And here we are. The very last chapter in this part of our tale. I can't believe it! I've been blown away by all the support. I'm actually super emotional that it's ending. But we still get part 3! And I think Part 3 will be pretty long. I've got lots of ideas. Part 3 was where all these ideas originated from by the way. So I've been waiting oft this one.

Part 3 will be called "Chasing the Sun", another song by Sarah Barellies. All three parts are from the same album. It has been a joy writing this story. Lots more to come for our favorite family. It will be a rollercoaster as usual. I'll post it when I'm ready. Enjoy!

By the end of November, Olivia was beyond ready to have the baby. She didn't want to be pregnant anymore. As much as she felt blessed, she was also exhausted. The morning before Thanksgiving, she was running errands for the Holiday but she was beat. Beyond beat. She needed Sophia out and she needed her out now. Realizing that Elliot had accidentally taken her phone that morning in a hurry to get to work. She walked into the precinct, one hand on her belly and the other holding Noah. Lizzie and Richie walked behind her talking animatedly.

She stepped into the loud squad room and sighed. She usually loved it here. But today, she was exhausted. She walked to her husband's desk and frowned when she didn't see him. Cragen smiled when he saw her and walked out to the main room, "Hey. What are you doing here?"

She sighed and looked over at him, "Hey Cap. Elliot took my phone. I have a few last minute things to get for tomorrow. Are you still coming for dinner?"

He smiled and reached for Noah, "Yes. As long as you're still up for it."

"Of course." She pressed her hands into her belly and grimaced.

Cragen narrowed his eyes at her, flashbacks of Noah's birth entered his mind. "Olivia…"

She smiled and shook her head, "Sophia is just getting a little too big for her living quarters these days."

"Sit." Cragen nodded his head towards Elliot's chair, "I'll distract the kids. Elliot should be out in a second."

She smiled and sat down in the chair before turning to the twins, "You two okay?"

"We're good Mom. Can we go get snacks in Uncle Munch's desk?" Richie asked.

Olivia smiled and nodded, she rested her head on the back of the chair, "Yeah. Go ahead."

When they walked away, she closed her eyes and focussed on the sounds around her. The phone ringing. The laughter of cops she knew well. The open and shut of drawers, rumpling of paper, the sound of the twins talking, Cragen speaking to Noah. It was all so familiar. She tried to stay in the moment and feel calm but...a hard kick to her kidney made her growl just as Elliot walked over to her, "Oh just get out of me already!"

He stopped near her and smiled as everyone turned their attention after her outburst, "Liv? You okay?"

Her eyes snapped open and she looked at him pleadingly, "Elliot...get her out of me."

He tried not to laugh because he knew that would make things worse, "Liv…"

She shook her head and pressed her hands into her stomach groaning as she tried to adjust her position in the chair, "No. El. I need her out. Like yesterday."

He pressed his lips against her shoulder, "I know you're exhausted. I know it's draining...let me take you home. And I'll take care of everything for tomorrow. You need rest."

"No. I need her out. Get out. Get out. Get out!" She looked down and grimaced as she kicked hard again. "Come on baby girl...Momma has been kind. Shared her organs with you. Fed you. Let you grow. Now do me a favor and get the hell-" Her eyes went wide and she inhaled sharply, "Oh."

Elliot saw the change in her expression, "Oh?" She looked back up at him with a mix of shock and slight panic. He started to laugh thinking she was messing with him and then he saw she was beginning to tear up and he quickly sobered up, "Oh no. No. Olivia Benson Stabler...don't you dare tell me you just went into labor again at the precinct."

She smiled sweetly at him and shrugged, "Coincidence?"

He looked hard at her, "Tell me you're kidding."

She squeezed the sides of her belly and said through gritted teeth, "I'm kidding El."

"Son of a bitch." He looked at his boss, "Cap! I gotta go!" He ran to his desk started looking for his keys and phone, "Why did you come down here anyway?"

She glared at him, "You took my phone! Aren't you glad I did come? Otherwise I'd be out in a grocery store with three children and the kid would be born on the deli counter because I couldn't get a hold of my damn-" She growled, "I think I blocked this out. Get me out of here."

