Brooklyn,New York - 1986

The bell was ringing inside the Brooklyn Middle School. All the kids went to their respectives classes, even class 5B. This class reunited some of the most brilliant brains of Brooklyn. Everyone sat on their chair and the teacher came. It was a young female teacher, wearing a red shirt with a beige skirt and white high heels and having blonde hairs and red lips.

But the detail that most students focused on the most was the fact that her breast was partially shown off, after she took off the top button of her shirt. Even if she said she did that because it was too hot,people thought she was actually teasing every boy in the class. And that worked. Most of the boys didn't take their eyes off their teacher.

" Good morning, everyone ! " She salued the class with a sexy australian accent.

" Good morning, Ms. Hattie. "

" How are you feeling, Toby ? "

" Very fine, miss. "

" And you, Jack ? How are you feeling ? "

" Very fine, miss. "

"And you, Jessica ? How are you feeling ? "

" Barely okay, miss. "

" Oh ? What's the issue, Jessica ? "

" The issue, if you really wanna know... is that my boyfriend Jack doesn't stop looking at your boobs ! "

" That's not true, Jess ! " Everyone laughed at the couple, especially Jack even if all boys were doing the same thing. In consequence, the teacher started blushing and looked away.

" Anyway... For today's lesson, we'll start making a quick review on the modals. For starters... Jack, make me a sentence woth a modal in present. Jess, make one in the preterit. "

" I truly hope Jess will forgive me. "

" I wish Jack was dead ! " More people chuckled under their mouths.

" That's enough. William, your turn. "

" I might be able to repair this car. "

" Excellent. " She winked the boy,which made him blush,but every other male student gave him a death stare.

" Now your turn, May. "

" I can text you tomorrow. "

" Great ! And last... Barry ? "

" What ? "

" Well... " The teacher was offensed by this answer. " I'm just asking you to do a sentence with a modal. "

" If I had some more fuel,I would've burned this building down. Is that a convenient answer ? " Then the little boy read a scientific book in front of his teacher.

" Mr. Quinton, it is clear you've got some personal issues. Perhaps you should discuss about it with the headmaster. "

" Again ?! "

" Get out. Now. And all of you... write 200 words about your perfect weekend. " As Barry Quinton left the class, everyone, no exception, gave him the death stare.

Arrived at the headmaster's office, both already started talking.

" Are you sure you're okay,Barry ? " An old bald man,wearing glasses,asked him.

" ... No. " He answered, confident.

" Why ? "

" I hate school. "

" But you are the smartest kid in physics. "

" That's not about it. I hate people. "

" What do you mean ? "

" You heard me. "

" Does that mean... You hate people... You hate being in a group ? "

" I hate being in that society. "

" Why... "

" There are only liars, hypocrits, thieves, killers... "

" But there are also good people in this society... For example, Toby... "

" He's annoying. "

" William... "

" He's a brute. "

" Jack ?... "

" He only thinks about his dick. "

" Don't say something like that. "

" I wanna leave. "

" Here's what we're gonna do : I'll leave you only one last chance... to fit yourself in the "society". If I hear of any other incident from you, you'll be fired. But not fired like everyone... You'll be sent immediately into a center which will take care of... kids like you... Do you understand the stakes ? "

" Yep. "

" You can go. "


Barry Quinton went inside the physics room.

" Wait ! Here's the pyromane ! " William shouted before another brute threw a paper ball to Barry who ignored it and went to seat next to Toby.

" That wasn't very... okay what you said in English. " Toby told him, worried but not angry.

" Don't care. " Barry added, putting on his lab coat. " So,what are we gonna do again ? "

" We'll make some limewater. "

" Lame. An acid would've been better. "

" Mr. Jenson already told you that they haven't the material for making an acid. "

" Why not go to Oscorp ?! "

" Excellent idea ! " Toby reacted sarcastically. " Hello ?! Is this Jeremy Osborn ?! Good ! I wanna ask you... Despite you're very busy and you completely don't have time for school trips, I would like to bring my students in your labs to make some acid that could easily kill a lot of people. Is that okay with you ? "

" Seen like this, this is a shitty idea. So why not slip in, just you and me, and steal the... "

" I stop you right here to say... Clearly no ! I ain't a robber... I ain't a super badass ninja either ! "

" Then I'll do it alone. "

" Please think this through. "

" Kidding. I promise you : when I will be mature, I'll get you our acid. Pinky swear ? "

" Pinky swear ! " Both crossed their little fingers and made their promise... until William stepped in and interrupted them with his two goons.

