Author's notes: Written for Whumpay, an event for making whump throughout the month of May. I only learned about this yesterday, so I guess I'm extending it into June.

Day 1: "I thought you were dead." / "I wish you were dead."

It's been a long time since Asuka knew if she loved her mother.

But that's a lie. Of course Asuka loved her mother, even if part of her hated herself for that weakness. The question is whether her mother had loved her. Mama had abandoned Asuka, replaced her with that horrible doll, then hanged it along with herself. What could you say about a woman who would rather die and kill than be her daughter's mother?

Asuka couldn't believe that Mama had ever loved her.

But Unit-02 was a different story. Asuka had a hard time believing that it was alive, but somehow never doubted that it cared about her. Just sitting in its cockpit could make her feel safe and strong.

And it was Mama. She was dead, but somehow, in some form, she lived on in this Eva.

Asuka blinked back tears. She finally knew her mother's love.

A/N: Happy Mother's Day, I guess!