Elliot nodded quickly working on autopilot, "Okay. All set."

She knew before he turned that his mind was on overdrive and she sighed as he ran off with out her. Richie ran over to her side and tugged on his arm, "Mom? Are you okay?"

She patted his arm, "I'm fine honey. Your sister just decided to make an appearance today."

Cragen sighed, "How long is it going to take him to come back? Should I go get the bed ready upstairs?"

She looked at him and smiled through a sharp pain, "I'm giving him thirty more seconds and then you're driving me to the hospital yourself. I refuse to do this without drugs again."

"Baby?" Noah asked softly pointing at his Mother, "Momma? Baby?"

Olivia smiled and kissed his cheek, "Yeah kiddo. Baby sister is coming."

"Your kids do like to make an entrance. On Holidays to boot. Only kids of you and Elliot would do that though. Always have to make things into a production." He teased.

Two seconds later, Elliot came running back into the precinct, "Liv…"

She smiled and frantically gestured towards her belly, "Forget something El?"

He quickly reached for her and carefully pulled her to her feet, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay." She looked at the twins and Noah, "But...we have to-"

"I've got it. You give me your keys." Cragen said to her, "I'll take them home."

Olivia froze, and looked at her three youngest kids, "Holy crap. I'm having another baby."

Elliot chuckled and squeezed her hand, "Deep breaths babe. Deep breaths."

She reached for the twins, "Okay. Okay. Everything is fine." She kissed both of their heads, "Please be good to Grandma Cragen, okay? Listen. Be good. Help him out."

"We will Mommy." The twins squeezed her tight, "You'll be okay?"

She smiled and squeezed them tighter, "Always." Turning to her Captain and her son she frowned, "Come here baby…" Holding Noah close, she felt tears burning in her eyes, a rush of emotions ran through her, "I love you little man."

Elliot knew she was overwhelmed, and he didn't blame her. It was a lot to process and a lot to go through. Women, he thought, were the real superheroes in the world. And this one, this real life Wonder Woman amazed him every damn day. She kissed Noah one more time, handed him off to Cragen and then turned to her husband, "Time to meet our little girl."

He smiled, reached for her hand and started to walk her towards the elevator, "Time to meet our little girl."

Thirty minutes later, Olivia was sitting up in the hospital bed, trying to breathe and focus on what the Doctors were telling her. Beside her, Elliot sat quietly, holding her hand and smiling. "At least we made it to the hospital this time."

Oliva sighed and squeezed his hand as a contraction hit, "Our kids have really impeccable timing."

He smiled and ran his finger across her knuckles, "Just like their parents. Always keeping everyone on their toes."

She gasped through the pain, "At least this time I get drugs."

"Speaking of which." The nurse walked in and smiled at her, "Are you ready Mrs. Stabler?"

"Like you wouldn't believe." Then she saw the needle and shrunk back, "On second thought…"

Elliot stood up and reached for her arm to help her sit up, "It will be worth it Liv."

She shot him a look, "Unless you want to go the all natural way again. Should I call Munch to remind you about-"

"Can it Stabler." She groaned and up straighter, "John Munch is not allowed in this room."

Elliot turned away as the nurse began to insert the needle, he heard Olivia whimper and he squeezed her hand, "I'm right here Liv. Right here. You're doing great."

She let out a shaky breath, "Adoption was way easier."

He smiled and looked at her out of the corner of his eye, "You trying to tell me you want to adopt a 7th kid?"

She laughed and leaned forward, pressing her hands against her belly, "No. I'm just stating a fact. All I had to do then was sign a paper. This...this is torture."

The nurse smiled and rubbed her shoulders, "You should start feeling better soon. Try and relax. Your Doctor will be in soon to check on you."

Elliot helped ease Olivia onto her side and then reached out to massage her shoulders, "You okay?"

She sighed and closed her eyes, "No. But...I'm fine."

He kissed the top of her head and squeezed her shoulders gently, "You're doing great."

