Rory brushed her hair away from her face. Combing her fingers through her hair, making sure they weren't sticking out in every direction before she went into Logan's apartment. She stretched her hand to ring the bell but, on second thought, retracted it back to find her lip gloss in her purse. For someone so organized, she couldn't understand why she let her purse become her personal dumping ground. She needs to learn how not to dump anything and everything in there so that, for once, she can find what she is looking for without having to take everything out first.

"Ahha. Found it." Rory said, taking out the lip gloss. Applying it lightly on her lips, and threw it right back in the purse.

She rang the doorbell and waited.

"Hey, Ace. Come on in." Logan greeted her with his million-dollar smirk.

Rory took him in, dressed in his sweatpants and white T-shirt that without a doubt did justice to the hours he spent working out in the gym. His T-shirt hugged his arms and chest perfectly.

"Hi." Rory entered his apartment. And as soon as the door was closed, Rory wanted to lean over Logan and kiss him senselessly by pinning him against his apartment door by her petite frame. At the same time, her hands tugging on the ends of his blond hair lightly.

Instead, quickly coming out of her very vivid daydream, she said. "Nice apartment."

Logan leaned down to kiss her like he always did, but he moved away before Rory had to chance it to deepen their kiss. Very much to Rory's dislike.

She was hardly ever the one to initiate any displays of affection, let alone a heavy makeout session like she wanted to right now. Partly because Logan was never really left open an opportunity that he, himself, didn't cash when it came for them to be intimate and partly because she was never really got over her shy self when it came to sex. There was that attempt at that strip poker fueled by liquor, along with having Logan back in her life and in her apartment alone after two years of wishing just that. But now that they were more or less settled back into each other's life. She found her shy self emerging again at expressing explicitly that she wanted him.

She was good after Logan got the ball rolling. More than good, great, honestly. When they are in the midst of things, she has no problem taking charge. Only when expressing that she wants Logan in more ways than one did she feel particularly shy. But thankfully, Logan had always been great in the past at anticipating when she wanted him. Unlike now.

Logan noticed Rory blushing profusely.

"Everything okay, Ace?" Logan asked, eyeing her and moving closer to her, placing a hand on her waist.

"Yes, everything's good." Rory said, biting her lip. Getting hotter and more bothered with his closeness and his familiar cologne smell.

"Nice apartment." Rory said, trying to change the direction of their conversation.

"Yeah?" Logan asked, amused. "Funny you that you have said that twice now. When you haven't even seen more than a few feet of where you are standing."

"It's on the upper east side of manhattan. I am sure it's nothing less than an absolute stellar." Rory said, "And that lobby was a giveaway."

"Well, that works perfectly then." Logan said, placing his hand on the small of Rory's back and leading Rory into what was his living room. "You can wait here until I finish the rest of my work."

"You are not serious. Are you?" Rory said, her mouth hanging open in surprise. Sure Logan told her that he needed to finish working on the phone, but she thought he was teasing her. After all, it was 10 PM on a Saturday.

"Sorry, Ace." Logan said, looking slightly guilty. "Fifteen minutes, and then I am all yours."

"Okay." Rory nodded and smiled at Logan.

No matter how much she was hoping to spend time with Logan, she was impressed to see him taking work so seriously. It was a very different visual from his Yale days. Besides, fifteen minutes was nothing. She had made him wait for much longer at the Stamford gazette or the Yale Daily News.

"Great." Logan leaned down to give a chaste kiss on Rory's lips, much to her disappointment and backed away to a closed door behind him.

"You can use this time to go through my sock drawer or something." Logan said, winking at Rory.

"Logan, I would never." Rory said, throwing a cushion at him that hit him in the chest, and he immediately caught.

"Kitchen cabinets then? Just check the expiration date on things before digging in." Logan teased.

"I am just going to sit here with my feet on the couch and enjoy your 55-inch plasma." Rory said, waving the remote at him. "Now go before I change my mind and chain you to the sofa with me and make you binge watch something trashy."

"Kinky, Ace. Never knew you were into bondage." Logan said, his eyes twinkling in amusement. He couldn't help himself when it came to teasing Rory. He enjoyed it too much seeing her getting flushed.

