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Chapter 1 - Fighting the Past

{Chris's POV}

So here I was again. At the same bar I was at when this whole shit first started about six months ago. When Piers had tracked me down and basically forced me to relieve everything that I had forgotten that night Finn and the other members of my team had had been crystalized into BOW's. Once I had my memories back, I thought I could deal with it and move on but the truth was I realized I couldn't.

All I wanted was to forget about my past. Forget about everything on who I was and what it was that I stood for, but now things were different. Now I had new teammates to back me up though still in disbelief that after everything I've been through that I was still in the middle of all this nightmarish madness.

When would it stop? When Will I finally be able to breathe freely again and be able to hang up my boots for good and just be able to live the rest of my life without the constant fear of looking over my shoulder?

I instantly thought back to my sister and felt horrible that she was in the same position that I was in as far as being caught up in this nightmarish hellhole. Poor Claire. I thought drawing in a deep breath. I never wanted you to be caught up in any of this mess. I wished I would have been there for her more after mom and dad died but the horrible truth was that I just simply couldn't deal with it.

At the age of nineteen I couldn't deal with the loss. Therefore by throwing myself headfirst into my work within the military and the STARS unit, now years later with the BSAA I realized I had abandoned Claire to be on her own which was causing my heart to break every single day because all I wanted was for this nightmare to be over.

As I sat there at the table with a hot plate of food in front of me and with the delicious aroma filling my nostrils I then let out a small sigh and began to pick up my fork and knife and began cutting into the food and savoring each bite as I chewed.

"You enjoying yourself captain?" One of the men asked me as he pulled up a seat at the table next to me. I nodded but didn't say anything.

"You doing alright sir?" He asked again placing a hand on my shoulder. "You've been quiet all night without hardly saying a word."

I looked up and immediately saw that he was at least around thirty years of age with short spiky dark blonde hair and green eyes.

"Yeah sorry, guess I've just had a lot on my mind lately." I replied. "What did you say your name was again?"

"Michael Jamison sir." The man replied as I shook his hand. There was an awkward moment of silence that briefly hung in the air, and all the while I couldn't get my mind to focus.

Images and horrible flashbacks seized my mind of Wesker, and I had to keep shaking my head to relieve the weariness my subconscious was beginning to take. Wesker is dead. I kept silently telling myself over and over. He's gone and he's not coming back.

"You sure your alright Captain?" Michael asked me concern showing in his green eyes as another man started making his way toward us. I looked up as the approaching man took a seat beside Michael and as I went to shake his hand an instant flash of Piers shot through my brain causing me to grimace as I tried to hide it.

For a split second it was as if time had reset and I was staring at Piers all over again mutated and all with the man's hand suddenly transforming into a trident-like appendage just like what had happened with Piers before his death and I suddenly realized it was too much.

How the hell could I keep going at this rate? I know keeping Pier's memory alive was something I had to honor, but at this point was it even worth it anymore?

"Captain?" The sound of Michael's voice cut through the weariness in my brain and I managed to snap out of it as I stood up from my chair and waved it off.

"I'm fine." I managed in a gruff voice as I began walking away from the table and headed outside. The moon shining brightly as I tried to keep myself calm. The sound of my racing heart pounding in my chest and the blood rushing in my ears started making me feel sick.

"Calm down Chris. Calm down." I kept muttering to myself over and over. "Your alright everything is fine. Wesker is dead. It's time to move on and put this fucking nightmare to rest."

A nearby rustling sound jolted me momentarily as I reached for my gun and slowly began walking toward the source of the noise when I suddenly found myself caught off guard as I felt the appearance of someone behind me. I tried to fire my gun but it was knocked out of my hand by the assailant. White hot fiery pain shot through my entire body as I then felt a paralyzing jolt of electricity shoot through me.

As I tried to fight against it and call my team for back up I now found my vision swimming in confusion as I fell to my knees staring up at silhouetted assailant with only a pair of eyes stared back at me. Two points of light gleaming out the darkness, glowing red like the tips of a pair of lit matches.

"Who the hell are you?" I managed to grit out through my teeth while fighting off the agony shooting through my body but the assailant didn't reply and the red glowing eyes were the last thing I saw as black spots started to cover my vision as I passed out.

TOO BE CONTINUED...I know this is pretty short but I promise the next chapters will be slightly longer then this one, but I hope you enjoyed reading and are looking forward to more as this story progresses. Also I may change the title of this story but that will depend on how the story goes from here on out. Also please let me know what you want to see happen within the story and if I should introduce the characters from RE7 into it or not. Reading your reviews and what you want to see happen within the story helps me so much with giving me inspiration to keep my stories alive and thriving. Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter and are looking forward to Chapter 2 which will be up as soon as I can get it :)