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"Take his shirt off," demanded Porlyusica, setting her things on Makarov's desk.

"Geez, old hag. Impatient much," scowled Laxus when she whacked him with her bag. Laxus sat in his grandfather's chair and helped Alexei strip down to his diapers. He let Alexei sit on his lap.

"Mama," said Alexei, squirming around until Laxus helped him stand on his thighs.

"Kid. I'm too old to be your Mama," growled Porlyusica, gently touching his abdomen, making sure nothing was wrong before she started her tests.

"That's right. You're old enough to be his great great grandma," muttered Laxus, hissing when she smacked the back of his head again.

"I hope this one learns manners and doesn't grow up to be rude like you Dreyar men," Porlyusica countered back, checking his heartbeat.

"Excuse me Porly! I'll have you know that we Dreyar men are very charming and popular with the ladies," exclaimed Makarov dramatically. "Like us, Alexei is already a hit with the ladies."

"Pfft," snorted Porlyusica. "These two I understand." She gestured to Laxus and Alexei. "The only women you're popular with are the ones who are dead or blind."

Makarov was about to respond with another jab when there was a knock at the door. He asked who it was and Lucy answered. He let her come in. "Come, Lucy my dear." He noticed something in her arms. "Why did you bring that pitcher of water with you?"

Lucy shrugged her shoulders and placed the pitcher of water on the desk. "Thought I should do a test of my own." She waited until Alexei calmed down when Porlyusica took a blood sample. She actually wanted to try this earlier, but never had the time to.

Mest took out a stranger scanner device and waved it over Alexei's abdomen. It made a beeping sound. "Now we wait."

"Can I try something," asked Lucy. When Makarov agreed, she carried the pitcher over to Alexei. Holding the pitcher with her right hand, she conjured Aquarius's magic with her left. "Alexei, look over here." She commanded the water to rise up and swirl around in circles, letting it fall back into the pitcher.

"Boo." Alexei's eyes glowed blue and copied what Lucy just showed him, raising the water and swirling it around. He giggled and clapped his hands in delight. "Hehe."

Laxus's eyes nearly bulged out of its sockets when Alexei did his little trick. "Oh my God, you can do magic," he exclaimed with pride, raising Alexei in the air. "As expected of my brother, displaying magic at this age." All Dreyars had an affinity for magic. All those water 'incidents' made so much sense. It was caused by Alexei.

"Laxus, he's using water magic," stated Lucy with a frown. Elemental magic tended to be inherited, passed down. She was the exception because she was technically using the magic of her spirit.

"So?" Laxus didn't see what the problem was.

"Is there anyone in your family who uses water magic?" If Lucy remembered correctly, Laxus and his great grandfather used lightning. Makarov had a variety of magic due to his Giant form, but she hasn't seen him display water magic so far. Ivan used shikigami and illusion magic and she was pretty sure he didn't use water magic either.

"Maybe he's an exception." Laxus shrugged his shoulders. All that mattered was that Alexei was a mage. He couldn't wait for him to get older so he can teach him how to control it. "Water and Lightning. A deadly combo. Just imagine. We'll be unstoppable. Our enemies will cower before us."

The beeping on the strange device stopped. Mest had a grim expression on his face. "It's a lacrima, alright." He rubbed his face solemnly. "I don't understand. How was it inserted?" The medical reports said nothing about a lacrima implant.

"Maybe you should speak with the fancy posh doctor of yours," mocked Porlyusica, mixing some herbs together and adding Alexei's blood to it. "I mean, only an idiot would confuse a surgery for colon removal and lacrima implantation on an infant. Let me add that this idiot has a medical degree." This is why she didn't trust doctors working for private sectors. Too much corruption and back-ally stuff happening.

Implanting lacrimas was illegal, especially for infants. If the charge was true, the doctor in charge of Alexei's surgery will get his license revoked and jailed. "I'll do an investigation on my part and look for the doctor. He obviously knows something." Mest would have to investigate the whole hospital staff. He couldn't have done this alone. The big question was where did he get the lacrima in the first place. Ivan certainly wasn't carrying them around as accessories, so someone was dealing with them. He left the room to start. It would take a while. Might as well get started.