"Logan!" Rory said, her eyes widening. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Sure. If you say so." Logan said, shrugging his shoulder.

"Please go." Rory said.

"Yes, ma'am." Logan mock saluted her, "Is that what you want me to call you from now on?"

"If you are going to keep standing by that door and spend your fifteen minutes amusing yourself, that's fine me. Be my guest. Or you can finish whatever you were doing, and we can get on with our evening." Rory said, moving her attention back to the television, seeing Logan hesitate by the door for a second.

"Fifteen minutes." Logan said without a pause. Reminding himself more than Rory.

Before Logan closed the door, he glanced at Rory one last time and saw her settled comfortably on the gray couch, her feet stretched out on the couch, his throw cover draped over her legs and her fingers flicking through the channels, and he felt his heart flutter at the visual. He wanted all their evenings to be like this. Possibly without all this extra work that was taking away time from their evening.

In his defense, he had no clue that Rory would be free this Saturday evening to spend time with him. He was under the impression she was staying over in Hartford with his grandparents for the night and getting back in the city early on Sunday. Otherwise, he wouldn't have offered his father to go through these reports before Sunday.

Logan closed the door, shutting out the voice of Penny from the Big Bang Theory and Rory laughing. He was more than motivated to be done with work before his promised fifteen minutes.

Rory saw Logan get into his home office. And she shifted her attention to the Big Bang theory playing on the Television. She recorded the ongoing episode because it was way too good for Logan to miss.

Rory waited patiently for Logan even after his promised fifteen minutes turned to thirty. She switched off the Television and got up from the couch to explore his apartment a little. The studio apartment, open floor plan, poker table, and pool table reminded her of the similarities Logan's new apartment shared with their old one in college. And it brought a smile to her face. Maybe Logan hadn't changed so much in the past two years. She knew that Logan's home office was something college Logan wouldn't look for in his place of residence, but it was totally in sync with the new working Logan's life now.

She liked the new apartment. The navy bed set, cream draperies, and the entire kitchen range gave the place a homely feel. Not as homely as her room back in Stars Hollow, but she wondered if any house could ever make her feel the comforters of her simple and easy life back at the crab shack. But out of the entire apartment, her favorite was the grey couch. Definitely the grey couch.

Rory traced the white granite slab of the kitchen, cold against her hand, and went on to open the fridge. Much to her shock, it was stocked with food. A lot of food, fruits, and so much almond milk. What was Logan doing with a fridge full of almond milk? Regular was bad enough he couldn't be drinking almond milk. He wasn't even allergic to dairy. Rory closed the fridge with a disappointing thud.

Rory decided it was time to ask Logan to come out of his work hole. Rory knocked on his door and opened it softly.

"How many times do I tell you, dad. Your finance guy is looking like a fucking fraud right about now. It's time we bring a third party in and check all the discrepancies we are finding." Logan offered Rory a guilty smile, turned his wrist, and held his two fingers up.

"I know you have been looking after it for thirty years. But I know what I see here, and we need to change this. Not next year, not next month. As soon as possible." Logan said hurriedly. "Now, are we finished here? I need to go."

Rory thought Logan was done with the work for the evening. But five minutes later, the call was nowhere near being wrapped up. Logan was only getting more and more worked up, and they were going round and round in the circles with their CFO on call.

Ten minutes later, Rory decided to take matters into her own hands. She closed the door behind her loudly, getting Logan's attention. She pulled down the straps of her mauve evening dress slowly, all the while looking directly into Logan's eyes. And she had the pleasure of seeing Logan's eyes change from widening from the surprise of her actions to fear at realizing what she was doing while he was on a business call to lust as his pupils dilated, taking her in stripping her clothes for him.

Rory tugged her dress slightly down her hips and stepped out of it, standing there in her blue lingerie and nude heels. Rory smiled boldly as she looked down from her chest into Logan's eyes, purposefully signifying she knew precisely what blue lingerie on her did to his libido.

Logan's adam's apple bobs up and down as his eyes raked her body. Logan thought he was done for.

