Chapter 1: The God of Heroes (Annabeth)

"Perseus Jackson: The son of Poseidon and the Hero of Olympus. Over the years, you have fought valiantly in order to preserve peace and protect Olympus from its enemies. You have achieved many accolades titles, so much so that if I went through them, we may as well be here all night. But I'm trying to get to the party, so I'm going to make this quick."

The King of the Greek Gods, Zeus spoke as his voice boomed throughout the entire throne room. All of the Olympians were present, including Hestia and Hades. The 7 Demigods of the Prophecy were in the throne room as well. It was the award ceremony of the Giant War. Gaia and her children have just been defeated, thanks to the efforts of the 7. The battle was finally over, and now peace was restored.

Now the Heroes were deserving of awards and recognition for their service. It wasn't only the 7, but other demigods were gathered in the throne room as well. Reyna, Nico, Thalia, the camp directors of both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupitor, and minor gods and goddesses.

Everyone who played an important role in the war had received appropriate awards and praise. They were deserving of it. If it were not for them, Olympus would have surely fallen. And it was a very close war. Gaia had almost won, if it wasn't for one demigod in particular.

Percy Jackson was the last one to be receiving his award. It was agreed upon that he would receive the greatest awards since he had played the biggest impact in winning the War. The son of Poseidon slayed 7 of the Gigantes. The most out of anyone. This included Porphyrion, Polybotes, Alcyoneus. The banes of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades respectively. He was ruthless on the battlefield, to the point where they almost didn't recognize him. Gaia had brought too much pain and suffering to him and his loved ones. He needed to make her and her children pay for all of the people they had hurt. Something had awoken within him. A power that he only saves for the most nefarious of enemies.

"Gaia may have helped you escape Tartarus once before. But it won't happen again. NEVER AGAIN!"

That is what Percy shouted as he mercilessly turned each of them into gold dust. His thirst for blood even frightened some of the gods who were present on the battlefield. It seems as though the experience in Tartarus had changed him. He was angry. Angry that Annabeth had to suffer because Gaia wanted to fuck with their lives. Percy used that anger to fuel him in battle. For those who were there to witness it, they would have said that he looked like a one man army. He was out for ichor. And no one was going to stop him.

When it came time to deal with Gaia herself, Percy caught wind of Leo's plan. He was not going to allow another one of his friends to sacrifice himself. The face of Charles Beckendorf came to his mind. He told Jason to fly him up to where Leo was going. He used his poison powers to weaken Gaia, so much to the point where she was vulnerable. Then at the very last second, Percy and Jason grabbed Leo before the explosion went off. Festus was sent flying somewhere unknown. Gaia was incinerated and turned to dust. And since he closed the Doors of Death, she and her children won't be coming back.

When the three came back down to the ground, Annabeth slapped Percy and yelled at him for being reckless and almost getting himself killed. He laughed it off by saying he couldn't let Leo die. The Daughter of Athena told him that Heroic attitude was going to get him killed one day, but it was also one of the reasons she fell in love with him.

And so it was now his turn to receive his reward for his efforts in the war. He had been in this position before. He had a feeling of what was about to come up. He was ready to reject it again.

"Now brother, you know that's not fair. You went through all of the deeds of the other Heroes in detail, but you just want to skip over Percy's? Show some respect to your nephew."

The god of the seas gave Zeus a frown. The King sighed at his brother's words. He always found a way to get on his nerves.

"Poseidon, it is not my intention to disrespect Perseus. I am simply doing this in the interest of time. I'm sure everyone is already getting tired of sitting and just wants to get to the party. We already know what Persesus has done for Olympus. We all acknowledge him as the greatest Hero of this era. Just allow me to present his reward to him and we should be on our way."

"Wait a minute! Did you just admit to my son being the greatest Hero of this era? That includes your own son as well. Is the mighty and prideful King of Olympus admitting that a son of Poseidon is stronger than his own son?"

"Brother… this is supposed to be a time of celebration. It is not time for you to gloat."

"No no no, I just want to make sure I heard correctly! After many centuries of gloating, you are finally admitting that one of my sons is more powerful than yours-"

"Oh for the love of our mother, can you two just stop bickering for once?!" Hera had enough of her brothers arguing every minute. They were supposed to be celebrating the deeds of Heroes and their victory in the war. She was not in the mood to be wasting time over nonsense like which one of their bastard children was better.

Poseidon raised his hands above his hand in a surredning motion, "Fine! Get on with it. But I'm still not gonna forget this!"


Everyone else laughed at the bickering between the Olympians. Even when they were celebrating the victory of a war, they still couldn't resist the urge to argue with one another.

Zeus cleared his throat, "Now let's continue off, before I was rudely interrupted. Perseus Jackson, you have sacrificed so much in service of Olympus. Quite frankly, you saved our behinds in the last two wars. So that's why I am offering you, for the second time, the opportunity of Godhood! The greatest gift of all!"

"Wait a minute, this is the second time?" Jason asked in shock.

"You're telling me this guy rejected Godhood?!" Leo exclaimed as he, Piper, Jason, and the Roman demigods were all reeling from the surprising revelation. It was very rare for a half-blood to be given the opportunity to become immortal. That prestigious right is only reserved for a select few Heroes. One of them being Heracles, who is often hailed as the strongest demigod son of Zeus. To simply reject it is unheard of.