She smiled and shook her head, "Far cry from earlier when you were pissed at me."

He chuckled, "I wasn't pissed at you. I was stressed out. You show up at the precinct and go into labor for a second time. A man's got the right to panic."

She smirked, "At least it wasn't snowing so we got out of there."

He looked past her out the window and smiled, "Actually…"

She turned her head and saw large flakes falling from the sky, "I should have known."

Standing up, he sat down beside her and began to run his fingers through her hair, "Our kids know us."

She swallowed hard as the epidural began to kick in, "Do you remember...when you told me that Kathy was pregnant with the twins? I guess at the time you thought it was just one but..."

His hand froze and he looked down at her, "Vaguely...Kathy and I got into such a fight after we found out. It was a blur."

She smiled and leaned further into him, "I remember…"

Olivia had been watching the girls while Elliot and Kathy went to an appointment. Their sitter bailed last minute and Olivia stepped up. Kathy didn't even fight it which was unusual for her. When the car pulled up out front, Olivia was surprised to see Elliot coming inside alone without any sign of Kathy. The girls were fast asleep upstairs after playing hard with Olivia. Elliot came into the house, smiled at her and then took off his coat, "Hey."

She turned on the couch and looked at him. She knew her partner. Very well. Something was wrong. And a million and one ideas began to float through her brain. One worse than the last. She wouldn't deny that she didn't have feelings for this man. But he was off limits. She would never be the reason that he broke up his marriage and hurt his children too. She'd keep those feelings buried away forever if she had too to make sure he was happy. To make sure the kids were happy.

"Hey." She waited a moment as he walked further into the room, "Where's Kathy?"

He hung his head and rubbed the back of his neck, "No fucking clue."

Turning her body towards him, she tentatively touched his arm. It wasn't often that they used physical contact, but something told her that he needed her right now. "El? What's wrong?"

He was quiet, trying to process what he was feeling. And then he whispered, "Kathy's pregnant."

Olivia's hand fell away from his arm and she swallowed the lump in her throat. He was married. They had two children. It made sense that they would have more. But God it hurt. She smiled though and reached for him again, "El, that's great!"

He smiled and rubbed the top of his legs, "Yeah...yeah it is."

She bit her lip hard and watched him carefully, "You don't seem...too happy about it?"

He growled, stood up and started to pace, "No. I am. I am. My kids...God my kids are my reason for living. The girls...I love them more than I thought it was possible to love another. And a third...a third would be amazing but…"

She watched him pace and when he paused she asked, "But what El?"

Elliot frowned and shook his head, "All we do is fight...Kathy and I. We argue nonstop. She's not happy. And truthfully? Neither am I. But...we're here now and I just...I want this kid. But she doesn't."

Her eyes went wide, "She's not wanting to…"

"No. No." He whispered, "No she wouldn't...we wouldn't. But she doesn't want this baby and I don't know what to do."

"I'm sure that she'll come around...once she sees the baby. I mean how could she not?" He looked at her again and she shrugged, "I mean two minutes with your girls and I'm a mess. I'd do anything they asked me to." She smiled and sighed, "I'm sure once she sees the new baby she'll feel the same."

He shook his head, "Liv...she's not like that with the girls. She just isn't. And I don't understand why. Is it my fault?"

She stood up and walked towards him, "No. This isn't your fault El. I guess...maybe she's just...not as attached?"

He bit his lip hard, "She told me tonight that I ruined her life by getting her pregnant with Maureen. And maybe she's right…"

"She's not right." She took his hand and squeezed hard, "She's just upset. Shocked maybe. But she'll come around."

Elliot smiled sadly and shook his head, "The thing is...I don't think she will Liv."

Looking towards the stairs, she thought of the girls, "The girls…" She cleared her throat and looked back at him, "Those girls adore you. And they'll…" She turned to him and frowned, "It'll be okay. You'll see. I know it will."

Elliot looked at her, mesmerized by her as usual. It was hard being married and being around his partner. She made him feel things...things he shouldn't feel. And in a moment like this, he wished he had chosen a different partner. Someone who adored his children the way they should.