"Dad, Mr. Herisch. I'm getting another call. I need to call you back." Rory said hurriedly, his eyes glued to Rory.

Rory rolled her eyes at the phone still by his ear and walked by his desk, pushing his leather chair. The look of absolute baffle on Logan's face at her actions gave Rory the confidence to straddle him.

"No, dad, it's important." Logan said hurriedly and disconnected the call, throwing the phone on his desk.

"About time." Rory said, leaning over to say it in his ear.

The shock of Rory acting like this and her breath on his neck made Logan jump a little in surprise. Rory was about to fall back from the chair at his suddenness, but Logan grabbed her ass to hold her steady against him.

"Ace." Logan moaned as Rory left a trail of kisses on his neck, his eyes shut.

Rory pulled Logan's shirt over his chest. Spreading her kisses down his collarbone to his chest, all the while, Logan held her steady.

"Ace, What are you doing?" Logan finally asked, finding his voice.

"I missed you. You kept me waiting too long." Rory said, the flush in her cheeks coming back.

"Yeah?" Logan asked, looking at her in surprise with his eyes brows raised.

"Hmmm." Rory said, grounding her lips against Logan's erection.

"Fuck, Ace."

Rory buried her face in the crook of his neck and started grounding her lips more intensely. She would have preferred if Logan wasn't wearing anything, but his sweats were comfortable enough for her to feel his erection perfectly, hitting in all the right places.

Logan smiled at what she was doing. The very form of distraction she created took him by surprise, but he was in the moment now. Determined to give her the release she was looking for, he reclined back on the chair, giving her a much better angle. He smirked as her breath hitched with the change in position, but her movements only became more frantic. Logan started nipping at her neck, his thumbs flicking her nipples through her blue lace bra.

Logan held Rory's waist tightly as her body shook lightly against his chest, and she collapsed on Logan. Her face buried in his neck, her breath beginning to even out.

As soon as Rory was over her peak, Logan took her up to his desk, clearing out the table in a haphazard manner, and lay her on it. Logan stopped to take a second to appreciate her on his desk, her eyes closed, her body flushed in his favorite blue bra and panties before diving in, kissing her while his hands caressed her breasts, flicking her nipples, making her arch her back.

Logan moved to unclasp her bra painfully slowly, tracing the tops of her breasts with his tongue and blowing on them. His mouth slowly kissed down her body, stopping momentarily at her breasts to give them the attention. Her fingers didn't leave his hair as she guided him downward. Taking her thighs in his hands, Logan kissed the insides of her thighs. Moving on to hook his thumb in her panty and taking them off her body.

Logan yet again took a moment to take all of her in, lying on his desk in all her naked glory. As soon as he detected her biting the side of her lips and not seductively, he shifted his gaze and started taking off his sweats, followed by his briefs.

Lining himself outside her, Logan traced Rory's jaw with his thumb to make her open her eyes for him as thrust inside her.

"Logan!" Rory moaned and gripped his waist by her leg.

Logan held her leg wrapped around him as he went on to build up his thrust with more intensity. As he saw Rory's eyes rolling with pleasure and felt her clasping around him, he grabbed her other leg and wrapped it around him, giving a deeper angle to his thrust, making Rory's orgasm last longer and him tipping over the edge with her.

Logan collapsed on Rory before pulling away and falling back on his chair, where Rory, a few minutes ago, had her way with him. This chair was going to be his favorite chair.

Rory sat back on the desk, peering at Logan from under her eyelashes, "Sorry?"

"For what?" Logan laughed.

"For… For doing this. While you were on that." Rory said, pointing at Logan's vibrating phone over a few files they had knocked over on the floor.

"For seductively stripping in front of me while I was discussing HPG's financial future with its CEO and CFO?" Logan asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Crap. I don't know what came over me." Rory said, getting embarrassed.

"You do know if HPG goes under, you are out of a job." Logan jokes.

"Crap. Was the call that important? It can't be that important. It was just a call. Was it that important? I'm sorry, Logan. I don't know what I was thinking. I was waiting out there, and you had been in here well over the said fifteen minutes. And there is so much almond milk in your fridge. What could you possibly do with that much almond milk? Plus, I was bored out of my mind." Rory rambled.