What's even more unheard of was being offered immortality twice. That has never happened. Ever.

"Yup. He sure did." Thalia, the daughter of Zeus, and Lieutenant of Artemis, confirmed Leo's assertion. She was there when Percy was first offered immortality by Zeus. When he rejected it, everyone thought he was crazy. But when she looked at Annabeth, she realized why he did it. He loved her so much that he denied immortality just to be with her.

Knowing what Percy's fatal flaw is, Thalia was positive he was going to reject it again. Especially after what he and Annabeth had been through. He literally fell into Tartarus with her. You don't get anything better than that when it comes to showing your love for someone.

"That takes balls." Leo said as he now even had more respect for Percy than what he already did. The man risked his life to save him. It was Leo's every intention to die along with Gaia. But Percy wouldn't let that happen. He will never forget the words of the son of Poseidon.

"I'll be damned if I let one of my comrades die in front of me again! You are my friend, Leo and you're crazy if you think I'm just gonna watch you sacrifice your life. You're supposed to live for your friends. I already lost your brother. I won't lose you too!"

"No kidding. I wonder if he's going to say no, again." The son of Jupiter had witnessed firsthand just how amazing of a warrior Percy truly is. If he's this powerful as a demigod, one can only imagine how much stronger he will become if he chooses to accept immortality.

Jason's father also had the same thought. He wasn't an idiot. He knew that Percy was not a normal demigod. The way he slayed those giants in cold blood sent a shiver down his spine. He was also reminded that this is the same person who defeated his father. A part of him was scared of how powerful Percy could become if he reached his full potential and accepted his offer. But then he also thought about the benefits. He would have a powerful warrior like Percy for all of eternity defending Olympus. And due to his fatal flaw, he won't ever have to worry about him going to the wrong side. It will also please his brother, since he will be able to spend time with his favorite son forever.

"So what is your answer, nephew? Think carefully. You may never get an opportunity like this again. You're lucky that I'm even offering you this a second time. I wouldn't even do this for my own children. You should be grateful for that. Choose wisely."

Percy knew Zeus was going to ask him this. And he also knew that Zeus was pressuring him into accepting. He understood how the gods' minds worked. They wanted him to serve Olympus forever. To them, he was just too valuable to let go. It would be a shame to them to just let me live out a normal human lifespan when I can do so much more. He looked up at the eyes of each of the Olympians. They all wanted him to say yes. Especially his dad. The god of the seas didn't want his favorite son to die.

But then he turned around to look Annabeth in the eyes. He saw the worried look in her eyes. They were the same when he was offered Godhood the first time. The benefits of being god sounded nice… but to Percy, none of them compared to the benefit of spending the rest of his life with the girl he loves.

"I'm sorry Uncle, but you should already know what I'm going to say. I wish I could accept your gift, but I just can't. I have something special and I wouldn't give that up for anything. Not even immortality."

Everyone knew what he was referring to. If he became a god, he wouldn't be able to sustain a relationship with Annabeth. Percy loved her too much for that. You can offer him the world, and he still wouldn't give Annabeth up.

Zeus sighed and shrugged his shoulders, "Such a shame. You would have been a fine god. But I will respect your decision, no matter how much I may disagree with it. We at least owe you that much. If that is how it's going to be, then just like last time, I will offer you a request from us gods. It can be anything, so long as it is within our power."

This got Percy scratching his head. He wasn't sure what exactly to ask for. He didn't really need or want anything. He just wanted to go home and spend time with his girlfriend. So then he thought about what he could do for other people. He looked around the throne room. All of his friends had already received what they needed or wanted. So he couldn't really ask anything for them.

He then set his eyes on Hestia and Hades. The former was tending to the Hearth as usual in her 8 year old form. She noticed him looking at her and gave him a kind smile. Hades was just chilling in the corner. He gave Percy a nod of acknowledgement. Over the years, Hades grew to love and respect Percy. He was easily his favorite nephew.

There was something wrong with this picture though.

Neither of them had their own proper thrones.

Percy smiled as he figured out what he wanted to ask.

"Okay, I got it!"

"What is it? Don't ask me to do something ridiculous!" Zeus exclaimed.

"No, my request is simple really. Simple, but important."

"Go on."

"I want you to give Lady Hestia and Lord Hades their proper thrones and seats in the Olympian Council. I believe they are well deserving of this. They both helped out immensely in the past two wars. We would have lost if it wasn't for them. They are the two oldest children of Kronos and Rhea, so they should definitely have the right to have their proper thrones and positions as Olympians. I request for them to become Olympains immediately."

Hestia and Hades widened their eyes in shock at Percy. He was using his reward for them? He could've asked for anything else but instead he chose to be selfless. What did they do to deserve a nephew like this?

Zeus thought about it for a minute before he gave Percy his answer, "It will be done. That is a fair request considering everything we've asked of you. Is that all?"

"Could you maybe be a little nicer to each other?"

"No promises."

"Fair enough."

Zeus fired a lightning bolt at the ground. Out of it came two distinct thrones. One was decorated with bones and fine metals, while the other had a calm flaming aura to it.

"Everyone welcome Hestia and Hades into the Olympian Council!" Zeus's voice boomed throughout the throne room. Cheers were heard as everyone celebrated the new additions to the council that were long overdue. Hestia changed into her 18 year old form and ran towards Percy to give him a big hug.