"Were the girls good?" He asked softly, still unable to take her eyes off of her.

Her face lit up at the mention of Maureen and Kathleen, "They were great. They always are." She sighed happily, "We baked brownies. Played for a while and the girls made you a picture for you to take to work. Just so you's a portrait of you. Though it looks more like a blob. Just go with it though. They worked hard."

He smiled, "Good to know. Thank you." He paused and then took a shaky breath, "Thank you Liv...for everything."

She squeezed his hand again and whispered, "Anytime El. You know I love spending time with the girls. I'm happy to help." She heard a taxi pull up out front and she knew Kathy was home, it was time for her to go, "I'll see you tomorrow at work? But let me know if you need anything…"

She started to walk to the door when he called out to her, "You want kids?"

She froze when she was halfway to the door, "Um...yeah. I want kids." She smiled and looked back at him. "If I find the right guy…"

He thought of her, married, pregnant, taking care of her own children and it hurt. He wanted to share this all with her. Especially now when it was clear his wife wanted none of this. But he couldn't walk away. So instead he smiled and said, "If you find the right person…" She started to walk away again and he called out, "You'll be the most incredible Mother Liv."

She felt the tears burning in her eyes and she smiled before turning to walk away again, "Thanks El." She turned the door knob as Kathy walked up the path, "Just so you're an incredible Father."

Elliot watched her go. Kathy and her walked past each other, they stared at each other for a moment, neither of them knowing what to say. But Olivia moved away first. And as she walked to her car she thought, will I ever have this?

He smiled as she finished telling him the memory, " found the right guy?"

She breathed him in and nodded against his chest, "I found the right guy."

He continued running his hands through her hair and smiled, "There was part of me that night...that kept thinking if I didn't have this new kid would there be a chance for me and Liv?"

She nodded, "I had those thoughts too...but I can't imagine a world without Richie and Lizzie. It all played out the way it was meant to El. We're here now...that's all that matters."

"I told you you'd be an incredible Mother." He whispered softly, "I always knew. I just didn't think I'd get lucky enough to be the one to experience this with you."

She sighed and held him closer, "It was only ever going to be you El. I know that now. It was only ever going to be you."

He smiled as the door opened, "Dr. Carlson…"

She stepped into the room and reached for Olivia's chart, "I'm so glad I can be here for this birth. Unlike last time...although I hear it was a close call again?"

Olivia laughed and let Elliot turn her onto her back, "Yes it was. Sorry if we're taking you away from your Thanksgiving plans…"

She smiled and shook her head, "My family is quite used to celebrating holidays on not their actual holidays. They actually prefer it. My son thinks it makes us special."

Olivia leaned against the pillows and sighed, "Here to check on my progress?"

She nodded, "I am." She walked over to her and took her hand, "But I'm also here to check on you. How are you holding up? Lots of emotions I'm sure...can I do anything?"

Olivia smiled and nodded her head feeling the weight of the moment wash over her, "Yeah...just make sure this little one gets here safely."

Dr. Carlson smield, "That's my job." She looked at Elliot, "How are you holding up Dad?"

He sighed and shook his head, "Just glad we made it here this time."

She chuckled and moved to the end of the bed, "Me too! Let's get started." She began to check on things and then smiled, "'re in labor. But you're only about 3 centimeters dilated. Which means we have a ways to go."

Olivia groaned, " So it looks like she really will be here on Thanksgiving Day?"

"I believe so. Seems that your kids enjoy making their appearance on Holiday's. New Years Day and Thanksgiving. Scene stealers these kids of yours." She teased.

Olivia frowned, "No Thanksgiving dinner for us this year El. Sorry."

He squeezed her arm affectionately, "I think I can miss a year. We'll be good."

"I'll be back in a little bit. But if you need anything, press the button. I'll be here all night making the rounds." She squeezed Olivia's knee, "You've got this Olivia. She'll be here before you know it."

Dr. Carlson left and then it was just the two of them. Turning back to her husband she whispered, "I know we can miss it….but I'm super bummed I'm not getting your Mom's cooking."

