovable neigh snapped Reyna back to reality as the mane on Percy's body glow under the moonlight and they crossed their home territory and advanced straight into the frigid, barbarian-infested, secluded North. The instant they entered that realm, there was an entire change in the demeanor and body of the savage warhorse to that of a gentle and adorable palfrey.

Reyna, the battle-hardened fighter, was incapable of controlling herself as she literally purred into the palfrey's equine ear, "Well, well, well it seems to me that my furball wants to be unleashed huh?"

Percy whinnied noisily and excitedly as Reyna fondly rolled her eyes and dismounted him. As time moved second by second, he began transforming into his favorite creature, it was that of a...whelp and the pupper excitedly jumped into Reyna's outstretched sleeves as she hugged it for all that her arms were worth.

Even though it was unknown to all except the Amazons, the rumors that indicating that Percy had a tender side could not be closer to the truth. He was a growing poor, orphaned fisherboy who had taken care of Amazons when they were shunned from the kingdom. The adolescent could barely earn enough to feed himself but his kind-hearted soul made him endure seven long-drawn years of struggle as he supplied Amazons until they turned into the most sought-after company that it was known as today.

Thus, here is the place where our journey with Preyna begins...

Prologue: FIN.


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