"Thank you so much. You're the best nephew ever. You have no idea how much me and Hades appreciate this." Hestia whispered into Percy's ear. Hearing the happiness coming from her voice just filled the young demigod with joy.

"You're welcome, Lady Hestia. And you're the best aunt ever!"

"You didn't have to do this, you know."

"Yes, I did. There is no reason why you two shouldn't be a part of the council. You have every right to be. You and Lord Hades have suffered long enough. It was time for a change. Don't worry about me. I have everything I could ever want anyway. So it's only fair that I give you two what you deserve."

Hestia kissed her favorite nephew on the cheek. A small flame flickered on the spot where Percy was kissed.

"I have just blessed you with my powers. Consider it as my thanks to you. If you ever need something, or even if you just want to talk, you know where to find me."

Hestia grew to a size of 20 feet tall and sat on her fresh new throne. She felt happy to finally have her own throne in the council once again.

Hades placed a hand on Percy's shoulders, "Nephew, you have done a great favor for me today. You could have asked for anything, but instead you choose to give me and Hestia our proper places on the council. I cannot express my gratitude to you in simple words. So I'll just tell you this. You are welcome in the Underworld anytime. And if there's anything I can do for you, let me know. I usually wouldn't give a son of Poseidon that privilege, but after everything you've done for Olympus, I believe it's the least I can do."

Hades tapped Percy on his forehead. A shadow aura surrounded Percy for a couple of seconds before it went away. Just like when Hestia kissed him, he felt himself gaining more power. It was similar to the feeling of when he used Poseidon's powers, but it was also different.

"I have also blessed you, just like my sister. You now have the abilities that a child of Hades or Pluto would have. Feel free to ask Nico and Hazel to help you practice with them. You are the first and probably the last child of Poseidon that will ever receive this blessing."

Hades followed Hestia's example by also growing in size and taking his seat on his throne.

"Are you sure that is wise, Uncle? A demigod with the powers of Poseidon, Hestia, and Hades sounds really dangerous." Athena was skeptical about Percy, who was already ridiculously strong, having the power of three elder gods at his disposal. It could prove to be catastrophic if he ever intends to use those powers irresponsibly.

Hades scoffed, "Oh please, weren't you all going to turn him into a god? Wouldn't that have made him even more powerful than him just receiving blessings from me and Hestia? Relax, the Hero deserves for everything he has done. This is a rewards ceremony after all. He isn't a kid anymore, either. He's old and mature enough to handle it. Plus, if Olympus is threatened by a force that is even stronger than Gaia in the future, then it would be wise for our strongest Hero to be prepared."

Everyone shivered at the thought of an enemy even greater than Gaia. They had almost lost this war. They didn't want to imagine what would happen if someone even stronger threatened them.

"Fair enough. Let's hope that this peace lasts for a very long time and that no such thing should ever happen." The War Goddess agreed with the new Olympian's point. It is always wise to prepare for the worst.

Zeus cleared his throat, "Now that everyone has received their rewards, I believe it is now time to begin the festivities-"

"Hold on just a moment, Olympians!"

"Oh, what now?!" Zeus wanted to get this over with and now someone was interrupting him? "Show yourself!"

The three Fates appeared in the throne room. Their presence caught everyone off guard, including Zeus. He immediately bowed to them. Everyone else followed his example.

"Lady Fates! To what do we owe this please?"

"You may rise." The three sisters said in unison. Everyone proceeded to get back up from bowing. There was tension in the air. The Fates would not come here just to chit chat. Something important was about to go down.

"First off, we would like to congratulate you all on your victory. Great work, everyone! We knew you could all work together!" Clotho exclaimed.

"Yes, we are very proud of what the gods and demigods were able to accomplish." Lachesis followed.

"We hope this experience has shown you that if you all work together, then there is no enemy that can defeat you!" Atropo said with an enthusiastic smile.

"Indeed, sister. But the reason we have come here to interrupt your reward ceremony is that we have an important proposition."

"Proposition?" Artemis asked with confusion.

Clotho nodded, "Yes, goddess of the hunt. We have an offer that cannot be denied."

"Well then, what is it?" Zeus was really getting impatient. But he had to behave or else the Fates would punish him.

"It's not for you, your highness!" Lachesis shouted.

"Nor is it for any of you Olympians…" Atroposis summoned a green string of Fate. She then pointed towards Percy, "It's for you, son of Poseidon!"

Percy widened his eyes in shock, "Me?! What did I do?"

"Relax, young Hero. You are not in trouble. Quite the contrary actually." Clotho began to explain the offer, "You have denied godhood twice. Now, from the outside looking in, most people would call you foolish for denying such a prestigious prize two times in a row. Especially after everything you had to suffer through in order to get to this point. One would think that you'd be jumping at the chance to be immortal, so you wouldn't have to deal with being a half-blood any longer."

"But we have come to understand your decision. And we do respect it and actually praise you for your nobility and sacrifice. Your loyalty for the ones you hold close to your heart truly knows no bounds. However, we have come up with a solution. A solution where in the end, everybody gets what they want."

Percy was intrigued, "Alright, I'm listening."

"This is what we have come up with. You will become the 15th Olympian. You will be the God of Heroes. This domain will allow you to spend time in the mortal world as if you were still a demigod, but with the perks of being a god. This will allow you to have more flexibility when it comes to the Ancient Laws that prohibit immortals getting involved with the affairs of mortals. You would be able to interact with both mortals and immortals without restriction. You will be the bridge between the two worlds."