"Rory, Rory. Let me be clear. You don't have to be sorry about it. Although I wish I had a little bit of a warning so that I could have enjoyed it more." Logan said, pulling Rory towards him.

"You sure?" Rory asked apprehensively.

"Positive. Though I might have to get used to you sneaking up on me over business calls from now on." Logan said, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"Good." Rory nodded, biting her lips.

"I can't believe you are making me rewatch this."

"You are the one who recorded it."

"For you to watch it later. I already watched it when you were on the call." Rory said, digging in for another spoonful of ice cream from the tub of Ben and Jerry's she was holding between her thighs.

"Well, I am choosing to watch it now." Logan said, patting her knee and going back to eating his dinner.

"Are you sure you don't want some fries with your chicken? How can you eat it with that very green salad?" Rory said, picking up lettuce and examining it.

"Drop it." Logan swatted her hand, and the lettuce fell back into his plate. "I'll make it my life mission to get you over to the green side." Logan said.

"We'll see, mister." Rory said, rolling her eyes.

They fell back into a comfortable silence with the Television playing in the background. The silence felt comfortable, calming even. Very different from how their usual nights Saturday at Yale used to be. Rory licked her spoon, and her eyes darted to see Logan. She wondered if he would be upset about Jordan being there with her grandparents tonight. After all, Logan was more than ready to let her grandparents know they were back together. It was she who had chickened out.

She decided this was as good a time as any to talk about the evening, so she cleared her throat and said, "Um… Logan? The dinner with my grandparents was very… let's just say eventful today."

"Yeah? That the reason you didn't stay over at your grandparents tonight?" Logan asked. His eyes were still glued to the Television.

"Yes. You see, when I went there, they had a friend over." Rory said, carefully observing Logan's face.

"Hope you weren't bored to death."

"To meet me." Rory added.

"Oh." Logan paused for a second and then picked up his fork.

Logan knew what a casual dinner set up by your folks entailed. He had been on the other end of that particularly mortifying scheme multiple times in his life.

"Only because they didn't know about us."

"So let's tell them." Logan said quickly. "I don't know why we are hiding this in the first place."

"I did." Rory said.

"You did?" Logan asked, looking at her. His eyes narrowed, judging how easily she told them when only last week she was freaking out over the possibility that her grandparents might get even the whiff of their relationship.

"I figured it's not worth hiding our relationship from them." Rory said, shrugging her shoulders.

Logan's lips tugged upwards in a smile. "Good."

"So, who did they try to set you up with? Somebody I know or…?" Logan asked.

"Um… Jordan chase. You might remember him from that Male Yale party from years ago?" Rory said.

"Ah, that meat market." Logan smirked.

"Logan!" Rory said.

"What Ace? That was clearly a meat market. You know that. I know that. Why can't I say it?" Logan said, keeping his plate on the coffee table.

"Because it sounds weird. Sounds very… sexual." Rory said, scrunching up her nose.

"And you are not?" Logan asked, not very subtly pointing to his study.

"Stop!" Rory said, hitting Logan's arm.

"Okay. Okay, I surrender." Logan raised his hand in mock surrender.

"So you are not angry?" Rory asked, biting the inside of her cheeks.

"Why would I be angry, Ace?" Logan asked, his forehead puckered.

"We are dating now, and my grandparents made me spend the evening with another guy, albeit under false pretenses, but they would never have done it if I hadn't chickened out from telling them about us." Rory said with a sigh.

"Did you want to spend time with that guy this evening?" Logan asked carefully.

"Logan, No!" Rory replied.

"Then I trust you, Ace. I know you would never do anything to hurt me in this way, just like I never would. So big deal if your grandparents set this up, it's nothing new or something my parents didn't do to me." Logan said, pushing Rory's hair away from her eyes.

Rory leaned over to kiss Logan.

"Your apartment is very cool. I love it. Especially the coffee machine." Rory said, looking around.

"You know you can move in with me." Logan said casually. His face displayed no emotion.

Fuck what did I blurt out?

Rory turned her head to look at him to see if he was joking or being serious.

