We're Done! 9

Definitely Done!

Summary :

A little romance and a little more Mason

Thank you for reading. All the reviews and constructive feedback have been a great help. This is the last chapter, so I hope you enjoy. Once again, thanks to CaptainChaos for proof reading, but any mistakes are entirely mine.


Two Weeks Later

'Wow that was just amazing.' Della stretched her limbs and blew out a breath. 'I'm stuffed.'

'They did a great job there,' Perry agreed and patted his belly. 'Maybe if all else fails we could set the kids up in the restaurant business.'

'Well Tom and Lily they get their cooking skills from you, not me!' Della chuckled. 'Perry makes a fine Maitre'd. He looked very smart in that tux and Georgie was so handsome in his little bow tie and apron.'

'They were all great, they went to a lot of trouble for us, although I think allowing George to handle the wine wasn't a smart move.' Perry held up the wine stained napkin to prove his point. He reached across the dining room table to take Della's hand. She allowed him to rub his thumb across the back of her fingers.

'They've really noticed we've not exactly been what they're used to this last month?' Della asked quietly

'What you mean like in years gone by when they've been scarred for life by walking in on us in the shower together or discovering us several times butt naked by the fire apart from a blanket?' Perry smirked as Della blushed a deep red.

'Oh Lord don't remind me. We've been caught by them far too many times over the years. It's a wonder they didn't flee to live with Aunt Mae!'

Perry threw his head back a laughed loudly. 'Hey, it's not our fault we find each other irresistible, however you'd think we'd have learnt to lock doors and they'd know what it means to knock before entering by now!'

'Do we?'

''Do we what?'

'Still find each other irresistible?'

Perry grew thoughtful for a moment. 'Della, you are a most beautiful woman. I just wish you'd realise what you do to the male of the species and no doubt some ladies too.' Perry pulled her hand across and brushed his lips across the back of it. 'Is there a chance perhaps tonight we can really get back on track? Will you let me show you how irresistible you are?'

'So the wining and dining was to get me into your bed?' Della arched one perfect eyebrow, the ghost of a smile twitching at the side of her lips.

'I already have you back in my bed, I was rather hoping we were closer this last couple weeks for you to feel that maybe you could….we could…..' Della held her hand up.

'Perry please don't spoil a perfectly wonderful evening so far.'

'I know it's been great. This was all part of the working on us this evening. The kids want to give us a chance. All this is part of their matchmaking schemes that's all. But I'm not going to lie to you. I'm finding it bloody difficult sleeping next to you and not….'

'I understand that. It's hard for me too, but I want to make sure of myself if nothing else.' Perry nodded and sighed, a fleeting look of disappointment on his face which did not do unnoticed by Della.

'Shall we take this party into the living room?' He stood and held his hand out to her.

Once settled onto the sofa next to each other they fell into silent contemplation each in their own thoughts. After several minutes Perry spoke up.

'Do you ever really regret it all because it didn't start out in our plans?'

'Regret what?'

'Getting married, having kids?'

'No, if I did I wouldn't have had four of them.' Still calm, irritation was starting to creep into Della's voice.

'Junior wasn't exactly planned.'

'Wasn't he?' Della challenged. 'I recall a certain evening after dinner when a certain lawyer and his secretary didn't give protection a thought. The lack of common sense by both of us that night threw life as we knew it out of the window.'

'We never really talked about it. I didn't know if that's what you wanted at the time. We sort of just got on with it.' Perry leaned into her and got her to turn her legs onto the sofa and across his lap.

'We never talked about getting married either but one night we just went and did it. Damn that bottle of scotch after Paul Drakes birthday.' Della's voice was almost humourless. 'We just never brought it out in the open until we had to. Life worked perfectly fine until then.'

'Well number two was planned,' Perry was trying to steer the conversation back to where he wanted it. 'As was number three. I wonder sometimes why there was such a gap, it wasn't like we were careful all the time.'

'Mr Mason we were so cavalier I'm only surprised we didn't end up with a whole soccer team!'

'Number four was most definitely your fault though.'

Until now Della had not even looked at him, but his accusatory tone in that last sentence made her shoot him a hard glance. It was then she saw he was trying not to break out into a smile, the twinkle was there in his blue eyes. 'That damn dress! You remember that backless sapphire blue dress with that lower than usual cleavage? I couldn't keep my damned hands off you all night.'

Della allowed herself a slight smile. 'I remember,' she said. 'I also recall we barely made it to the Law Society dinner on time after you wouldn't let me get dressed in the first place.'

'Yeah but in my legal defence, what you were planning to wear under that dress was positively criminal! I swear you allowed me to see that underwear beforehand just so you could torture me all night. Just like you did two weeks ago. That was a perfect replica dress, you really need to keep it for special occasions!' He started chuckling and ventured to smooth a hand over one of her ankles. He drew lazy circles with his finger around the skin by the bone before leaning in and capturing Della's lips in a hot kiss. He was on edge, waiting for her to pull away but she didn't. His hopes for a physical reconciliation were starting to rise again as well as other parts of his anatomy. Della allowed herself to be gently pulled over to straddle Perry's lap and he was further delighted when her arms snaked around his neck and she jammed her lips against his, her tongue foraging. Perry groaned and his hips gave an involuntary thrust as his hands gripped her hips to hold her in place.

'Please,' he managed to grind out. 'Please don't tease me.'

Della leaned back slightly and he saw the smouldering hazel of her eyes. 'I wouldn't do that.' She trailed a finger to where his shirt buttoned and began working at the fastenings slowly. Perry whimpered as her fingers explored his chest. He brought his hands up and fondled her breasts through the silk of her shirt. Her hand dipped between them and brushed across his zipper, stopping a moment to linger where he was most vulnerable. He was close to bursting when he manged to whisper,

'For fear of being caught out, I think we need to take this upstairs Mrs Mason.'

Della rumpled his hair and rained hot kisses on his neck and jaw.

'I think you're right Mr Mason. We have a lot of tension to work out from the last few weeks.'


The fifth Mason offspring and their second daughter made her entrance into the world exactly nine months and some six hours of labour later. Announcing her arrival to the world with a bellow that made her father proud and her mother groan in mock frustration at having another mini Perry Mason to deal with, moments after she was settled in her exhausted mothers arms, she grasped a large finger and was kissed gently by an overwhelmed lawyer.

'We did it again Mrs M.' he whispered brushing a stray curl away from his wifes forehead. 'I have another beautiful lady to lavish attention on and spoil.'

Della allowed herself a tired chuckle. 'Very well Mr M, but let me tell you after her, now we definitely are Done!'