He chuckled, "I'll tell her to leave some leftovers. I need to call everyone and check in. You okay for a minute?"

"Yes. Of course." She gestured to her belly, "We'll just be here...hanging around."

He gave her a wink and grabbed his phone before exiting the room. He checked his text messages and then heard his name. Looking up, he smiled when he saw John and Fin standing in the waiting room, "Couldn't stay away, could you?"

John shrugged, "We weren't sure if she needed moral support again this time."

Fin smiled, "We were here talking to a victim when Cragen called. We won't bother you guys but we wanted to check in. See if there was anything we could do."

Elliot opened his mouth to say something and then a thought occurred to him. He smiled and nodded, "Actually...there is."

It was a slow going process for the next few hours but Elliot never left her side. The kids were at home, anxiously awaiting news on their babysitter. They made Elliot promise to call the house no matter the hour. He was currently sitting at her side rubbing her arm as she tried to breathe through a contraction. It was past midnight now and the contractions were getting closer and closer. "You're doing great Liv."

"She hates me. She's not even born yet and she hates me." She mumbled as some tears fell from her eyes.

He smiled, laned down and pressed a kiss to the side of her face, "She doesn't hate you. She's just taking her doubt she'll be stubborn."

"If that's a dig at me...hit yourself." She said softly, "I'm too tired to hit you."

He laughed and smacked himself in the arm, "It wasn't a dig at you. But hopefully that made you feel better."

She smiled and rolled onto her back slightly, "It did. Thank you." She looked at her belly and frowned, "Sophia, me out here. Momma's tired and we've barely started."

Elliot smiled and eased her up slightly so he could massage her back, "I know she'll be here soon."

The door opened and Dr. Carlson walked in, "How are we doing in here?"

Olivia frowned, "That depends. If I'm not at 10 centimeters I'm going to give up. But...if we're ready to go I'm doing great."

Dr. Carlson smiled and shook her head, "All the Mother's say that until I tell them to start pushing. Then they suddenly hate me."

Olivia smiled, "You've had kids. You know how it works."

She laughed and shook her head, "Yes. I do know. So you yell at me as much as you want. Elliot too. You're doing all the hard work tonight Olivia." She looked up at her and smiled, 'And it looks like we're ready to start that hard work."

Olivia let out a little breath, "We're ready?"

Dr. Carlson nodded, "We're ready. Little Sophia is about to make her appearance…"

She looked over at her husband, "You ready?"

Elliot beamed at her, leaned in and kissed her softly, "Hell yeah."

Fifteen minutes later, Olivia was sitting up on the bed with Elliot at her side, holding her hand tight. A nurse was at the other side of her and Dr. Carlson was at the end of the bed shouting instructions. She had been actively pushing for the last five minutes and already feeling the exhaustion take over her.

"You're doing great Olivia." Dr. Carlson said looking up at her, "I'm starting to see the head. Keep going. Don't give up."

Olivia shut her eyes tight and squeezed Elliot's hand as hard as she could, "I swear if this kid doesn't love me...I'm going to lose it."

He chuckled and rubbed her back with his free hand, "She's going to love you Liv. You'll see. If she kills either one of will be me. We know that."

She laughed and rolled her head back, "Oh she'll have you whipped within the seconds she's born."

Elliot pressed his lips to her cheek, "Absolutely."

"Okay. Big push for me Olivia. Take a deep breath and push." She said.

Olivia scrunched up her nose and took a deep breath, "Come on kid...get out!"

Elliot laughed and held her close, "Might want to listen to your Mom kiddo. She's in charge around here."

"Push Olivia. Push!" Dr. Carlson said, "Here comes the head."

Olivia growled, "At least John isn't here to make a joke about the fucking shoulders."

Elliot squeezed her, "Don't think about Munch. Just think about our little girl."

"Oh trust me. I'm thinking about her. She's currently ripping me in two. She's all I'm thinking about." She screamed loudly, "Son of a bitch!"

"Head's out! Great job Olivia! Take a breath and then we can go again." She smiled up at her.

