We're Done!

Set in the parallel PM universe where Della has finally given in to one of his many proposals.

Ever present lurking in the wings is Laura ready to cause chaos. Unfortunately, the Perry we normally love is not always so perfect and our Della is not the pushover he thinks.

Totally parallel universe, not intended to offend those who don't advocate this relationship, but it is only fanfic and we like doing what ESG only hinted at…

My thanks to CaptainChaos for being my proof reader again on this one before posting on here and allowing me to use the Mason children names from those stories. I previously posted this on another site but hopefully now the formatting has been corrected and I have made some minor changes and additions using previous feedback to try and make sure this now makes sense in the timeline. All mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer ; I do not own the characters of Perry Mason & Della Street. I make no money from them. All rights are the property of the estate of ESG.

One - It was all Innocent

Laura causes chaos again between Perry & Della. After all the years of dismissing Perry's 'innocent' friendship with Laura, this time Della has had enough.

'We're Done!'

The words echoed around Perry Mason's mind as he sat in his great office chair staring off into a space across the room. The mail that still required his attendance spread out across his desk untouched. His personal secretary, the one that stepped in for Della on the days she was unavailable, Andrea 'Andy' North was due back at any second having made herself scarce at seeing his black mood on entering the office.

'We're done!' Della hadn't screamed those words, she hadn't even raised her voice in a yell them at him. They were said in a calm, quiet, dejected way. The finality of the sentence dropping like a great weight about her shoulders as she had walked away from him the previous Friday afternoon.

Friday Afternoon

The meeting with Laura Robertson had been unplanned. Entering the hotel lobby, he had been ambushed by an over familiar hug around his neck as he had turned from the reception desk.

'Laura,' he asked surprised. 'What are you doing here?'

'Been meeting with an old but important client this morning. I thought I'd stay long enough for the charity benefit across the road this evening.' Laura batted her long eyelashes at him, doe eyed and full of mischief. She was looking around. 'You here alone?' Her hopes were rising.

'At the moment yes. Della should be here later. We're having an evening out at the benefit but it's more like date night.' It sounded innocent but their date nights rarely were innocent he thought to himself. A whole night in a hotel, no kids around, no interruptions. They could be as loud and passionate as they wanted, walk around the bedroom naked and frolic in the shower as long they pleased without someone banging on the door wanting use of the bathroom, breakfast or a ride somewhere.

'Sounds idyllic Perry,' Laura breathed feeling a twinge of jealousy. 'But I suppose when you have that many kids running about, you have to grab a moment when you can.' Was that a shudder she felt? Children should be seen not heard she thought and the mess in the house…ugh! She recovered herself. 'Feel like a quick drink then, old times sake and all that?' Whilst she was asking, she was already looping an arm though his and steering him towards the bar.

'Oh goodness me Perry, I'm, sooo sorry,' Laura apologised repeatedly. The red stain took shape very quickly on his shirt and in his lap.

Perry shot back from the table. 'It's fine Laura really. He caught almost a glass full in his lap. 'I'll change when I get to my room.'

'Oh Perry that will stain if you don't change and get some soda water on it sooner rather than later.' Laura's eyes sparkled as she looked across the street from the bar window and saw Della Street, no she reminded herself Della Mason, stepping out of a car with Paul Drake and a woman she didn't know. 'Here let me come to your room and help you get that stain on the mend.'

'Laura, that's not needed,' Perry protested rising from the table.

'I insist darling and if the stain doesn't fully come out, I can at least pay the dry cleaning bill.'

'Laura, it really isn't needed. I'm not sure you coming to my room is appropriate with Della on her way here.'

'Nonsense! We're old friends and I'm only trying to make sure your clothes aren't ruined. Red wine can be a killer on cloth if not treated right away.'

'Alright, you can give me a crash course in stain removal.' Perry shrugged his shoulders, it was innocent, just an accident.

'Oh my, I think the wine splashed my blouse,' Laura pulled the tails from her skirt examining them closely. Perry slipped off his shirt and had removed his shoes. He started unzipping his trousers then stopped.

'Laura,' he got her attention. 'Would you mind passing me some clean pants so I can change in the bathroom or wait outside for a moment?'

Laura threw her head back and laughed loudly. 'I've seen you in much less before my darling. 'Perry noticed at that moment she had started unbuttoning her blouse and he could see her bra.

'What are you doing?' His mouth went dry as he noticed she still retained her figure very well and a rush of blood made him shake his head trying to move the thick fog that was quickly forming in his mind.

'The wine splashed my blouse, I need to get something on it before it's ruined.' Laura took two steps towards him and ran a well manicured nail down his bare chest and smiled triumphantly as the goose bumps appeared down his arms. Her voice dropped lower, 'Besides you never minded the view with my shirt off before.'

'Laura,' Perry was having difficulty breathing. He knew he shouldn't be feeling like this and removing her from his hotel room suddenly became a priority. Was this what the start of a heart attack felt like, the thudding in his chest, right now he couldn't be certain. Reminder to self, he thought, take better care of the diet if I survive this. 'We can't….'

'Can't what?' He stood immobilised as her fingers brushed across his nipples. 'Have you become prudish since last time we…'

'Stop, please.' It was a strangled voice that came through but somehow he found the strength to take hold of her hands and still them. 'The last time you refer to was a long time ago.'

'Well,' With her hands bound by his Laura planted a series of quick kisses across his exposed shoulders working her way towards the middle of his chest,' Your mouth is saying one thing but your body…ahhh, is saying the opposite.' She was purring now her eyes gleaming. 'And in my experience no married man is always completely satisfied with the same old menu in the bedroom every night.'

A loud knock on the door saved him from Lauras' mouth moving to its next target. Perry reached over and grabbed the clean shirt he had dropped over the back of a chair and was shrugging into it as he swung the door open.