All of the gods and demigods reacted strongly to Clotho's proposition. What they were offering was unheard of. A god who is able to interact freely with the mortal world without restriction? That sounds too good to be true. Never before would they have thought something like that was possible. Even the great Primordials had to follow the Ancient Laws. Now, Percy Jackson was being offered the opportunity to just ignore all of that?

"Hold on! How is that fair? How come the brat gets all of that freedom, but not us?" Ares growled out in anger. Even though he has grown to respect Percy, he still did not forget when the son of Poseidon bested him in combat a couple of years ago. And hearing that he's going to receive all of these special privileges just rubbed him the wrong way.

"God of War, we suggest you calm down. Our intention isn't to be unfair or show favoritism to young Perseus. These past two wars have taught us something. Mortals and immortals have to work together in order to succeed. We believe it is best for someone to be a bridge between the two. Someone who both mortals and immortals can come two in need. And we believe there is no one better for that job than Perseus Jackson, who has been the focal point of both of these wars." Lachesis told Ares sternly. She gave the god a glare that practically dared him to challenge her.

Ares got the message. He may be wild and crazy, but he wasn't an idiot. She did have a point that he could not deny.

"Fine. On the bright side, if Percy does become an Olympian, that means I get to beat him up forever! Hell yeah! Hurry up and do it!"

"Didn't he beat you when he was 12?"

"He got lucky! You shut your mouth Apollo!"

"Yeah and now imagine when he becomes a god. I don't think you'll stand a chance to be frank," The sun god laughed at the thought of an immortal Percy humiliating Ares for the rest of eternity. That would definitely never get old.

Ares's eyes turned into flames, "Oh yeah?! Fine, then! Let's put that to the test! Hurry up and turn him into a god! I want first crack at him!"

"You're going to get your ass kicked." Hephaestus muttered as he tinkered.

"What was that brother? I'll show you! After I'm done beating that fish spawn to a pulp, I'm coming after you!"

"At least allow Perseus to make his decision before you get any hasty plans…" Artemis scoffed at the back and forth between her brothers. All of the males on this council were idiots. A part of her was hoping that Percy accepted the Fates' offer so that one of the only males she respects can join the Olympian council and make it less unbearable. It also wouldn't hurt to see him humble some of the Olympians.

"Personally, I hope he does accept, just so I can see him knock you down like the child you are." The Moon Goddesses gave Ares a smug grin.

"Oh well if it isn't Daddy's girl. I would advise you to keep your mouth shut if you don't want me to shut it up for you, Feminazi."

"What did you call me?!"

Hestia sighed as she watched her family bicker. Perseus, an amazing Hero, was receiving a great opportunity from the Fates themselves. But of course, they had to make it about themselves. If her nephew does accept the offer, she's gonna feel bad for him since he's going to have to deal with this for all of eternity.

"Settle down, everyone. There is no need to fight amongst ourselves. We have just finished fighting a gruesome war. It is time for celebration, not more fighting. Our dear Perseus is being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is his moment. Please respect him enough to the point where you at least let him make a decision for himself."

Hestia's words managed to calm everyone down. Enough to the point where the gods stopped bickering.

"Whatever. Just make your decision already, punk."

The war god's words were directed to Percy who was still in thought. He wasn't sure what to do. On one hand, it seemed like a no brainer. A god who is able to live and interact freely in the mortal world with no restrictions, along with the benefits of being immortal? It was the best of both worlds. His entire rationale for denying godhood in the first place was due to the Ancient Laws being too restrictive, and so it wouldn't allow him to be with Annabeth. But with this new stipulation, it looks like it is now possible to become a god and be with Annabeth.

But if there's one thing Percy has learned over the years is that there was always a catch. Especially when it came to the Divine. He was positive that he wouldn't be getting this for free.

"What's the catch?"

"We beg your pardon?" All three of the Fates replied to Percy at the same time.

"There's always a catch. Especially when it comes to the supernatural. You're making the offer sound way too good than what it may be. There has to be something else right? What would be the cons if I accepted your offer?"

"Please don't misunderstand, young Perseus. Our intention is not to deceive you. Everything we have told you has been accurate. We know what you're thinking. You will, without a doubt, be allowed to interact freely with the mortal world as a god. That includes any and all attachments you currently have such as relationships." Clotho assured the Hero with a polite smile.

Percy widened his eyes, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, Perseus Jackson. We are very serious. As for the cons, you will still have your obligations as an Olympian god. But we will allow some flexibility even in that department. Your father will be able to help you adjust to your new lifestyle. But besides that, you have as much freedom as you would have as a demigod. The only thing you have to do is swear your loyalty to Olympus, but we know we won't have to worry about that." Atropos laid it out as simply as she could for Percy to understand.

"So what is your decision, Perseus Jackson? Will you take your place as the 15th Olympian and become the God of Heroes?" Lachesis asked as she and everyone else all stared at Percy. They were all awaiting his answer.

Percy felt a little uncomfortable with everyone's eyes on him. It was nerve wracking. He thought fighting Giants and Titans was hard, but this may be the most difficult decision ever. The direction his life will take depends on this decision. At first, he thought it would be easy to say no. But now that the Fates have told him that he will be able to stay with Annabeth if he says yes, he doesn't know what to choose. Does he truly want to live forever? Does he truly want to deal with the supernatural forever? Forever is a long time. What about his family and friends? He will outlive them all. That has to be depressing. But on the other hand… There is also a lot of good he can do as a god. He could fix the mistakes of the gods before him. He can help so many demigods out there who are in need.