"How is his health," asked Laxus. Just when he thought his father stopped his evil acts, he inserted a lacrima into his infant son! He was probably trying to escape with Alexei and harness the power of the lacrima for himself or sell it to the highest bidder. He gritted his teeth in frustration. If the council didn't catch his father, he and his gramps wouldn't have known about Alexei. "Is the lacrima harming him in any way?"

"He's actually in great health," replied Porlyuscia, watching her mixture turn green. "But his body still needs to adjust to the lacrima. It might explain how he got that cold." She mixed another pair of herbs into another bowl. "Have him take this once a day. It should prevent magic induced fevers. And one more thing," she added, before gathering her stuff to leave. "I want you to write a journal. Take note of what the baby does during the day. Anything." This would be useful to have in case the dragon slayers of the guild have children, inheriting their parent's magic. Of course, not all kids are the same, but this would be a good start. Porlyuscia left the room, leaving the blondes and Master alone.

"Gramps, what do we do?" Alexei had a lacrima and knowing his father it was probably a dragon lacrima.

"Right now. Nothing. Continue with our lives. When the child is older, we will help him control his magic," explained Makarov. The most important thing was Alexei's health and happiness. Since everything was fine, they should continue to care for and love him.

The Next Day

"Hey Bossman! Can I borrow Alexei for something?" Bickslow walked up to Laxus and Alexei when they entered the guild. He asked, as if it was something normal.

"Why do you need Alexei?" Laxus narrowed his eyes in suspicion towards Bickslow, placing Alexei in the highchair. He was always up to something.

Bickslow pulled out a flyer from his back pocket and showed it to Laxus. "There's a baby crawl race in South Gate Park. All participants are given a reward of course but I am looking to win the grand prize." Winner got 100,000 jewels, coupons for baby products and event memorabilia from the sponsors.

Laxus barely glanced at the flyer, swatting the paper away from his face. "Forget it, Bicks. I'm not letting you use Alexei just to satisfy your needs."

Bickslow shrugged his shoulders in mock defeat. "Oh well, at least I tried. I really thought you would be interested considering who the sponsors were and what they were offering other than money." Bickslow knew how to convince Laxus. It was why he purposely chose this event.

This piqued Laxus's interest. He was curious. "Who are the sponsors and what are the other prizes?"

Bickslow stared at the event flyer, avoiding Laxus's curious gaze before he burst out laughing. "A lot of baby companies are offering gift cards and vouchers for various products. And the mayor happens to be a huge Guns and Roses fan. He's putting his guitar that was signed by all the members of the band as part of the first place prize," he added, biting the side of his mouth when he saw Laxus's eyes go wide at that bit of information. "What is that guitar called? A l-l-es..."

"A Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar," Laxus gasped out breathlessly, grabbing Bickslow's shoulders and shaking him. He had to hold on to something because his knees went weak. "So many guitarists use that guitar for their music." Not only was this a Gibson guitar, it was a signed Gibson guitar! He wanted it, bad!

Laxus let out a cough and composed himself, so Bickslow didn't know how much the revelation of the prize excited him. "I suppose it would be good for Alexei to meet other children around his age range." Plus, he wanted that guitar! "When's the event?" He needed to put together a training schedule for Alexei and buy a case to put his new guitar in. He was going to buy the best and strongest material there was. Not even a dragon invasion will destroy it!

"Next week at noon." Bickslow handed Laxus the flyer with the event details and rules.

"We'll be there," declared Laxus, grabbing Alexei from his high chair and heading home. The sooner they started, the better. They were going to do a set of adult exercises appropriate for a baby to imitate and exercises Alexei wanted to do.

Laxus's house

"... 8, 9, 10," yelled Laxus when Alexei did his final baby sit up. Laxus held onto Alexei's feet while he curled his upper body towards his knees. Every time Alexei came up, Laxus would gently push him back down to repeat the process. "Okay. Now it's my turn."

Laxus placed Alexei on his feet, letting him hold on to his knees as he assumed the property form for a sit up. "One." * Chu *. "Two." * Chu * Every time Laxus curled his upper body towards his knees, he would give Alexei a kiss on the forehead all the way up to 10, who smiled at the physical affection his brother was displaying.

Laxus let out a clap when he finished his set. "Now we are going to do some push-ups. Then we are going to do Alexei exercises." Laxus noticed the other day when he did his daily workout and stretches that Alexei would try to imitate his movements. Of course, he wouldn't expect him to do actual pull-ups and sit-ups, but he accepted anything close to it. Lucy did encourage him to involve Alexei in his daily activities.