"Are you out of your mind?" Rory let out a mirthless laugh.

"Because I asked you to move in with me?" Logan asked, hurt evident in his tone.

"No, but…" Rory was taken back by the harshness in his voice.

"Because I want to spend time with my girlfriend without having to constantly keep a spare change of clothes in my car?" Logan said sarcastically.

"Why is moving in with me an unfathomable thing? We did it before." Logan asked.

"Logan, it's not that. Of course not." Rory tried to say, but her phone started ringing on the coffee table, and Lorelai's name flashed across the screen. Rory disconnected the call and placed her hands on both sides of Logan's face to make him look at her.

"Is it because of Lorelai?" Logan asked softly.

"No." Rory said quickly. Too quickly.

Of course, it's about Lorelai.

"I know you think so, Rory. But you never do anything your mom doesn't approve. And it's amazing for you that you have this great dynamic with your mom. But it sucks for me because she hates me." Logan said.

"She doesn't hate you." Rory said but, on careful thought, added, "You just may not be her favorite person on earth. But you are mine."

"Ace, I love you. You know that I fucking love you, but please fix this with your mother. I'm willing to do whatever if she thinks I'm the problem here. Because every time I propose the next step for us, I can't be shut down because, in the back of your mind, you are always wondering if Lorelai would approve of it. I want to factor you in everything, but I can't factor her in every decision I want us to make together." Logan said, getting up from the couch.

"Is this about the proposal again? I assumed we were past it. Why can't you just let that go already?" Rory blurted it out, her eyes following Logan picking up the Macallan.

Logan stared at her, his jaw clenching, gripping the bottle tighter in his hands.

"I don't think I can let it go until we do get married." Logan said, taking a swig of his drink.

Rory's open hung open.

"And that was not me proposing to you again." Logan said from the drinks cart, refilling his glass.

Ouch. Rory closed her eyes at the words. They hurt too much. She wasn't even sure if Logan would propose to her ever again.

"Rory, I want you to live with me here. Look at it this way. It's so much closer to work. We can go to the office together in the morning." At Rory's face twisting in what Logan knew after years of being with her that she was adding something in her con column so he quickly added, "That should be in the pro column with us helping save the environment and whatnot.

"Plus, we can see each other more often." Logan added, coming to sit back on the couch.

Rory kept silent. The wheels in her mind were turning.

"Or I can move in with you." Logan offered.

Rory nibbled her lower lip. And after what felt like an eternity to Logan, she finally broke her silence.

"I want to move in with you. Your place has more space for two people. And I love this couch. I think I'll name it Dan." Rory said, patting the couch.

"Oh god." Logan rolled his eyes at the name but was highly impressed with her decision swinging in his favor. He wasn't sure she would say yes so quickly.

"I am sure Dan will be more than happy to keep me warm while you spend time locked away in that fancy study of yours." Rory said.

"Oh man, I am so happy I don't even want to mock you for naming my couch." Logan said, grinning from ear to ear. "Our couch."

Logan woke up earlier than expected for a Sunday morning. He turned over to check the time.

6:54 AM.

Yup, definitely early for a Sunday morning.

Logan should have had the best sleep of his night, knowing that Rory would be moving in with him in his apartment over the next week. But he tossed and turned long after Rory was out like a light, and now he was awake two hours before his usual time.

Logan knew what was bothering him. He got up from the bed and looked over his shoulder at Rory sleeping peacefully. He took out the notepad from his side table and scribbled a note for her.

Good morning, Ace. Hopefully, I tired you enough that you wouldn't wake up before I am back, but in case you do. I had to go somewhere this morning. I'll bring back breakfast.

He passed her a lazy smile and got up to take a shower.

Apparently, he had a long drive ahead of him this morning.

Logan turned around the corner. He saw what he assumed was Kirk's face almost engulfed with a Hot dog costume.

At Least I know I am in the right place.

He assumed It was still early. So pulled up in front of Lorelai's house. He could always stop by the Dragonfly if she weren't home. Logan took his time getting out of his car. He was halfway through the lawn when Lorelai came running out the door.

"Where is my daughter?"

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