'What do I do?'

"What are you doing?"

Percy turned around to see Annabeth looking at him as if he had grown a second head.

"Are you really thinking about turning this offer down? You have to take it! You are being granted an opportunity that no one else has ever received before? Are you really going to waste it? You don't have to be a child of Athena to know that accepting this is obviously the wiser choice!"

"But Annabeth, if I say yes, what about you-"

"Stop thinking about me! Think about yourself for once! I already told you before that attitude will one day get you killed. It almost did. Think about what Luke sacrificed his life for. He was willinging to die because he believed in you. He had faith that you would fix everything wrong with how the gods treated their children. Now it is your chance to make sure he didn't die in vain."

Annabeth's words made Percy remember Luke Castellan's last words.

"Ethan. Me. All the unclaimed. Don't let it… Don't let it happen again."

Percy almost fell to his knees. The shock and epiphany made him stumble. He felt like the biggest idiot in the world right now. How could he forget? This was his opportunity to make sure that Luke's dream came true. He did request for the gods to claim all of their children by the age of 13. And to give minor gods their own cabins at Camp Half-Blood. But that wasn't enough. There was still more that had to be done. He didn't fall to Tartarus just for there not to be significant change. He then thought about Calypso. Was she still imprisoned?

That sealed the deal for him.

He looked straight at the fates.

"Before I accept, I need to be sure. I want you to swear on the Styx that you will keep your word in allowing me to act freely in the mortal world without having to worry about the Ancient Laws. I need to make sure that my relationship with Annabeth isn't threatened by this."

The Fates all looked at each other for a moment before shrugging.

"We'll do you one better. To prove to you that we are genuine about our promises, we hereby swear on Lady Chaos that you will be able to retain your relationship with Annabeth Chase as well as any other mortal relationships. The Ancient Laws will not restrict you from interacting freely in the mortal world."

Purple lightning struck down in the throne room. It was followed by ferocious thunder. It dwarfed the thunder that was usually heard when someone swore on the Styx.

"Did they just?"

"They did."

All of the gods were speechless at the oath the Fates had just made. The demigods were confused on what exactly just happened.

"Wait why didn't you just swear on the Styx? Why Chaos?" Percy asked innocently, not really understanding what the Fates had just done.

"We did that to make sure our oath is as iron clad as possible. Swearing on the name of Chaos means far more than just swearing on the Styx. If we don't keep our promise… then Lady Chaos herself will erase us from existence." Clotho clarified for everyone who didn't understand the severity of their oath. They needed to reassure Percy that he won't be restricted by the Ancient Laws if he accepts godhood. And this was the best way to do it.

"You really put your entire existence on the line?"

"Yes, Perseus. Unlike other deities, we keep our word. So we have no fear of swearing on the creator's name. That is how serious we are about this offer. With all of that being said, what is your answer?"

Percy looked back at Annabeth. She nodded, giving her approval. Percy took a deep breath, 'I hope I don't regret this.'

"I accept!"

"Wise choice." All three fates smiled. Their smiles unnerved Percy a bit. He had a feeling something was up. Like there was something they weren't telling him. He was beginning to regret his decision, but then calmed down. Surely they would keep their word. Their existence was on the line after all.

"Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson, do you swear to protect Olympus and its allies with everything you have and to slay its enemies with your mighty blade?" The three sisters all asked the demigod at the same time. Their voices were in perfect sync.

"I swear."

"Then prepare to become immortalized!"

Beams of energy were shot from their hands. The beams made direct impact with Percy. At first he felt an immense amount of pain. A normal person would have yelled out in agony, but Percy had a high pain tolerance due to his experiences and battles over the years. His dip in the River Styx was more painful than this.

After a couple of moments, the pain subsided. It was replaced by a rush of energy. Percy felt his entire being being reshaped and reformed. He felt so much power bubbling up inside of him. Almost to the point where it felt scary. A blue aura surrounded him as a huge flash enveloped the throne room.

Everyone had to shield their eyes due to the immense pressure and flash. After about a full minute, the flash disappeared. The pressure was still present. Everyone looked to see the source of it. What they saw was the presence of a new god.

Percy did not look much different on the surface. He was a little taller, muscles were more defined, and his hair had a tint of blue to them along with his eyes. But his aura was completely different. His presence alone invoked a lot of pressure. They could feel the power leaking off of him. His body was surrounded by a blue aura of energy that evoked godliness (A/N: Super Saiyan Blue Aura).

Percy looked at his hands and the rest of his body. He felt like a new man. He could feel the power pulsating in his veins. It was like when he was in the sea, but thousands of times better than that. But at the same time, he felt calm. Like the waves of a beach sea in the night.

Everyone else took notice of Percy's transformation. They all could sense the tremendous amount of power they now held. The female population of the throne room took more notice of his more handsome and masculine features that were amplified by his godliness. Even the maiden goddesses felt a sense of attraction towards him, although they hid it well. There was something about his aura that was alluring them. The women were lusting over his new image.

"All hail Perseus Jackson! The 15th Olympian! The god of Heroes, Loyalty, Warriors, Battle, Power, Magic, Destiny, Deities, Tides, the Sea, Storms, Earthquakes, Swordsmanship, the Impossible, Potential, Polygamy, Love, and Sex!"

