" Toby, I can't eat anything anymore. " Barry complains, walking to his best friend and holding his belly.

" What happened ?! Have you eaten too much burgers ? "

" No, I ran into William... " He revealed casually.

" William ?! Asshole ! If I could turn into Hulk... " Toby confesses, frustrated.

" Relax. And don't worry about me. He means no trouble. Besides, if you wanna be Hulk, just dive head first into Gamma rays. "

" But did you forget ? A big amount of it can kill instantly human beings ! "

" Bruce survived... "

" It was a 1 chance out of 100 ! "

" Well if you wanna remain a constipated shithead nerd, don't do it. Anyway, I'm going home. "

" Frankly, we must do something about that bully. Maybe press charges... "

" Do you think judges would actually care about two nerds ? "

" Maybe... "

" You, you're the most ignored man in the world. And me, I got a record for nearly killing my former classmate who turned into a fucking Tornado 2.0 ! "

" Right... The trial's already lost... "

" EXACTLY ! Now let's go home ! "

" What are you planning ? "

" Sleeping. "

A few moments later...

Barry quickly lies on his bed, hands behind the skull, while Toby takes a book and starts reading silently.

" Barry... How was it with May ?! " He asks excitedly.

" Very great ! I felt like I was flying... Until that fake cop crashed me on the floor. "

" Troublemaker... Liar... Motherfucker ! " Toby is finding insults for William. " That man... is pure evil. "

" But honestly... I don't wanna talk to him. I was thinking about her last words. "

" Which words ? "

" Her perfect date is a superhero. "

" Perfect date ?! Superhero ?! Who will she marry ?! Human Torch ?! '

" Possible... but no. "

" Then who she loves the most ? "

" Maybe she hasn't decides yet... Toby ? "

" ..Yes ? "

" What if I tell you... I've just become crazy ?! "

" What kind of crazy ? "

" I wanna be a superhero. "

" Right... That kind of crazy... "

" Seriously, I got a plan : what if I become a humble, respectful superhero, I charm May... and I get her ? "

" What about your secret identity ?! "

" At the end of the movie, they always reveal it and the girl kisses them. What tells me it won't be the same thing ?! "

" Dude... This is reality. Not a fricking superhero movie ! "

" You sure ?! We've got a Hulk ! "

" Anyway... I am out. "

" Toby... Who told me that he would be ready to do anything to get a more exciting life ?! "

" I was drunk... I have no memory of what happened ! "

" Toby ! This is our chance ! Our chance to become more that... that... zeros into old-fashioned programs ! "

" That sentence... That was shit. "

" I ain't good at epic monologues ! "

" So... "

" Please, help me ! We will be heroes ! "

" On one condition : what about our gear ?! "

" Well... I have something in mind... "


Jessica Harrington was hiding under the bridge, located at the station. She was sitting at the corner of two perpendicular walls. All she does is crying silently, avoiding her to awaken her powers.

" Jack... Jack... " She whispers. " Why did you replace me ?! Why didn't you wait for me ?! We were so perfect together ! Why did I fall asleep... Why did I fall asleep... I remember ! The chemical accident... 1986... What year are we ?

Doesn't matter. What matters is that how I fell asleep... Someone made up the product which got me. That person... was... Barry Quinton ! That Quinton ?! That son of a bitch Barry Quinton... Put me into coma to prevent us from being together... And he gave me that accursed power ! He must DIE ! "

As she shouts, her power wakes up and she unwillingly shoves a cardboard glass away. She steps back to the wall, afraid then refocuses.

" I must control my powers. I mustn't speak. And that Quinton must die ! "

After a while...

Barry Quinton and Toby arrive in front of Oscorp. They have brought a lot of gears to make a heist.

" First of all... What are we looking for ? " Toby asks, puzzled.

" We're looking for stuffs to make an armor. "

" Why an armor ?! "

" To not die ! I can't walk around the street wearing tight pants and ridiculous panties ! "

" Are you sure we should do this ? "

" I will make everything to please May... Even if it's illegal. "

" So you're doing all of this... for May. And the people in danger... "

" They're just paws who allow me to showoff my humble side ! " Barry responded heartlessly.

" What are you ? "

" Determined. Open that shit ! "

" I'm gonna regret this. " Toby plugges an electronic screwdriver into the digicode and the access code triggers alone, allowing the duo to infiltrate the place. They arrive into a room where lots of materials are left alone. The duo quickly steals some of it before that Barry notices something.

" Hey Toby... Look. "

" What is it ? "

" You see the little capsule with the purple lighting liquid. I know that : it's Chimauri technology. I heard that in my job. "

" And what's that... precisely ? "

" Basically that object can allow us to fabric weapons with powerful laser rays ! I take it ! "

" You sure it's not dangerous ? "

" Worst-case scenario : it disintegrates the target. So... The chances are shared. " Barry's sincere response rises Toby's current fears. After this short chat, the two complices quickly head out of the building without being noticed.

" They should hire a better security ! " Barry advices.

" I don't mind ! " Toby jokingly comments while running.

But they haven't noticed something important : as they leave the place, someone was watching them onto a rooftop... That person, after watching them, puts his goggles down. It turns out to be Jessica Harrington, more confident than earlier and surely angry.

She puts her goggle into the bag and then stares at the two friends fleeing. She decides to stand there, on the roof.

The next day...

Barry Quinton and Toby - accompagnied by Cody - work extremely hard to fabricate a new armor. They work onto Toby's desk, with Barry fixing the pieces and Toby handing them. Meanwhile Cody was doing his dog life. After many hours, Barry attempts to combinate his work with the Chimauri object he stole. In consequence, as soon as he stuck it into the torso, a big purple force field spreads out and shoves both men back.

They quickly get up and Barry happily celebrate this performance. After that, they finalize the making of the suit and afterwards, they complete it.


" In order to eliminate Quinton... I must first control my powers... " Jessica slowly whispers. She is standing in front of a wall, under the bridge. She steps into position then leans forward and slowly opens her mouth.

" Hello... " She speaks normally... Which makes her destroy partially the wall immediately with her power. She gets scared and falls on her wall, plus the fact she's still wearing her patient attire. She stands up again and restarts the process.

" Test... " Her power awakens again and the event repeats itself. She decides to close her eyes and focus on her body. She is trying to concentrate all the power within her to be able to control it. Then she starts speaking.

" Hello... " Then she realizes... Nothing happens. She begins feeling a great amount of happiness in her. She unconsciously shouts loudly... which destroys entirely the wall because of her power again.

" Shit... " This time she is pushed to the back because of the strenght of the recoil. She falls into cardboard boxes. Then she gets up and focuses again on her power. She tries the hardest to handle her power and control at her own will. Finally she does another test.

" Hello. My name is Jessica Harrington. And I just came out of a long coma... " Nothing happens. This time... she has totally been able to control her power. So she jumps happily and celebrates alone... but she lets her guard down and accidentally makes a dumpster fall on the floor.

" Oops... " She says silently.