"Now we are going to assume the position for a sit up." Laxus got on all fours, placing his hands slightly wider than his shoulders, straightening his arms and legs.

"Goo," said Alexei as he assumed a similar position, waiting for Laxus's next move. Only his top half was in a raised position and his lower half touching the floor.

"Good job," praised Laxus and continued. "Lower your body until your chest almost hits the floor and push yourself back up," demonstrated Laxus. "We are going to do 10 of these as well. Ready and go!"

Laxus quickly did 10 push-ups with Alexei joining him, only going up and down with his top half and touching the floor. "Eh, eh, eh."

Laxus rolled onto his back and lifted Alexei into the air. "You're doing great buddy."

"Pawg!" Alexei spread his arms and legs in the air. He liked the extra attention his brother was giving him.

Laxus placed Alexei back on the floor and grabbed the blue stuffed dragon Alexei named his Booboo. Rules of the event stated that parents and guardians were allowed to use items the child likes in order to get them to crawl to the other side. Laxus was going to practice with different objects to see which was the most effective. So far, his favorite food and rubber duck worked.

Laxus stood up and walked backwards, waving Booboo in the air. "Come on Alexei. Follow the dragon." He moved a little faster when Alexei started to crawl after him. "That's right. Keep following the dragon."

Alexei picked up speed, quickly reaching Laxus and grabbing his leg. "Booboo!" He wanted his precious stuffed animal.

"Nice." Laxus picked Alexei up and headed towards the hallway. He placed Booboo on one end. He took his phone out and set the stopwatch. He released Alexei and recorded his time. "Go."

Alexei dashed towards Booboo. "Booboo." He grabbed it and hugged it close to his chest with a smile on his face.

"30 seconds with no distractions," grinned Laxus. At the pace they were going, they were sure to win the event!

The Day Of the Event

Laxus used to think love at first sight was ridiculous. He was wrong. That guitar was the finest thing he ever laid eyes on. He was in love. That beautiful curvy body. Those strings he couldn't wait to run his fingers through. And that neck. Oh. How he longed to caress it.

Bickslow waved him over by the big tree and greeted them. "There's our soon-to-be champion," gushed Bickslow, patting Alexei's hair. Laxus put him in an onesie that read Sipping on Gym and Juice, black gym shorts and a matching black sweatband. "Our number is 10." Bickslow placed the tag with the number 12 on Alexei's back. "We have nine other opponents we have to beat." There were a couple of newcomers like they were and babies who have competed before.

"He'd be lucky just to get second," a snobbish high pitched voice came from behind them. Looking at this person, you could tell she came from old money. It was a woman with blonde hair in an asymmetrical bob. She was wearing a pink tweed blazer and skirt. Next to her was a stroller with a baby boy who was blonde just like her and wearing a sailor outfit. "My boy Jeffrey will win like he always does. After all, he comes from a family of winners." She raised her pointed nose in the air and sneered down at Alexei. "I can't say the same for you guys. You might as well quit while you have the chance."

Laxus glared at the bitch who just insulted his brother. This wasn't just about the guitar anymore! This lady needed to be put in her place! "Alexei comes from a family of strong and courageous men. He can win this race in his sleep."

The woman was shocked that Laxus actually said something back to her and scoffed. "Well, my baby is 11 months and can say a few words."

Laxus smirked. "Alexei is 10 months old and can speak a few words."

Alexei nodded. "Banana." See lady, I can speak!

"Jeffrey can clap his hands when something makes him happy!"

"Alexei can wave hello and goodbye!"

"Jeffrey can stand by himself with no help at all!"

"Alexei can stand as well and uses the furniture to walk around!"

The lady was red in the face, huffing and puffing in anger. She was about to say something else when the announcers called for all the participants to come to the front. "We'll just settle this the old-fashioned way. May the best baby, Jeffrey of course, win." She walked away, pushing her stroller.

Laxus and Alexei both scowled at the woman's retreating figure, causing Bickslow to let out a chuckle. The resemblance was uncanny. He quickly took a picture when Laxus wasn't paying attention. He'll show it to the Master later. "Come on Bossman, the event's about to start." He clapped Laxus on the back.

Laxus immediately stopped scowling. Bickslow was right. They had to get ready. They headed towards the announcer of the event.