"WAIT WHAT?!" Percy yelled out in pure shock at what the Fates just announced. He wasn't expecting that many domains, but what really got him were the last three. Polygamy? Wasn't that a practice where you have multiple wives? And why love and sex? Weren't those Aphrodite's domains? He didn't want that!

A brand new throne popped up. It was right next to Poseidon's and was similar in structure, but instead of green, it was blue. Markings of the sea were on it, along with swords and images of various heroes and warriors

"Until next time, Olympus!"

The Three Fates flashed away. But right before they did, Percy could've sworn he saw them each give him a wink.

'Oh no, what did they just do!?' Percy screamed in his head. He was about to complain out loud that he just got finessed before the Fates suddenly appeared again.

"Oh yes, we forgot to mention. On the direct order from Lady Chaos herself, all divine marriage and oaths of maidenhood or virginity have officially been annulled! That will be all. Farewell!"

And just like that, they were gone again.

The throne room was silent for a few moments. Everyone was speechless from the Fates' announcement. They certainly weren't expecting that.

"What just happened?" Leo was the first to break the deafening silence.

"I think… Everyone just got a divorce. Oh and Percy is the new god of fucking." Apollo answered Leo's question blunty. Which caused the newly made god to stammer.


"What do you mean? Did you not just hear what the Fates said, Mr. God of Love and Sex?"

"There has to be a mistake! I didn't sign up for this. They said I was going to be the God of Heroes."

"They didn't say that would be your only domain. As an Olympian, it is expected to have multiple domains. And if you ask me, you definitely deserve it. Why are you complaining? You got some kick ass domains bro!"

"But why did I need those two domains specifically," Percy muttered under his breath. He wanted answers from the Fates. He can't believe they let him pull a fast one on him like this. He should have known they had a trick up their sleeves. It was written all over their faces!

'Percy is the god of sex?!' Annabeth thought with a blush. She was both embarrassed and worried. Embarrassed because her own boyfriend was the new god of sex which implies that he is now heavily skilled in the art of love making. Her mind began to wander as dirty thoughts came up involving her and Percy in the bedroom. He did look hotter now, and the thought about having sex with an Olympian Percy enticed her to no end. However she was worried because this might mean that he may get into casual relationships with multiple women just like how all of the other gods do. But then she recalled that one of his other domains was loyalty. She knows that Percy loves her and that he wouldn't betray their love like that.

"Wait a minute… if all Divine Marriages have been annulled, then that means-"

"I'm not married to Aphrodite anymore? Finally!" Hephaestus cut Hermes off with an enthusiastic shout. He was finally free from his wife who never even loved him in the first place.

Aphrodite was offended, "Hey, that's rude!"

"You wanna know what else is rude? Cheating on me with my own brother for the past 2,000 years. And we're not even going to mention all of your other affairs."

Aphrodite's face got red, "Don't act innocent! You've been unfaithful too!"

"Of course, why would I be faithful to a wife who doesn't even respect our own marriage. Who do I look like, my mother?"

"Hephaestus!" Hera glared at her son's jab at her.

"What? Am I wrong? Don't worry mother, thanks to Lady Chaos, you can finally find someone who actually values you as a wife."

"That is true… I guess it's time for me to look for a new man."

"You're moving on just like that!?" Zeus was appalled from Hera's straightforwardness. "But honey-"

"I'm not your honey anymore. You heard what the Fates said. We're through."

Zeus's jaw dropped. He thought he and Hera would be together forever. She is the Goddess of Marriage after all. There's no way she would leave him.

"B-But why?"

Hera looked at her ex-husband like he was an idiot, "Do I really need to answer that question?"

"But I said I was sorry-"

"Oh who cares? Let's celebrate our three new Olympians with a party!" Dionysus had enough with these boring shenanigans. He just wanted to get drunk damn it!

The party was great and grand, just like any party on Olympus. History was made today. A new god was crowned, and not only that, but Percy was the first son of Poesidon that became an Olympian. Poseidon obviously was overjoyed. He could now be the father he always wanted to be to Percy. After the party ended, Poseidon wanted Percy to immediately come with him to Atlantis and take his rightful place as Prince of the Sea. Percy had to tell his father to calm down. Although he was an immortal, he still had a life in the mortal world. He needed time to adjust to the brand new lifestyle. He reassured Posiedon that they had all of the time in the world to bond as father and son. Poseidon respected his son's wishes and let him do as he pleased. He made sure to let him know if he ever needed him or just wanted to chat, he knew where to find him.

"Well, Wise Girl… the night is ours. Where do you want to go? I can take us anywhere you want."

Percy and Annabeth were hand in hand as they overlooked the city below from the edge of Olympus. The party had ended and everyone had gone to their respective homes. The party was enjoyable but he wanted to spend time with his girlfriend. Due to him getting his memories erased, sent to a Roman camp, and having to fight Mother Earth, the two never really had a chance to spend proper time together ever since they got together. Now with Peace restored at last, and him being a god, he wanted to catch up on the time they missed.

Annabeth thought about it for a minute before her face flushed. She remembered a conversation she and her mother had. Athena had taken her aside during the party. She had wanted to speak to her privately. It was regarding Percy.

