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One bright and sunny morning, the students of UAE's Class 1-A were filing into their room and taking their seats. The latest to arrive were Midoriya and Uraraka, with Tsuyu coming in last. There was something slightly different in that Tsu was carrying a green metal box in her hands, which she then set on her desk.

Midoriya & Uraraka: "Morning, Tsu!"

Tsu: "Morning *ribbit*."

Uraraka [just noticing the box]: "Where'd you get this?"

Tsu: "Found it on my way here. No one claimed it, so I decided to hold onto it for now."

Midoriya [curiously eyeing the box]: "Oh-kay...so, what's in the box?"

Tsu [smiling]: "My new pet."

Tsu then proceeded to open the box. Midoriya's and Uraraka's eyes widened a bit when they saw a pair of amphibian eyes looking back up at them. Said eyes belonged to a nondescript-looking frog, which then proceeded to hop onto the lid of the box. The sound of its landing got the attention of the rest of the class, more so when it let out a single croak. The rest of the class blinked, and then, after briefly eyeing the students, the frog reached down into the box, pulled out a black top hat and a cane, and stood up on two legs as it donned the hat...before further shocking all but Tsu with the song-and-dance routine it launched into, as music played in the background.

Hello my baby!

Hello my honey!

Hello my ragtime gaaaal!

Multiple jaws dropped and many eyes widened as the student body of Class 1-A witnessed the unusual spectacle in front of them, while Tsu simply stood next to the desk, nonplussed by what was happening.

Send me a kiss by wire...

Baby, my heart's on fire!

If you refuse me,

honey you lose me,

then you'll be left alone.

Oh, baby, telephone...

At that moment, Shota Aizawa-the students' teacher, better known as the hero Eraserhead-walked in on the scene, where an astonished look quickly appeared on his face, causing him to drop his sleeping bag.

And tell me I'm you're ooooown!

The moment the song and music finished, the frog resumed its natural posturing as it dropped the cane back into the box.

The rest of the students gave each other confused, bordering on bewildered, looks, with Iida taking a moment to clean his glasses, just to be sure he wasn't seeing things.

Kirishima and Koda, on the other hand, briefly exchanged a look with each other before abruptly standing up at their desks with their fingers raised in the air, both saying the same thing:

"Check, please!"