It was a petite red-headed girl loudly chewing up with a clipboard in her hands. She pointed to the three of them. "You the Dreyars?" They nodded. "Hey Mags," she called out to her co-worker. "We have another homosexual couple!" She looked back at them. "So which one is the 'mom' and which one is the 'dad'?"

"Wait what?" He and Bickslow were not a couple. There must be some sort of mistake.

"This is an event for parents. We welcome people from all sorts of life to participate," explained the red head. "The 'moms' stand on the finish line and the 'dads' stand at the starting line." She used air quotes on moms and dads.

"Mama," said Alexei, looking up at Laxus with a smile.

"He's the mama," Bickslow briskly explained, grabbing Alexei from Laxus's grasp into his arms. "Take Booboo here, dear." He neglected to mention this was an event for couples with babies on purpose. Laxus would have never agreed if he knew.

Laxus snatched Booboo from Bickslow with a stern look. He'll deal with Bickslow later. Right now, he had a race to win. "We're going to talk, later," he whispered harshly into Bickslow's ear when he passed by to head to the finish line. He sat down with his legs crossed and Booboo in his lap. "You can do it, Alexei," he yelled encouragingly when he saw Bickslow and Alexei get into position.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to our 4th annual baby crawl race," announced the mayor. "We have 10 fantastic babies and their wonderful parents participating this year. As you all know, each year we have prizes for the participants and a grand prize for the winner." He unveiled the stack behind him. "A check for 100,000 jewels. A year's supply of rice. A total of 75,000 jewels in baby vouchers and products and my most prized possession." He paused for dramatic effect. "A Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar signed by the members of Guns and Roses."

Laxus felt his breath hitch again when he saw the guitar. It was gorgeous and just begging him to take her home. That's right, he called the guitar a she.

"Ready babies?" He raised a flag in the air. "Get set! Go!" He brought the flag down.

"Come on Alexei," screamed Laxus when the babies took off. He waved Booboo up and down. "You can do it!"

A few of the babies either stopped in place or crawled back to their mothers. Only Alexei and Jeffrey continued to crawl to the finish line. They were neck and neck, heading towards their precious stuffed animals.

"Oh snuggle, plums," gushed the bitch from before, waving a teddy bear. "Come to mama, my sweet little pumpkin shumpkins. Yes. Yes, you are my cutie pie."

Laxus almost gagged at the ridiculous nicknames, Karen, the name of the woman, called her son. He focused on the task at hand. "Faster, Alexei, faster." He wanted Alexei to at least win against Jeffrey.

Alexei picked up speed at Laxus's cheering. "Mama," he crawled into Laxus's outstretched arms, crossing first over the finishing line.

"And we have a winner," announced the mayor, walking down from the stage to congratulate the winner. "Number 10, Alexei Dreyar!"

"You did it, buddy!" Laxus raised Alexei in the air and showered him with kisses. "You won!" He was so proud of him.

The mayor came over and handed them the prizes and a first place medal for Alexei.

At home

"It's beautiful," muttered Laxus in a trance as he stared at his brand new guitar in its steel case. It looked even better than he imagined. He was afraid to touch it with his bare hands in fear of ruining the wood or signatures. But one touch wouldn't hurt.

Laxus slid his finger across the body of the guitar and let out a groan, shuddering in pleasure. It really was high-quality wood! This was the best day of his entire life. Other than Alexei entering his life, of course.

"I've never seen Laxus like this," stated Lucy as she watched Laxus ooh and aah over the Gibson guitar.

"Laxus gets like this every time he gets signed rock memorabilia," said Bickslow nonchalantly. This behavior wasn't new to him. Although he was acting weirder than he usually was with the guitar.

"I'm going to take good care of you, girl. Better than that mayor ever did," whispered Laxus as he polished the areas that were bare. "I can't believe he treated you like this."

"I-Is he talking to it?" Lucy's eyes went wide at that. She's never seen this side of Laxus before and it was so far beyond how he usually was.

"How dare you call this fine work of art an it," exclaimed Laxus dramatically, looking visibly offended by Lucy's comment. He turned back to his guitar and gently patted it. "Don't worry. She didn't mean that." He leaned closer, putting his ear near it. "What was that? You want me to play you? Well, one song wouldn't hurt. But you're signed though." Laxus was torn by this.