"That man loves you more than you know. I advise you to commemorate that love as soon as possible. I have a feeling that given with his domains, you won't be the only woman with her eyes on him. As the god of Polygamy, he may be forced to court multiple maidens. You better get to him first before anybody else does."

At first, she thought her mother was crazy. Percy only needed her! But the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. He was indeed the god of polygamy, love, and sex. Percy having multiple partners may be unavoidable. And there's nothing she can do about it. So the smartest thing for her to do is accept it and take initiative.

Annabeth whispered into the god's ear. He raised his eyebrows at the daughter of Athena.

"Really? That's where you wanna go? Are you sure?"

"Y-Y-Yes! Don't question it! Just take us there!" Annabeth was so embarrassed that she couldn't look at Percy in the eye. She had her head down so he couldn't see her bright red face.

The god of Heroes shrugged, "Alright if you say so."

Percy flashed himself and Annabeth to where she requested. They appeared in the lobby of a Love Hotel.

"Is this the place?" Percy asked her. He still didn't know why she told him to bring them here.

"Y-Yes, now ask them for a room for the entire night."

"If you say so."

Percy used magic, which was one of his domains, to summon the appropriate amount of cash to cover the cost of the room. The lady behind the desk gave him the key to the room.

"Thank you very much. Enjoy your night!" She winked at Annabeth and mouthed to her "Nice Catch."

The daughter of Athena could do nothing but blush and follow Percy to the room. The god was still oblivious as to what was about to happen. But he was going to find out soon.

Once they entered the room, they each took a turn in the shower. Percy was on the bed waiting for Annabeth. He was still wondering why they were here at all. He noticed that Annabeth had been acting weird ever since the party ended. Like there was something on her mind that was bothering her.

Annabeth came out of the shower with a towel covering her body. Percy raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"Do you need me to summon clothes for you with my magic?"

Annabeth wanted to face palm, "You know, for the god of love and sex, you sure are dense."

"What do you mean? What does that have to do with anything?"

Annabeth's face got redder by the second, "Are you being serious right now? Do you not realize where we are?"

"Yeah, we're at a hotel are we not?"

"Yes… Love Hotel."

"What's the difference?"

"You're really gonna make me say it aren't you? Percy, this is the place where couples go when they want some… privacy."

"Privacy? For what?" Percy still didn't understand what Annabeth was getting at. If she wanted privacy, there were many places where they could have gone.

Annabeth had enough. The only way for him to understand was if she spelled out for him.

"SEX! I told you to bring us here so that we can have sex, Percy!"

Annabeth hud her face with her hands. She couldn't believe that Percy had forced her to say something like that out loud.

"Oh…." Percy let her words sink in for a moment before he began to blush as well, "Wait a minute?! Why didn't you just tell me that?! How do you know if I'm ready for that?"

"I thought it would be obvious but I guess I must've forgotten why I call you Seaweed Brain! And why would you not be ready? Fighting Giants and Titans is okay but this scares you? You're literally the god of sex, you doofus."

"I never asked for that domain!"

"Well you got it and there's nothing you can do about it."

Annabeth jumped on the bed and got all up on Percy's face. He was shocked by how forward she was being.

"Wait a second, don't you think we're moving a little too fast?"

"We've been together for nearly a year."

"I had amnesia for most of that."

"We've literally been to hell and back together."

"Why are you trying to make excuses? Do you not want to make love with me?"

"No no no no no, don't get the wrong idea. It's just that… ever since the party, you've been looking a little weird. I think something is bothering you. I don't want us to do something like this when you're not in the right emotional state. I don't want it to be where you feel like you are forced to do something like this."

Annabeth smiled at Percy as she cupped his face with her hand, "You really love me don't you?"

"Of course I do. I would give the world for you, Annabeth. You know that."

'I have nothing to worry about. Even if it's unavoidable for him to be intimate with other women, he loves me and would never think about hurting me.'

Annabeth kissed Percy passionately. They made out for a few minutes before they separated to breathe. Percy was still skeptical. He didn't want Annabeth to do something she will regret.

"I love you too" Annabeth told Percy as she held onto his face.

"Are you sure you still want to do this-"

"Yes, Percy I'm sure. I just said I love you. Why wouldn't I want to do this with you? You're the god of love, this should be your expertise~"

"Well I still need to master all of my new abilities-"

"Well then let's start now!"

Annabeth pounced on Percy which caused him to fall on the bed on his back. Annabeth attacked his lips hungrily. Percy was surprised from her ferocity. She had never been like this before. He could sense that she was lusting for him. It must have been because of his new powers. It seemed to have a passive effect on her.

"Why do you still have these clothes on?" Annabeth took off his shirt. She rubbed her hands all over his bare chest. He really did look like a god. The thought of having him all to herself tonight made her nether regions wet.

'I might not be the last woman to feel this body. But I'm definitely going to be the first!'

Annabeth proceeded to take Percy's pants off as well, which left him with nothing but blue boxers on. She could clearly see a bulge that threatened to tear right through the fabric.

"It seems like I'm not the only one who's excited~"

Percy blushed, "That's just the body's natural response. I can't help it."

"And I'm going to give your body what it wants."

Annabeth slowly took his boxers off. Percy's manhood was revealed in all of its glory. She gasped at the sheer size of it.

"You were hiding this from me all of this time?"

"You're just now asking to have sex, what are you talking about?!"

"Well if I had known you were this big, we would have done it sooner."

"Why would I tell you how big my dick is?"