Olivia leaned against her husband and sighed, "I deserve a really great present after this."

He smiled and nodded, 'I agree. What do you want?"

She sighed and shook her head, "Ten minutes of solitude. That's all I ask for."

He chuckled "With six kids Liv...solitude is a thing of the past."

"Oh right." She took a deep breath, "I forgot. Alright. me a pretty new car. A convertible."

He shook his head, "Where are the kids going in the convertible?"

"I'll drive behind you in the van everywhere we go." She said with a smirk, "With Scout. That will be my solitude."

"Damn dog…" He grumbled, "I knew he was the number one guy in your life."

"Okay. Time to push." Dr. Carlson said. "Take another breath."

Olivia settled up on her elbows and took a deep breath, as she pushed she said, "He's number one at this moment because he didn't do this to me. So yeah...he wins."

"Fine. But as soon as you pop this one out, I'm number one again." She shot him a look and he smiled, "And then I'll buy you that convertible."

She laughed and pushed hard, gritting her teeth she mumbled, "With what money?"

"I said I'd get you a convertible. I didn't say it would be a real one." He smirked.

"Oh so it'll be a toy car?" She laughed, "Rude."

"Here come the shoulders. Hardest part." Dr. Carlson said, focusing, "After this we're in the home stretch."

Olivia shot her husband a look "John. Fucking. Munch."

He held on tight and whispered in her ear, "A few more pushes and she'll be here Liv. You got this. You got this."

She squeezed his hand as tight as possible and pushed with all the strength she had left. People were yelling at her to keep going and she focussed on nothing but the thought of holding Sophia. She knew this was the last pregnancy. Knew this was the last time she had to experience it. And while that was a good thing in the moment, she also felt bittersweet. And she thought of their child. Their lost child and the emotions coursed through her. She felt Elliot beside her and knew he was thinking the same thing. And as she pushed hard again, she heard a cry. A loud, powerful, beautiful cry that signaled her daughter was here. After all they had been through, she was here.

"Here she is!" Dr. Carlson holding her close, "Sophia Grace Stabler is here. And she's perfect."

Olivia fell back on the bed, Elliot leaned down and kissed her as tears streamed down his face, "You did it Liv. You did it."

Someone pressed Sophia to her chest and she started to cry, "Hi baby girl. God, we are so glad to meet you."

Elliot looked at his wife, holding their daughter and everything fell into place. This, was all he had ever wanted and he was never letting it go.

In the early morning hours of Thanksgiving day, Olivia was finally able to get some sleep. She was tired but so happy. Lying down on her side, she began to stir lightly but she wasn't ready to wake up just yet. Her eyes fell to the far side of the room and the sight in front of her melted her heart. Elliot was wide awake and sitting up on the love seat. Sophia was cradled in his arms out in front of him, resting on his legs. He was staring at her with wide eyes, like she was the most precious, perfect thing in the world. Tears prickled in her eyes as she watched him. This was his sixth child, he'd done this before. He'd experienced this moment with all of his children and yet, he still acted like it was so rare and so beautiful. Biting her lip, she hoped he didn't see her. She wanted to live in this moment and just enjoy it.

Sophia yawned, making a little tiny sound and his face split into a large grin. "Hi baby girl." He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her nose, "I love you. I love you so much and I just met you." He sighed and carefully moved one hand to touch her soft cheek, "You are the last piece to this puzzle that makes up our family and I'm so damn glad you're here." She smiled softly at him and he laughed, "You're going to break my heart a thousand times in this life, aren't ya kid?" He sighed and shook his head, "That's okay though. I'll take it. I'm so lucky I get to be your Dad. I hope...that you feel lucky to be my daughter someday. I'll try really hard to make sure that you're happy, never want for anything and that you're safe. I'll do anything for you. And there is nothing you could ever do that won't make me love you. Even if you do drive me crazy sometimes just like your Mom." Olivia put a hand to her mouth to keep from making a sound, "But I love her more than I can describe, and I love you just the same. You, your sisters and your brothers. As long as I live, I'll protect you, love you and be so thankful that you are here." He leaned down again and kissed her forehead, "I love you my Sophia Grace. Welcome to the world."