"Bossman, just play the guitar." Bickslow moved closer, about to grab the guitar, when Laxus swatted his hand away with a crazed look in his eyes.

"Don't touch her," hissed Laxus with a glare. "Better yet, stay as far away from her as possible. I don't need your warm moist breath ruining the wood." Guitars needed to be preserved at a certain temperature so the wood didn't get damaged.

"That's it. I'm out of here." Lucy shook her head in disbelief. Laxus looked like he was about to make love to the damn thing, and she wasn't about to witness that. "I'll be downstairs, giving Alexei a proper congratulation." She baked banana peanut butter cookies for Alexei to eat.

Over the span of the next few weeks. Laxus continued to enter Alexei through different baby events, emerging victorious at each one. When Lucy came to check on them, she was surprised at the amount of stuff at his house. She was concerned. This behavior wasn't normal.

Lucy entered the living room to see Laxus and Alexei playing a video game on the new lacrima station they won at the last competition. It was a photo competition. Apparently, the picture of Laxus and Alexei in matching suits and sunglasses won first prize. The panel of judges was all women, so it was a guarantee they were going to win, in Lucy's opinion.

"Boom boom," said Alexei, pressing the buttons on the controller as he watched the cars on the screen move in fascination. He was sitting in a mini lounge chair in the same color as the chair Laxus was sitting in.

"That's right Alexei. Cars go vroom vroom," stated Laxus, his eyes glued to the screen as he finished first place in the racing game. He was high on adrenaline at all the wins they've been getting. The wins he's been getting. After all, without his guidance, Alexei wouldn't have won all those contests.

"Seriously Laxus. A racing game?" Lucy deadpanned at the sight.

"I can't drive in real life, okay. Thought this was a good substitute," stated Laxus as he paused the game to turn to Lucy. "So, what brings you here? We were going to prepare for another crawling competition."

"I'm here because of this, Laxus," Lucy gestured to the room. It was filled with new toys, games, technology and even a tiny little car!

Laxus thought Lucy was pointing to the baby jeep. "Oh that." He waved his hand without a care. "Don't worry, it's not electric. It's a ride on car, so Alexei only has to use his feet." Alexei adores the thing, especially since he didn't get sick on it.

"Not that. This." She pointed to the wall of trophies and medals. There were 13 in total. "Don't you think that's enough?" She added, "What about Alexei? Is he having fun?" She was worried Laxus was overworking Alexei without realizing it.

"Of course he's having fun," scoffed Laxus. He pointed to the tv. "See, we're playing a racing game together. Isn't that right, Alexei?" He raised his hand for a high five.

"Abu!" Alexei smacked Laxus's hand a couple of times in response.

"His controller isn't on," Lucy pointed out. The blue light on the controller was off and it was clear Laxus was playing one player.

"He's practicing his hand-eye coordination skills," retorted Laxus. He tried to include Alexei for the first time, but he either stayed still or crashed into the wall. This made it seem like he was winning. "Shouldn't you be happy we're winning all these trophies?"

Ahhh. Now everything made sense to Lucy. She recalled something Master and Mira mentioned one day. Laxus was very ill as a child, constantly getting sick, before the dragon lacrima was inserted. He was unable to participate in sports or events because of his health. Even when the dragon lacrima 'fixed' him, Laxus's strength was too great for regular, normal games, so he couldn't participate in those either. Alexei getting trophies is like Laxus getting trophies. He's trying to relive the part of his childhood he couldn't experience through Alexei. Lucy couldn't help but empathize with Laxus, but this was still wrong. "It's nice that you're winning, but I think it's time for Alexei to retire."

"Yeah. Of course. We will. This will be the last one," stated Laxus.

It wasn't the last one. Laxus and Alexei entered a few more. Things were getting out of hand. Lucy realized she would have to put a stop to this using unconventional methods.

The Next Event

Dammit, thought Laxus when he saw the new location for the crawl race. It was in a park but that wasn't the problem. There was a pond not far from it. If Alexei sees the pond he'll crawl towards it. It was one of Alexei's 'weaknesses.' Alexei was attracted to water due to his magic. This might pose a problem.

Laxus gave Alexei a little pep-talk who was busy staring at the pond. "Here's the deal. You win and we can head to the pond with some bread and feed the ducks." Seeing Alexei look away from the pond, Laxus handed him over to Bickslow.