"Because I'm your girlfriend?"

"Oh whatever."

Annabeth grabbed ahold of Percy's cock. She could barely hold it in her hands. She was wondering how she is going to fit this inside of her. But she couldn't get cold feet now. She had to do this now or another woman will take Percy's first.

Annabeth took the dick into her mouth. She struggled to fit it in but she managed. She proceeded to give Percy his first blowjob. The god grunted at the immense pleasure he was feeling from Annabeth gurgling his cock. The feeling of her tongue going up against was like no other. As she was sucking his dick, she looked him in the eye which made her look so fucking hot in his eyes. His lust for her grew. He grabbed her by the back of her head and began to face fuck her. Annabeth was surprised by the sudden movement by Percy but she went along with it. The pleasure increased as Annabeth began to deep throat him.

Annabeth continued to suck Percy's dick for 10 minutes before he decided he wanted to take it to the next level. He told Annabeth to stop. She detached her mouth from his dick, which allowed her to catch her breath. Percy then ripped the towel off of her. Her glorious naked body was revealed to him.

He immediately went for her tits which were large and perky. He had one hand on her left breast and he began to suck on the other one.

"P-P-Percy~" She wasn't expecting Percy to be so hungry for her. Wasn't he skeptical about having sex with her not too long ago?

Percy was enjoying her luscious breasts. He couldn't deny it, but he had wondered what they felt like and he was not disappointed. They were soft and squishy like a marshmallow. He licked Annabeth's right nipple and groped her left tit, which caused Annabeth to moan in bliss.

Percy then focused on a new target. He threw Annabeth on the bed with her butt facing him. He bent her over and grabbed her fat ass. He squeezed it, which caused her to yelp. He gave it a good smack which made her scream in both pain and pleasure.

"Sorry but I just couldn't help myself. I've always wanted to smack your big ass." Percy grinned mischievously, "But you like it, don't you? You can't lie to me. I am the god of sex afterall. I can tell where all of your weak spots are!"

Percy then fingered Annabeth. He knew exactly where her clit was located and didn't hold back. Annabeth couldn't hold back her moans as her boyfriend was taking advantage of her most sensitive spot.

"Wow, you're really wet down here. You really want me to fuck you. You're such a dirty girl. You may act like a goodie goodie, but you've been lusting for me all this time."

"I-I-I'm not dirty!" Annabeth stuttered on her words as Percy kept fingering her.

"Yes you are. You're just waiting for me to stick my cock into you and fuck you senseless. You're the one who initiated it."


"No? Well if that's the case, then I won't stick my dick in until you admit it-"

"-YES I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME LIKE A DIRTY GIRL! Now hurry up and stop teasing me you asshole!"

Percy smirked, "That's all I needed."

Percy inserted his dick into Annabeth's dripping wet pussy. It was her first time, so she was incredibly tight. But it made it feel even better. Percy started thrusting gently since he didn't want to hurt Annabeth. She moaned in pleasure from the feeling of her man's cock in her guts. It took her a minute to get adjusted to the pace. She then gave Percy the go ahead to quicken the pace

Percy then increased the speed of his thrusts. The sound of his Annabeth's moans turned him on as he fucked the daylights out of her.

"H-Harder! Fuck me harder!"

Percy thrusted his cock into her cunt faster and harder as she requested. He then took this opportunity to smack her ass again. This time with more force. She screamed at the sudden impact of his palm to her behind. Even though it hurt, she did like the feeling a lot.

"You like it when I smack your fat ass, huh?"

Percy slapped her butt even harder. He kept doing it with more force until buttocks turned red. He wasn't trying to kill her.

Percy got tired of doggy style. He flipped Annabeth over on her back. He proceed to fuck her in the missonary position. As he was fucking her senselessly, he grabbed her tits and sucked on them. This sudden shit caused Annabeth to orgasm. Percy kept fucking her anyway which caused Annabeth's eyes to roll to the back of her head as she stuck her tongue out.

"Oh gods, you're so big! You're so good! Keep fucking me harder Percy!"

A couple more minutes of horny fucking passed by before Percy felt a sesnation in his balls.

"I'm about to cum!"

"Give it to me! Give me all of your spunk!"

Percy ejected his penis from Annabeth. He then stuck it in her mouth as he face fucked her once again. He didn't hold back as he was giving her mouth the same treatment as her pussy.

'I;m cumming!" Percy yelled as he ejaculated his seed into Annabeth's mouth. It was sweet and sticky. When he took his dick out, she had her mouth open which gave him a full view of his essence on her tongue. That aroused him even more and his lust for her grew. His cock was hard and ready to continue pounding her.

"Swallow all of it." Percy commanded her. She followed his order. It was difficult since he released so much, but she managed to swallow every last drop. It tasted sweet like honey. She licked her lips in delight.

"Now bend over. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you again."

Annabeth widened her eyes at the sight of his dick, "You're still hard?! Even after that huge load?"

"Annabeth, I'm a god. A god of sex for that matter. What did you expect? Now bend over so I can give you another fat load!"

"Yes my Lord~"

Annabeth did as she was ordered. Percy wasted no time in pounding her pussy once again. They continued like that for the rest of the night. By the end of it all, Annabeth was left drenched in white.

Unbeknownst to Percy… this was the only the beginning. As it was time to embark on a new journey. A journey that was filled with lots of hot smoking sex.

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