" Look ! Two gay boys ! "

" Shut up, Will ! " Toby pleaded angrily.

" Sorry ! Just wanted to check up on your work. "

" No. You can't copy us... Not like last time... "

" Yes, I can. Or perhaps I reveal everyone that Mr. Toby is dancing under his shower into the music Call Me Baby ! "

" No ! " Suddenly, Barry stepped up, protected Toby by facing directly William.

" I gotta do a better one : either you leave us alone, or I reveal everyone you are masturbating in front of Meryl Streep. "

Then his goons began laughing at him. When Will turned to them, they immediately stopped and became serious again.

" You'll pay for this offense, Quinton ! " They left immediately.

" See you tomorrow ! " Barry wished.

" Wow... Thank you, Barry. How can I pay you back... "

" Take those glasses off... or at least buy a labrador ! For your sake ! So, are we gonna make that limewater or what ?! "

Half an hour later...

Everyone had finished their limewater. But the only group who failed to do this was William's group, who only had water. So, angrier than before, William went to Barry's limewater and decided to spill some thionyle chloride into the erlenmeyer.

Barry and Toby, who were talking with Mr. Jenson, noticed at the last moment their water changing into a yellow color and exploding, spreading the yellow gaz everywhere. Before anyone did anything, Jessica breathed the gaz and fell to the floor.

" Sulphur dioxide ! Everybody to the playground ! " Everyone, except Jessica, evacuated the classroom.

Three minutes later...

Jessica was extracted to the ambulance by the firefighters.

" Is she gonna be okay ? " Jack asked to Mr. Jenson.

" She breathed a very great amount of sulphur. The probabilities that she lives... are very poor. But don't lose hope. "

After the teacher left to join Barry, a sexy teenage girl went to hug Jack. This one accidentally touched her butt. Meanwhile, Jenson talked to Barry.

" Quinton, it was your limewater which met the chloride. Did you do it ? "

" No... Wait... It was you,dumbass ! " Suddenly Quinton ran to punch William to the face. This one quickly tackled him to the floor and both wrestled for a while... before the headmaster separated them.


" Sir... " William started,getting off the man's grapple. " Barry Quinton mixed thionyle chloride with water ! In consequence, the classroom in full of sulphure and Jess breathed of it. She's gonna die ! " He faked some tears in his eyes.

" Really ?! Was it volunteer ? "

" No,sir. The truth is that... Will did it... "

" Me ?! Sonuvabitch ! Are you really gonna trust him ?! He threathened us to blow up the whole school ! It's obvious he did it volunteerly. "

" Is anyone gonna talk to defend him ? " The problem was that... no one actually saw William doing the act. So everyone thought that Barry was the culprit; they gave him the deadliest stare they ever did, especially that Jessica could die of it. Meanwhile, despite he was the only one who trusted Quinton, he couldn't resolve to face against the whole school; so he stayed silent and went next to May.

" I suppose it's true. You dirty son of a bitch ! "

" Easy chief ! I didn't do it... Toby... "

" No ! Please don't tell my name into your troubles. I didn't see anything. "

" Without any witness to defend you, I am into the obligation... to fire you. Therefore, as promised, I shall call a professional clinic to take care of you. "

" Seriously ?! " He reacted without much surprise. Just before the man brought him inside, Barry could see William's smiling face while he was hugging May, who was worried about Jess.

In consequence, an ambulance came to escort Barry the next day. Before to go, the young boy said goodbye. While he hugged a last time his mother, his father, frustrated, punched him in the face.

" Go to hell, punk ! "

Just before to climb up, wearing a black eye to the left eye, Barry stared, with anger and blame, at Toby who was really sad for him. Then the ambulance left. For ten years precisely, Barry was in charge of the best pedopsychiatrist of New York. His mission was to make sure Barry forgot his antisocial pulses. While he pretended to be healed, after some time, Quinton secretly kept his hatred for the society.

Finally, after ten years, in 1996, Barry Quinton was free to go. He was now 22 years old, had a small beard and wore a red pullover with a blue large pant and red sport shoes. The people who waited for him were his parents and Toby. He immediately hugged his mother - who was crying -, then, despite he was tempted to punch him again, he finally hugged him, and as he came to Toby... he prefered to punch him in the nose, breaking it.

Since that day, Barry Quinton became a talented scientist, but prefered to remain unknown and isolated on himself, with his only friends : Toby and Cody, Toby's dog.

End of chapter 1. In the next chapter, we'll be teleported directly in 2023, after Avengers Endgame. See you soon !