Chapter 3: Awaiting

They wrestle in bed; they're both dominant but Root gave in more often than not, her muscle mass lesser than Shaw's.

But sometimes when Shaw won, she would slow down. She didn't act the conquering hero, she acted like a lovestruck teenager, caressing Root until she was so impatient that she could barely stand it. So worked up that it would take one kiss from Shaw, one flick of her thumb to make Root fall apart.

When Root comes like this, her eyes tend to malfunction and leak all over Shaw, who would kiss her dry, then start all over again, patient and methodical. And so, so gentle.

And when Root won, she worked with rhythm and precision, keeping Shaw in a heightened state of arousal almost tantamount to torture. Until much, much later, she allowed Shaw her release, holding Shaw sobbing against her as she shattered.

And sometimes it was rough, it was a battle between them and they fell asleep tangled together and sated.


Couple of quick chapters from my notes from 3 years ago. They might not fit together but we'll see.