Olivia sighed happily, closed her eyes and knew that she could keep resting. Her daughter's protector had it all under control. He always would.

Around 5pm on Thanksgiving, Olivia woke up after another nap. She was trying to sleep when Sophia slept in between feedings. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled when she saw Elliot cradling their daughter. The smile on his face radiated happiness and she thought to herself, yeah, this was worth it.

He looked up at her when he heard her shift on the bed, "Hey. You're up."

She smiled and nodded, "For now. She fussing?"

Elliot shook his head, "No. She's doing great. Taking it all in."

She yawned and looked around the room, "What time is it?"

"Around five." He paused for a moment, "Any chance you're up for victors?"

She smiled, "Kids here? I thought they'd want to have dinner."

Elliot smield, "Well...they do. But...they wanted to share it with you and Sophia."

She smiled softly at him, "What did you do Stabler?"

"You can say no…" He whispered, "I know you're exhausted and with good reason. But I thought...if we couldn't have Thanksgiving at home. We'd bring Thanksgiving to us."

She smiled then and nodded, "You're a hell of a husband Stabler...I ever tell you that?"

Fifteen minutes later, Elliot was wheeling Olivia into one of the sitting rooms down the hall. She had Sophia in her arms and the kids, Bernie, Cragen, John, Fin and Casey were all standing by waiting next to a table laid out with all their favorite Thanksgiving foods. Olivia looked up at them and smiled, "Hi guys."

Casey put a hand to her mouth, "Oh Olivia...she's perfect."

Olivia smiled and looked down at her daughter, "Yeah. I think we'll keep her."

The four older kids walked over to her and settled around her, "She's so little…" Lizzie whispered, "She looks smaller than Noah was."

"She's a bit of a peanut." Elliot said, kneeling down beside his wife, "But she's doing great. Just like her Mom."

Bernie walked over with Noah in her arms, "Look buddy...that's your baby sister."

"Hi honey." Olivia said, smiling at him, "You want to meet Sophia?"

Elliot took his youngest son and settled him on his knee, "Be gentle bud."

Noah reached out and touched her head softly, "Fia."

Olivia smiled and nodded, "That's right baby. That's Fia."

Maureen smiled at her Mom, "Looks like our family is complete. Don't you think so?"

She looked up at her oldest daughter and smiled, "Absolutely. And it's what I'm most grateful for. All of you." She looked at the kids and then at the adults behind them, "Every single one of you."

Elliot squeezed her shoulder, and looked at their family and friends feeling so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. It was a hell of a journey to get here, but he'd do it over again and again no matter what if it all led him right back here.

Later that night after everyone else had gone home, Olivia lay on her side staring at Sophia, fast asleep in her bassinet. Elliot had gone to get her some more water. She heard the door open and felt him walk up behind her, holding out the glass of water. She smiled, took it and took a sip through the straw, "Thank you."

He sat behind her and ran his hands through her hair, "Of course. How are you feeling?"

She turned on her back so she could look at him, "Tired. Very tired, but good."

He took her cup and put it down on the table beside him, "You're a rockstar. You know that?"

She rolled her eyes, "Everyday women have babies El. I'm no rockstar."

He shook his head, "All women are rockstars. You're Wonder Woman." He smiled and leaned down to kiss her, "My Wonder Woman."

Leaning against him, she smiled, "You know the other day at of the people I was interviewing talked about her husband. She said she made the wrong choice. That if she had the chance to pick again...she would."

He shifted so he could see her better, and gave her a nervous look, "Is this the part where you tell me you want to choose again? Find another man?"

She laughed and shook her head, "No's my way of telling you that if I had to choose again. I'd still choose you. I'd choose you 1000 times, I'd choose you in this life, in every life."

He sighed, leaned down and pressed his forehead to hers, "Liv...I will always choose you."

She smiled, kissed him softly and rested against him again before looking at her daughter. She was so grateful, so content, so happy and so loved. And there was still so much more to come…

The End.