"On your mark, get set, go." The babies started to crawl with Alexei in the lead. Then something strange happened. Laxus swore he saw Lucy at the venue, but thought nothing of it until he saw her near the sound system.

Baby Shark started blasting through the speakers, causing all the babies to stop in place, as they danced to their favorite song.

"No Alexei. Don't dance. Crawl!" Laxus ran his fingers through his hair in frustration when he saw Alexei sit in the middle of the track and shake his shoulders. Baby shark was Alexei's latest obsession. He grew tired of Dora the Explorer to Laxus's relief but started constantly watching baby shark. The song drove Laxus insane.

Lucy couldn't help but smile at the dancing babies. It was an adorable sight and it looked like Alexei was distracted. Good. Her plan was working. Alexei needed to lose for Laxus to realize what he was doing.

Seeing the song distracting Alexei and the fact Laxus hated it, he sent a small spark towards the wires, overloading the machine. The song abruptly stopped, causing most of the babies to cry.

"Come on Alexei, You're almost here," Laxus smirked when he saw Lucy let out an angry pout. She thought she could ruin his chances of winning, she thought wrong as Alexei turned his attention back to Laxus, getting back to crawling.

Time for Plan B, thought Lucy, taking something out of her bag. Laxus may be Alexei's brother, but there were some things she knew about Alexei that Laxus didn't know. "Oh Alexei," Lucy called out, opening a box of Cheerios and shaking the box to catch Alexei's attention. She poured a few pieces into her hand. "Have some cereal."

Alexei stopped and sniffed the air. He heard Lucy call him and he looked around until he noticed her. He let out a smile at the sight of Lucy and the Cheerios in her hand. "Bapa!" He started crawling towards his second favorite person and favorite food.

"No Alexei! I'll give you cheerios at home!" Laxus couldn't believe his brother was betraying him for a pretty girl offering him food.

It was too late to bring Alexei back on track. "Number 2 is the winner. Baby Riley! Come and get your prize."

Laxus marched over to Alexei, who was currently sitting in Lucy's lap chomping on Cheerios. "What was that, Lucy?! You ruined everything!" He was livid. He lost a chance to get a trophy.

"Laxus, are you doing this for Alexei or for yourself," asked Lucy calmly, taking more Cheerios out for Alexei, who continued to happily eat it.

"Alexei and I were about to win! Oh," realized Laxus when he said the words out loud.

Lucy nodded when she noticed Laxus comprehend what he was doing. "It's okay to lose sometimes," Lucy patted Laxus's knee when he sat down beside them.

I guess I didn't realize I was projecting myself onto Alexei," sighed Laxus. "My father wanted a son who was good at sports, a champion," he spat out. Thinking about his father always made him bitter. Only the best was accepted and he unknowingly almost taught it to Alexei, who doesn't know any better. "Seeing Alexei winning made me happy because it felt like I was winning." He caressed Alexei's head. "You're such a good sport. Didn't complain once."

"I think he was just happy to spend extra time with his brother. You were more affectionate than usual." Lucy noticed Laxus gave Alexei kisses in public.

"More like I got comfortable with it," confessed Laxus. "It had nothing to do with winning. I just wasn't used to showing physical affection to someone, especially in public." Laxus did notice that Alexei liked the extra hugs and kisses. He lied down on his back and sighed. "What am I going to do with all the stuff I have now?" Truthfully, they didn't need most of it and Laxus could still afford food without the vouchers. There was no need to own three different gaming systems.

Lucy thought for a second and smiled. "I have an idea."

"Thank you so much sir and miss," the priest thanked Laxus and Lucy. "This will make the children so happy." He was grateful for this very generous donation.

Lucy came up with the idea to donate to the local orphanage. Some of the priests were in charge of taking care of the children. Sometimes government funding doesn't provide enough for the children or only provides the essentials. They are still children and they want to have fun and play.

Laxus even gave up the vouchers for food and toys and a year's supply of rice. His reasoning was that they needed it more than he did. Without the vouchers, he can still afford it with all the money he got from S-Class jobs. He only kept a few things, such as the guitar and gaming system for himself. For Alexei, he only kept the toys he liked, which was a giant teddy bear the same size as Laxus, the car, the lounge chair. It was better to give it to someone who was going to use it and play with it to their heart's content.

"Thank you Miss and Mister," yelled the children as they played with their new toys.

Laxus couldn't help but smile.